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K-Music To Have Strongest Showing in SXSW 2013 in Austin: f(x) Leads Kpop Event?

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K-Music To Have Strongest Showing in SXSW 2013 in Austin: f(x) Leads Kpop Event? SXSW in Austin 2013In 2010, only one Korean music act got through for the prestigious event in Austin. Fast forward to to 2013, and we see the strongest showing of Korean music to-date at the said event.What makes it even more exciting is that a Hallyu favorite, SM Entertainment's f(x) gets to have a stage.

SXSW is a gathering place for hippies, indies, and technophiles.Dubbed as the "World's Capital of Live Music", many top acts in music have their roots tracing back to a stage in SXSW.The event which now also features a film and interactive stream of conferences is expected to attract crowds in the millions.A yearly tradition, SXSW becomes that moment in March where arts and technology collide and boasts the most lucrative of guest lists.

To have a stage at SXSW involves a rigorous vetting process, even with the thousands of stages happening nearly at the same time during the festival.Applications run up to the thousands as well and not all will be guaranteed a stage.This makes the victory of having ten Korean music acts showcasing at the event even sweeter.

The feature Korean acts are as follows.Most will be performing on Tuesday night,March 12th, at the Elysium for the K-pop Night Out event.

Goonam(aka Goonamgwa Ridingstella)

Go Eun Ah comments on her portrayal of the “tomboy” in ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival’

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Go Eun Ah comments on her portrayal of the “tomboy” in ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival’

Actress Go Eun Ah humored people by revealing that she feels confused about her gender these days.

Go Eun Ah is currently starring in Strongest K-POP Survival as tomboy Ji Seung Yeon, who hides her gender to join a male idol group called M2 Junior.

Viewers of the drama are praising Go Eun Ah for her transformation into Ji Seung Yeon. The actress cut her hair short and wore little-to-no makeup for the role, which was noted as different from previous tomboy roles that still had actresses maintain pretty, feminine faces.

Netizens commented, I didnt expect much from her acting the part of a male, but I can tell she put in a lot of effort, The strongest male-disguised female character yet, and I fell into Go Eun Ahs charms because of her perfect acting and visuals.

Go Eun Ah shared, Its easy for the male-disguised character to get old and obvious so I put a lot of effort in my look, exercise, and even how I speak, in order to understand and become Seung Yeons character. Im so happy these days, even though filming does get tiring, because the viewers are giving good feedback and enjoying the drama.

She humorously added, Since Ive lived for more than two months as Seung Yeon, its gotten to the point that sometimes, I feel like Im confused about my gender.

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Actor Park Yoohwan talks about his new role in ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival’ and his brother, Park Yoochun

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Actor Park Yoohwan talks about his new role in ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival’ and his brother, Park Yoochun

Actor Park Yoohwan who was recently cast in the lead role of new channel A drama series, Strongest K-Pop Survival recently took some time to share his thoughts on his acting role and his famous brother.

Yoohwan is the brother of JYJ member Park Yoochun, and he recently went through a heartbreaking experience, having to lay his father to rest. As soon as the funeral was over, without much rest, Yoohwan returned to work. Though his good-natured face looked gaunt, he did not lose the spark in his eye.

The encouragement from the staff members, fellow actors and actresses were of a big help to me, he said. Growing up, I never had a dream. Becoming an actor eventually was my first dream. I know that my father would want me to work as hard as I can to achieve my dreams.

The actor first made his name known with a smaller role in hit SBS drama Thousand Days Promise,but this is the first time he has been cast for a lead role in a drama series. In the Strongest K-Pop Survival script, Yoohwan plays the role of Woohyun, the leader of idol group M2. M2 switches out members according to popularity, and the episodes reveal the things that occur while new members are constantly being selected for the group.

There was a lot of pressure, as this is the first time Im playing a lead role, he continued. I was afraid that I would inconvenience others, and I lost sleep trying think of how to display my character. I got a little more comfortable after the first two episodes aired.

His character Woohyun is an intimidating figure in the story. With his fans, he is known as the young prince with a charming smile, but to his label juniors, he is the hard to approach, intimidating type.

As the story unfolds, Woohyun opens his heart to Seungyeon, played by actress Go Eun Ah. Seungyeon is a female trainee that disguises herself as a man.

I know that Woohyun comes off as really cold, but I think he is a rather sad character, Yoohwan stated. He worked so hard to get to the top, but hes in a situation where he could be replaced by a junior any second.

Park Yoohwan in real life has a rather quiet personality. He is so shy that he has trouble ordering his food at restaurant at times. Having a timid and introverted personality, it was hard to play the role of Woohyun who is completely the opposite, but he says it had its appeals as well.

Coming off as cold, being irritated, lazy, tired, these are all different things, he said. Trying to be cold with each emotion was the most difficult part. But as I acted out this character, I saw that I was able to bring out his character from within my timid self, and I was really surprised.

When asked about his singing and dancing talent, he remarked, My brother is really talented, so I was sure that I possessed some of those genes as well. But when I tried, I realized that I sure didnt. I prefer to watch and listen to other people perform.

His brother Park Yoochun is currently playing a lead role in new SBS drama Rooftop Prince. When asked if he had referred to his brother for acting tips, he answered, More than giving me acting advice, he tells me how I should behave now as a celebrity. I would like other people to see us and say, Those brothers are alright. Those brothers are really brave.

Check out a scene where Yoohwan displays his piano playing skills below.

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MBLAQ’s G.O. and Mir release “I Already Knew” for ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival’ OST

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MBLAQ’s G.O. and Mir release “I Already Knew” for ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival’ OST

MBLAQs G.O. and Mir once again showed their powerful vocals for Channel As drama, Strongest K-Pop Survival.

With their OST song, I Already Knew, it tells of a heartbreaking break up, in which the singer acknowledges the lovers indifference. How the OST will be fit into the drama will be revealed in the pilot episode, airing on March 19th.

Channel As Strongest K-Pop Survival stars Go Eun Ah, Park Yoohwan, and Kwak Yong Hwan, in addition to idol stars, BoMs Taegoon and ZE:As Kevin. Focusing on the themes of music and dreams, Ji Seung Yeon (Go Eun Ah) hopes to become an idol star. However, to achieve that dream, she has to pose like a boy to join the idol group, M2. As Seung Yeon achieves her dreams, romance and lovelines bloom.

While waiting for the pilot episode, check out the OST!

MBLAQ to Appear on Upcoming Drama, "The Strongest K-Pop Survival"

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MBLAQ to Appear on Upcoming Drama, "The Strongest K-Pop Survival"

MBLAQ has been spotted on set for the upcoming drama, "The Strongest K-Pop Survival."

MBLAQ will be making a special appearance in the drama, according to sources on March 15. The drama is already picking up interest due to Go Eun Ah's surprising transformation and Park Yoo Hwan's unexpected acting skills.

MBLAQ is widely known for their exceptional singing and dancing skills. They were also recently acknowledged for their variety skills, especially Lee Joon. Therefore, much interest is being put in MBLAQ's appearance, especially with Mir being Go Eun Ah's younger brother.

MBLAQ will be playing the original members of the fictional band, m1 and the sunbaes of Park Yoo Hwan (who is playing the role of Kang Woo Hyun), who is the leader of the new band, m2.

Many are excited to see the brother-sister combo of Go Eun Ah and Mir on screen. Go Eun Ah plays Ji Seung Yeon, who dreams of becoming a hip-hop artist. It is reported that she asked Mir for help and advice on her particular role, which displayed their strong familial ties. They are said to have shown perfect chemistry, which even drew applause from the staff members.

Go Eun Ah said, "It was so new to see Mir on set. I feel like we earned a secure support group by having the boys of MBLAQ join us. I hope that the MBLAQ fans will give much love to our drama so our ratings will be high!"

"The Strongest K-Pop Survival" is even more highly anticipated now, due to MBLAQ's appearance. It will first air on March 19.

MBLAQ makes a cameo appearance in The Strongest K-POP Survival

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MBLAQ makes a cameo appearance in The Strongest K-POP Survival

On the March 19 first episode of Chanel A’s upcoming music drama series The Strongest K-POP Survival, MBLAQ will make a cameo appearance, and is expected to make viewers burst into laughter. During the shooting for the first episode, actor Go Eun Ah happened to work together with Mir, her little brother and one of the members of MBLAQ.

Go Eun Ah plays Ji Seung Yeon, a cheerful girl who dreams about becoming a legendry hip-pop rapper. In a previous interview, Go revealed a close relationship with her brother, Mir, by saying, “Whenever I have to show off my musicality as a rapper in the series, I ask Mir for help.” Through this shooting, the close brother and sister worked in perfect harmony, receiving enthusiastic applauses from the shooting staff.

Go delivered her feelings about working with MBLAQ’s members: “I was deeply moved by Mir’s devoted support. I felt reassured knowing that MBLAQ’s members including Mir were always there for me. I hope The Strongest K-POP Survival became one of the most beloved drama series in 2012.”

The Strongest K-POP Survival will feature the behind-the-scenes stories about ‘idol’ stars and their real world.

New still cuts of MBLAQ and Go Eun Ah on the set of ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival’ revealed

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New still cuts of MBLAQ and Go Eun Ah on the set of ‘Strongest K-Pop Survival’ revealed

Earlier, it was revealed that siblings Go Eun Ah and Mir would be working together for the first time thanks to MBLAQs cameo appearance in her new Channel A drama, Strongest K-Pop Survival.

New still cuts of members Lee Joon, Thunder, G.O., and Mir show the boys working close with Go Eun Ah as they make their cameos as the sunbae of M2s Kang Woo Hyun (played by Park Yoohwan).

Like the close siblings theyre known to be, Mir and Go Eun Ah didnt need much direction in pulling off their roles together, which earned them praises from the staff.

Go Eun Ah expressed, It feels different seeing Mir at the film set like this. I feel like I had a great team of support with Mir and his MBLAQ members on the set with me. I hope that MBLAQ fans will show much love for our drama so we can hit a daebak with the viewer ratings.

The drama will air on March 19th.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

MBLAQ to make a cameo appearance on ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’

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MBLAQ to make a cameo appearance on ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’

Idol group MBLAQ will be making a surprise cameo appearance on Channel As new drama series, Strongest K-POP Survival.

A representative from the drama informed OSEN on March 14th, All the members of MBLAQ including Mir completed a shoot with us today.

They will be making an appearance on the first episode as MBLAQ, but with a different meaning behind their name, he continued.

On the same day, actress Go Eun Ah who happens to be Mirs sister posted the photo above that she took with her brother on her official Twitter page.

Ahead of the shoot, Go Eun Ah surprised everyone at a press conference for Strongest K-POP Survival by saying, My brother Mir is an MBLAQ rapper, but I happen to be a rapper in the story as well.

I first call my brother to let him hear the rap before I perform it on set, she continued. He gives me a lot of advice, but I think it also leaves him at a loss for words.

Mir and Go Eun Ah have featured on variety programs together, but this will be the first time the two will be acting together and fans already have high expectations for the first episode.

Meanwhile, Strongest K-POP Survival tells the honest stories behind the young hopefuls who dream of becoming an idol star.

The first episode airs on March 19th at 8:50PM KST.

SourceImage: OSEN via Nate, StarNews

New Drama "The Strongest K-Pop Survival" Releases Teaser Poster

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New Drama "The Strongest K-Pop Survival" Releases Teaser Poster

A new Channel A drama, "The Strongest K-Pop Survival," has announced its strong cast and has revealed a teaser poster.

The cast consists of Park Yoo Hwan (JYJ Park Yoochun's brother), Go Eun Ah (MBLAQ Mir's sister), Kwak Yong Hwan and nine others. In the revealed teaser poster, you can catch a glimpse of Park Yoo Hwan and a slightly revealed Go Eun Ah and Kwak Yong Hwan. The others all have their backs turned.

Everyone in the poster shows off their lengthy bodies in their all-black attires, which gives off a fierce aura. Park Yoo Hwan especially catches the eye due to his strong eyes and facial expression. He is to take on the role of Kang Woo Hyun, who is the leader of a popular Hallyu idol group, "m2." Many are curious as to how he will portray this character.

Eyes are also drawn to Go Eun Ah, who shows off a boyish charm in this teaser. She will play the role of Ji Seung Yeon, who transforms into a guy for the drama.

Sources from the drama say, "Many actors and actresses will be showing a new side that no one has ever seen before through this drama. There will also be skilled rookies that are joining the cast. They all gathered together with great passion and energy. We hope that the viewers will be satisfied."

"The Strongest K-Pop Survival" will air on March 19 for the first time.

Park Yoohwan, Go Eun Ah, ZE:A’s Kevin, and Jewelry’s Eungjung finalized for K-Pop drama, ‘Strongest K-pop Survival’

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Park Yoohwan, Go Eun Ah, ZE:A’s Kevin, and Jewelry’s Eungjung finalized for K-Pop drama, ‘Strongest K-pop Survival’

The cast for the nations first K-POP drama Strongest K-POP Survival has officially been finalized.

Actor Park Yoohwan will be playing the role of fictional idol group M2 leader Kang Woo Hyun who captivates Hallyu fans with his killer smile and unique charms.

His character is a top idol that looks polished on the outside, but possesses a violent and selfish personality off the stage. Park Yoohwan is famous for being the younger brother to JYJs Park Yoochun and has starred in major projects such as Gyebek, and Thousand Days Promise only a year after making his debut. He has showcased some raw, emotional acting abilities in Thousand Days Promise, being selected as the Most Anticipated Rookie of 2012, and he is sure to display his strong acting skills in Strongest K-POP Survival as one of the main characters.

Actress Go Eun Ah has been selected to play the role of pianist Ji Seung Yeon who dreams of becoming a hip-hop legend. Go Eun Ah has starred in her share of movies, drama series, and variety programs and is receiving much love and support from viewers. Not only is she beautiful and possesses the perfect figure, she is also hilarious, which adds to her overall appeal. In Strongest K-POP Survival, Go Eun Ah will be playing the role of an average tomboy who is born with a talent and a passionate soul. She unexpectedly ends up cross-dressing as a male to join the all-male idol group.

ZE:As Kevin will be playing the role of M2s Junior member Kang Changmin who thinks the world revolves around him, and dreams of becoming a solo ballad singer.

Kevin has made his acting debut in MBCs Moon-Sun and through this new drama, he will prove that he is more than capable of being an idol actor. All eyes are on Kevin, as he will be playing the role of a character name Changmin who studied Voice in college, and he will have to showcase both his vocal talent as well as his acting abilities.

Lastly, member Kim Eunjung of girl group Jewelry will be playing the role of super star Ria, a top celebrity that represents the entire nation.

Her character Ria debuted into the K-pop scene as the leader of a girl group, but is the only one that made it to the top after the rest of the members left the music industry. Through her character Ria, Eunjung will showcase some new charms she has never displayed before. This is her first attempt at acting, and she is determined not to disappoint.

The first episode of Strongest K-POP Survival is scheduled to air on March 12th through Channel A.

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