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Christmas wishes from many Kpop stars

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Many Kpop stars don't forget to wish us a happy night!

Let's see their lovely photos with many warm words

G-dragon wrote on twitter: "Merry Christmas Everyone, be happy"

Do you want to receive these hearts from Dara:

SNSD Jessica wished you a "merry christmas" through weibo:

From 2AM official twitter, "It will be a perfect Christmas if you are with 2AM! Thank you for support in 2013!"

Super Junior M brought Noel feeling to Tonymoly photoshoot:

T-ara will have a charity event on this special day :

Christmas wishes from many Kpop stars SPICA's Bohyung dressed as a "Santa girl"

Sistar's Bora turned into a cuteRudolph Reindeer:

Another reindeer, Rainbow's Hyun Young is so lovely.

Rainbow's Yoonhye looks like a princess.She wrote, "It's Christmas eve today. Have a happy day!'

ZE:A's Kwanghee took a photo with a huge Xmas tree, where is he??

Wondergirl's Sunye shared a cozy Xmas with her small family:

BEAST sent fans a video message:

And A-JAX will melt you with a cute cover of "Santa Clause is coming to town"

--- Do you know any other artists were yet mentioned in the list, just share with us below !And once again, merry christmas !! ---

Kpop Stars and Their Favorite Foods

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SHINee, taemin, chansung, park bom, top, seohyun, ivy

They're all under strict diet regiments but that doesn't mean a person can't dream about eating their favorite foods everyday! If I could, I'd eat a cupcake and kettle chips every day of my life, but I can't because then I'll be the size of 10 Hyunas and nobody wants to be that many Hyunas. Just like you and I, Kpop stars love to chow down. Let's take a look at some of their favorite munchies!

2NE1's Park Bom loves corn. This girl could eat corn day and night and isn't afraid to tell the world of her corn-y love. Take a look at her on "2NE1 TV" picking and then scarfing down a piece of corn. Later on, you can see T.O.P watching it on YouTube and having a chuckle.

SNSD's Seohyun loves her some serious sweet potatoes. She once said that she would pick sweet potatoes over a male any day and to that I have to agree with her. Seohyun is the sweet potato fairy god mother. She flies around Korea and gives hungry people everywhere a sweet potato when they have nothing else to fill their stomachs with. Singer IVY once tweeted that the SNSD maknae gave her sweet potatoes when she was hungry.

SHINee's Taemin apparently loves banana milk and drinks it like we drink water. Fans love the fact that their Taemin enjoys that banana goodness and compile videos of him drinking it.

2PM's Chansung is known to love bananas. He loves it for it's good nutrients and is often seen carrying a bouquet of them in his hands or munching down on them in full bites. Fans make memes, screenshots, and caricatures of Chansung eating bananas.

You show me a Korean who doesn't love Korean BBQ, and I'll show you a liar. Every K-pop idol, if they aren't vegan, loves Korean BBQ, including f(x)'s Victoria. She may be from China, but she knows the real culinary deal is in Korea.

B.A.P as a whole love eating pizza and hamburgers. During their short tour in America just a few months back, the boys made sure to eat Cali's famous InOut burger chain and NYC's Shake Shack.

My Parents Were Kpop Idols Too: Famous Parents of Kpop Stars

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My Parents Were Kpop Idols Too: Famous Parents of Kpop Stars

Some stars work hard for the money and some stars were born into fame, fortune, notoriety, and the business. Today we're going to take a look at those who fell into the business because their mom and dad were entertainers or within the industry.

Solo singer Eru is the youngest son of the most popular and most loved veteran Korean trot singer of all time, Tae Jin Ah. Before Eru made the decision to embark on the journey to become a singing sensation, he wanted to prove to the world that he was simply more than just someone's son. His goal was to be a separate entity from his famous pop and be known for his music and not as someone's shadow. Eru proved himself when he wrote and produced many of the songs found on his three albums. His biggest hits to date were "Black Glasses," and "White Snow," both of which I used to replay over and over on my iPod!

T-ara's Jeon Boram and sister Wooram of Korean girl group, D-Unit have got entertainment and music flowing in their blood. The girls' father is Jeon Youngrok, a huge popular singer back in the 70's and 80's and their mother, Lee Mi Young, is a famous actress who has appeared in a countless number of successful K-dramas and films. Their grandfather Hwang Hae, and grandmother, Baek Sul Hee, were both famous singers as well. These girls were destined to be entertainers!

2NE1's Minzy is the granddaughter of famous folk dancer, Gong Ok Jin who is best known for her 'hunchback dance." Grandma Gong definitely passed her best dancing traits down to her young granddaughter because Minji is undoubtedly one of the most talented hip hop dancers in the K-pop industry. I would love to see these two create an out of this world routine with their individual dance styles. How insanely cool would that be? Granny Gong doing her hunchback dance and baby Minji breaking it down with hip hop? Sounds like the perfect duo team!

Shinhwa Jun Jin's pony-tail wearing dad, Charlie Park, also known as Park Young Chul was a singer who debuted with a solo album entitled Casanova Sarang back in 2004. The two had a tough relationship growing up and only mended it when they got older.

Well, sometimes fame does really run in the family.

Kpop Group A-PRINCE In Singapore, Rising Stars In The Horizon Meets With The Press

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Kpop Group A-PRINCE In Singapore, Rising Stars In The Horizon Meets With The Press A-PRINCE Connects With Singapore Press For The First Time [PHOTOS]A few weeks ago, five young dashing members ofA-PRINCEmet the Singapore media at Nutmeg function room, Orchard Hotel. They greeted the Singapore media and started the press conference by introducing themselves and the roles they each play in the group. Since it was their first visit to Singapore and one member expressed his wish to visit the Merlion in Singapore in the video teaser for the Singapore showcase, the emcee was curious if they have done so. Minhyuk admitted that he was the one who wanted to visit the Merlion. He said "Merlion is very famous in Singapore and I search it on the web. It is really nice. We visited the Merlion Parkthis morningand it was really nice. We took a lot of pictures there."

They were asked if they were adapted to the weather in Singapore, Leader Sungwon agreed, "Although Singapore is really a lot hotter than Korea, we find it still alright."

They then proceeded to showcase the Alist character that each member has. Siyoon, the Cutie Prince, is in charge of cutie aegyo. Upon hearing that, he was requested to show his talent. Siyoon spontaneously showed a cute expression in response to that. Minhyuk who is in charge of sexiness, gave a wink to the media to show his sexiness. Sungwon, who is the Prince of Prince, tried to show his charming eyes. However in trying to do so, he burst into laughter and apologised to the media. Woobin, the youngest member, is known as the Pure Prince. He tried to give a pure innocent look at the media. Seungjun, the Smile Prince, gave a wide smile and waved at everyone in the room.

Formally known as "Taken" and now named "A-PRINCE", Sungwon explained the name "A-PRINCE" was decided on after the discussion with the members and the boss of their managing company, New Planet Entertainment.

When asked if they prepared a long time in the showmanship and music for their comeback, Sungwon surprised the media by adding that they will do a global debut of their new song in the Singapore showcase. "Actually we had a mini album "Hello" just recently and now we have been training very hard. And we are gonna have a new song called "Mambo". We are going to show it. It's a global debuttomorrowat the showcase. So please come and watch it."

Woobin whose birthday falls on the day of the showcase shared excitedly "It is my first time I am celebrating my birthday overseas so I feel it is very meaningful and I feel very excited about it."

Seungjun, whose birthday is three days after Woobin, expressed with a littleregret "Unfortunately, I will be celebrating my birthday on the plane. "

Though it was a short press conference withA-PRINCE, five members ofA-PRINCEhad definitely left an impression with the Singapore media. They proved their charms at the press conference by having the prince-like outlook andyet friendly andcandid personalities. Do watch our video on the press conference to find out more aboutA-PRINCE, their "bad" habits and what is their comeback going to be like.

*Note: The song title is only tentatively named as "Mambo". It is not finalised.

Special thanks to JNation Entertainment for inviting to coverA-PRINCEShowcase Live In Singapore press conference.

Singapore Makes Way for Kpop Rising Stars Kim So Jung and Girl Group Girlfriend

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kim so jung, girlfriend, superstar k

Singapore is the new spot for rising Kpop stars. Recently, through Kpopgaga, Kim So Jung, finalist for the Superstar K2 talent reality show in Korea, showed fans and new audiences alike what she's got. At an open event in Cathay Cine Leisure Orchard in Singapore, Kim So Jung treated the audience to a sampling of her current repertoire. Prior toKim So Jung'sshowcase, another Korean rookie girl group about to amaze the Kpop music scene, Girlfriend, was the opening act.

Girlfriend is composed of 4 members and are currently promoting as a electro-pop girl group. Their performance of "Fiesta" during the concert was a wonderful opener as it set excitement for those who were watching at the shopping centre. Girlfriend's members are Jaein (leader), Haei (vocals), Mizi (visuals), and Yoa (maknae). In their short performance of "Fiesta", the audience saw a group who specializes in upbeat and trendy dance moves. Their charisma is in their overall bubbly and friendly personalities.

After Girlfriend'sperformance, Kim So Jung took the stagewitha mesmerizing performance of "Blap"- also a dancesong, where she showednot only her vocal talent but also her grooves.As the audience bobbed their head to "Blap", it is made apparent that Kim So Jung has all it takes to be a successful pop star.

Shortly thereafter, fans were given the chance to ask questions to Kim So Jung, in order to get to know the up-and-comer more. Here were excerpts from the fan QA session with Kim So Jung:

Q: Is it your first time in Singapore?

A: No. (showed 3 fingers) and said third time.

Q: Tell me how you feel about Singapore and all your fans over heretodayin Singapore?

A: Singapore is a very friendly country. I wish to come here. I feel good to come here. This is a special preview to meet my fans. I feel enthusiastic.

Q: What made you participate in Superstar K2?

A: When there is an audition, many people suggested that I participate in Superstar K2. I have some worries I may fail but I decided to do it since this is the beginning of all the auditions coming in the future.

Q: You have a new album 'Blap'. Tell me about the concept and everything on the new album.

A: 'Blap' is an exciting dance music making you feel good when you get sad. The music expresses the jealousy of a girlfriend in a cute way.Sothis aegyo/cuteness is in several parts of the music. The lyrics and the body movement express the girlfriend's charm.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: For a certain period she has in plan to show exciting stages through "Blap". She is also thinking of doing a stage in Singapore where she can show her talents to real music (perhaps a bigger concert).

Kim So Jung then performed the track that catapulted her to a visible spot in the very competitive Korean music industry. Soulfully, Kim So Jung sang "You've Come" which was an OST track from tVN's hit drama from Spring 2012, "Queen In Hyun's Man"

Both Kim So Jung and Girlfriend capped the event with an autograph, meet-and-greet session with the fans. Through this they were able to interact personally with the fans and showed their adorable personalities. The girls were all warm as they indulged fans with photos, personalized autographs, and bright smiles. It was certainly an impression, whether it be the first or not, that is sure to make an indelible mark in the hearts of those in the audience that they all won over with their lovely personalities and musical talents.

Watch KpopStarz iReport Exclusive Footage of Kim So Jung and Girlfriend Showcase Performance

Written by: Dorothy Advincula | Photo Credits: Ong Melin | Special Acknowledgements: KPOPGAGA Singapore

[news] Kpop stars IU, Jang Geun Seuk and KARA battle it out in Oricon chart

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[news] Kpop stars IU, Jang Geun Seuk and KARA battle it out in Oricon chart

Korean kpop singers battle it on on the Oricon Singles Daily chart. On the 21st of March, Jang Geun Seuk with Team H released their new single, also IU released her debut Japanese single Good Day and at the same time KARA is promoting their latest single Speed up! Girl Power.

On the oricon daily chart, the kpop stars battle it out on the top 10 also battling against the Queen of Jpop Namie Amuro who released her new single as well. Despite strong competition, the kpop stars manage to keep the high spots in the daily chart.

Kpop's Present and Future Viewed Through 'K-Pop Stars'

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Kpop's Present and Future Viewed Through 'K-Pop Stars'There is a popular TV program in Korea, 'K-Pop Stars.' Although a latecomer there is a reason that it's being focused not only in Korea but also abroad.

First is that the leading big three entertainment company representative have participated as the judges. And for that reason, there are many more talented musicians who have taken part more than any other auditions.

This is noted when Park Jimin was featured on CNN as having 'Unbelievable vocals at age 15.'

Recently the Top 10 has been decided. One thing for certain is that each company representatives are selecting the contestant with the same criteria as if they really auditioning for their own company. Looking at the review and comment of the judges will seem to be looking at the mirror of current K-Pop singers.

In fact the three vocal trainers of SM, YG and JYP each who has taught the contestants made comments about the Top 10. If you are general viewer then its interesting information, if you are a music lover and a music industry professional then let us review K-Pop music present and future indirectly.

"She has great ability to express retro concept music. It can easily feel outdated but she has very good sense. She doesn't have preconceived notions of Korean pop songs which allow her to express it with her own feelings. She seems to be strong in expressive performance because she was a cheerleader," regarding Kim Na Yoon.

"He has a unique voice. With a visual representation that women will like he has an excellent sensitivity. As he's not from Korea, he has a unique and luxurious feeling. He has his own color that is unconventional," regarding Park Jaehyung.

"As Park Ji-min is young she has endless possibilities. She can give various charms when she is allowed to do what she wants. She has a lot of talent so she can digest various music styles as her own. Although she has been well received because of her groove and good at singing high-pitched notes she is also still able to sing excellent even simple and without techniques," regarding Park Ji-min.

"She has very strong music foundation, so she's not easily shaken by any song. As a typical vocalist with strong foundation, she knows how to sing cleanly. She is a vocalist that can sing various genres without any ups and downs. She also has great ability in playing the keyboard, vocal and listening ability," regarding Baek A-Yeon.

"He has a very sweet and charming voice. He has a strong point in having a clean and charming voice that woman like. When he sings in falsetto then there is a soft tone that is expressed. We are expecting for him to show more groove. On the other hand he should continuously train for hitting high-notes," regarding Baek Ji-eung.

"He has a lot of interest in music. More just singing well since he knows how to play instruments well, then he approaches with clear understanding how to arrange and feeling he wants. He is expressive and pushes to show his adventurous side. Not only is he very sensitive but also has excellent natural rhythm," regarding Yoon Hyunsang.

"She has a lot of passion. She has excellent ability to express the music in her own color. Also remarkable to see her wide voice range hitting the low notes. She has very strong expression on stage. Looking at her stage manners and expressions it seems that has innate charisma. Also trendy music surprisingly suites her well. She has various musicality," regarding Lee Ha Ee.

"She has been having a hard time due to vocal nodule, but she is most excellent in hitting high notes and expressiveness. More than anything she is special in having her own soul style. Maybe because she studies music systematically she has many different ways of expressing. She has a unique appeal in adding RB feel to Korea emotion," regarding Lee Michelle.

"He has a very strong creative feeling. He has a lot of ideas to show that no one has thought about. He has excellent ability in choreography and unique imagination. He has a very strong musicianship and own thoughts," regarding Lee Seung Hoon.

"She is very clever. She is quick at understanding and quickly tries to fix her shortcomings. Although her ton isn't unique but she is expressive in sadness so she is able to sing strong ballad. As must as she sings sad emotional music she is also able to sing excited songs just as well," regarding Lee Jung-mi.

Kpop Stars Attend ‘World Music Festival in Okinawa’

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Kpop Stars Attend ‘World Music Festival in Okinawa’As busy as KPop stars have been there is another concert in Japan added to the list. World Music Festival in Okinawa is to feature six idol groups, including top ballad groups and popular composer.

The concert will be in two parts a drama and idol concert. The drama is to showcase popular soundtracks and songs by composer and music arranger Oh Joonsung.

The idol concert is to feature performances by six popular idol groups such as KARA, 2PM, Infinite, Rainbow, Secret and ZE:A.

The first part of the concert is to start at 3PM JST while the second K-Pop Special Live will begin at 6pm JST.

The concert is to take place at Okinawa Cellular Stadium, known to be training camp for Yomiuri Giants baseball team. The location has never been used for a concert before.

NEW REALITY SHOW: Kpop Stars To Run Entertainment Company

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NEW REALITY SHOW: Kpop Stars To Run Entertainment Company

Posted: February 13, 2012 3:10 PM EST ledapple, mtv, reality show, startory sntertainment

Startory Entertainment's idol group LEDapple (pop- rock) is about to add another notch to their already full belt. While currently promoting album number two, Time Is Up, the uber talented stars are getting ready to run their own entertainment company on the stage known as reality tv. The six members, Youngju(leader), Hanbyul, Kyumin, Keonu, Kwangyeon , and Hyoseok but should in the next few days.

The show, appropriately titled "LEDapple Entertainment" will air on MTV's Korean subsidiary. The boys will each have their own job and department. Some duties are performing on request, greeting clients, and managing their business. The show's premiere episode will air on February 15th at 11:30pm KST.

Jessi & Dok2 think it is adequate to 'Raise Your Heels' to look your favourite stars in new single

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Jessi has just dropped her newest track, a collaboration with rapper Dok2 titled "Raise Your Heels".

SEE ALSO: Generating team One Piece makes a sturdy debut with 'Let's Get It' ft. Dok2

With a trap beatreminiscentof Rihanna's fresh songs, is a hard-hitting song designed to get your head bobbing. The lyrics are about lovers who stand on their toes, raising their heels, to get even just a glimpse in theirfavourite celebrities. Close pals Jessi Dok2 appear to be long-time collaborators in this hot new song.

Do you adore Jessi's new song?