Netizens surprised at the the real height of Red Velvet’s Irene

Netizens surprised at the the real height of Red Velvet’s Irene

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens speak about a bestfeminine idol who is much shorter than we think

There are many celebrities and idols with such just right proportions that we think they are taller than they in truth are. Because thereputable summitprintedby way of their agencies don't appear to be credible, fanatics and netizens have no ideathe real altitude of idols.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens speak about a peak female idol who is shorter than we think.

Titled Female Idol Who is Shorter Than We Think, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Her height is around 157 cm.

When you simplyglance at her face, she turns out like she is a minimum of 165 yet she is in reality shorter than we think.

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this text being published.

84 / -16 Irenes charm is by being small and cute. Why diss her for her height

79 / -10 I know that she is shorter but you posted all thefootage amongst her legs spread aside or folded.. tsk tsk There are rather a lot ofokimages taken on the similar day but you select to post other pictures

72 / -11 One of the vital photos are rigged;;; There's a original photo in google. It could also be because Red velvet doesnt wear heels. Even supposing she wears low heels, she doesnt appearance that bad

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Real Men feminine Soldier Special Releases Footage of each and every Stars Transformation

Real Men feminine Soldier Special Releases Footage of each and every Stars Transformation

“Real Men” feminine Soldier Special Releases Footage of every Star’s Transformation MBC‘s “Real Men” has shared photos of each of the stars of its upcoming female soldier special as they make the transformation from famous person to cadet to soldier!

On August 20, the display posted twelve new photos from the filming of the feminine soldier special with the caption, “Only one day after enlisting, their transformation into female infantrymen is complete!”

The forged contains CLC‘s Choi Yoojin, former tennis pro Jeon Mi Ra, actress Yoo Sun, actress and singer Han Groo, actress Shin So Yul, rapper Jessi, trot singer Park Gyuri, Jap tv personality Sayuri, comedienne and actress Kim Hyun Sook, and actress Han Chae Ah.

The team entered the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy on August 19, where they started education as cadets ahead of being installed uniform. It’s expected that once they graduate from the academy, they’ll be entering the Capital Defense Command’s elite “spider” unit going through counter-terrorism.


Check out each in their transformations below.

Choi Yoojin:


Han Chae Ah:


Han Groo:


Jeon Mi Ra:




Kim Hyun Sook:


Park Gyuri:




Shin So Yul:


Yoo Sun:


Which transformation are you the maximum stunned by?

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Girl"s Day Yura"s real height revealed


Today, not only wasGirl"s Day"s new song "Ring My Bell" revealed, butYura"s real height as well! Usually we hear about celebrities exaggerating their "profile height" to be 2 or 3 cm taller than they actually are, but apparently in Yura"s case, her listed height is shorter than she actually is!

During Naver StarCast On Air"s "Happy D-Day", a secret guest who turned out to beDream Tea Entertainment"s CEO said, "I"m a Girl"s Day"s fan so I know the real facts about them."

The CEO then flustered Yura by revealing, "Yura"s height on her profile says she"s 168 cm (5" 6") but that is not the truth. She"s about 171 or 172 cm (~ 5" 7.5")."

Yura exclaimed, "No I"m not!" But judging by how she reacted, it seems she is actually taller than she"s listed to be. Embrace your height Yura!

How are you liking "Ring My Bell" so far?

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Ji Soo  has   opened  up  about  how  its  like to  be co  star   of  Kim Hee Sun   who  is 16 years old  older  than  him  in real life

Ji Soo has opened up about how its like to be co star of Kim Hee Sun who is 16 years old older than him in real life

Ji Soo Describes What Its Like to Work with 16 Years Older Actress Kim Hee Sun as His Love Interest In a recent interview for MBC, young actor Ji Soo, born in 1993, was asked about his chemistry with actress Kim Hee Sun who was born in 1977. In the drama Angry Mom, Ji Soos character, Bok Dong, is in love with Jo Bang Wool, the 18-year-old alter ego of Jo Kang Ja, played by Kim Hee Sun. In the drama, Jo Kang Ha has gone undercover as a high school student in her daughters school to defend her daughter against bullies.

Ji Soo explains that its easy to believe that Kim Hee Sun is a high school student because she is so pretty and looks like she is in her 20s. When she is wearing her school uniform, I really see her as Jo Bang Wool, says Ji Soo. He has no trouble focusing on his character and his relationship with Jo Bang Wool. He adds,Bok Dong cant help but fall for her because [Kim Hee Sun] is so pretty and fits the [character of Jo Bang Wool].

Kim Hee Sun has also talked about working with the young actor, saying,“I’m living vicariously through the drama.”

Ji Soo also reveals in the interview that he ad-libbed a line in drama in which Bok Dong almost confesses his feelings to Bang Wool. In the scene, Bok Dong tries to dramatically reenact a typical K-drama confession scene. He asks if she likes him and then starts to say, I lik, but since it is his first time confessing and he is nervous, he ends up just saying her name- Jo Bang Wool- and walks away embarrassed. The word for like in Korean starts with the jo sound, which is the same sound that starts Jo Bang Wools name.

Watch the scene below, then watch Ji Soo reenact it for the interview:

복동아 나 너 좋아하냐?두근두근 여심강탈 #앵그리맘 #지수 영상 투척!#연애를_글로_배웠어요_feat_복동+)사실 싸움못하는 고복동 촬영 비하인드

Posted by 엠순이 on Friday, April 17, 2015

#앵그리맘 #복동이 #지수 #인터뷰너 나 좋아하냐? (심쿵)지수의 인터뷰 미공개 영상을 페친님들께만 살짝 공유드려요!①조조방울 사실 애드리브였다!②사실 몸치? 키워드로 보는 지수!

Posted by 엠순이 on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You can start watching Angry Mom below if you arent watching already. Angry Mom airs on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday.

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"Sixteen" introduces Chaeryeong from Kpop Star 3

She might seems familiar to you because she"s none other than one of the sisters who joined K-pop Star 3 along with Lee Chae Yeon.

Chaeryeong joined JYP Entertainment in June last year and is now ready to show what she"s got as she turns 14 this year.

She"s has become more beautiful and more confident this time as she introduces herself as the innocent girl of Sixteen.



Jung Hyung Don and Defconn reveal K.Will

Jung Hyung Don and Defconn reveal K.Will"s real height on "Weekly Idol"

Jung Hyung Don and Defconn reveal K.Will

Jung Hyung Don and Defconndid their best to pester guests as usual on this week"s episode of "Weekly Idol". On the April 22nd episode, it was K.Will"s turn to be trolled.

MC Jung Hyung Don came forward strong, saying, "On portal sites, it says your height is 5"10" (178 cm) and your weight is ~150 lbs (68 kg). Is that true?" K.Will responded, "No, it"s not. That shouldn"t be." Jung Hyung Don pressed, "We"ll give you the chance to correct it."

K.Will confessed, "My real height is ~5"9" (176 cm), and I weight 159 lbs (72.5 kg)." However, Jung Hyung Don decided that he had to find out himself. He said, "If I personally measure it and you"re telling the truth, I"ll give you hanwoo (Korean beef). If not, we"re eating it."

However, it was later found out that K.Will actually stood at ~5"8" (174.5 cm)and weighed 164 lbs (74.7 kg). K.Will raised his voice and said, "Don"t talk nonsense," and Jung Hyung Don replied, "I"ll give you 176 cm. I"m being kind."


Super Junior’s Yesung Is the Most Real Estate Savvy K-Pop Star

Super Junior’s Yesung Is the Most Real Estate Savvy K-Pop Star

KBSs Entertainment Weekly has named Super Juniors Yesung the K-pop star who is the most skilled at investing in real estate.

Yesung does not have the most money invested in real estate, but by selling it at an opportune time he was able to make the highest profit. Other stars on the list included Super Juniors Kyuhyun, who owns a building worth 7.3 billion won (6.7 million USD), and KARAs Seungyeon, who owns one with a value of 4.9 billion won (4.5 million USD). However, note that these numbers dont mean theyve made money off the properties.

In comparison, Yesung has done very well with his recent real estate investment. He bought a building four years ago for 750 million won (686,000 USD). When he sold it recently, he made a profit of 880 million won (804,000 USD)!

The real estate consultant on Entertainment Weekly therefore named him the most savvy real estate investor of all K-pop stars.

Yesung has been serving in the army as a public service officer since May 2013, and its expected that he will be discharged this May.

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QUIZ: Can You Guess the K-Drama Star by Their Real Name

QUIZ: Can You Guess the K-Drama Star by Their Real Name

How well do you know your Korean celebrity? Take the quiz below to find out and make sure to check out the next page of this article to see all the results and all the real names of every K-drama star featured in the quiz!

Check out the next page of this article to see all the results and all the real names of every K-drama star featured in the quiz.

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[Interview] Public starts to warm up to

[Interview] Public starts to warm up to "Real Men" star

Comedian Kim Young-cheol, who debuted 17 years ago, has been consistent about one thing: exaggerating his words, actions and impersonations of celebrities such as pop star BoA or veteran singer Ha Chun-hwa.Some find his impersonations funny, but at the same time there are others who fail to warm to him. After all, Kim is not the most handsome guy in the world. For this reason, even though he is someone who has given his all in everything he does, Kim certainly has his share of haters.But his recent gigs on MCB"s military-themed reality show "Real Men" and successful long-running entertainment show "Infinite Challenge" have changed his image. In "Real Man" in particular, Kim is killing two birds with one stone - being the funny guy in the crowd but also showing his somewhat serious, sincere side by giving 100 percent during the training program.In a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of Korea JoongAng Daily, Kim spoke nonstop in his loud, high-pitched voice, just like on TV. "I have been criticized all my life for being chatty and loud", he said. "It was like that when I was in high school, and also when I went into the military".Kim said he hasn"t changed a bit but that people"s responses have changed. "I have ranked as the No. 1. searchword on web portals, and there hasn"t been a time in my career when there were so many news articles on me", he said excitedly. Q. How do you feel about your sudden, newfound popularity?A. It feels strange and unreal. I"m doing things that I have been doing all throughout my comedy career, but I"m seeing a sudden surge of news articles on me, and those articles are making the top news on web portals. I heard everyone has an "up" in life at least once, and also a year when things just work out. I guess, for me this year is the one.In particular, people seem to like seeing you on "Real Men".Yes. It"s actually my first time having a regular gig on a weekend entertainment show. It"s also my first time participating in a reality show. I"m doing what I usually do, but I think it"s just different doing it in a studio and doing it outside - at a military camp in this case. I have been chatty and overdoing things all my life - in high school and when I went into the military. That"s why I was always the one scolded the most by instructors.It"s hilarious how you are scolded mostly because your teeth are showing and because you can"t stop laughing.Yes. I can"t really [physically] close my mouth anyway. So it was funny when I was told not to show my teeth. I couldn"t stop laughing. In fact, this is the first entertainment show that I"m in where I"m not supposed to laugh. If I try, I can only close my mouth for 10 seconds, but after that it opens, just naturally. It"s because of my oral structure. I can"t help it.Some people say your comedy style, which is mostly impersonation, has a limit and that people tire of it easily.That is one of the reasons why I chose "Real Men", because it"s not scripted; we just show what we"ve got in a given situation. I thought I could show a different side of me. Also, people are bound to have their preferences when it comes to comedy. For instance, when I do my impersonation of Ha, some people say please stop but some people find it hilarious. As long as people know I"m trying and working hard, that"s fine with me.BY KIM YEON-JI [[email protected]]