#KPOP: Instagram Ranks K-Pop Most neatly liked Genre Of Tune In 2015

#KPOP: Instagram Ranks K-Pop Most neatly liked Genre Of Tune In 2015

dara, luna, amber(Photo : instagram)WINNER Photo Posting (Photo : Instagram)key(Photo : Secret is Instagram)Big Bang fan, Chris Nolan, had an exquisiteexpertise when T.O.P and Taeyang interacted with him via Instagram. Large strike fan, Chris Nolan, had an excellentjourney when T.O.P and Taeyang interacted with him through Instagram. (Photo : Christopher Nolan Instagram)Instagrammers are big fanatics of K-pop, consistent with the social media app.

On Thursday, Instagram released its once a yearscores and K-pop got here out forward of each and every other track genre as the maximumneatly liked music genre among Instagram users. K-pop stars also were probably the most celebrities with the most fans on Instagram.

K-pop beat hip hop, rap, and RB out for the pinnacle spot as the most discussed music on Instagram in 2015.

Along with music and K-pop stars being incredibly popular, several places in Seoul were also the most tagged position on Instagram.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul used to be the most tagged place on Instagram this year, in keeping with the K-Pop Herald.

In addition, more pictures and videos were uploaded on Would possibly 5, which is Children's Day in South Korea, than any other day all the manner through the year.

The best Korean celebrities on Instagram in 2015 were Large Bang's leader G-Dragon, Girls' Generation's leader Taeyeon, and EXO's Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Sehun.

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Which K-Star's Instagram photo earned the maximum  choice of 'likes' in 2015

Which K-Star's Instagram photo earned the maximum choice of 'likes' in 2015

When it comes to Instagram, K-Pop stars have one of thegreatest followings, and a up to datefind out aboutdiscovered that Big Bang's charismatic leader G-Dragon takes first position amongstjust about 7 million fansat the social media app. Yet does G-Dragon also hang the topmost identify when the most-liked photo on Instagram is concerned? 

Instagram currentlyprinted which person, place, and viral content garnered the maximumrepute in the year 2015, score them in descending order. 

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For the class of hottest person, Instagram used the choice of likes on footage to decide the ranking, and EXO's Chanyeol took the grand best spot! The idol's photo with Lee Hwi Jae's toddler boy and fellow crew mate Baekhyun, which he took back in Might for the filming of 'Superman is Back,' has 970,000 likes. This ispracticallya million likes on a unmarried photo! 

The Instagram pictures with the 2d one and 3rd nighquantity of likes are G-Dragon's beyondyoungster photo from 15 weeks ago, which has 556,000 likes, and Taeyeon's selfie from 29 weeks back, which has 522,000 likes. 

A photo posted by way of EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on May just 14, 2015 at 9:13pm PDT

A photo posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on Aug 18, 2015 at 12:33am PDT

A photo posted by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on May also 8, 2015 at 4:39am PDT


"Sixteen" introduces Chaeryeong from Kpop Star 3

She might seems familiar to you because she"s none other than one of the sisters who joined K-pop Star 3 along with Lee Chae Yeon.

Chaeryeong joined JYP Entertainment in June last year and is now ready to show what she"s got as she turns 14 this year.

She"s has become more beautiful and more confident this time as she introduces herself as the innocent girl of Sixteen.



Contestant Nam So Hyun Continues Her Fierce Competition At

Contestant Nam So Hyun Continues Her Fierce Competition At "KPop Star 4" Despite Bully Scandal

“K-Pop Star 4″ Contestant Nam So Hyun Proceeds with Broadcast despite Iljin Rumors

The talented contestant Nam So Hyun continues her competition at "K-Pop Star 4" despite her recent bully scandal.

A representative from “K-Pop Star 4″ told Star News on January 10, “Contestant Nam So Hyun made it to the third round, and we have contacted her school regarding the rumors of her behavior. There was no issue. We are hesitant, but we will be airing her third round segment.”

They continued, “We talked to her school about the online post, and the school told us that she has never caused any trouble,” adding, “we tried to find the person who originally posted the accusation, but since they wrote it anonymously, we cannot find them. Nam So Hyun herself did not know who wrote the piece.”

They also commented, “We understand that this is a sensitive issue. We hope that Nam So Hyun is not hurt any more than this.”

Previously, an anonymous individual posted an accusation on an online community board, claiming that Nam So Hyun has been a bully in school.

Nam So Hyun is the younger sister of “K-Pop Star 3″ contestant Nam Young Joo, who made it to the top 10.

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School's UEE: Newest Korean Star to Join Instagram

School's UEE: Newest Korean Star to Join Instagram

Now you can update latest information and join conversation with After School’s UEE via Twitter. On December 19th, the beautiful member of After School, UEE, has officially signed up for Instagram and made her very first post.

UEE seemed to have gone on a trip to Busan with her fellow After School members Jungah and Jooyeon, where the three captured joyful memories and each posted photos onto their personal Instagram accounts.

In UEE’s first Instagram post, she was lucky enough to capture the blue skies of Busan, while captioning her photo with, “The start with Instagram ♡ #Happy #Busan #Jjungjjung #Jupal #UEE“, not forgetting to hashtag her good friends with their nicknames.

For her profile picture, UEE cutely chose to use a photo of four Disney princess characters crossing a pedestrian crossing, a parody of the famous album cover from The Beatles.

While speculations have arisen over possible member graduations from the group, Lizzy is said to be making a solo debut with a trot song next year.

Other After School members who are active on Instagram include Jungah, Jooyeon, Eyoung, Lizzy, and Nana.

UEE on Instagram

Photo: UEE Instagram

A photo posted by 김유이 (@uieing) on Dec 12, 2014 at 9:58pm PST

A photo posted by AfterSchool jjung-A (@jjungajjunga) on Dec 12, 2014 at 9:55pm PST

A photo posted by 이주연 (@jupppal) on Dec 12, 2014 at 9:37pm PST

A photo posted by 이주연 (@jupppal) on Dec 12, 2014 at 10:03pm PST


Mysterious Netizen Releases Images and Criticism for 'KPop Star 4''s Nam So Hyn, Sparking Controversy

Mysterious Netizen Releases Images and Criticism for 'KPop Star 4''s Nam So Hyn, Sparking Controversy

Lately, the netizen, who previously accused “K-Pop Star –Season IV” ‘s contestant, Nam So Hyun, of bullying and stealing money from friends, has shared more images and additional  criticisms.

On December 15th, the mysterious netizen has shared a long post titled “K-POP Star Nam So Hyun’s true nature,” along with a photo. She asserted that Nam So Hyun was once a bully with proofs of photos and screen captured records. She again added more photos and proofs on her original post reinforcing her argument.

The netizen explained, “Some people say I also was one of the bullies, but me and my friends never smoke cigarettes or took away money from juniors. And they also say I made these all up, but since other victims also posted evidential photos supporting me, there seems to be a lot more than myself.”

Previously, this netizen introduced herself as a middle school classmate with Nam So Hyun and said, “When I first heard that Nam So Hyun will be a part of K-Pop Star 4, I was dumbfounded. Some people say even though one has a bad past, it does not matter if they never harm other people. But she did a lot of harm to others including myself.”

“It was so ridiculous that she acted to be innocent in K-Pop Star. When she went to high school later on, she tried to maintain her image saying she never smoked or drank. I decided to post all these because I don’t think it is right to be successful for a person who used to give other people a lot of pain and pressure.”

The netizen also added, “Nam So Hyun forced her juniors to bring her money. She got caught drinking alcohols and smoking cigarettes when she was going to middle school. Moreover, we had to sell her used clothes for her, and if we could not, we had to gather money and buy it from her.”

After reading the post of Nam So Hyun’s school year classmate, other netizens reacted, “Is that true?”, “If it is true, Nam So Hyun should not be in K-Pop Star 4 anymore,” “So disappointed,” and “That is why you always have to be nice to others.”

Nam So Hyun is the little sister of Nam Young Ju, who featured in K-Pop Star 3. Nam So Hyun has been gaining her popularity with her pure image and pretty appearances.

Below is a capture of the netizen’s post. The original post on Pann can be found here.

Nam So Hyun


[MAMA2014] Epik High Tablo Shares Star-Studded Selfie To Commemorate His 1 Million Instagram Followers

[MAMA2014] Epik High Tablo Shares Star-Studded Selfie To Commemorate His 1 Million Instagram Followers

Tablo celebrates 1 million followers on his Instagram with snapshots from the night of

Epik High’s Tablo has attracted 1 million Instagram followers, and the singer has commemorated this special milestone with the passionate night of “2014 MAMA.”

Along with his thanks, Tablo gave some fan service with photos taken with fellow member DJ Tukutz, Big Bang"s Taeyang, and WINNER"s Song Min Ho (Mino) as well as shots of fans from the awards ceremony. Tablo and his group Epik High picked up the "Best Rap Performance" award the same night.

Congrats, Tablo! If you haven't done so already, follow him here @blobyblo!

What a perfect night to hit 1 million. Thank you. http://t.co/hi892DOz0A pic.twitter.com/4ly8CPQJ05

— 타블로 | TABLO (@blobyblo) December 3, 2014


Chanyeol is the next K-Pop star to reach 3 million Instagram followers!

Chanyeol is the next K-Pop star to reach 3 million Instagram followers!

EXO"s Chanyeol is joining the ranks as an SNS superstar as his Instagram account now has over 3 million followers!

Chanyeol has attracted crowds to his Instagram filled with selcas that showcase his flower booy good looks. Not to mention, he has plenty of snapshots with his fellow gorgeous SM artists and constantly gives an update on his life for curious fans.

If you aren"t following him already, check out his Instagram, @real__pcy!

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KPOP STAR 3s Kwon Jin Ah Lends Voice For Toys Forthcoming Album Da Capo

KPOP STAR 3s Kwon Jin Ah Lends Voice For Toys Forthcoming Album Da Capo

The former contestant of KPOP STAR season 3, Kwon Jin Ah has been confirmed to lend her voice for Toy’s upcoming album, “Da Capo”.

Being dubbed as the “dark horse”, the third winner of KPOP STAR season 3 has garnered love of people for her strong voice and noticeable talent.

Since signing with Antenna Music last year, she has worked with Yoo Hee Yeol several times, including on her first OST single “I Only See You” in June 2014

This time, the two have collaborated on Toy’s seventh album Da Capo, which has already topped an impressive number of music charts with its title track “Three People”. The attention that the album has received has also had a positive impact on Kwon Jin Ah’s career as a budding artist, as “She Said” is currently being used as the background song for a Korean coffee CF featuring model Kim Woo Bin.

Below is the most recent photo of Kwon Jin Ah, taken with Yoo Hee Yeol and KPOP STAR Season 3 runner-up Sam Kim. Both Kwon Jin Ah and Sam Kim, who are living in separate homes in Seoul to continue their activities as Antenna Music artists, are looking forward to finding new roommates through the upcoming KPOP STAR Season 4, set to premiere this November!

In the meantime, Toy and Kwon Jin Ah’s collaboration track, “She Said,” is available through music sites such as MelOn, Bugs, and Naver.

Kwon Jinah Sam Kim

Source: Chic News, MK News