“K-Pop Star” crowns its 5th season winner: Lee Soo Jung

“K-Pop Star” crowns its 5th season winner: Lee Soo Jung

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe season winner for K-Pop Megastar 5 has been decided and crowned!

The finale used to be broadcast on April 11th where contestant Lee Soo Jung became crowned the winner. The runner-up was An Ye Eun.

Lee Soo Jung said, Thank you so much, and relayed her gratitude to the group of workers of the display as well. Regardless that she did no longer win without equal prize, An Ye Eun stated, Im just thankful for being in a position to stand here. Im happy I were givento fulfill and make numerousexcellent friends.

In the primary round, An Ye Eun sang the song 말을 해 봐 whilst Lee Soo Jung sang The Letter.

An Ye Eun — JYP 92 issues / YG 95 elements / Antenna Tune 97 points = General 284 points

Lee Soo Jung —  JYP 92 points / YG 92 points / Antenna Music 93 points = Complete 277 points

In the 2d one round, An Ye Eun took on Stevie Wonders Phase Time Lover, while Lee Soo Jung carried out Same Day, Same Night.

An Ye Eun — JYP 98 points / YG one hundred points / Antenna Music 98 points = Total 296 points

Lee Soo Jung —  JYP 100 points / YG 100 points / Antenna Music 100points = Total 300 points

The winner was in keeping with 60% pass judgement onvote casting and 40% viewing votes.

Judge Votes primarily based on points given:

An Ye Eun — Total 580 points

Lee Soo Jung —  Total 577 points

Congratulations to Lee Soo Jung! She might be joining Antenna Music (Yoo Hee Yeol) for her debut promotions!

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Taiwans Andy Su Crowned Winner of K-Pop Star Hunt 3

Taiwans Andy Su Crowned Winner of K-Pop Star Hunt 3

After a long and stressful tournament, Andy Su of Taiwan stole the hearts of the judges and was crowned the winner of K-Pop Star Hunt 3.

On January 12, Andy Su performed an acoustic rendition of Big Bang Taeyang’s I need a Girl before pumping out energy to G-Dragon’s Crayon and MichiGO.

Taiwan’s Andy Su Crowned Winner of ‘K-Pop Star Hunt 3’

Being named the winner of the competition, Andy Su will receive a contract deal with CJ EM and FNC Entertainment. He will be training to become a K-Pop star and be given the opportunity to collaborate with FNC Entertainment artists, such as FT Island, CN Blue, AOA, and more. His debut stage will take place on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN with the release of his debut single.

“This came totally unexpected as I felt that my first performance wasn’t up to standard,” said Andy. “All I told myself was to focus and give it my all and the results will take care of itself. I was glad that it did.”

Taiwan’s Andy Su Crowned Winner of ‘K-Pop Star Hunt 3’

At the judges panel were FNC Entertainment CEO, Han Seong Ho, FNC Academy CEO Ko Kwang Il, and FT Island’s Lee Jae Jin.

Upon seeing the winner, Lee Jae Jin commented, “I am honored to be here as a judge for the K-Pop Star Hunt 3 Grand Finale. I am looking forward to working with the winner, Andy, in the near future. Welcome to the family!”

In addition to the celebration, actor Andy Lau also congratulated the winner through his personal blog. It turned out that Andy Su performed at Andy Lau′s birthday party many years before and the actor remembered him.

K-Pop Star Hunt 3 kicked off in August of 2013, holding auditions in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The finale will air on channel M on January 25.

Photo Credit: CJ EM


Kpop Star Season 2 Starts Off with Successful Preliminary Rounds

Kpop Star Season 2 Starts Off with Successful Preliminary Rounds

Kpop Star Season 2 Starts Off with Successful Preliminary RoundsSBS survival audition program K-Pop Star successfully hosted preliminary rounds for the second season in Korea. The preliminary audition took place in Seoul over three days, starting from August 17. Participants appealed each of their own unique characteristics and talents in singing, dancing, instrument playing, and so on. They also did not hesitate to share their personal stories behind the reasons why they want to be the next K-Pop star.

Many contestants garnered attention by singing popular songs from the previous season like Rolling in the Deep, Yoon Hyun Sangs Break Up Is Something You Should Not Do, Adult Child, and Mama Do. Moreover, several contestants who were eliminated earlier in the previous season joined preliminary round for season 2 to showcase their improvements since the last audition. With a wider pool of participants in its preliminary round, K-Pop Star is looking forward to an upgraded season.

As soon as the national preliminary rounds are over, K-Pop Star Season 2 will head to New York, Los Angeles, London, Vancouver, and Australia for its global preliminary audition starting in September.


'Kpop Star Season 2' Promotional Video Revealed

'Kpop Star Season 2' Promotional Video Revealed

lee hai, park ji min, kpop star

'Kpop Star Season 2' Promotional Video Revealed leeA recent clip of Lee Hai and Park Ji Min was revealed.

In the new promotional teaser for 'Kpop Star Season 2', clips of Kpop Star winners Park Ji Min and Lee Hai can be seen as well as other Top 10 members.

What stands out the most are the improved appearances of the participants of the previous season as they have each been casted into different agencies.

Park Ji Min seems to have lost baby fat as Lee Hai also appears thinner due to her consistant diet.

Those who saw the video commented "they changed so much", "please debut soon", "it's hard to become a star", and etc...

Photo Credit: SBS


Season 2 of KPOP Star Under Review

Season 2 of KPOP Star Under Review

Season 2 of KPOP Star Under ReviewSBS 'KPOP Star' is coming to an end on April 29th.

It has been announced that KPOP Star is coming to an end as of April 29, 2012 and the discussions of a possible season 2 are taking place at SBS.

A representative of 'KPOP Star' has commented, "The current judges, BoA, Yang Hyunsuk, and Park Jinyoung have revealed their desire to participate in season2."

'KPOP Star' is a Korean audition program with representatives from the Korea's top three entertainment companies, YG, SM, and JYP, participating as judges. The winner of this audition program will go home with $300,000 and a contact with SM, YG, or JYP to become a singer.


“K-pop Star” Announces That Season 6 Can be Show’s Ultimate Season, Unearths  Adjustments To Regulations And Prize

“K-pop Star” Announces That Season 6 Can be Show’s Ultimate Season, Unearths Adjustments To Regulations And Prize

K-pop Celebrity Announces That Season 6 Can bePresentationsUltimate Season, UnearthsAdjustments To Regulations And Prizeleonid Would possibly 9, 2016 0 K-pop Star Announces That Season 6 Will Be Shows Last Season, Reveals Changes To Rules And Prize SBS’s “K-pop Star” is coming back with new rules for its final season.

On May just 9, a press convention for season six was once held at the SBS headquarters in Seoul. Among the ones in attendance were judges Park Jin Young, Yang Hyuk Suk, and Yoo Hee Yeol, as neatly as PDs Park Sung Hoon and Jung Ik Sung.

PD Park Sung Hoon intrigued the press by revealing that the approaching season is entitled “K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance.”

“The Last Chance” is supposed to mean many things. First, this season is the overall installment of “K-pop Star. Second, meaningful changes are made to the show’s rules. Whilst the beyond winners were readyto sign up in an firmin their choice, this seasons victor will be jointly treatedby ability of JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and Antenna Tune instead.

Park Sung Hoon PD explains, “The prize of the former winners turned into admission into probably the most3 agencies, yet this time it'll exist joint promotion by all three of them. The agencies will get ready one song each. The winner will be given the opportunity to revel in the production sorts ofeach and every one.”

Furthermore, “K-pop Star 6” now opens its doors to trainees already under their own agencies. While still finding new talent, the program also hopes to discover hidden gemstones among signed trainees.

Yang Hyun Suk states, “The project for K-pop Star 6 is in finding artists like Two times and BIGBANG who can be famous round the world. Rather than unearthing new talent, we also hope to give existing trainees an opportunity to be advanced and promoted by greater agencies. In season six, we would like toincrease artists who can draw in an foreign following.”

The revelation of those drastic changes invited many questions from the press. Many were fascinated bywhat's going totake place to trainees belowother agencies when the program is over.

According to Yang Hyun Suk, signed trainees will go back to their long-established agencies after the program. He explains further, “If the winning player does now not belong to any agency and needsto move into one of our three agencies, we will be able totalk about it viaprivate consultations.”

After the click conference, there is still much discuss the final season of “K-pop Star” and how it could turn out. The program is expected to air in the second onepart of 2016.

What do you take into accountsthe recent format?

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“My Love From the Star” Director Refutes Rumors of a 2d Season

“My Love From the Star” Director Refutes Rumors of a 2d Season

My Love From the Famous person Director Refutes Rumors of a 2nd Seasonorionight April 19, 2016 0 LINE it!My Love From the Star Director Refutes Rumors of a Second Season It roughly feels that a second season of “My Love From the Star” won’t be taking place after all.

While it was onceup to now reported by capacity of Chinese media that a second season of “My Love From the Star” is recently underway, director Jang Tae Yoo tells OSEN that the reports are incorrect. “The articles were written on-site at the production presentation I attended at China’s Wuhan University. I believe the Chinese journalists who had to translate what I used to beannouncing misunderstood me,” he says.

He continues, “What I stated at the time was, ‘While I’d love tomovie a sequel, at the moment ane don’t have any plans to.’” So some distance asthe misperception goes, Jang Tae Yoo says, “I turned intostunned at the stablehobby in the drama, and I might beready tohandiestbe satisfied about it. I’ll paintingsdifficult to create even larger dramas.”

Are you relieved or disappointed that the rumors are untrue?

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“My Love From the Star” 2nd Season in the Works With One Large Caveat

“My Love From the Star” 2nd Season in the Works With One Large Caveat

My Love From the Celebrity2d Season in the Works With One Giant Caveatorionight April 18, 2016 0 LINE it!My Love From the Star Second Season in the Works With One Big Caveat large news for enthusiasts of SBS’s “My Love From the Star” – there are recently talks of a second season in the works!

According to plenty ofother Chinese media sources, the director of “My Love From the Star,” Jang Tae Yoo, attended a promotional tournament for his upcoming paintings in China ultimate week. At the event, the director admitted that arrangements for a second season of the loved drama is underway.

Unfortunately, it comes with a significant disappointment: the second one season is most definitely notadding Kim Soo Hyun or Jun Ji Hyun. “The explanation whythat they're going tonow not be collaborating is because Jun Ji Hyun has her new baby, and Kim Soo Hyun is because of enlist soon,” Jung Tae Yoon said.

When asked about the power he feels because of the the nation’s present “Song Joong Ki Syndrome,” Jang Tae Yoo said, “I think Kim Soo Hyun potentially felt more strain than I did. Actors need to work incredibly challengingto meetthe expectanciesfolks have of them.”

“My Love From the Star” premiered at the finish of 2013 and brieflywas one of Korea’s hottest series.

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Lee Soo Jung Crowned 'K-Pop Megastar Season 5' Winner

Lee Soo Jung Crowned 'K-Pop Megastar Season 5' Winner

Lee Soo Jung(Photo : MNet/K-Pop Megastar 5) Some other season of K-Pop Star 5 has come to an finish alongside a finale crowning the recent winner.

Lee Soo Jung was once officially named the season five winner of the K-Pop truthdisplayat the April 10 finale.

Though the highlightcould havecurious about Lee as the winner, there isn't any denying the close festival between her and Ahn Ye Eun for the title. Either contestants had everybody on the sidesin their seats as they went head-to-head opposed toeach and every other right throughthe overall rounds

The two ladies swept the judges off their feet with their vocals and performances. An Ye Eun first sang a self-composed song titled "Say Something," followed via Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover" in the 2nd one round. On the alternative hand, Lee Soo Jung sang "The Letter" followed by "Stick-Er" in the moment round.

By the end of the night, An Ye Eun won a overall of 296 issues with Lee Soo Jung receiving a truly perfectthree hundred from the judges.

Lee Soo Jung has already begun her post-K-Pop Star occupation by signing with Yoo Hee Yeol's agency, Antenna Music.

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