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Park Shin Hye Will Star In Lee Hong Ki's Music Video

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Park Shin Hye Will Star In Lee Hong Ki's Music Video

Actress Park Shin Hye and FT Island singer-actor Lee Hong Ki have been friends since they starred together in the k-drama "You"re Beautiful." In the drama his character Jeremy had a crush on her character but lost her to Jang Geun Suk, the leader of the band Anjell. Despite his broken heart, they remained friends. In real life, Park and Lee did remain close friends, celebrating special events together and showing up to support each other"s projects.

She showed up to support him when his band played at the 2015 FNC Kingdom Concert in Seoul. in 2014 she posted photos of herself dressed in pink clothing from Lee Hong Ki"s Skull Hong clothing line. Besides singing and acting, Lee is a fashion designer, songwriter and the author of a book on nail art.

In 2013 she wrote a supportive message for Lee Hong Ki"s film debut in "Rocking on Heaven"s Door." She wrote "Cheers for "Rocking on Heaven"s Door. Thank you so much Hong Star."

And in 2012, Park calld him when she appeared on the variety show "Music and Lyrics." And he paid back the compliment by participating in a call to her during a 2013 episode of Super Junior"s "Kiss The Radio Show."

The latest way Park will support her friend is to star in a music video for his first solo album.

"Despite her busy schedule, Hong Ki asked her and she promised and said it was her pleasure to appear in his music video," said a reperesentative from FNC Entertainment.

Lee began acting as a child but he has been the lead vocalist of FT Islandsince 2007. The band started 2015 with a world tour, called the "2015 FTISLAND FTHX Tour" then also toured Japan after releasing the single album "Puppy." As well as releasing successful singles, FT Island has contributed various sdrama oundtracks over the years, including the OSTs of "The Heirs," "Heartstrings," "Bride of the Century" and "Modern Farmer." According to the Korean media outlet Naver TV, Lee Hong Ki"s first solo album will include a selection of tender ballads. The album will be released mid-November with the first teaser page due on November 9. Will the music video feature a love line between the two former co-stars? Fans can only hope.

Lee Hong Ki"s drama credits include "You"re Beautiful," "Bride of the Century" and "Modern Farmer." Park Shin Hye was last seen on the small screen in the drama "Pinocchio" and recently appeared in the films "The Royal Tailor" and "Beauty Inside."

Shin So-yul to star in "A Violent Prosecutor"

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Shin So-yul to star in

Actress Shin So-yul is starring in the movie "A Violent Prosecutor".

"A Violent Prosecutor" is a criminal movie about an investigator who was framed a put in prison for murder holding hands with a fraud and trying to clear his name. Shin So-yul plays in the role of Chi-won"s (Kang Dong-won) girlfriend, Ha-na who is from a rich family. She trusts Chi-won until the end with the power of love.

Shin So-yul starred in her first drama as a leading actress in the KBS 2TV "Sweet Secrets" as a single mother.

Meanwhile, "A Violent Prosecutor" is currently in the making.

Baek Ji Young, Yoon Jong Shin, Sung Si Kyung, and Kim Bum Soo Confirmed as Judges for “Super Star K7″

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Baek Ji Young, Yoon Jong Shin, Sung Si Kyung, and Kim Bum Soo Confirmed as Judges for “Super Star K7″

Singers Yoon Jong Shin, Baek Ji Young, Sung Si Kyung, and Kim Bum Soo have been confirmed as the main judges of the seventh season of Mnets audition program, Super Star K.

Mnet announced on May 18 that they have chosen the four artists as the principle judges of Super Star K7. It will be the first time that the ballad singer Sung Si Kyung will be a main judge on the show, while the other three have been on the programs previous seasons.

The four judges will be participating in the shows preliminary judge auditions, which will begin this June. The auditions will go on until July, in nine locations in Korea, and four locations abroad.

Park Shin-hye to star as the first guest in Season 2, "Three Meals A Day"

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Park Shin-hye to star as the first guest in Season 2,

The first episode of tvN"s Season 2, "Three Meals A DayJeongseon" revealed its first guest, who will appear in the following episode. The guest is no one else but Park Shin-hye.

It was prearranged that Taecyeon would walk into the heart field if he"d like their guest. Taecyeon walked into the heart field along with Park Shin-hye and even presented her flowers. Lee Seo-jin teased him, "You try too hard whenever he have a female guest".

He even took off clothes to show off his manly side. He finally ended up expressing his hope Park Shin-hye would become a fixed member of the show. Taecyeon said, "She"s good at cooking. Her personality is great. She"s younger than I AM."

This season of "Three Meals A DayJeongseon" will present the farmers Lee Seo-jin and Taecyeon at the advanced level. Kim Kwang-gyoo will also star in the show.

"Sixteen" introduces Chaeryeong from Kpop Star 3

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She might seems familiar to you because she"s none other than one of the sisters who joined K-pop Star 3 along with Lee Chae Yeon.

Chaeryeong joined JYP Entertainment in June last year and is now ready to show what she"s got as she turns 14 this year.

She"s has become more beautiful and more confident this time as she introduces herself as the innocent girl of Sixteen.

Will Park Shin Hye Reunite With Her 'The Heirs' Co-Star?

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Will Park Shin Hye Reunite With Her 'The Heirs' Co-Star?

Park Shin Hye may have lined up her next project. The actress is currently discussing a role in an upcoming film titled "Happy Facebook."

And the film could reunite her with one of the stars of "The Heirs."

Also up for a role in the film is Kang Ha Neul, who played one of her high school classmates in that series. In that drama, his character was close to her boyfriend, played by Lee Min Ho.

Nothing has yet been confirmed.

Park"s agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment spoke about the possibility to the Korean media outlet TV Daily on March 9.

"Park Shin Hye has been offered a role in "Happy Facebook,"" said the S.A.L.T. representative. "A decision has not been made yet. We"ll have to think long and hard because it is not long after the end of her recent project."

The last year has been a busy one for Park. In 2014 she played the role of Choi In Ha, a reporter with "Pinocchio syndrome" in the drama "Pinocchio" as well as a fashion-conscious Joseon-era queen in the film, "The Royal Tailors." Park Shin Hye has been on the 2015 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour "Dream of Angel" tour, which reaches Japan on March 15 and Shanghai on March 28. She is currently in London for a fashion shoot for InStyle magazine and recently appeared on the Chinese television program "Happy Celebration of the Lantern Festival."

Kang Ha Neul is also considering a role in the film. His agency SEM Company said he is looking at it positively.

Kang"s most recent film "Empire Of Lust" is set in the Joseon era. In that film he plays the son of the nation"s commander, a young man who lives a privileged pointless existence. Before that he starred in the surprise cable hit, "Misaeng," in which he played an employee in a trading firm. He also appears in the film "Twenty" with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Joon Ho.

Both actors had a busy and successful year following their appearance in "The Heirs."

"Happy Facebook is a romantic comedy which will feature the love stories of three couples. It is not known whether Park Shin Hye and Kang Ha Neul are being asked to play a couple or whether they will be matched up with other actors.

Park Hyun Jin, director of "Prominent Woman" and "Lover of Six years" will direct the film.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Park Hyo Shin Pose Like a Fierce Rock Star for "W Korea"

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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Park Hyo Shin Pose Like a Fierce Rock Star for

BIG BANG's G-Dragon was featured in a recent pictorial for fashion magazine "W Korea" embracing his rock-star lifestyle!

The black and white pictorial, titled ′Their Secret Afternoon: Nutthin′ But A ′G′ Thang,′ was unveiled to celebrate the magazine′s 10th anniversary.

The concept and styling of the photoshoot, which took place in Paris, was organized by stylist Ji Eun, who gathered her friends to be the models.

The models included G-Dragon, Park Hyo Shin, creative director Yang Seung Ho, model Soo Joo, textile art director Kim Young Sung, creative consultant Lee Gyu Bum and photographer Hong Jang Hyun.

The photos were also taken by Hong Jang Hyun via remote control, whenever he was in the shot, making the shoot truly one of a kind.

Namgoong Min, Park Yoochun, Shin Se Kyung Star Together in SBS' "Sensory Couple"

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Namgoong Min, Park Yoochun, Shin Se Kyung Star Together in SBS'

Actor Namgoong Min has been cast in SBS‘s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday evening drama, “Sensory Couple” (working title).

The actor’s agency Didim531 announced on March 3 that he has been confirmed to appear in the drama.

The drama is an adaptation of a webtoon titled “A Girl Who Could See Smells.” The drama will center around a woman who miraculously survives a murder case, played by Shin Se Kyung, and an apathetic man who lost his sister in the same accident, played by Park Yoochun.

Namgoong Min will portray Kwon Jae Hee, a star chef with great talent and looks. He will also be linked to the other main characters through the mysterious murder case.

“Sensory Couple” will premiere after the completion of “Hyde, Jekyll, Me,” in April.

BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Park Hyo Shin Pose Like a Fierce Rock Star for W Korea’s Pictorial

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BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Park Hyo Shin Pose Like a Fierce Rock Star for W Korea’s Pictorial

Fashion magazine W Korea revealed a pictorial of singers G-Dragon and Park Hyo Shin posing with people such as model Soo Joo and stylist Yang Seung Ho.

W Korea uploaded various photos of the pictorial onto their Facebook account on March 3. The black and white pictorial is titled “Their Secret Afternoon” and the photos were taken by photographer Hong Jang Hyun.

In one of the photos, Park Hyo Shin looks dreamily at the camera with other models in the back.

In another photo, G-Dragon stares in to the camera with a bottle of drink to his lips.

G-Dragon looks charismatic as he strikes a pose with other models.

All of the photos seemed to be taken in one place, while only the models move and change positions.

"The Heirs" Star Park Shin Hye Confirmed To Star In Chinese Show "The Lantern Festival"

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Park Shin Hye will be appearing on Hunan TV’s popular holiday program.

S.A.L.T. Entertainment, Park Shin Hye’s agency, revealed on February 27, “Park Shin Hye has been invited to appear on Hunan TV’s popular holiday program The Lantern Festival and has confirmed to appear on the show.”

Hunan TV’s The Lantern Festival, airing in celebration of the first full moon of the Lunar New Year, is one of Hunan TV’s representative holiday programs that earns high viewership ratings each year. As much as it is a holiday special program viewed by over 1.3 billion citizens in China, numerous top stars will be gathering in one spot to present fancy stages. Inviting Park Shin Hye as the actress that represents Korea, Hunan TV will be preparing a special stage for the hallyu actress.

An affiliate of Hunan TV stated, “The viewers in China have already been showing enthusiastic response upon hearing that Park Shin Hye will be appearing on the show, who have gathered immense popularity in China through her projects, such as You’re Beautiful, The Heirs, Pinocchio and more. We’re anticipating seeing Park Shin Hye captivate the fans once more by appearing on The Lantern Festival, which around one billion viewers watch every year during the first full moon of the lunar New Year, as the entertainer representing Korea.”

The Lantern Festival featuring Park Shin Hye will air on March 5th through Hunan TV.

Photo credit: S.A.L.T. Entertainment