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TOP 10 Female Idol Butt Ranking By Fans

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TOP 10 Female Idol Butt Ranking By Fans

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFans have collectively lined up and ranked the top 10 female idols with the best butts! With so many idols to choose from there must have certainly been many runner-ups and noteworthy mentions, but the ones that make the top 10 are as followsCheck out this TOP 10 Female Idol Butt Ranking By Fans

Runner-up: Waveya dance group

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Top 8 Singers Decided for “Kpop Star 3,” Former Amercian Idol Han Hee Jun Wows Judges

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Top 8 Singers Decided for “Kpop Star 3,” Former Amercian Idol Han Hee Jun Wows Judges The top 8 contestants for the music audition show “Kpop Star 3” have been chosen. The top 8 were chosen from the top 10. The top 10 was split into two groups of five, and the top three contestants of each group would move on to next round. The last four contestants face elimination, and the audience chooses who they believe should move forward to the live show. The top two vote receivers will move forward. The show airs on SBS at 4:55pm KST on Sundays.

Group A consisted of Sam Kim, Jjarimongddang, Kwon Jin Ah, Bernard Park and Almeng. Group B consisted of Han Hee Jun, Bae Min Ah, Nam Young Ju, Jang Han Na, and Something. Former American Idol Han Hee Jun ranked first in his group.

Episode # Group Order Name Song – Original Artist Rank Result 15 A 1 Sam Kim That XX - G-Dragon Elimination Candidate Top 8 2 Jjarimongddang BrownCity - Browneyed Soul 2nd Top 8 3 Kwon Jin-ah See Through – Primary 1st Top 8 4 Bernard Park Words I Want to Say - Kim Tae-woo Elimination Candidate Top 8 5 Almeng Miss Cigarette - Song Chang-sik 3rd Top 8 16 B 1 Han Hee-jun Regrets - Kim Gun-mo 1st Top 8 2 Bae Min-ah Day by Day - As One 3rd Top 8 3 Nam Young-ju Behind You - Park Jin-young Elimination Candidate Eliminated 4 Jang Han-na Caution – Tashannie 2nd Top 8 5 Something 21st Century Chameleon- Self-Written Song Elimination Candidate Eliminated *chart from Wikipedia

Below is Bae Min Ah’s performance of As One‘s Day By Day.

Here is Han Hee Jun’s emotional performance of “Regrets” by Kim Gun Mo.

You can watch more performances on Kpop Star 3′s Youtube channel.

Ryeowook and Dongwoon to host new idol-ranking variety show 'Super Idol Chart Show'

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Ryeowook and Dongwoon to host new idol-ranking variety show 'Super Idol Chart Show'

Super Junior"s Ryeowook and B2ST"s Dongwoon will be greeting you as the MCs of new variety show Mnet"s "Super Idol Chart Show"!

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 unveils idol lineup!

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Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 unveils idol lineup!

Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert 2 revealed the line up of KPop idols who will be joining this year's event.

The show will include Super Junior-M, B.A.P, BTOB, Block B, A-JAX and A-Prince

DKFC2 will be held at SMART Araneta Coliseum on February 2nd at 7:00 PM. 

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Kpop Star G-Dragon Duets With Pop Idol Justin Bieber; Song May Drop Next Year (Video)

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, kpop star, g-dragon, justin bieber

Kpop star G-Dragon recently hosted pop idol Justin Bieber in the recording studio. G-Dragon told 2013 MAMA that Justin Bieber joined him on at least one track after performing for the first time in Korea. G-Dragon says his duet with Selena Gomez's ex-boyfriend might drop next year.

G-Dragon's real name is Kwon Ji Yong. The Kpop star debuted as the leader of the rap duo Big Bang. G-Dragon's debut solo album came out in 2009. It was called "Heartbreaker." Justin Bieber had a hit this summer called "Heartbreaker." Rumors swirled that it was about Selena Gomez.

At the press conference before the opening of 2013 MAMA in Hong Kong, reporters asked G-Dragon, "When Justin Bieber recently came to Korea, you performed at his concert together and afterwards, we are aware that you spent time together. It was nice to see the two of you spending time together but do you have any thoughts of holding a concert in the States or making a debut there with Justin Bieber?"

G-Dragon answered "I always have plans. Rather than a big project, at this time, I want to just do something in a way where it's more like artists that connect well meet and enjoy things together. That way it'd be more comfortable and allow a fun song to be made. If I were to tell you one thing, it'd be that Justin Bieber has already completed the recording. It's my turn now. You'll probably be able to meet [this song] next year."

Just last month, G-Dragon was a surprise guest in Justin Bieber's first Korean concert. In the middle of the Bieb's stop at the Olympic Park's gymnasium in Seoul, G-Dragon hit the stage for a surprise performance of his song "Crayon."

Earlier this year, G-Dragon collaborated with Grammy Award-winning musician Missy Elliott on the songs "Chugalug" and "NiLiria."

Kpop/Kdrama: New Idol Casting Is International

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Henry Lau, Choi Si Won, Chansung

Kpop/Kdrama: New Idol Casting Is International HenryKpop/Kdrama: New Idol Casting Is International Choi SiwonKpop/Kdrama: New Idol Casting Is International Chansung

Three kpop idols have snagged new acting roles, two of them in China.Super Junior M's Henry Lau and Choi Siwon and 2PM's Hwang Chansung cannow add some more credits to their resumes.

Henry Lau, the Taiwanese-Canadian singer and actor will appear in anew Chinese drama, "My Sweet City." It will be his first leading role.

According to SM Entertainment, his management agency, he will travelto China shortly after he finishes promotions for his latest single,"1-4-3 (I Love You)," which features f(x) singer Amber. That singlefollowed his solo debut with the song "Trap."

He won't have any problems getting around China during the threemonths required for filming, because besides speaking English andKorean, he's fluent in Mandarin and can speak some Cantonese.

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Guessing Game: Who Are These Babies Turned Kpop Female Idol?

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Guessing Game: Who Are These Babies Turned Kpop  Female Idol?

lee hi, park gyuri, krystal, yoona, lim

If you're a girl, you look up to female K-pop idols. Their outfits, their lives, their hair and makeup looks, their ability to be around K-pop male idols whenever they please. If you're a boy, your days consist of dating your favorite female idol and eventually marrying. You think hard about how you would approach them and what you could say to convince these beauties that indeed you are the one and you could promise these ladies everything and so much more! But before these gals were your heart's dream, they were just little cutie pies crawling around the earth making mayhem with their adorable faces. Let's play, "guess who I am!"

1) She was the runner-up in a popular singing competition show. Her voice is nothing to mess with. Her debut single consisted of a bunch of numbers. Her nick name is "Monster Rookie." Her fellow colleagues consist of CL, Gdragon, and Psy. Who did I grow up to be?

2)She isn't someone who is shy about her looks. She was a child actress. She is responsible with coming up with her group's name. In 2011, she debuted in her first musical. She was diagnosed with vocal chord nodules back a few years back. She co-hosted the 26th "Golden Disc Awards in Osaka." Who did I grow up to be?

3)She was born in San Francisco, California in 1994. She made a cameo in a Shinhwa music video when she was just a kid. She has an older famous sister. She competed on a SBS's skating reality show "Kim Yuna's KissCry." Who did I grow up to be?

4)She's arguably the most popular member in her girl group. She was discovered in an open casting audition and joined her agency in 2002. She trained for 7 years before debuting with her group. She made her acting debut in 2007 and was cast in a lead role alongside Jang Keun Suk in 2012. She looks small here, but she's now a long legged beauty. Who did I grow up to be?

5)She lived in Hong Kong for 14 years. She speaks Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She became the 5th member of a popular group who was well into their success. She's good friends with Miss A's Jia and Fei. She was born in 1992 in Seoul. Who did I grow up to be?

Guessing Game: Who Are These Babies Turned Kpop Male Idol?

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Guessing Game: Who Are These Babies Turned Kpop Male Idol?

TOP, seungri, minho, kim jeong hoon, yunho

Can you believe that, that grown, handsome, and chiseled man you listen to swoon you all day and dream about all night once used to be just a tiny tot bopping all over the place? Before they were huge K-pop idols, they were just little wittle toddlers playing with blocks, crying for their mommys, and sucking on their thumb. Today we're going to test your K-pop knowledge and see if you can figure out who these adorable rascals turned out to be!

1) He was a strong baby who turned into a strong idol singer. He once told a story that the president of his agency told him to speak less on variety shows. He is known for his dance skills over his vocal abilities. He was born in Gwangju in 1990. He was accepted into Chung-Ang University but soon dropped out to do scheduling conflicts. He opened several academies in Korea which provides singing and dancing training. Who did I grow up to be?

2) He was the leader of one of the biggest Korean groups ever to exist on this earth. He has a younger sister who could easily be his twin. He joined his company at the age 13 after winning a dance competition. He was in 1986 in Gwangju. He is most known for his smooth and skillful dance moves. He uses a stage name instead of his real full name. Aside from being a music artist, he is also a actor. He is fluent in Japanese. Who did I grow up to be?

3) He was an underground rapper. He's one of the most handsome idols around. He used to be an ex-chubster. He was born in 1987 in Seoul. He has appeared in several big named dramas and movies. His most well-known trait is his voice. He has an older sister. Who did I grow up to be?

4) Most of you will probably not know me. I was more well-known before your time though I still am acting in dramas. I was one-half part of a ballad duo and disbanded in 2005. Not only is he a talented artist, but he's also known for his IQ (146). I returned from the military in 2011. Who did I grow up to be?

5) I make up 1/5 of one of the biggest boy groups in K-pop. I was born in Incheon in 1991. Before becoming a singer, I had a short-lived modeling career. I've played the leading man in some girl groups' videos. I debuted as an actor alongside actress Han Ji Hye in 2010. Who did I grow up to be?

Kpop Invades Kdrama: Will There Soon Be An Idol In Every Drama?

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Kpop Invades Kdrama: Will There Soon Be An Idol In Every Drama? Idols in Kdrama In Last YearKpop Invades Kdrama: Will There Soon Be An Idol In Every Drama? Suzy BaeKpop Invades Kdrama: Will There Soon Be An Idol In Every Drama? Yong Jun Hyun of BeastKpop Invades Kdrama: Will There Soon Be An Idol In Every Drama? IUIn an article previously released, Kdramastars weighs in on the occurence of Kpop idols in KDrama.

If you want to make it as an actor in Korea these days, the best waymay be to succeed as a kpop idol first. So many new dramas feature boyband and girl group members that it seems like securing an idol may bepart of what's needed to get a drama produced.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Most idols are talented,some are even better actors than singers, and they do draw in a younger,more musically inclined viewing audience. That's good.

And to even things out, there are actors who became singers, like LeeMin Ho, Jang Keun Suk and Kim Bum. YoonA from Girls Generation actedbefore she debuted, as did Jr. and JB of JJ Project.

But just for fun, lets count up all the idols that appeared in dramas in the last year alone.

Chansung of 2PM starred as Gong Do Ha in "Level 7 Civil Servant,"group A Pink's Jung Eun Ji was Moon Hee Sun in "That Winter, The WindBlows," Kara's Han Seung Yeon plays Maid Choi in the drama "Jang OkJung" and JYJ's Park Yoo Chun was Han Jung Woo in "Missing You." "Reply1997" had Seo in Guk, Jung Eun Ji and Infinite's Hoya.

Miss A's Suzy Bae stars as Dam Yeo Wool in "Gu Family Book," IU playsthe lead role in "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" and Eugene, former SESmember, appears as Min Chae Won in "One Hundred Year's Inheritance."

In the latest round of dramas, Girls Generation's Sooyoung plays GongMin Young in "Dating Agency Cyrano" with a special guest appearance bySHINee's Lee Taemin, Beast's Yong Joon Hyung stars as an idol in"Monstar," 2AM's Im Seulong appears in "Heaven's Order," and Kara's ParkGyuri stars in "Nail Shop Paris." All of Kara have signed on to do atelevised series, "Secret Love 2013," which will feature an episode witheach of the singers. Wonder Girls' Park Ye Eun was cast in a newseries, "Basketball."

This list probably misses someone but there are a lot of idols inkdramas to count. One person that could be blamed for this trend issinger and now also actor Rain, who starred in the 16-episode 2004drama, "Full House." The show was very successful, earning ratings ashigh as 42 percent, and it set a precedent.

After that producers were eager to audition idols. They often saythey do not cast someone merely because he or she is an idol. They mustact well and work for the part. But being an idol can't hurt. What doyou think? Should every drama feature an idol? Should they getpreferential treatment? Does it matter if it's your favorite idol? Letus know.

Kpop Relationships: Real-life Idol Couples, 'They Really Dated Or Going Strong'

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Kpop Relationships: Real-life Idol Couples, 'They Really Dated Or Going Strong'

Byul, Haha, Park Han Byul, Se7en, junhun, Goo Hara, Shin Sekyung, Jonghyun

We just discussed the k-pop couples that were rumored to be dating, but now we're going to take a look at the idols who put all rumors to shame with the proclamation of their love. Though most of these couples are no longer together, we would like to take the time out to remember the times that were good and also honor those who are still going strong.

Though the two are no longer together, actress Shin Se Kyung and SHINEE's Jonghyun had a short relationship when the two found out they both took a liking to each other. The couple were snapped taking a casual date on the streets where you could see the lovebirds laughing and enjoying what little free time they had together. Shin Se Kyun had to shutdown her homepage, due to the massive amounts of hated comments she received from SHINEE fans. Whether it was the busy schedules or the constant Internet abuse, the two ended their relationship a couple of years back.

Kara's Goo Hara and B2ST's Junhyun began dating back in 2011. Though the two have broken up since, I give them credit just for braving the storm and announcing their relationship. The idols always had an older brother-young sister relationship, but when you're that close to someone, it usually always leads into a romantic one and that's exactly what happened between these two. Hopefully they still remain friends, and we can see them one day laughing next to each other on a game show.

Solo superstar Se7en and actress Park Han Byul have been since their senior year in high school. The two have been dating for more than 10 years and though the singer is still in the army, it looks like distance cannot keep these two apart. In a raw interview with Star News, Park Han Byul expressed her love for the singer and hopes to marry him by the turn she turns 30 years of age which is only two years away. Can you imagine being with someone for 10+ years and still being that happy? Congrats to the beautiful couple for defying gravity and sticking together through it all!

Hilarious comedian HaHA and singer Byul had been friends for a long time before they became lovers. The "Infinity Challenge" member always harbored a secret crush on the singer and finally popped the bubble when he confessed his love for the pretty singer. Both have nothing but high praises for each other and are truly deep in love. The two are now happily married with a baby on the way!