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Which kpop group draws most Japanese fans to their concerts in 2014?

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Which kpop group draws most Japanese fans to their concerts in 2014?

According to the recent survey of Nikkei, a Japanese monthly magazine, on TOP 50 artists with the most concert fans, Big Bang took the second spot with about 920,000 fans for 29 concerts in 2014, standing behind Japanese rock band EXILE TRIBE with 1.05 million fans and even beat Arashi at number 3.

Statistics showed that there were bout 32,000 fans came to each Big Bang concert. Member Daesung, who promoted in Japan under the name of D-Lite attracted about 170,000 fans to 15 concerts. If combining both Big Bang and Daesung"s promotions and concerts in Japan, Big Bang has drawn about 1.1 million fans, which is a really impressive figure.

Other Kpop artists made into the lists are TVXQ, EXO, Girls Generation and SHINee.

New female KPop girl group Taurine uploads MV of debut song "Wish List"

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New female KPop girl group Taurine uploads MV of debut song

A new KPop girl group Taurine released their debut song "Wish List."

"Wish List" is a song that has jazz sound and tackles about the food that the three girls of Taurine want to eat, but they can"t because they are preparing for their debut performance. The music video will surely make you feel hungry. The song is composed by Yoo Junsang and written by Taurine.

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Kpop Boy Group ZE:A Made A Pledge To Support Korean World Cup Team

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Kpop Boy Group ZE:A Made A Pledge To Support Korean World Cup Team

ZE:A showed their way to support the Korean World Cup team by giving a major pledge.

The group performed on KBS 2TV "Music Bank" their latest track "Breathe" on June 13th.

On the show, ZE:A showed interest in the World Cup since the show broadcast about "2014 Brazil World Cup Special" and it looks like ZE:A is an avid fan of the sport"s biggest tournament.

ZE:A members shared, "We watched Brazil and Croatia"s match this morning. All of us will start getting more and more tired from now on."

Tae Heon shared, "Korean World Cup team"s first match will take place on my birthday. We will have a huge party if Korean team wins the game, but we will just pass it quietly if they lose."

The MCs asked ZE:A members on how they plan to pledge their support for Korean siccer team and they"ve said "If Korean team makes it to the top 16, we will release a song that was not included in our new album."

They continued saying, "If Korean team makes it to the top 4, then, we will head to Brazil to cheer for them. We will also hold a performance in Brazil."

In other news, ZE:A fans can also grab a copy of the groups mini album titled "First Homme" that was released on June 2nd.

Make wave for the debuting KPop boy group BIGFLO

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Make wave for the debuting KPop boy group BIGFLO

Another newcomer in the KPop music scene will be soon debuting this mid-June.

Upcoming five member boy group of Ho Company, BIGFLO, is ready to give a fresh offering to the KPop music fanatics. As what their name suggests, they want to lead a huge flow in the music industry.

The group is headed by Jungkyun. He's also the main producer of the group and he can compose songs. Z-UK was a former member of B-Boy Crew. He makes the dance choreography. Yuseong is a model in China. Ron is also part of the group. Hightop is the maknae who is a well-known underground rapper.

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Kpop Girl Group A Pink Shared Why They Didn't Consider Having A Sexy Concept

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Kpop Girl Group A Pink Shared Why They Didn't Consider Having A Sexy Concept

(Photo : KBS) In the recent appearance of A Pink on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook", the group shared why they keep an innocent concept and not trying anything sexy like the rest of the girl groups.

Chorong shared "It"s been three years." While MC Yoo Hee Yeol gets the reason why the girls won"t do any sexy concept like any fan boys would like to see, the girls shared, "Usually, if you"ve promoted for this long, other girl groups start doing sexy concepts, but A Pink have consistently done the innocent concept though I am a bit sad about it. But since you"re a girl group, have you ever thought of doing a sexy concept?"

Chorong shared her opinion saying, "As a woman, it"s very good to hear that you"re sexy. But we have a member who is still not of age yet. Our maknae is still 19 years old. Our figures are not really suited for the sexy concept. As we age, we want to show a natural sexiness that comes as we get older. So we haven"t really thought about doing a sexy [concept]."

Its a good thing that the girls also considerate of each other specially they have a younger member, they"ve also wanted to stay sweet and not being pressured by other kpop girl groups concept. They want their fans to support them as they are.

What do you think about A Pink"s concept? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

2014 Girl Group Rankings: SISTAR Joins Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 at the Top

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2014 Girl Group Rankings: SISTAR Joins Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 at the Top Media outlet Sports Chosun recently released its “2014 Girl Group Ranking” on February 4. This follows after their ranking lists in 2012 and 2013, and is a reflection of industry representatives’ views of where girl groups stand in the competitive music industry.

The first tier is called the “Insurmountable Wall,” and consists of Girls’ Generation, SISTAR and 2NE1. Girls’ Generation has been in the top tier for three years running, enjoying large popularity in Korea as well as overseas, and is expected to make their comeback soon. Recent news that some of the group’s members are dating does not seem to have made a dent in their popularity.

Surmounting the insurmountable barrier is girl group SISTAR, which has risen quickly through the ranks with consecutive hits such as “Alone,” “Loving U” and “Gone, Not Around Any Longer.” It was “Give It to Me,” off their second album in 2013, which propelled them to the top tier. Music representatives deemed that their popularity put them shoulder to shoulder with Girls’ Generation, at least within Korea.

2NE1 released three new singles last year, “Falling in Love,” “Do You Love Me” and “Missing You,” and will embark on their second world tour in March, starting with their concert in Seoul. Industry insiders felt that 2NE1 should have promoted more actively last year to overcome Girls’ Generations’ popularity.

The second tier consists of girl groups with nationwide influence. Girl’s Day released “Expectation” last year, making a successful transformation into a sexy girl group. They solidified their new image with “Female President” and “Something,” which earned them number one on music programs and online music portals. They moved up two tiers on the ranking list, putting them in the same tier as f(x).

f(x) cemented their position in the second tier, after the release of “Rum Pum Pum Pum” in July 2013, which found more mainstream appeal than slightly more experimental tracks such as “NU ABO,” “Pinocchio” and “Electric Shock.”

The third and fourth tiers are the Socialite and Mania Level tiers respectively. Of notable mention is A Pink, a group which rose two tiers with their hit song “No No No.” While other girl groups have been quick to catch on to the sexy trend, A Pink has stuck to their innocent concept, and it has paid off for them. Other groups in the Socialite tier are miss A, 4Minute and Secret.

The Mania Level tier consists of Brown Eyed Girls, After School, Dal Shabet, Crayon Pop, Nine Muses and Kara. Nine Muses have been gaining popularity with tracks like “News,” and “Ticket” and their four releases in 2013, “Dolls,” “Wild,” “Gun” and “Glue” made sure they stayed in the public eye.

Crayon Pop, which was not even on the radar in 2013, made a splash last year with “Bar Bar Bar,” while Kara has taken a tumble on the rankings with the loss of Nicole and Kang Ji Young.

This is followed by popular groups in the “Popular Maginot Line” tier. T-ara and Wonder Girls have dropped two tiers, for various reasons. Wonder Girls’ leader Sunye gave birth to a baby girl in October 2013, while Sohee is no longer under JYP and will be pursuing her acting career.

T-ara had their own share of issues with the departure of Hwayoung and Ahreum, but found their way back with “No.9.” The other groups in this tier are Rainbow, AOA, Hello Venus and Ladies’ Code.

Finally, in the last tier is rookie girl group BESTie, which has been called “the second Sistar.” They debuted in 2013 with “Pitapat” and followed up quickly with “Love Options.”

What do you guys think of their rankings? What would you change?

K-Pop Crossover: Align Entertainment Group Announces Auditions for New Asian-American Female Pop Group; Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Kpop Star?

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K-Pop Crossover: Align Entertainment Group Announces Auditions for New Asian-American Female Pop Group; Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Kpop Star? (Photo : Audition Notice from Align Entertainment)

K-Pop Crossover: Do you have what it takes to be the next Kpop star? Are you a young Asian American woman? Are you between the ages of 15 and 22? Can you sing? Rap? Dance? Align Entertainment is looking for you.

Future Kpop stars should keep an eye out. Auditions are being posted online and in Los Angeles for the next big Asian American Girl Group.

Align Entertainment group is a world class management agency out of New York. They are teaming with top U.S. and Asian management agencies and TV network execs to create the a new Asian-American female pop group.

Align Entertainment Group manages David Foster, Andrea Bocelli, Charice; UNEW (Universal Network East West). They are teaming with Lisa Erspamer, who used to be the Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President of Programming and Development for OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network and Mister Rocks Music, a Los Angeles based music production company to develop a new Asian-American girl group. The new group will debut on network television in 2014.

According to a statement from Align Entertainment, "We are looking to find talented Asian-American singers and dancers for this amazing project. We have formed an incredible team from across the world to train and produce the next generation of female vocalists and dancers for the U.S and Asian markets. We specifically targeted a team that has worked both in the Asian and American markets, which includes music producer, Mister Rocks; K-Pop dance choreographer, Aimee Lee Lucas; and artist/vocal producer, Ann One."

If you can't make it to Los Angeles to audition in person, you can audition online through YouTube. Future Kpop stars should upload a video as unlisted, preface the video title with [ALIGN AUDITIONS] and e-mail the link to [email protected] Each video should only have one song or dance routine but performers can upload and send more than one video.

Kpop Female Group Chi Chi Disbands, Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with their Short Time in the K-pop Spotlight

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Chi Chi, Kim So Lee, Lee Ji Ah, Park Se Mi, Baek So Young, Lee Bo Reum, Yoon Hye Won, Son Jung Ae, and Lee Joon Ji

Kpop Female Group Chi Chi Disbands,Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with their Short Time in the K-pop Spotlight Chi Chi So as you all know, Kpop female group Chi Chi a.k.a. "Creative Electronic House Idols" has unfortunately disbanded.The group was comprised of Kim So Lee, Lee Ji Ah, Park Se Mi, Baek So Young, and Lee Bo Reum.

While everyone probably thought that the group will be a success, many were shocked and wondered why the group decided to disband. The group was really quiet and did not make any noise regarding their separation. People found out when they started tweeting and asking "what happened to Chi Chi", "How is the group doing", and etc.Finally, their agency came out to say that "they have disbanded."No one knows why the group did this and are now wondering what they are doing since their separation.Probably some of the members are going solo or joining other girl groups.These questions are still left unanswered and hopefully someone from the members start singing or acting again soon.

Kpop Female Group Chi Chi Disbands,Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with their Short Time in the K-pop Spotlight The whole group Chi Chi was supposed to be an eight-member group though went instead with seven who worked with entertainment label named "Trophy Entertainment."The ladies made their debut on March 18, 2011 and quickly got exposed and gained fans.They looked like they were going to last and be able to compete with the other female groups during that year, their singing career looked bright.

Problems Within the Group

Though the group was successful with their songs and looked great when they performed on-stage, behind closed doors, the ladies were having problems.You think that the girls are happy and smiling on-stage and all, though inside, they were probably not all happy.

The group had numerous changes with members leaving the group.The ladies who left the group were Yoon Hye Won, Son Jung Ae, and Lee Joon Ji. It is still uncertain why they left the group. Though I can tell you that the group were great in-which their supporters truly loved their music.Since the group as well as the agency could not find talented singers, they decided that it was best to disband.

Let's take a trip down memory lane as you watch all of the videos from the ladies. Their journey was sweet and short so let's enjoy their music.

Chi Chi "Don't Play Around

Chi Chi "Don't Play Around

Kpop Group BTOB Held "Hangout" with Press in Live Online Conference

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Kpop Group BTOB Held

BTOB, press conference, interview

Last September 13, the idol group BTOB had a virtual meeting with the media from five countries namely: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia. During the Google Hangout, BTOB revealed their plans for their upcoming fan meetings and also some of their broadcast appearances in the countries which their popularity as a group grows rapidly resulting for more and more support to their fan base.

The group really made a success on their recent release 'Thriller' and the press was very curious on how they come up with its concept.

BTOB currently have very hectic chedules in promoting their recently release track, show guesting and of course press conferences.

French 'KPop' group uploads 1st MV!

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French 'KPop' group uploads 1st MV! French new groupALIIFE, who is declared to be very influenced by KPop,uploaded the music video for their first ever single,'PeaceLove', on their official YouTube channel.

ALIIFE's members are Bkey, Sarah, Kyyron and Aphy.

What do you think? Did they achieve the KPop aura?

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