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Concert 15 Hot Girls' Generation p.c from Tencent KPop Concert

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Concert 15 Hot Girls' Generation p.c from Tencent KPop Concert

Girls" Generation display fanatics what it takes to transform one of the maximum up to date feminine teams in the history of KPop, take a glance at the girls in action below

Top 10 Absolutely slim KPop girls [Part 1]

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As you know, Kpop idols work really hard to maintain their figure.

We have selected 10 female idols with absolutely slim figure, have a look at the first part below:

4. Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung

Who else should be included in the list?

Girls’ Generation takes home the ‘Artist of the Year – January’ award from the ’3rd GAON Chart Kpop Awards’!

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Girls’ Generation takes home the ‘Artist of the Year – January’ award from the ’3rd GAON Chart Kpop Awards’! On February 12, Girls’ Generation took home the ‘Artist of the Year’ award for January from ‘The 3rd GAON Chart Kpop Awards‘!

The most popular girl group from SM Entertainment released ‘I Got a Boy‘ album, in January of 2013. In her accepted speech, leader Taeyeon said, “It was an album that we worked a long time on. We promoted and worked really hard with an excited heart, and it makes me happy we received a lot of love. Girls’ Generation’s album is out soon, so please look forward to it. We’ll make sure to get another award next year. Please give us lots of love!”

Maknae Seohyun also expressed, “It’s been over 7 years since we debuted, and I’m happy that we got to perform such good music for our sunbaes and hoobaes. Thank you.”

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation!

Girls' Generation Yuri and Oh Sang Jin to host 2013 Gaon Chart Kpop Awards

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Girls' Generation Yuri and Oh Sang Jin to host 2013 Gaon Chart Kpop Awards

It was revealed that Girls' Generation Yuri along with Oh Sang Jin will be the MCs for 2013 Gaon Chart Kpop Awards which will be hold on February 12th at Seoul Olympic Park's Gymnastics Stadium.

Gaon Chart Kpop Awards is an awards show which focus on the sales of songs and album. For this year many stars are nominated such as Cho Yong Pil, PSY, Girls' Generation, EXO, Sistar, San-E, IU, Davichi, Dynamic Duo, 4Minute, Miss A, SoyuMad Clown, Seo In Guk, Jia and etc.

You can find more info about the nominees through its official site.

KPop idols perform Girls' Generation's 'Way To Go'

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Members of various KPop groups team up to perform Girls' Generation's Way To Go.

SBS MTV The Show airs its special episode on 7th January. Members of female groups such as Hello Venus, Rainbow, BESTie, Wassup, AOA and Fiestar perform a special stage on the show.

Check out the special version of "Way To Go" below:

Top Kpop Group Girls Generation Sub-Unit TaeTiSeo, Gearing For Comeback?

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Top Kpop Group Girls Generation Sub-Unit TaeTiSeo, Gearing For Comeback?

taetiso, snsd, girl\\\'s generation, comeback

In a recent interview with MNET's Danny FromL.A., Tiffany of Girls Generation hinted at a comeback for TaeTiSeo. In the interview she states, "We have another album with the nine. And we have another album with the three."

Even before that, Tiffany had already mentioned in a photo shoot for First Look that there would be a comeback stage prepared for TaeTiSeo as well. So that is definitely something to consider.

Earlier last year, TaeTiSeo, a sub unit of three member from Girls Generation composed of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, was formed and marketed as glamorous goddesses that only ever wear silhouette robes and spray perfume on themselves in a very specific way. The sub unit turned out to be quite a hard hitting group with their first single "Twinkle". Followed by the promotion of their next release, "Baby Steps."

In that release, they were tested with their vocal skills and I think it is safe to say that the girls delivered exactly what was expected of them. After the release of their music video and their comeback stages, Girls Generation is set to hit their international tour some times in June of this year. Get your calendars ready and your heartbeats in check, ladies and gentlemen.

Kpop Girls Got Groove: Top Female Dancing Machines

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miss a, minzy, kahi, after school, snsd, hyoeon

Mastering the skill of dance is just as important as being a great rapper and singer in the K-pop industry. I dare you to name one idol who isn't a good dancer, I dare you, go ahead, try it. You couldn't come up with anyone, could you? While all are great in the land of pop and locks, there are a select few of female idols who were born with the gift of dance. Here are the ladies whose bodies move like water and possess the dancing skills to form a dancing army.

Miss A's Min blows my mind. I've been watching videos of this girl shaking her groove thang since four years back, and I just can't get enough of her talent. Before making her debut with Miss A, Min made up one half of a dance duo called "Little Winners," with Girls Generation member, Hyoyeon. The two of these together in one video will literally implode your mind. Check out a clip of them below:

Girls Generation's Hyoyeon is the group's best dancer and like Min, she's got the skills to compete against some of the best hip-hop dancers in the world. The 23-year-old learned hip-hop, jazz, and latin dance at a local hip-hop school in her neighborhood when she was just a young gal in elementary school. SHe attended a prestigious dancing school in Korea called Winners Dance School which specializes in different hip-hop dancing styles. She's worked with some of the top ranking choreographers in both America and Korea to hone in her skills. We usually get to see the young starlet get down and dirty during dancing solo breaks in some of the group's hit songs like, "Into the New World."

2NE1's Minzy is one of my favorite youngsters and dancers in K-pop. Known for her splits, and hip-hopping ways, Minzy is a dancing force to be reckon with. As a young girl, she competed in loads of dance competitions and was discovered by YG Entertainment when she uploaded a video of her dancing on the Internet. Where does Minzy get her talent from? Her grandmother, Gong Okjin, is a legendary folk dancer in Korea so I guess you can say that it was always in her genes to become one of the most talented movers in the entertainment industry.

After School graduate Park Kahi began dancing at the age of 16 when she fell in love with hip hop group Roo'ra. Unfortunately, due to her dismay, Kahi's father wasn't too keen on her becoming a performer and demanded her to go to school instead of pursing her dreams of becoming a dancer. Despite the setback, she began a career in dance at the age of 18 as a backup dancer. Her big break came in 2000 when the long-legged beauty was picked to be the lead dancer in DJ Doc's "Run To You," video. She has been a backup dancer for such artists like BoA, JinuSean, 1TYM, Eun Ji Won, and Country Kko Kko. Fortunately for her, the former After School leader's backup dancer days are over and she is now focusing on a solo career as a pop singing and dancing superstar.

When Girls Play Ball: Impressive to Embarassing Pitches By Kpop Idols

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Girls Generation, SNSD, Wonder Girls, miss A, Fei, Fx, Krystal, Yubin, Jessica, Tiffany

Popular girl group members are often invited to throw the ceremonial opening pitch at professional baseball games, a sport loved by many Koreans. In the past year, members from Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, f(x), and miss A were asked to throw the first pitch at games in Seoul and also overseas.

The invitation to throw the opening pitch more than often coincides with the promotion of a new song or comeback by the girl group, and signifies that the idol has achieved an admirable level of popularity.

The pitching girl group member is usually led to the center of the baseball field by a giant, energetic mascot, while she smiles and waves cheerfully at the audience. She is also expected to bow to the audience who are sitting at different sides and then to throw a ceremonial pitch to the catcher that will be caught on camera for millions to see.

One of the most impressive opening pitches made by girl group members in Seoul was the throw made by miss A's Fei on April 30 at Seoul Jamsil Baseball Stadium this year. At the game between Doosan Bears and KIA Tigers, Fei showed off a great stance and beautiful pitching form as she threw the ball straight towards the catcher.

At this, even the announcer for the broadcast praised her successful throw by saying that idols nowadays are becoming more athletic than ever. At the time she pitched for the Doosan Bears, she had started individual activities apart from miss A. Now, she has not only proven her athletic abilities but also showcased her dancing skills on "Dancing With the Stars 3" and her cooking skills in "Master Chef Korea Celebrity."

Also throwing for the Doosan Bears, f(x)'s Krystal made an impressive pitch as well when she attended the game between Doosan Bears and Nexen Heroes on June 19 of last year. Known as an "athletic idol," she demonstrated her flexibility and athletic ability by making a swift throw, causing numerous Korean news reports at the time to report on how impressive her throw was.

After she showcased her athletic skills in the ice-skating reality competition "KissCry" by SBS, she was invited to make the pitch during her promotional period with f(x) for their comeback song "Electric Shock." Upon seeing her amazing pitch, netizens praised her stance and pitching and compared Krystal to her older sister, Girls' Generation's Jessica.

Yubin, rapper of Wonder Girls, was also invited to make the first pitch for the Doosan Bears at the May 27 game against Lotte Giants last year. Her confidence in throwing the ball with full force was praised, and the catcher successfully caught her perfect throw.

Although Fei, Krystal, and Yubin were able to showcase their athletic ability through the ceremonial pitches, other girl group members were thoroughly embarrassed as they made less-than-perfect throws.

One of the more embarrassing throws was made by Girls' Generation's Tiffany just a few weeks ago at the game between Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks on May 6. It was a special moment for Tiffany since she grew up in Diamond Bar, California. Joining top celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, Harrison Ford, and Matthew McConaughey who also threw opening pitches at the stadium, Tiffany was the first k-pop idol star to throw a pitch at the Los Angeles stadium.

Hyun-Jin Ryu, who was a Korean pitcher for the team, was the catcher for Tiffany's opening pitch. Unfortunately, Tiffany's pitch was less than ideal. The ball went out of the strike zone, but netizens comforted her by saying that it was "still adorable." Tiffany's embarrassing throw was reported on Fox Sports Arizona, which called Tiffany's pitch "maybe the worst first pitch you've ever seen."

However, despite not having made a great throw, Tiffany was still not the worst, according to netizens. The most infamous and epic worst first pitch was none other than the one made by fellow Girls' Generation member, Jessica in May of last year. Pitching for the LG Twins, Jessica tried hard to throw the ball successfully, but the ball ended up planting straight into the ground and never made it to the catcher. Jessica and audience alike were quite pleasantly surprised, as she let out an embarrassed laugh afterwards.

While throwing an opening pitch can be a great opportunity for popular girl group members to showcase their talent in athletics, it may not be so much of a good idea for idols who are not quite as athletic. Well, the good news is, the adorable throws by Tiffany and Jessica will most likely live forever in internet infamy!

[SBS KPOP Super Concert] Girls Generation Arrives in LAX For SBS Kpop Super Concert

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[SBS KPOP Super Concert] Girls Generation Arrives in LAX For SBS Kpop Super Concert

Girls Generation, SNSD, Super Concert, SBS, Tiffany, Seohyun, Yuri, Sooyoung

In preparation for concert for SBS K-Pop Super Concertin Irvine, California, Girls' Generationarrived in the early afternoon the day prior to the concert.

Fans were waiting at the airport to greet the ladies and welcome them to the Golden State.The fans brought gifts and represented the various fan clubs based in the USA.

KpopStarz was able to capture Tiffany, Seohyun, Yuriand Sooyoungstill looking fabulous upon landing in Los Angeles International Airport.

Girls' Generation is one of the seven K-Pop groups to perform at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre for the SBS K-Pop Super Concert.The other artists are CNBLUE, 2NE1, BEAST, KARA, SISTARand 4minute.

Tiffany of Girls' Generation is also reported to be co-emceeing with CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwaand BEAST's Lee Gikwang.

Photo Credits: Mark Francis Photography

Girls’ Generation, EXO, Infinite, Tasty, U-Kiss and Tahiti to Perform At “Dream KPop Fantasy Concert”

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Girls Generation, SNSD, EXO, INFINITE, TAHITI, Tasty

Girls’ Generation, EXO, Infinite, Tasty, U-Kiss and Tahiti to Perform At “Dream KPop Fantasy Concert” Dream KPop Fanstasy Concert Seating Chart

On January 19th, 2013 many K-Pop fans in the Philippines will be able to see some of their favorite idols at the "Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert". The concert will be held in the SM Mall of Asia in Manila.

Many artists including Girls' Generation, EXO, Infinite, Tasty, U-Kiss and Tahiti are set to perform at the "Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert". This concert will be the first time many of the artists are in the Philippines for the first time.

Tickets will go on sale October 15th and will be able to be purchased via SM Tickets, TicketWorld and TicketNet. The SM Megamall Event Center will be holding a ticket pre-sale on October 14th from 1pm to 5pm PHT.

At the concert there will be different seating areas ranging from Super VIP to Bronze. VIP Standing and VIP Diamond tickets will cost, 11, 370 PHP ($274.50), VIP Platinum tickets will cost 9,310 PHP ($224.77), Gold tickets will cost 6,210 PHP ($149.93), Silver tickets will cost 3,110 PHP ($75.08) and Bronze tickets will cost 1,040 PHP ($25.11).

More information can be found on the official website for the concert.