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New female KPop girl group Taurine uploads MV of debut song "Wish List"

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New female KPop girl group Taurine uploads MV of debut song

A new KPop girl group Taurine released their debut song "Wish List."

"Wish List" is a song that has jazz sound and tackles about the food that the three girls of Taurine want to eat, but they can"t because they are preparing for their debut performance. The music video will surely make you feel hungry. The song is composed by Yoo Junsang and written by Taurine.

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Kpop Girl Group A Pink Shared Why They Didn't Consider Having A Sexy Concept

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Kpop Girl Group A Pink Shared Why They Didn't Consider Having A Sexy Concept

(Photo : KBS) In the recent appearance of A Pink on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook", the group shared why they keep an innocent concept and not trying anything sexy like the rest of the girl groups.

Chorong shared "It"s been three years." While MC Yoo Hee Yeol gets the reason why the girls won"t do any sexy concept like any fan boys would like to see, the girls shared, "Usually, if you"ve promoted for this long, other girl groups start doing sexy concepts, but A Pink have consistently done the innocent concept though I am a bit sad about it. But since you"re a girl group, have you ever thought of doing a sexy concept?"

Chorong shared her opinion saying, "As a woman, it"s very good to hear that you"re sexy. But we have a member who is still not of age yet. Our maknae is still 19 years old. Our figures are not really suited for the sexy concept. As we age, we want to show a natural sexiness that comes as we get older. So we haven"t really thought about doing a sexy [concept]."

Its a good thing that the girls also considerate of each other specially they have a younger member, they"ve also wanted to stay sweet and not being pressured by other kpop girl groups concept. They want their fans to support them as they are.

What do you think about A Pink"s concept? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

K-Pop Girl Group Fandom Ranking: Girls’ Generation, A Pink, Wonder Girls, and More

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K-Pop Girl Group Fandom Ranking: Girls’ Generation, A Pink, Wonder Girls, and More Media outlet MBN TV has recently released the rankings of second-generation girl groups by fandom size according to the numbers shown on their respective fan cafes.

As of April 24, 2014, the rankings are as follows:

1. Girls’ Generation (2007) – 245,447

3. Wonder Girls (2007) – 80,579

8. Brown Eyed Girls (2006) – 37,596

15. After School (2009) – 19,397

17. Crayon Pop (2012) – 10,603

Coming in at number 1 is the unrivaled Girls’ Generation. Making it past the average five year lifespan of most girl groups, Girls’ Generation has taken charge of the top spot. Of all the girl groups that debuted in 2007, Girls’ Generation is actually the only group with every single one of its original members remaining. With a total of 245,447 fans in their fan cafe, they are able to stand their ground against boy groups. Their fandom power is evident through the first place wins on music programs, not only for their latest “Mr.Mr.” album, but their previous albums as well.

The difference between number one and two is staggering, with almost triple the amount of fans in Girls’ Generation compared to A Pink (86,596). And compared to Crayon Pop in 17th place, their fan size is 20 times larger.

Also worth mentioning is Crayon Pop at number 17. Considering their status as a rookie group compared to their seniors, Crayon Pop has climbed up a long way. After making a hit with “Bar Bar Bar,” the size of their fan group has grown. Their fans are known for turning heads with their loud fan chants, synchronized choreography, and matching costumes in support of the group. 

Sports Chosun reveal their '2014 Girl Group Ranking'

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Sports Chosun reveal their '2014 Girl Group Ranking'

After releasing their "2013 Girl Group Ranking" last year, Sports Chosun is back with their "2014 Girl Group Ranking". The media outlet talked to various representatives in the singing world to get their assessment of girl groups so far in 2014 to reveal what they believe is the current hierarchy of female idol groups.

Top Tier Unsurprisingly, the first tier, labeled "Impossible to Surpass, 4th Level Wall" (aka the "insurmountable wall") has Girls" Generation and 2NE1 comfortably within the layer. This is undoubtedly the highest level of achievement for any girl group, and impressively enough, Sports Chosun and various reps decided that SISTAR has managed to enter this level through their widely successful hit "Give It To Me". All their songs have been majorly popular, but this one especially was able to break them through to move one step up from the previous level, "Nationwide," which probably suggests nationwide popularity.

Girls" Generation managed to keep their position with ease for 3 years straight, but on the case of 2NE1, Sports Chosun says the various music insiders were conflicted on whether to keep them there. Although 2NE1 released several songs last year and led active promotions overseas as well, insiders seem to feel slightly conflicted because of high expectations for them. The reps say because the girls are 2NE1, they should have done more to surpass Girls" Generation"s popularity.

f(x) moved up half a step thanks to "Rum Pum Pum" promotions, while Girl"s Day moved up an impressive two full steps to get into this zone with their successful image change starting from "Expectation".

Following is the third layer, "Social Kingdom," which is slightly more populated. A newcomer in this tier is A Pink, which moved up two full steps with the help of their mega-hit "No No No". Miss A, SECRET, and 4minute also clinched their spots in this tier.

Other trending girl groups comfortably take their spot in the fourth level, or "Mania Level". Crayon Pop, which wasn"t even on the list in the previous years, has made their entrance into the chart on this level, thanks to their massive success with "Bar Bar Bar". Nine Muses has also moved up into this group, showcasing their growing potential. Meanwhile, it appears KARA had fallen three steps to land in this level. Reps speculated that with the loss of both Nicole and Jiyoung, KARA has started to lose some of its spark. Brown Eyed Girls, After School, and Dal Shabet are also comfortably positioned in this tier as well.

Six girl groups are in the second to last layer called "Maginot Line". Two of these girl groups is the newcomer Ladies" Code as well as AOA and Hello Venus, both of who were in the tier below last year. Others include the veteran idol group Wonder Girls and T-ara, both of which fell down two steps. Rainbow also kept their position in this tier.

Last but not least, Bestie set themselves apart from all the other newly debuted girl groups as they landed in the last level as "Potential Candidates".

Do you agree with the ranking? If it were up to you, how would you rank the current girl groups?

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Girl Kpop Group Wassup Releases Short MV Teaser

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Wassuphas been the talk of the town because of their sexy, derpy moves. Ever heard of Twerking? This is what Wassup group

showcases their moves, it is very different from any girl groups. Twerking is a dance move that involves shaking the upper hips and

lower hips in an up and down bouncing motion, causing them to shake, 'wobble' and 'jiggle. In other words it is a dance in a more

sexually but fashionable way of twisting the hips.

Many have been intrigue on what kind of music does Wassup can offer? What they sound like? Does their group will stay on twerky-dols or they can offer a different dance moves in the future?.

Luckily, the wait is over, a music video teaser was been release with the girl'ssingle, "Wassup".

To make it more fun and catchy it was filmed in a basketball court, were the girl's wore a bright streetwear to show off their hardship

in training. Their video teaser features how they were synchronized on their moves of twerking. To top all, one of the best sexy

moves I've ever seen. The song sounds is a pop tuned upbeat.

The group also worked on the release of their cover for the album. It was with a touch of red sexy jersey.

Wassup are set to make their debut performance on August 7th held in MBC's Show! Music Champion.

So what do you think on Wassup first music video teaser? Would you enjoy their song?

Kpop Girl Group Sunny Hill Reveal Their Individuality

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Kpop Girl Group Sunny Hill Reveal Their Individuality Kpop girl group Sunny Hill open up their ordinary looks. Last June 28th, Sunny Hill have theircomeback performance with a new mini album entitled ' Young Folks' performing on KBS2TV 'Music Bank'.

One of the interesting facts about Sunny Hill is that they were the 4th oldest singer who performed on that stage next to Lee Hyo Ri, Skull, HaHa and Ivy giving the members comment saying "We've never thought about this kind of situation".

They also stated "We've never thought about our ages before many seniors approached us first and we also try to approach younger musicians first".

They continued by saying confidently " We do not look as old because we look so young" which made audiences laugh. Sunny Hill also revealed that all of them are clumsy stating "Our looks in our new music video are quite similar to our personalities". They also shared how they've helped each other out in times of trouble and some mistakes.

Sunny Hill released their new mini album 'Young Folks' last June 19th and are continuing to promote "Darling of all Hearts".

Kpop Girl Group Crayon Pop Sets To Comeback, MV Released

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Kpop Girl Group Crayon Pop Sets To Comeback, MV Released Crayon Pop debuted in 2012. Originally, their group was supposed to be named Hurricane Pop but they've decided to go for Crayon Pop which is catchy to all netizens.Like crayons, this group give full colors to their albums and with their charms surely captivates fans. Crayon Pop is managed by Chrome Entertainment. Their members include Gum Mi, Ellin, Way, Cho A and So Yul.

Now, the group is set to have their comeback by releasing a new music video entitled 'Bar Bar Bar'. It's an upbeat pop track which listeners will surely love.

The music video starts off with guys bullying a girl and later confronted by the girls as a group and chase them up to the metro. Although the ending of the video is abrupt, netizen expects another installment for a second video to showcase the choreography of Crayon Pop. Surely, It will be a great success if the music video gives a new level of entertainment similar to their Kpop girl group peers.

Watch their music video here:

Kpop Girl Group Chocolat Releases Teaser For Comeback Single 'Black Tinkerbell'

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Kpop Girl Group Chocolat Releases Teaser For Comeback Single 'Black Tinkerbell'

Chocolat knows how to give a sweet Kpop performance, just like their group name, sweet as chocolate. Like chocolate they are also quite addicting. Chocolat is composed of 4 members namely: Min Soa which is the leader of the group, Julianne for vocals, Tia also in vocals and Melania, the group's maknae/youngest member and also main dancer.

Chocolat grabbed attention when they were chosen to model for NBA Korea. The group is now set for a comeback with the release of their single "Black Tinkerbell", a sneak peek of their music video was uploaded in their official YouTube Channel.

It's been a year since Chocolat came out with their 2nd single, One More Day. A representative from Chocolat's management agency stated that the group really worked hard for this comeback, with ambition to show their potential and changes as a group. Some mature images were shown to prove that they are no longer a rookie group. Chocolat worked for their album for about 6 months.

Also as a hint, "Black Tinkerbell" is said to have an electronic ance effect which will make the group appear more mature and sexy. The full music video will be released on June 11th.

KPOP Girl Group RaNia Chosen As Endorsers of Water Park 'Woongjin Playdoci'

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KPOP Girl Group RaNia Chosen As Endorsers of Water Park 'Woongjin Playdoci' Photos Credit: DR Music Girl group RaNia has been chosen to be the new models for water park, Woongjin Playdoci.

It was revealed that the two days shooting for the CF took place last month. Dressed in colourful bikinis, the CF was set to show off RaNia's healthy and youthful image.

On why they are chosen to be Woongjin Playdoci 's new models, representatives commented "RaNia is known to be sexy beautieswith various charms."

The CF is expected to be telecast on various broadcasting programs this summer.

RaNia is scheduled to leave for US to prepare for their US debut after completing their domestic activities. They will stay in US for about three months to filma reality program for MTV.

Kpop Girl Group EXID Junghwa's Outfits: Too Revealing For A Minor?

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Kpop Girl Group EXID Junghwa's Outfits: Too Revealing For A Minor? Most members of rookie Kpop groups are minors and still need their parents' consent regarding their career decisions. Netizens raised some eyebrows when they recently saw pictures of EXIDmember Jung Hwa.

Online forums were stunned about how pictures of a 17 year old Jung Hwa feature her with unsuitable outfits at her minor age. Online netizens questioned the photos and asked EXID's CEO how these kind of appearances were permitted considering Jung Hwa's age.

Jung Hwa's photos were taken during her turn to perform their song "Every Night" which took place October of last year.As seen in the photos, she was wearing a pair of very short shorts with red tanks and in another outfit she wore a white see-through top which is inappropriate.

Jung Hwa was born in the year 1995 and she is now 18 years of age which is still considered as minor. Although, some netizens complimented Jung Hwa's outfit that she was voluptous and very attractive in a young age, most netizens agreed that it was too revealing for her age.

EXID is still a rookie in the music industry. They debuted in February 2012 with their first single entitled "Holla".