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Red Velvet move Dumb Dumb at Incheon Kpop Concert

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Red Velvet move Dumb Dumb at Incheon Kpop Concert

Red Velvet move Dumb Dumb at their contemporary functionality at Incheon, take a glance at their performance below

Hot Pics nine Shocking pics of Girl's Day at KPop tremendous Concert

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Hot Pics nine Shocking pics of Girl's Day at KPop tremendous Concert

Girl"s Day carry out at the Kpop Great Concert, take a glance at some footage of the women at the concert below

Concert 15 Hot Girls' Generation p.c from Tencent KPop Concert

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Concert 15 Hot Girls' Generation p.c from Tencent KPop Concert

Girls" Generation display fanatics what it takes to transform one of the maximum up to date feminine teams in the history of KPop, take a glance at the girls in action below

PH readies for SJ, SNSD, Red Velvet & BTOB at "Best of Best KPOP concert"

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PH readies for SJ, SNSD, Red Velvet & BTOB at

KPOP fans in the Philippines are getting this huge show with performances from the trendiest and big groups such as Super Junior, Girls Generation, BTOB and the rookies Red Velvet.

"Best of Best in the Philippines" is deserving of its title by bringing only the best kpop groups for a night packed with performances on April 12 at Philippine Arena, the Guinness World Records" largest mixed-use indoor theater.

The show starts at 7PM and rest assured you"ll be treated with only the best and special performances from your favorite groups until the end. So for those who haven"t gotten their tickets yet, you still have chance to get one and join the hype to be one of the audience in this biggest KPOP concert this year.

For more details including ticket prices, ongoing promos and more, please refer to this link

You wouldn"t want to miss this big KPOP concert, would you?

"Best of Best KPOP Manila Concert" reveals special guest!

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On February 27th, the special guest in the "Best of Best KPOP Concert" in Manila on April 12 was revealed in a post on the official Facebook of the event.

Sharing the stage withSuper Junior,소녀시대(Girls" Generation), and 레드벨벳 (Red Velvet)isBTOB: Born TO Beat.

Post by Best of Best KPOP Concert PH.

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Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 unveils idol lineup!

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Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 unveils idol lineup!

Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert 2 revealed the line up of KPop idols who will be joining this year's event.

The show will include Super Junior-M, B.A.P, BTOB, Block B, A-JAX and A-Prince

DKFC2 will be held at SMART Araneta Coliseum on February 2nd at 7:00 PM. 

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SHINee, EXO-K, Dal Shabet To Headline 'KPOP Republic' Concert In Manila Next Month

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EXO-K, SHINee, Dal Shabet

SHINee, EXO-K, Dal Shabet To Headline 'KPOP Republic' Concert In Manila Next Month KPOP Republic concert in Manila, Philippines September 7 SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet are gearing up to hit the stage in the Philippines next month as part of the lineup for the KPOP Republic concert.

The September 7 event will be held at the Araneta Coliseum in the capital city Manila and is being billed as an 'Epic KPOP Show.'

According to concert promoters Manila Concert Scene, KPOP Republic will mark the first time in five years that SHINee has performed in the Philippines.Additionally, the show will be the first time Dal Shabet has ever hit the stage in Manila.

Dal Shabet's agency, Happyface Entertainment further stated that the girl group will be performing a total of five songs, all of which will be their title tracks and successful hit singles as this will be their first appearance in the city.

SM Entertainment has stated that the set list and number of songs to be performed by both SHINee and EXO-K have yet to be decided since the show is still several weeks away.

Furthermore, while SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet are the headliners for the KPOP Republic concert, Manila Concert Scene says more surprise guests will be added to the lineup as the show's date draws nearer.

CUBE Artists G.NA, 4minute, BEAST Lived It Up in AIA Kpop Concert In Malaysia

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On June 27th, the crowd in Putra Indoor Stadium in Malaysia was a witness to a very happening concert headlined by three artists from CUBE, namely G.Na, 4Minute and also BEAST. Being the first ever concert sponsored by a life insurer in Malaysia, the AIA Kpop Concert took the theme 'Be Real. Love it. Live it' and presented a concert that is most likely won't be forgotten anytime soon by Malaysian Kpop fans.

The only solo artist in the concert that night, G.Na, opened the show with Supa Solo, taken from her first album. Decked in black outfits with glittery details, she also performed her hit songs 2HOT, BANANA, First Kiss, Top Girl and also Black and White, which mesmerized fans. When she performed I'll Live So You Live Better, Junhyung from BEAST, who was one of the other featured artists in the concert, joined her on the stage to perform together. Other than her own songs, G.Na also sang Take A Bow and Rude Boy, made popular by Rihanna.

CUBE Artists G.NA, 4minute, BEAST Lived It Up in AIA Kpop Concert In Malaysia The next group to take the stage, 4Minute, opened their performance with their latest hit songs, What's Your Name and also Mirror Mirror. The members, Hyuna, Jiyoon, Jihyun, Gayoon and Sohyun, greeted the Malaysian fans and mentioned how there are much more fans in Malaysia compared to the previous AIA Kpop Concert in Hong Kong in January 2013. With their newest song about to be released on 28th June, the girls teased their fans by giving them a taste of what they can get from It's Poppin' and sang a few lines of the song.

Fans got to see how versatile the girls from 4Minute were when they performed their hit songs such as I'm OK, HUH, Muzik and also they showed off their powerful vocal in ballad song, Pretend. Before ending their performance, the girls said that they were grateful of the fans' support and they hoped to come to Malaysia again! They went on to perform Heart to Heart and Hot Issue, as the crowd got more hyper and sang along with them.

The final act of the night was BEAST, made up of six members, Yoseob, Dongwoon, Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung and Kikwang. They opened their performance by performing Beautiful Night and Bad Girl, which made the crowd even wilder. They greeted their fans and said that it has been a long time since their last visit, so their Malaysian fans must have missed them a lot. BEAST also added that they hope that they would be able to come to Malaysia for their Beautiful Show concert tour.

The next song they performed was Shock, Special and Fiction, which made the crowd dance and jumped along with the members as they got the crowd going. After all the excitement, BEAST cooled down the almost electric atmosphere with their beautiful ballad, Rainy Days and I Knew It, their beautiful voices reaching out to fans' hearts. As a special gift to their Malaysian fans, the group also performed their newest song 'Will You Be Alright?', written by member Junhyung, for the first time ever.

BEAST closed the show with their performance of Freeze, Beautiful and also an encore performance of V.I.U. During the encore, the boys were running around the stage and tried to be as close to the fans as possible by reaching out to them. Yoseob even went down the stage and shook hands with some very lucky fans. Leader, Doojoon, made the crowd went even wilder when he voluntareed himself to get 'showered' with water by other members.

That night was definitely the night where Malaysian Kpop fans were truly living it up, as per the theme of the concert. What a night to be remembered, indeed!

Writer: Aisyah Roslan, Photographer: Nik Fatimah, Ain Osman | Special thanks: AIA for media opportunities

SNSD, Infinite, U-KISS, Exo, Tasty, Tahiti Head to Manila for ‘Dream KPop Fantasy Concert’

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In two days, a slew of idols will descend upon Manila for a Kpop concert.

On January 19 at Manila’s Mall of Asia, SNSD, Infinite, U-KISS, Exo, Tasty and Tahiti will perform at the Dream KPop Fantasy Concert.

The concert’s seating will be divided into six sections but currently only tickets for the VIP Diamond section remain.

For Tahiti, the upcoming concert will be the group’s first overseas activity, marking a major achievement for the group.

The Dream KPop Fantasy Concert promoters are promising it will be a big night for K-Pop lovers and fans in Manila.

You can watch the promo for the concert below while visiting the homepage here

Photo Credit: Dream KPop Fantasy Concert homepage

'KPOP Heart Concert' Postponed Due to Unforeseen Circumstances, 'Disappointed Fans'

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'KPOP Heart Concert' Postponed Due to Unforeseen Circumstances, 'Disappointed Fans'

AUS2ONE Entertainment released a statement regarding the postponement of the 'KPOP Heart Concert' that was originally supposed to be held on February 16.

Although they tried to have it on that day, many issues kept occurring that made it harder to hold the concert.

They are asking for everyone's patience as they figure out a way to continue the concert.

They also apologize to all the fans for not being able to go through with the concert on the original date.

They will be posting updates and announcements soon.

To contact them, you can email them at: [email protected]

They also left a Facebook message for followers to be up to date on the postponement.

The fans reaction to the postponement was explosive online.

Many were extremely disappointed with the announcement as they had been waiting to see their favorite artists.

Internet users commented, "What are these 'unforeseen circumstances'?" and "There are going to be so many disappointed fans with this announcement."