Choi Yeo Jin Talks Beauty Secrets And Extreme Sports In Cosmopolitan

Choi Yeo Jin Talks Beauty Secrets And Extreme Sports In Cosmopolitan

The Lover actress Choi Yeo Jin was strong and beautiful in the November issue of Cosmopolitan. The beauty went on a picnic, posed with a motorcycle, took two dogs for a walk and modeled exercise gear in a versatile photoshoot.

During the interview, the star talked about how she keeps her skin clear and healthy. She credited eating fruits and vegetables with a lot of antioxidants and avoiding fast food. She also has a daily skincare practice and advised readers to change a small part of their routine everyday to encourage more exercise.

She stated, "Riding your bike instead of taking your car, using the stairs instead of the elevator, are simple ways of staying healthy, while helping the planet."

She also talked about her love for extreme sports.

"I like to challenge myself with new things. Even if it requires a lot of my body. Yoga, Pilates, pole dancing, indoor sports, as well as hiking, golf, water skiing and other outdoor sports. In particular, extreme sports! I want to challenge myself with a biking sport. It feels like something dangerous and thrilling."

During her sport activities, she keeps her skin hydrated with Kiel"s Daily Reviving Concentrate. The concentrate contains antioxidants and naturally-derived oils that help keep the skin fresh and provide protection from the sun"s rays. A 1.0 oz. bottle can be yours HERE and the product can be seen below in greater detail.

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T-aras Qri<b>Finds </b>Members<b>Beauty </b>Secrets

T-aras QriFinds MembersBeauty Secrets

--> T-ara has thrown its hat into the woman group fight with new mini album So Good, and member Qricurrently took to the pages of bnt to speak about the group′s comeback.

During the accompanying interview, Qri published that the membersconcerned about taking care in their bodies whilst on excursion in China, even sharing a couple of beauty tips.

T-ara′s QribFinds /bMembers′ Beauty Secrets

Qri shared that Bo Ram lost the maximum weight because the group′s debut pronouncing "Bo Ram is the representativeluck story in terms of diets. She weighed so much before our debut, yet she′s lostwith regards to 10 kg. She saw good effects from self massages."

She also spilled on Hyo Min′s beaty secret, pronouncing "When we endorse overseas, Iproportion a room with Hyo Min, and she at all times sleeps withdrive stockings onto attenuate swelling. She also sleeps with her legs raised on a pillow, which is helping createa lovely silhouette."

Meanwhile, Qri′s spread functions boyish, yetdifficult looks from brands like taste Nanda, LeShop, Lemite and Akiii Classic.

Photo credit: bnt


Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In Reveals Her Makeup Secrets on “Beauty Bible 2015″

Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In Reveals Her Makeup Secrets on “Beauty Bible 2015″

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In transformed into a makeup artist and revealed her makeup secrets for her eyes and lips.

On April 14, Ga In appeared on KBS Ws Beauty Bible 2015 and revealed her secrets to her eye and lip makeupthe so-called 45-degrees angle makeupas she personally put makeup on a model.

Ga In reveals that her first secret weapon is her pencil eyeliner. She says, Im not that great at doing makeup so I need to use an eyeliner or eyeliner brush that is easy for everyone else to use.

Another highlight to Ga Ins signature sexy look is shading, she says. She promises an instantly sexier look with shading and contouring of the nose, which makes the bridge more prominent.

In order to achieve her Apple Lips like in her recent music video, she draws a 45-degree angled peak on the cupids bow and recommends putting on a tattoo lip tint, which she says did not budge even after 10 hours of dancing and singing on stage.

Before starting the makeup on her model in front of her, Ga In confesses to not being very skilled in makeup, but by the time she finishes, the MCs, Kwanghee of Z:EA and Kang Seung Hyun, are ready to shower Ga In with compliments in making the model look very much like herself.

Beauty Bible 2015 is a beauty show where special guests give their personal beauty tips and tricks.

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Shows Fans How She Puts On Eye Makeup



[Get It Beauty] Never-Before-Heard Beauty Secrets That Perfect You

[Get It Beauty] Never-Before-Heard Beauty Secrets That Perfect You

[Get It Beauty] Never-Before-Heard Beauty Secrets That Perfect You

“Get It Beauty” is back with a new season and new hosts! Our male host, Hwang Min Young, remains from last season, but now Lee Ha Nui, Kim Jung Min, and Sistar’s Soyou have joined the show! Let’s look forward to this season’s new ideas and fresh perspectives!

We always talk about beauty during the day, but what about what can take place overnight? This episode takes the chance to focus on what can be done for night care.

Host Tips

[Get It Beauty] Never-Before-Heard Beauty Secrets That Perfect You

Kim Jung Min: She has found that using natural gauze for gentle scrubbing with a cleanser has made the need to do deep cleansing for dead skin and sebum unnecessary. The gauze is good for getting into the crevices of your face and the organic material is gentle on the skin! It’s even available in small disposable sheets!

[Get It Beauty] Never-Before-Heard Beauty Secrets That Perfect You

Soyou: Having tried everything from cheap to expensive for cleansing her sensitive skin, Soyou has settled on using beauty salt as a fine scrub. This is good for anti-inflammation and anti-toxin. Brown sugar is also great to use and is good for hydration.

CAUTION: Avoid using coarse salt or table salt because it is very harsh on the face. In addition, always test something on a small part of your face to see how your skin with react.

[Get It Beauty] Never-Before-Heard Beauty Secrets That Perfect You

Lee Ha Nui: Have annoying blackheads that won’t disappear? Lee Ha Nui uses nose packs and black cotton swabs to fight them! The nose pack is a two-step set. The first pack removes dead skin and sebum while the second pack is for hydration and pore tightening. With the black cotton swabs, she rolls them over her nose and they seem to just suck up the blackheads! She also uses a special serum that contains collagen strings and creates a lifting effect when put on overnight.


It’s a fairly well-known fact that it’s not the best for your body to eat right before bed. In fact, you should avoid eating less than four hours before sleeping. But we all know that sometimes life just gets in the way! So if it’s unavoidable, then try to eat something healthy!

[Get It Beauty] Never-Before-Heard Beauty Secrets That Perfect You

Lee Ha Nui shows off her favorite late-night snack: a soy milk and banana smoothie with walnuts! This drink is particularly good for sleeping because beans decrease stress and anxiety, walnuts calm your nerves, and bananas have tryptophan in them for deep sleep.


Soyou’s go-to snack is a healthy garlic chicken breast salad. Chicken breast is great for diets, and the garlic in the sauce helps with circulation, keeps your body warm, and is even good for your immune system!

Doctor Tips


Hyun Do Jin, a director at a sleep clinic, joins the hosts to talk about beauty sleep! Here are some of his main tips:

Good sleep increases happiness. If you wake up well rested, then you’ll have more energy and be in a better mood. Good sleep helps improves skin. Healthy skin is the true foundation for cosmetics! Don’t force yourself to go to sleep because it can cause insomnia. If you can’t sleep, then read a book or meditate in a stress-free environment until you feel tired. Don’t work out less than four hours before sleeping. Instead, do light stretching to relieve built up tension! Blind Test


“Get It Beauty” is changing up their Blind Test challenge a bit. Now, they are taking winners from previous year’s Blind Tests and putting them up against new challengers! This week’s challenge put the 2014 winner for best pink lipstick, Espoir, against four new pink lipsticks chosen by experts. To decide the final lineup, the Better Girls tested and ranked each blind sample based on criteria like moisture, color, and wearability.

In the end, however, it was found that Espoir’s reign had run its course and Etude House has taken over! The final lineup is:

Etude House Lancôme Estée lauder NARS Espoir


[Beauty+] Korea's most Beautiful Actress Kim Hee Sun Reveals Her Superfood Skincare Secrets

[Beauty+] Korea's most Beautiful Actress Kim Hee Sun Reveals Her Superfood Skincare Secrets

All eyes were on Korea's most beautiful actress Kim Hee Sun as she posed for fashion magazine Beauty+. The actress never fails to impress when it comes to beauty!

Although Kim Hee Sun stepped in the photo-shoot with a bare face, she reportedly, brightened up the scene with her flawless posture of an actress. During the photo-shoot, she executed various make-up that accentuated her toned body and youthful look even more. In particular, the black smokey make-up highlited her charming sultry eyes in all angles.

During the interview, Kim Hee Sun revealed her beauty know-how on maintaing a youthful complexion. Of all beauty tips she could possibly point out, the actress mentioned her priorities in executing a consistent skin care routine and setting a positive mind set.

The actress mentioned that she would never forget to put on hydration cream and face oils. Also, she believed that enjoying rather than stressing out about anything is essential. In particular, she does worry about drinking, yet, enjoys and takes a full rest after those occasions. Having a care-free and relaxed mindset seems to be Kim Hee Sun’s crucial beauty know-how to stay young and beautiful.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Sun’s full beauty pictorials are available on the February edition of Beuaty+. 

[Beauty+] Kim Hee Sun Reveals Her Superfood Skincare Secrets 22p-2 22p-4 22p-5 22p-31

Source: beautypl, fnnews

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[Star Lounge] Han Go Eun Reveals Her Simple Beauty Secrets

[Star Lounge] Han Go Eun Reveals Her Simple Beauty Secrets

During a recent airing of Arirang TV's "Star Lounge", actress Han Go Eun revealed her secret to maintaining a slim figure and a healthy lifestyle.

She said, "You have to exercise with being healthy as the goal. When trying to lose weight, you need to set aside about six months and change your lifestyle. Rather than doing yoga or fitness, I try to move around a lot on a daily basis. [For example], I like to mop the living room floor."

In addition, Han Go Eun stated that she still has passion for taking on various roles despite the long years of being in the industry and her age. Han Go Eun said, "There are a lot of roles that I want to take on, but mostly I want to take on a character that speaks normal people"s language rather than a character that has already been set to its perfection. I am a 41-year-old who still wants to take on new things."

Meanwhile, Han Go Eun garnered much attention for her latest appearance on JTBC's "Witch Hunt" where she was deemed as the original "Vampire character" because of her longstanding beauty.

[Star Lounge] Han Go Eun Reveals Her Simple Beauty Secrets


9 Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Steal

9 Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Steal

Everyone wants to look healthy and good but sometimes dieting is so hard. Well K-pop idols just revealed how they made it through the strenuous process of dieting.

Dieting can be extremely hard and many people experience failure. Check out how K-pop idols shed their weight in this list called, “9 Successful Dieting Tips Revealed By Idols”

9 Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Steal

9 Successful Dieting Tips Revealed By Idols

9 Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Steal

Everyone wants to look healthy and good but sometimes dieting is so hard. Well K Pop idols just revealed how they made it through the strenuous process of dieting.

T.O.P – Big Bang

9 Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Steal

Red Bean

Red Bean contains lots of Kalium which aids the body excrete salt from your system when made into tea. Also having a few spoons of boiled red bean helps curb your appetite and control your eating

Changmin – 2AM




Tofu is extremely high in protein and other nutrient and allows one to feel full while having very low calories. Changmin apparently ate only two blocks of tofu everyday to get in shape pre debut

Dasom – SISTAR


Dasom revealed that she went on a 'one food diet' to lose 10kg in 3 weeks and the super-food responsible for this weight loss was !



Cucumber is extremely low in calories and consist mostly of water. It also contains high amounts of Kalium, which aids your body excrete unwanted waste. Dasom ate 3 cucumbers every lunch and dinner!


9 Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Steal

IU was never considered fat or even chubby but she decided to go on a diet wanting a more slim figure



Apples are high in dietary fiber but low in Calories. IU severely limited her food intake but still got her required nutrients through eating half an apple every meal



Chicken Breast


Chicken Breasts are high in protein but low in calories. Jiyoung planned a dietary plan that revolved around eating 1 to 2 chicken breasts per meal along with vegetables and fruits

Park Bom – 2NE1


Park Bom was involved in countless controversies about her appearance but no one can deny that she has an amazing figure.



Not all diets are hard and stressful. Watermelons consist mostly of water and Park Bom ate a slice of watermelon before every meal to curb her appetite.

Park Boram


Park Boram went through an amazing transformation ever since her days in Superstar K.



Boram ate tomatoes which are low in calorie but very filling in order to control the amount of food she ate and shrink her stomach.

Seohyun – SNSD


Seohyun's love for sweet potatoes are famous but what benefits do they have?

Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes are extremely filling while containing very low amounts of calories. It is also high in vitamin E which aids in bettering your blood flow.

Shindong – Super Junior


Salad + Walnut Dressings

9 Celebrity Beauty Secrets to Steal

Salad is the most common dieting food out there but sometimes it's hard to eat just vegetables without any dressing. Shindong chose to use walnut dressing which is very low in calories to help him

Via: Koreanboo


Clara Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Clara Shares Her Beauty Secrets


In 2014 Mode Fashion Magazine voted Clara Lee the second most beautiful woman in the world. And while the Swiss-born Korean-British model-turned-actress was born with fine features and provocative measurements, she admits that she works hard at looking good. And she is happy to share what works for her in a new beauty book.

Her famous S-line has been further mproved by hard work. Before she played a supporting role in the comedy "Emergency Couple," she worked hard for months to get in shape. She danced and did exercises for two hours every single day. She only ate food that was low in sodium and had smaller meals for breakfast and dinner.

Her hard work paid off. When her doctor character made her drama entrance, her sexy figure provoked comments from the male characters and viewers alike.

Throughout her career it has been her toned figure that made her famous and helped her become an international celebrity. She was talked about after she did yoga on a variety show wearing a low cut tank top. She wore a bikini in "Take Care Of Us Captain" and she appeared on Korea"s "Saturday Night Live" as a pole dancer.

Although she made her acting debut in 2005 and appeared in her first film in 2009, it was her appearance at a 2013 baseball game that accelerated her fame and brought international attention. In May 2013, she became an online overnight sensation after throwing a pitch in a professional baseball game, wearing form-fitting leggings.

Besides working out and watching what she eats, Clara also pays careful attention to her skin. Skin can suffer from the thick makeup actresses are required to wear on film and drama sets. When Clara is not shooting, she gives her skin a chance to breathe. She only wears CC cream and some lipstick for color. And she pays attention to her eyebrows.

"Right after getting out of the shower your eyebrows are still moisturized. They look pure and natural," she said on an episode of the show "OnStyle Get It Beauty."

To duplicate that look she uses mascara on her eyebrows.

The actress will release her first book of beauty tips in December. The book will contain tips on makeup, exercise and relieving stress.

Next year Clara will play the leading role in the film "Working Girl." The film tells the story of working girls, their loves, their lives and their sorrows. In the film Lee plays an amateur sex expert, running an adult shop.


Choo Sarang reveals one of her beauty secrets in preview cuts for

Choo Sarang reveals one of her beauty secrets in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

Choo Sarang reveals one of her beauty secrets in preview cuts for

One of Choo Sarang"s beauty secrets is none other than pinching her nose as shown in preview cuts for KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

Choo Sarang followed Choo Sung Hoon and playfully pinched her nose with her thumb and index finger. He explained his idea behind this, sharing, "I heard that if you pinch your nose when you"re little, [the bridge of] your nose will be higher, so I made it fun for Sarang to follow." She adorably followed along as she gave it the name, "Co-ping~ Co-ping~["co" means "nose"]," giggling as she pinched her nose.

Stay tuned for more of Choo Sarang"s adorable moments this Sunday at 4:50 PM KST!


Beauty Bible Uncovers Park Shin Hye Makeup Secrets

Beauty Bible Uncovers Park Shin Hye Makeup Secrets

‘Beauty Bible’ Uncovers Park Shin Hye Makeup Secrets Actress Park Shin Hye made her appearance at the KBS W Afterschool"s beauty TV show "Beauty Bible 2014 F/W" and shared her beauty secrets. On the episode of "Beauty Bible," which aired on October 28, 2014, actress Park Shin Hye shared a beauty product of her choice, VB cream by Nine Wishes. Hosts Kim Jung Min and Hong Suk Chun asked actress Park Shin Hye about her beauty tips, and she introduced the VB cream saying a lot of her friends use it, including Jooyeon of After School. She said that the VB cream is a light, oil free cream that has brightening effects. In related news, actress Park Shin Hye came back from her Asia tour last month and is filming a new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio," which is to premiere in November. The new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" is going to be produced by director Park Hye Ryun, and tells a story of entry level reporters working for a newspaper company. In the new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio," actress Park Shin Hye plays the main character called Choi In Ha, who hiccups whenever she lies to other people. This becomes the reason why she decides to work as a reporter for a newspaper company. Actress Park Shin Hye is to play her role with actor Lee Jong Suk, who plays Choi Dal Po who is an attractive, smart reporter.