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SBS Kpop Star Wants YOU To Audition!

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SBS Kpop Star Wants YOU To Audition!

Calling all dancers, singers, and aspiring artists. do you have what it takes to be the next big Kpop idol? If so, you should audition for season 3 of the hit SBS show Kpop Star.

The auditions are open to all people with talent- whether you sing, dance or just have that extra star quality, you could be the next big Kpop idol! Auditions will soon be held in 3 cities across the USA and audition videos from all over the world are also being accepted via youtube.

Do you have talent? Do you love Kpop? Do you have passion for music and the drive to succeed? Do you have what it takes to be the next G-Dragon or Girls Generation? If so, this is the show for you!

All 3 major entertainment companies in Korea will be represented in the show by the judges themselves- BoA of SM, Park Jin Young of JYP, and Yang Hyun Suk, founder of YG. The newest season is set to air in October of 2013.

Ready to audition? Check out the details below! Live auditions will be held in LA, Chicago and Atlanta, but hurry because auditions are very soon! Dont forget that you can also audition on youtube if you dont live in one of these cities.

You dont have to speak Korean in order to audition but you should be able to pronounce the words of a Korean song well enough that you can be understood. Auditions will consist of 30 seconds of a Korean song and 60 seconds of an English song.

To get things started, fill out the online application on the shows website by clicking here and choosing the appropriate category. When the form is filled out, send it to the location where you will be auditioning (or follow the instructions for the youtube auditions) by choosing one of the email addresses below.

Atlanta Auditions, Saturday, August 3rd: [email protected]

Chicago Auditions, Saturday, August 3rd[email protected]

LA Auditions, Saturday, August 10th: [email protected] 

For more information, please visit the official facebook page of the US Auditions of Kpop Star by clicking here.

Kpop Group A-PRINCE In Singapore, Rising Stars In The Horizon Meets With The Press

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Kpop Group A-PRINCE In Singapore, Rising Stars In The Horizon Meets With The Press A-PRINCE Connects With Singapore Press For The First Time [PHOTOS]A few weeks ago, five young dashing members ofA-PRINCEmet the Singapore media at Nutmeg function room, Orchard Hotel. They greeted the Singapore media and started the press conference by introducing themselves and the roles they each play in the group. Since it was their first visit to Singapore and one member expressed his wish to visit the Merlion in Singapore in the video teaser for the Singapore showcase, the emcee was curious if they have done so. Minhyuk admitted that he was the one who wanted to visit the Merlion. He said "Merlion is very famous in Singapore and I search it on the web. It is really nice. We visited the Merlion Parkthis morningand it was really nice. We took a lot of pictures there."

They were asked if they were adapted to the weather in Singapore, Leader Sungwon agreed, "Although Singapore is really a lot hotter than Korea, we find it still alright."

They then proceeded to showcase the Alist character that each member has. Siyoon, the Cutie Prince, is in charge of cutie aegyo. Upon hearing that, he was requested to show his talent. Siyoon spontaneously showed a cute expression in response to that. Minhyuk who is in charge of sexiness, gave a wink to the media to show his sexiness. Sungwon, who is the Prince of Prince, tried to show his charming eyes. However in trying to do so, he burst into laughter and apologised to the media. Woobin, the youngest member, is known as the Pure Prince. He tried to give a pure innocent look at the media. Seungjun, the Smile Prince, gave a wide smile and waved at everyone in the room.

Formally known as "Taken" and now named "A-PRINCE", Sungwon explained the name "A-PRINCE" was decided on after the discussion with the members and the boss of their managing company, New Planet Entertainment.

When asked if they prepared a long time in the showmanship and music for their comeback, Sungwon surprised the media by adding that they will do a global debut of their new song in the Singapore showcase. "Actually we had a mini album "Hello" just recently and now we have been training very hard. And we are gonna have a new song called "Mambo". We are going to show it. It's a global debuttomorrowat the showcase. So please come and watch it."

Woobin whose birthday falls on the day of the showcase shared excitedly "It is my first time I am celebrating my birthday overseas so I feel it is very meaningful and I feel very excited about it."

Seungjun, whose birthday is three days after Woobin, expressed with a littleregret "Unfortunately, I will be celebrating my birthday on the plane. "

Though it was a short press conference withA-PRINCE, five members ofA-PRINCEhad definitely left an impression with the Singapore media. They proved their charms at the press conference by having the prince-like outlook andyet friendly andcandid personalities. Do watch our video on the press conference to find out more aboutA-PRINCE, their "bad" habits and what is their comeback going to be like.

*Note: The song title is only tentatively named as "Mambo". It is not finalised.

Special thanks to JNation Entertainment for inviting to coverA-PRINCEShowcase Live In Singapore press conference.

SMTOWN World Tour, the mother of all kpop concerts finally came to Singapore

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SMTOWN World Tour, the mother of all kpop concerts finally came to Singapore

(photo by Running Into The Sun)

On 23rd November (Friday), the most awaited and anticipated concert of the year SM Town World Tour finally came to Singapore. It was held on The Float @ Marina Bay, where National Day celebrations were held in Singapore. The stage had been used for awards ceremony and national day performances, but never, for a full-fledged concert. This is the very first time SMTOWN is staged in Singapore and also the first for a concert to happen at the World Largest Floating Stage. A total number of 24,000 fans were present at the concert of the year, to witness the great production and enjoy the energetic atmosphere of SMTOWN concert!

(Photo by Running Into The Sun)

Thanks to concert organiser Running Into The Sun , Korea.Com was lucky to be there to witness the whole concert! The night was filled with great performances by SM Artistes : Kangta, Boa, Girls Generation, F(x), Shinee, TVXQ Super Junior and Exo. Accompanied by laser shows, videos from the artistes, fireworks and of course not to forget, the ear piercing screams of fangirls and fanboys.

(photo by Running Into The Sun)

There was a saying that SMTOWN brings the rain, indeed, it was raining in the afternoon before the concert started and it rained again towards the end of the concert. However, the pouring rain did not wash away the passion of the artistes and so as the anticipation of the fans (fans did not leave, instead they carried on cheering with their raincoats on). The concert carried on as planned and ended with a success.

(photo by Running Into The Sun)

For those who were not able to be there physically, please tune in to for more highlights from the concert. Also, for those who were there, you may want keep a look out for our coverage at the SMTOWN Press Conference!

Singapore Makes Way for Kpop Rising Stars Kim So Jung and Girl Group Girlfriend

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kim so jung, girlfriend, superstar k

Singapore is the new spot for rising Kpop stars. Recently, through Kpopgaga, Kim So Jung, finalist for the Superstar K2 talent reality show in Korea, showed fans and new audiences alike what she's got. At an open event in Cathay Cine Leisure Orchard in Singapore, Kim So Jung treated the audience to a sampling of her current repertoire. Prior toKim So Jung'sshowcase, another Korean rookie girl group about to amaze the Kpop music scene, Girlfriend, was the opening act.

Girlfriend is composed of 4 members and are currently promoting as a electro-pop girl group. Their performance of "Fiesta" during the concert was a wonderful opener as it set excitement for those who were watching at the shopping centre. Girlfriend's members are Jaein (leader), Haei (vocals), Mizi (visuals), and Yoa (maknae). In their short performance of "Fiesta", the audience saw a group who specializes in upbeat and trendy dance moves. Their charisma is in their overall bubbly and friendly personalities.

After Girlfriend'sperformance, Kim So Jung took the stagewitha mesmerizing performance of "Blap"- also a dancesong, where she showednot only her vocal talent but also her grooves.As the audience bobbed their head to "Blap", it is made apparent that Kim So Jung has all it takes to be a successful pop star.

Shortly thereafter, fans were given the chance to ask questions to Kim So Jung, in order to get to know the up-and-comer more. Here were excerpts from the fan QA session with Kim So Jung:

Q: Is it your first time in Singapore?

A: No. (showed 3 fingers) and said third time.

Q: Tell me how you feel about Singapore and all your fans over heretodayin Singapore?

A: Singapore is a very friendly country. I wish to come here. I feel good to come here. This is a special preview to meet my fans. I feel enthusiastic.

Q: What made you participate in Superstar K2?

A: When there is an audition, many people suggested that I participate in Superstar K2. I have some worries I may fail but I decided to do it since this is the beginning of all the auditions coming in the future.

Q: You have a new album 'Blap'. Tell me about the concept and everything on the new album.

A: 'Blap' is an exciting dance music making you feel good when you get sad. The music expresses the jealousy of a girlfriend in a cute way.Sothis aegyo/cuteness is in several parts of the music. The lyrics and the body movement express the girlfriend's charm.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: For a certain period she has in plan to show exciting stages through "Blap". She is also thinking of doing a stage in Singapore where she can show her talents to real music (perhaps a bigger concert).

Kim So Jung then performed the track that catapulted her to a visible spot in the very competitive Korean music industry. Soulfully, Kim So Jung sang "You've Come" which was an OST track from tVN's hit drama from Spring 2012, "Queen In Hyun's Man"

Both Kim So Jung and Girlfriend capped the event with an autograph, meet-and-greet session with the fans. Through this they were able to interact personally with the fans and showed their adorable personalities. The girls were all warm as they indulged fans with photos, personalized autographs, and bright smiles. It was certainly an impression, whether it be the first or not, that is sure to make an indelible mark in the hearts of those in the audience that they all won over with their lovely personalities and musical talents.

Watch KpopStarz iReport Exclusive Footage of Kim So Jung and Girlfriend Showcase Performance

Written by: Dorothy Advincula | Photo Credits: Ong Melin | Special Acknowledgements: KPOPGAGA Singapore

Kpop Star Audition Heroine Lee Hai's graduation photos revealed.

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Kpop Star Audition Heroine Lee Hai's graduation photos revealed.Graduation photos of Lee Hai who is currently receiving a lot of love for her soulful voice was revealed.

On an online community SBS 'Kpop Star' heroine Lee Hai's junior high graduation photos were revealed.

In the photos Hai is showing off her innocent beauty. Her pale skin and big eyes catches the attention. Her charismatic appeal from 'Kpop Star' also catches the eyes.

Those who saw Lee Hai's photos commented "innocent Hai! so cute", "I've fallen in love with the charm of Lee Hai", and etc...

Photo Credit: Online Community

Jessica Makes the canopy of L’Officiel Singapore glance Ever So Chic

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Jessica Makes the duvet of L’Officiel Singapore appearance Ever So Chic The Ice Princess Returneth!

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica makes the canopy of the fad mag L’Officiel Singapore. She released the conceal shot thru her Instagram account on November 20.

She looks ever so chic at the cover. She’s taking a look down and looking out up with her hand at her chin. She looks haughty and arrogant, yet she exudes a feeling of coolness about her in the pose.

Contrary to the aura, the way is slightly feminine. She’s dressed in a dismal blue and white mini-dress. She’s were given a tiara on her head winding up the look of the Ice Princess.

Since she parted with Girls’ Generation back in September of 2014, she’s been busy operating as the ingenious director for her label BLANC & ECLARE. you'll be in a position to read more about her paintings and her label on L’Officiel magazine website.

CNBLUE To 'Come Together' With Fans In Singapore For 1-Night Only Performance In February

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CNBLUE To 'Come Together' With Fans In Singapore For 1-Night Only Performance In February

(Photo : One Production) South Korean pop rock band CNBLUE will greet Singaporean fans with an pre-Valentine"s Day concert this coming February.

On Feb. 13, 2016, the CNBLUE Come Together Tour will hit the Singapore Indoor Stadium after recentsuccessful concerts in Shanghai, China and Seoul, South Korea, where the group charmed audiences with a string of hits for over two hours. They played a total of 21 songs - out of which 19 were composed by the band themselves - including those from their latest album 2getherand Japanese single album White.

Fans in Singapore can look forward to a night of endless surprises, as the quartet showcases their vocals and demonstrate their musical talents through live performances and new renditions of their songs. "Domino" and "I"m a Loner" will be given fresh leases of life on the synthesiser, and audiences can expect a wide array of musical styles ranging from the jazz pop intro in "LOVE," to the reggae-influenced "Rollercoaster," as well as ballads "Hold My Hand" and "Irony."

The 2016 CNBLUE LIVE [COME TOGETHER] in Singapore concert is promoted by One Production and organized by FNC Entertainment. Tickets are priced from $118and will go on sale from Nov. 22, 12 noonvia Sports Hub Tix. 200 limited VIP packages(only available via online,hotline and Singpore Indoor Stadium Box Office)which will include entry to VIP soundcheck party and twoofficial concert merchandise items, are also available for purchase at $98 for all ticket holders.


Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket Price: $268, $208, $178, $148, $118

Booking Website:

Booking Hotline: 3158 7888

Tickets also available at all Singpost outlet (except VIP Package)and Singapore Indoor Stadium box office.

(Maximum of 8 tickets is allowed per transaction)

'Twenty' Actor Kang Ha Neul Shows His Endless Charm During Singapore Showcase

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'Twenty' Actor Kang Ha Neul Shows His Endless Charm During Singapore Showcase

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) Korean actor Kang Ha Neul was in Singapore last month to attend a series of events including a public showcase, meet-greet session and a private fan meeting. In conjunction with the Korean Film Festival, the actor also attended the film screening of his coming-of-age comedy Twenty, in which he stars alongside Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jun Ho.

Despite having flown in at midnight, the actor showed no signs of jetlag or tiredness at all. Quite the opposite, in fact, he was seen interacting closely with his fans right upon his arrival and trying to fulfill their requests and wishes as much as possible.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) For his first ever Singapore fan event, Kang Ha Neul was pleasantly surprised and happy to see a large turnout at his Plaza Singapura public showcase. Decked in a formal midnight blue suit and slicked back hairstyle, the 25-year-old was nothing short of suave and charming. His tall stature of 1.82m might seem intimidating but his bright toothy smile and approachable personality was what had fans squealing in delight.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The down-to-earth actor showed off versatility by singing "The Three Things I Have Left", a song from his TV drama, Angel Eyes. The actor let on that singing is a hobby of his and admited to practicing his singing at home. However, when asked about the possibility of releasing an album in the future, Kang Ha Neul sheepishly laughed it off saying, "No no no no. I am just (an) actor."

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The actor"s first impression of Singapore was that "Singapore is ... uh very, very hot. (laughs) But ... beautiful view and beautiful hotel. Beautiful food and beautiful drink." His efforts at conversing in English to his best ability were certainly impressive, never mind his lack of vocabulary! The audience certainly had a laugh listening to the actor speak to them directly.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The highlight of the showcase was when lucky fans were picked by the star himself and had the opportunity to play a game on stage. Upon reaching the stage, fans were warmly welcomed into his arms with a handshake and a hug, initiated by Kang Ha Neul. Throughout the event, he was seen dispensing limitless amounts of fan-service such as giving heart signs, posing his signature "v" sign, linking arms and replying to shouts of love confessions from fans.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The first game, "Song Charades" required the fans on stage to listen to a song via a headset and try to hum or sing the song. Kang Ha Neul then had to guess the title and singer of the song. As the fans were rather shy and unable to do a proper humming, Kang Ha Neul resorted to seeking help from the audience and had a scrunched-up expression most of the time as he was deciphering what the answer was. He made many adorable mistakes such as identifying H.O.T"s hit song "Candy" as a Sechs Kies song, to which he profusely apologized and corrected the error. He also appeared to be a YG Entertainment fan as he tended to guess 2NE1 or Big Bang as the artist whenever he is unable to identify the song. The game ended with the winner walking away with a polaroid selfie with the star. However, being the angel that he is, Kang Ha Neul requested for a group polaroid shot with all the participants and a special solo shot with the winner. He dispensed another round of hugs and smiles before waving the fans off stage.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) He went on to answer some questions from the media and ensured eye-contact with each media personnel who asked a question. KpopStarz asked why his signature pose is a "V" sign and if there was a significant meaning behind it, to which he replied that he feels awkward without the pose and wouldn"t know what to do with himself. When the rising actor was asked which type of commercial he would be interested in doing, the coffee-lover shyly responded that a coffee advertisement would be wonderful but thinks he might be too ambitious about it. He also expressed his wish to work together with his Twentyco-stars, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jun Ho again in future.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) Kang Ha Neul showed his gratitude by singing yet another song, "I Choose to Love You." Despite his shyness, he decided to sing live without any background music and asked for fans to sing along. His sincere heart certainly touched the audience. His final gift for those present was a group selfie together. He even acceded to the request of the second-level fans and took a selfie with them as well. He then made a closing speech to thank his fans for turning up and supporting him, and expressed that he hopes to return to Singapore many more times in future. The showcase came to a closure with a group of lucky fans getting a group photo with the star on stage.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) Get to experience the action with this recap reel of the event:

Special thanks to KMTV ASIA for inviting to cover Kang Ha Neul"s 1st Showcase in Singapore.

Writer: Syafiqah Shah | Photo Credits: Ong Melin and Syafiqah Shah | Video Credits: Ong Melin

Park Hyung Sik Tours Singapore’s Hotspots for Arena Pictorial

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Park Hyung Sik Tours Singapore’s Hotspots for Arena Pictorial ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik visited Singapore for the November factor of Arena.

This month’s theme is travel, and Park Hyung Sik did a perfect task giving off a comfy and amusing environment for the readers.

For this photo shoot, the superstar if fact be told had an excellent time taking section in all of the sightseeing spots of Singapore.

Whenever a fan known him, Park Hyung Sik would smile brightly and greet them, or even take images with them if asked. He used to be stuffed with manners in opposition to all and sundry he met and worked with for this pictorial.

Fans can see more of Park Hyung Sik’s exciting footage in the November problem of Arena.