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Girls’ Generation takes home the ‘Artist of the Year – January’ award from the ’3rd GAON Chart Kpop Awards’!

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Girls’ Generation takes home the ‘Artist of the Year – January’ award from the ’3rd GAON Chart Kpop Awards’! On February 12, Girls’ Generation took home the ‘Artist of the Year’ award for January from ‘The 3rd GAON Chart Kpop Awards‘!

The most popular girl group from SM Entertainment released ‘I Got a Boy‘ album, in January of 2013. In her accepted speech, leader Taeyeon said, “It was an album that we worked a long time on. We promoted and worked really hard with an excited heart, and it makes me happy we received a lot of love. Girls’ Generation’s album is out soon, so please look forward to it. We’ll make sure to get another award next year. Please give us lots of love!”

Maknae Seohyun also expressed, “It’s been over 7 years since we debuted, and I’m happy that we got to perform such good music for our sunbaes and hoobaes. Thank you.”

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation!

Robin Thicke Nabbed Two Songs From Marvin Gaye, Says Suit; Song That Got Miley Cyrus Twerking at the VMAs 2013 Performance Generates More Controversy; Kpop Artist IU Also in Copyright Scandal

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Robin Thicke Nabbed Two Songs From Marvin Gaye, Says Suit;  Song That Got Miley Cyrus Twerking at the VMAs 2013 Performance Generates More Controversy; Kpop Artist IU Also in Copyright Scandal

, Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, Twerking, VMAs 2013 performance

'Blurred Lines' Lawsuit: Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," which got Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs 2013 performance, was copped from two Marvin Gaye songs, according to a lawsuit by Marvin Gaye's family. Copyright claims also came against Kpop star IU this week, for new hit, "The Red Shoes." Kpop star Hyuna also raised eyebrows for similarities between the new Trouble Maker video "Now" and Rihanna's video for "We Found Love."

"Blurred Lines" is Robin Thicke's biggest hit. Marvin Gaye's children filed legal papers saying Robin Thicke stole Gaye's "After the Dance" for his song "Love After War." The family of the late Motown legend says Robin Thicke has a "Marvin Gaye fixation" and has copped more than a few licks from his idol.

Gaye's family is also suing the song publisher EMI April, which is owned by Sony/ATV. The suit says EMI breached a contract because it didn't protect Marvin Gaye's songs, tried to scare the family away from suing and didn't stay neutral in the fight. The also says EMI tried to make the Gaye family look bad in the press.

Kpop Star IU was also recently accused of plagiarism in her new single "The Red Shoes."

IU's "The Red Shoes" is being compared to Nekta's 2009 hit "Here's Us."

Kpop singer IU's "The Red Shoes" was written by Lee Min Soo and Kim Ee Na.

Marvin Gaye'sfamily says that should cost EMI the right to Marvin Gaye songs. EMI shouldn't profit from Marvin Gaye and they should lose all profits on "Blurred Lines." EMI should also lose the rights to administer Marvin Gaye's catalog, known as the "Prince of Soul."

Thick might have seen this coming. In August, Thicke preemptively protected "Blurred Lines" from claims against Marvin Gaye and Funkadelic's "Sexy Ways," along with his producers Pharrell Williams and Clifford Harris Jr. in California federal court. They claimed that a song that is "reminiscent of a 'sound' is not copyright infringement." In other words, they wanted to capture the feel and energy of the original recordings that made Gaye a star, but weren't actually stealing the song. They were paying the song homage.

Court papers indicate Frankie Gaye and Nona Gaye say the suit is about "blatant copying of a constellation of distinctive and significant compositional elements of Marvin Gaye's classic #1 song." They also say that Robin Thicke it in interviews with GQ and Billboard.

Thicke told GQ "Pharrell and I were in the studio and I told him that one of my favorite songs of all time was Marvin Gaye's 'Got to Give It Up.' I was like, 'Damn, we should make something like that, something with that groove.' Then he started playing a little something and we literally wrote the song in about a half hour and recorded it."

After the original suit was filed, Thicke told TMZ: he didn't think of Marvin Gaye when writing "Blurred Lines."

The Gaye family says music critics at The New York Times, Vice, Rolling Stone and Bloomberg Businessweek all saw similarities between the Gaye songs and "Blurred Lines." Musicologist Judith Finell noticed "at least eight substantially similar compositional features" with Gaye's original. According to the court papers Finell said the signature phrase, vocal hook, backup vocal hook, their variations, and the keyboard and bass lines "far surpassing the similarities that might result from attempts to evoke an 'era' of music or a shared genre."

The suit also cites Thicke for "including the similar bridge and identical lyrics from Marvin Gaye's 'I Want You' in Thicke's similarly-themed work, 'Make U Love Me.' It also makes claims only over similarities between Thicke's "Love After War" and Gaye's "After the Dance."

Marvin Gaye's family claims that not only did EMI refuse to bring counterclaims after seeing a "renowned musicologist's report," but that it gave "strong biased support to the Blurred Writers."

EMI said the Gaye family guilty of "ruining an incredible song," "killing the goose that laid the golden egg" and being responsible for "Blurred Lines" not receiving an MTV Video Music Award.

Marvin Gaye's family accused EMI and Williams and Thicke reps of "the planting of a knowingly false story in the press that the Gaye Family supposedly turned down a "six figure settlement" (no such offer was made) in order to make them appear unreasonable."

Thicke's Lawyer, Howard King, told The Hollywood Reporter,"Plaintiffs anticipated a baseless counterclaim for copyright infringement when they filed their original complaint for declaratory relief, so no surprise there. What is surprising in their press-release-disguised-as-a-complaint (much of which will eventually be stricken by the court) is their acknowledgment that the Gaye family has no standing to bring a copyright claim. For this, they blame EMI, the administrator and registered copyright owner of the Marvin Gaye songs. Obviously, EMI, which is in the business of collecting substantial sums for actual infringements, regardless of the publishing affiliations of the infringers, consulted their own expert musicologists who gave the same opinion our 3 musicologists gave: The genres of the songs are the same, the notes are different. So whether or not plaintiffs are fans of Marvin Gaye is irrelevant; no infringement occurred here."

Kpop Solo Artist Kahi Praises 4minute HyunA's Dance Skills 'But I'm 10 Years Better'

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Kpop Solo Artist Kahi Praises 4minute HyunA's Dance Skills 'But I'm 10 Years Better' Gahee Praises 4minute HyunA’s Dance Skills ‘But I’m 10 Years Better’Kahi praised 4minute HyunA's dance moves while appearing on talk show 'Radio Star' on June 26.

One of the co-hosts of the show began by stating that Kahi was selected as the top idol dancers along with HyunA and followed up with a question, "Who do you think is the better dancer?"

"When I look at her dance, she really moves in such a pretty way," Kahi replied. "But," she added, "she still has about ten years of work to do if she wants to catch up with me. But it is amazing how she can dance like that at her young age. She began dancing at 16, so she has been blossoming."

All in all, Kahi had much compliments for HyunA. But she thinks it is premature to compare the youngster with her who has been dancing professionally for a much longer period.

Kpop Solo Artist John Park to Hold First Album VIP Showcase Event

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Kpop Solo Artist John Park to Hold First Album VIP Showcase Event John Park to Hold First Album VIP Showcase EventJohn Park, who is releasing his first regular album since debut, will be revealing his songs at a VIP showcase event.

The VIP event will be held on June 28, about a week in advance to the official release of Inner Child on July 3.

Only a handful of fans, 60 to be exact, have been invited to attend the event where they will get to have a first listen to John Park's title song "Baby" and self-written "Too Late," "No More," and "Sipping My Life."

Returning 16 months since his mini album that was released in February 2012, John Park's first full album was produced by Lee Juk and Lee Sang Soon, Lee Hyori's boyfriend.

"I put a lot into this for a whole year and it was a great joy working with many musicians whom I look up to. Like the title suggests, I went back to being like a child and tried to portray that in these songs," said John Park.

Former After School Leader and Kpop Solo Artist Kahi Shows Unique See-Through Style

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kahi, son dam bi, beautiful days

Former After School Leader and Kpop Solo Artist Kahi Shows Unique See-Through Style kahi see-through fashionSinger Kahi revealed a unique see-through fashion.

Today, Kahi posted on her blog, "How's the market fashion style?" along with a picture.

In the picture, Kahi who visited Cebu to film for MBC music "Son Dam Bi's Beautiful Days" is shown. In the picture, she is revealing a unique see-through fashion style.

Internet users who saw this commented, "What a fashionista," "I'm so jealous," and "Have a good time!"

Kahi is currently an MC with Son Dam Bi for "Son Dam Bi's Beautiful Days."

Fiestar’s Yezi to Make Debut as Solo Artist

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Fiestar’s Yezi to Make Debut as Solo Artist Girl workforce Fiestar‘s youngest member Yezi will in the end be making her debut as a solo!

According to loads of insiders on November 23, Yezi might be liberating a solo someday in December. As of correct now, the plans are to unencumber it in a virtual unmarried format.

This will be Yezi’s solo debut since her debut as Fiestar in the summer of 2012.

Meanwhile, Yezi was once one of the crucial standouts at the feminine rapper survival display “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” appearing off intense rapping with each stage. With her work, she cemented her position as a utterly unique and talented rapper.

Yezi worked as a dancer sooner than she debuted with Fiestar, such so much of are wondering what her solo will glance like.

After her debut as a solo artist, she plans to continue operating as a member of Fiestar.

Verbal Jint finds impressive feature artist lineup for his comeback album

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Verbal Jint finds impressive feature artist lineup for his comeback album

It used to be prior to now reported that rapper Verbal Jint is making his comeback after 4 years of hiatus, exciting the committed enthusiasts who had been patiently waiting.

In addition to more than a few occasions regarding the comeback to hype up the album, reports have published that Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon and rapper Black Nut may be featured in his double name tracks.

Beenzino, Tablo, YDG, Basick, Phantom"s Sanchez, Lil Cham, and more also are revealed to have been added to the lineup in Verbal Jint"s album.

A rep from logo New song said, "We wish to thank the fans who have been looking ahead to goodbye for Verbal Jint. so as to praise the fans who have been waiting for four years, this album changed into created in Verbal Jint"s blood and sweat. we are hoping that the fans will experience the primary 11 prerelease tracks in addition the 10 further tracks that would be released by potential of the finish of December."

Are you excited for Verbal Jint"s comeback!?

Review: Superstar Makeup Artist PONY’s Makeup Line PONY Effect

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Review: Celeb Makeup Artist PONY’s Makeup Line PONY Effect Following the luck and approval for her makeup collaborations with global cosmetics corporate Memebox, superstar makeup artist PONY has introduced her very own makeup line called PONY Effect! We attempted out the hot products ourselves to offer an in-depth and truthful review for Soompiers.

“That Girl” is PONY’s first collection for her new makeup line. This collection comprises an eyeshadow palette, contour palette, 3 lipsticks, and 4 nail polishes. Each product has gorgeous and graceful packaging whole with the stylish PONY Effect logo. maximum products come with PONY’s signature purple and purple colors.

Since PONY’s old eyeshadow palettes with Memebox are her most neatly liked products, let’s get started with her That lady Fever Shadow Palette. The palette involves three matte, four shimmer, and two glitter eyeshadows. They truly are sleek and silky whilst being simple to blend. The packaging could also be truly convenient as it'll are compatible into the palm of your hand and incorporates a massive reflect during which you'll view all of your face. With some K-pop encouraged names like Overdose, Pretty Liar, and Just 10 Seconds, the shadows are ideal for daily and special occasions. We integrated swatches (from left to appropriate beginning with the primary row) for you below! The shadows are if fact be told more colourful and wonderful in person. under the affect of alcohol Dial, in particular, is a excellent looking duochrome blue-brown.

Strobing is all of the rage in each unmarried place the world. And for smart reason why too! Highlighting and contouring is helping you accentuate your features, create dimension, and slender your face. That Girl Luminous Contour Palette makes it more straightforward by way of combining two strobing sun shades and two contouring shades in one at hand palette. those powders also are silky mushy and the palette is a similar length as the eyeshadow palette (including the huge mirror!). This palette is most fitted for folks with a gentle to medium skin tone and excellent for a herbal glow. That you may also use them as eyeshadows! See our swatches (from left to right) below:

No makeup glance is comprehensive without a lip color. PONY designed That Girl Outfit Lipsticks to counterpoint three other outfits/occasions. Noble Brunch is a warm pink nude compatible for any instance and wonderful to pair with darker eye makeup. pricey Dinner is a flattering berry red. Lastly, Vivid Club is a stylish plum burgundy. These lipsticks are all very moisturizing, complete coverage, and feature a pleasant satin finish. They are very best to take merit of for the ever popular gradient lip as they are relaxed and straightforward to layer. Best of all, the lipsticks have magnetic packaging which guarantees that you won’t get lipstick right through your stuff as the lids close magnetically. have a look at our swatches below:

That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquer is optimal for iciness and the holidays. The jewel-toned colours are ambitious and dazzling. Birthday celebration Fever is a shimmery plum purple, Sensual Seduction is a shimmery middle of the night blue, Be mind's eye is a shimmery woodland green, and Illusion Glass is apparent with chunky opalescent cellophane foil. We swatched them on our nails for you. The opalescent glitter may also be used as a height coat for a modern foil nail look.

All of the pieces in the line are actually top of the range and utterly covet-worthy. Which products are you most interested in?

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Fever Shadow Palette

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Luminous Contour Palette

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Outfit Lipsticks

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquer

'2015 MAMA' expose which Western artist f(x) could be taking part with for a distinct performance

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'2015 MAMA' expose which Western artist f(x) could be taking part with for a distinct performance

Director Kim Ki Woong gave out numerous exciting data in regards to the "2015 MAMA" all through the click convention on November 18!

Regarding the performances at the tune award ceremony, Kim Ki Woong said, "J.Y. Park is making ready a large-scale performance. He"s getting ready for it. We idea about which out of the country artist best possible matched our slogan this year, "Tech Art." the result's that Pet Shop Boys will perform. There was once a sizable reaction when they got here to Korea. They had hit songs that were given their call known, so we ended up running with them. The ones that would be performing with them will be f(x). they are going to wear a degree that hasn't ever sooner than been observed in an international scale."

Get excited to peer f(x)"s collaboration with the mythical electronic pop duo from the United Kingdom! the development will take position on December 2 in Hong Kong.

After School’s Raina to Comeback as a Solo Artist

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After School’s Raina to Comeback as a Solo Artist After School’s Raina could be making her solo comeback!

According to several insiders, Raina will start her 2nd circular of solo activities on November 18. Her last comeback was in October 2014 with the song “You End, And Me.”

Raina wrote the melody and lyrics to her new song herself. The song is described as having a medium beat. Her comeback is noteworthy because it's miles her first step down the singer-songwriter path. Rhymer produced the track.

Meanwhile, Raina already crowned charts ultimate year with her duet with San-E, “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness.” Fanatics are already smartly acutely mindful of her candy and soothing voice, and are keen to peer if she can be freeing any other viral hit for the impending winter.