Korea’s Refreshing Twist on Chinese Cold Noodles

Korea’s Refreshing Twist on Chinese Cold Noodles

Cold noodles are a summer specialty in Korea, China, and Japan. Chinese people eat cold noodles without soup, mixed with vegetables, meat and soy sauce, but in Korea they are served in cold soup.

Thus the “Chinese” style cold noodles sold in Korean Chinese restaurants only really exist here and are to all intents and purposes an indigenous specialty.

The dish consists of noodles with seafood such as squid, shrimp, sea cucumber and jellyfish, and vegetable such as carrots, cucumber, and egg garnishes in icy chicken broth. Another thing peculiar of the dish is that it is served with peanut sauce and mustard. It is usually eaten from late spring to early autumn.

It became a specialty in the early 1980s, when Chinese restaurants in hotels here started to put it on their menu for the summer and soon firmly established itself as a seasonal favorite.