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Heechul officially Returns to Super Junior, Zhou Mi & Henry will perform with Super Junior at ‘SUPERSHOW5′ in Kuala Lumpur

Super Junior, SUPERSHOW5, Malaysia, Heechul, Kang In, Shindong, Siwon, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhoumi, Henry

November 13, Kuala Lumpur -The much-awaited K-pop super idol boy group Super Junior will return to Kuala Lumpur to staging their live concert. Hee Chul will be joining the Malaysia's Super Show 5, and officially returned to Super Junior after completion of his national military service. Super Junior-M Members, Zhou Mi and Henry have confirmed joining SJ on stage at the Super Show 5 concert as well.

Acclaimed the undisputed King of K-pop music, Super Junior has performed to more than a million audiences since they started touring in 2008. The group rose to fame and gained worldwide recognition following the release of their best-selling single "Sorry, Sorry" in 2009

Kpop Underdogs: SPICA


If you don't know who SPICA is, then you better sit down and get familiar for the next few minutes because this is a group that you're going to fall in love with in that small amount of time. Why? What isn't to love?

For a brief introduction; SPICA is a five member girl group comprised of leader Boa (not to be confused with the solo artist BoA), Juhyun, Narae, Jiwon, and Bohyung. They were signed under B2M Entertainment and released the song Potently even before their debut. They debuted officially in early 2012 with the song Russian Roulette.

Now, even before SPICA hit the bit screen, they've been going off on musical endeavors of their own. Yang Jiwon was originally a member of Five Girls, a girl group featuring herself, After School's Uee, Secret's Hyoseong, Wonder Girls' Yubin and G

Typhoon Destruction in the Philippines, K-pop Comes Together to Send Messages of Hope

Nickhun, Sandara Park, Rick Lim, Lee Min Ho, Aziatiz

Nickhun, Sandara Park, Rick Lim, Lee Min Ho, Aziatix

Hello everyone, the writers here at KpopStarz would like to dedicate an article to the people of the Philippines as they have suffered a terrible typhoon that impacted the country a few weeks ago.I will also explain about K-Pop stars that are sending messages and condolences for the people that have died thus far.

People from all over Asia are coming together to help the victims that suffered this devastation.Stars are also sending messages of hope as well as encouragement to the people.

The Philippines were attacked by an huge typhoon that was named "Yolanda" or "Haiyan" and thousands are currently suffering by not having food and water.Aid is on the way so hopefully the people can hang on as the supplies are on the way and people from other countries are making donations to help

MV Review: San E's "Where Did You Sleep"

San E Wants to Know “Where Did You Sleep”

My first exposure to San E occurred during his time as a host for the Gurupop Show. He had a goofy sense of humor that never failed to make me laugh. But due to this being my only exposure to him, I didn’t know how serious San E was about rapping — boy was I missing out.

San E started out as an underground rapper, winning recognition for his rap skills at the 2010 Public Korean Music Awards. Shortly afterwards, he joined JYP Entertainment as the company’s first solo rapper.

However, JYP didn’t promote San E as much as they should have and San E left the company after his contract expired earlier this year. He chose to join Brand New Music which is home to artists such as Verbal Jint, Swings, and Phantom

Christmas Comes Early for Kara in "French Kiss" Short PV

It’s still some time before Christmas, but the members of Kara are ready for the holidays in this Christmas themed short PV for their upcoming Japanese single, “French Kiss.” 

Kara has already released a TV trailer for their 10th Japanese single, hinting at a winter theme. Now the short PV reveals more about the concept. “French Kiss” is a catchy pop ballad track about wanting to spend Christmas with someone that they love. In the short PV, the members of Kara enthusiastically decorate their surroundings in preparation for Christmas Eve, but look a little lonely while they do it. 

Along with the release of the single on November 27, they will also release their “Best Girls” album which contains many of their past Korean and Japanese songs

Get Wild with NORAZO through Their New Music Video “Wild Horse”

We hope you missed the powerful music of NORAZO because the duo has returned with their new song “Wild Horse.”

NORAZO are making a comeback after one year and six months! Known for their colorful, vibrant, and unique performances, the duo rock group has come back with a new song that will have fans dancing and feeling a new sense of freedom.

The group’s new song, “Wild Horse,” embodies the concept of freedom and returning to one’s roots. As CJ E&M MUSIC expressed on their Youtube channel, NORAZO “had left on a music adventure to discover their music color.”

 The energetic music video begins with the narration that states, “A horse has to run. They have to run to live. People call them wild horse,” and without missing a beat the duo appears in their unique horse outfits

Allkpop Denies Accusations Their VP Daniel Lee Leaked Unauthorized Nude Photos Of His Ex-Girlfriend Ailee

Ailee nude photos, Ailee, allkpop, Daniel Lee

According to the record label, Ailee(pictured) consulted Daniel Lee about what she should do once she realized an underwear modeling job offer had been a scam.

Executives from the Korean entertainment website allkpop and its parent company 6Theory Media are denying accusations that their vice president of content Daniel Lee leaked nude photos of the singer Ailee to the website on Sunday without her permission.

In a blistering statement released on Monday by Ailee's record label YMC Entertainment, Lee, who used to date the 24-year-old singer, was accused of providing allkpop with unauthorized nude shots she had taken in an attempt to land an underwear modeling job.

According to the record label, Ailee consulted Lee about what she should do once she realized the modeling job offer had been a scam

Tony Ahn Investigated for Illegal Gambling

Following the news of comedian Lee Su Geun and singer-actor Tak Jae Hoon being summoned for investigation on charges of illegal gambling, singer Tony Ahn (H.O.T) has also been reportedly called in for questioning.

According to the report, Tony Ahn was recently brought in for interrogation on charges of illegal gambling at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

Following Tak Jae Hoon being charged last month, Lee Su Geun was summoned for questioning on November 10. The two have each been accused of gambling several hundred millions of Korean won (at least 100,000 USD). According to the prosecution, they were reported to have placed bets ranging from several hundred thousand won to several million won on foreign sports games such as the English Premiere League

R&B Artists Lee Jung and Ha Dong Kyun Release “Where is the Love” Music Video

R&B artists J-Lee (Lee Jung) and Ha Dong Kyun (of R&B group Wanted) have released a music video for their new song “Where is the Love?

On November 11, the music video for “Where is the Love” was uploaded toKT Music’s YouTube channel. The track is part of Korean R&B prince J-Lee’s 10th Anniversary Album Part 02 “Synerge.”

Both J-Lee and Ha Dong Kyun debuted in 2003 with R&B group 7 Dayz, but the group was disbanded after one album. J-Lee went solo, while Ha Dong Kyun became a member of R&B group Wanted. Both are current solo artists, who have collaborated multiple times with one another.

The song itself is a rare male duet, with Lee Jung’s high notes harmonizing perfectly with Ha Dong Kyun’s low tones

K-Pop Crossover: Psy, Park Bom, Son Seung Yeon, And One Way, Berklee College Of Music Promotes Hallyu Wave With Korean Idol Alumnus

Psy, Bom

Psy, Park Bom, and Berklee College of Music. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

What do Psy, Park Bom of 2NE1, "Voice Korea" winner Son Seung Yeon, and One Way member Kim Michael Jung have in common besides being a part of the K-pop phenomenon?

One word: Berklee.

It is perhaps surprising to some, but Berklee College of Music has attracted some of the biggest K-pop idols--and rising stars--and has become an unlikely participant in promoting the K-pop movement.

One such name is perhaps the biggest international K-pop icon of the moment-Psy.

Psy attended Berklee College Music after dropping out of Boston University to pursue his passion in music. According to, Psy took courses like ear training and harmony, as well as music synthesis and production.

Coincidentally, Psy's labelmate Park Bom of 2NE1 also studied music at Berklee, even doing so without her parents knowing due them disallowing her to pursue a career as a singer