Korean YouTuber goes undercover in a wheelchair and asks women for their phone number

Korean YouTuber goes undercover in a wheelchair and asks women for their phone number

On July 10, a video popped up on YouTube via ‘ShaunDan TV’ where YouTuberShaun conducted an experiment going around the streets while riding a wheelchair and asking random women for their phone numbers.

Shaun explained in the video that, “I was led to create this video after someone made a comment on one of my previous videos saying ‘I think a handicapped person will be rejected by Korean women if they were to confess to them.'” He also added, “I felt sorry for the person who wrote the comment saying he had a disability and had the stereotypical mindset of feeling rejected by Korean women.”

To break away from such stereotypes, Shaun set out to a university campus where he began to ask women out on dates.

Despite being in a wheelchair, Shaun was able to reach out to the women with confidence, demonstrating his sense of humor by throwing in witty pickup lines and jokes for a natural, smooth conversation. As a result, he succeeded in winning the hearts of the ladies and their phone numbers.

Furthermore, some of the women even sat down next to Shaun and happily chatted about their day. It appeared that the women were attracted to Shaun’s confident and outgoing presence regardless of his disabled appearance.

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In addition, results showed no difference in reaction from foreign women. In the end, he wrapped things up, explaining, “Honestly, I decided to shoot this video in order to encourage people suffering from various disabilities.”

Shaun continued, “I don’t think any stereotypical barriers regarding the views of the disabled were broken through this test. However, I hope that many will be uplifted after watching this video instead of feeling criticized and turned down by society.”

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