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Five of the maximum captivating and Romantic Male Leads in Korean Dramas This Year

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Five of the Most Charming and Romantic Male Leads in Korean Dramas This Year Many actors have made headlines for their charming and romantic roles in quite so much of popular dramas this year. take a glance at one of the crucial actors beneath who were in a position to catch the hearts of loads of fans!

Ryu Joon Yeol from tvN’s “Reply 1988” has earned himself the name of ‘the boy who makes girls’ hearts beat like they'll die.’ He plays a first-rate lead in the drama as Jung Hwan and is recently receiving numerous fame and love for his charismatic character. Being pals since they were little, Duk Sun, played through Hyeri, and Jung Hwan are at all times observed arguing with each and every other like siblings. However, when the 2 hastily get stuck in an alleyway together, Jung Hwan starts to shape an adorable, one-sided overwhelm on his long-time friend Duk Sun and starts to look her as a lady for the primary time. at the episode that aired on November 14, many audience fell in love with Jung Hwan’s manly aspect when he secure Duk Sun from the entire other folks pushing her around on a moving bus. Viewers commented on the scene saying, “This is crazy,” “I am at a loss for words,” and “So romantic.” ranging from Jung Hwan and Duk Sun’s first awkward, lovable ‘skin-ship’ scene in the alleyway to the scene where Jung Hwan’s incredibly romantic and manly facet is shown on the bus, Ryu Joon Yeol has indubitably done the process of grabbing the eye of many feminine viewers.

Park Seo Joon from MBC’s “She used to be Pretty,” has also recently gained many of love for his absolute best representation of the nature Ji Sung Joon. Many women may now not assist yet fall in love with the vice president of ‘Most’ magazine, a persona who acts stern and strict in public but is in reality, an innocent, candy cutie. thru “She Changed into Pretty,” which recently got here to an end, Park Seo Joon was capable of upward push prime in his prestige as an actor after 4 years since his debut. He acquired a wonderful amount of popularity acting as the 1st love of Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and as the chic, manly romanticist of Ji Sung Joon. The drama was a wide luck with a high viewers score of 16.7 percent. because of the huge fulfillment of his outdated drama “Kill Me Heal Me,” Park Seo Joon is now being called the ‘King of Romantic Comedies.”

Watch “She Was Pretty” here at Viki.

Lee Sang Yoon, who played Cha Hyun Suk, Ha No Ra’s high college classmate in addition her present faculty professor, in tvN’s “Twenty Again,” also gained much reputation from female fanatics by way of this drama. Cha Hyun Suk, who is terribly pro in his house of work, becomes an immature teen on each occasion he's with his first love, Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo). He acts mean and pissed off when Ha No Ra is around but is continually highly affectionate and worrying in opposition to her through small movements he does for her without her knowing. This romantic and comedic side to Cha Hyun Suk has made many viewers’ hearts melt. Lee Sang Yoon was already highly regarded as an actor because of the his super instructional background, just right looks, and tall height. However, throughout the drama “Twenty Again,” he was ready to also get keep of the title of ‘King of Romantic Comedy.’ In an interview, Lee Sang Yoon said, “I was able to turn viewers a more comedic, mild side of me through this drama. It was anything they have got not visible before.”

Lee Dong Wook from tvN’s new drama, “Bubble Gum,” may be currently receiving much of love for his romantic courting with Jung Ryeo Won in the drama. The two characters they play were visitors since they were little till they slowly start to sort a more romantic, blameless relationship. The drama is hence about a romance that paperwork between two top peers and Lee Dong Wook plays the very best boyfriend that everybody needs for. Especially on the episode that aired on November 17, Lee Dong Wook grabbed at fans’ heartstrings when he acknowledged to Jung Ryeo Won, “I am the happiest user when i'm with you,” appropriate sooner than he went in for a horny kiss.

After two years since his remaining drama, So Ji Sub has returned through the latest drama on the list, “Oh My Venus.” Only after two episodes, So Ji Sub was able to gain much attention and love through his character’s caring and cool charms. Acting as the sector noted fitness trainer, Kim Young Ho, So Ji Sub acts as the ideal guy as he incessantly is helping Kang Joo Eun, played by Shin Min Ah, in different sticky situations. Many fans were especially completely happy throughout a scene when Kim Young Ho supports out a surprised Kang Joo Eun, who had fallen to the ground after she came upon her boyfriend with every other woman at a hotel. In this actual scene, Kim Young Ho helps Kang Joo Eun up and grabs her by the waist, making many fans swoon.

Watch “Oh My Venus” here at Viki.

Who was your favourite male lead in a Korean drama this year?

9 Romantic Korean Movies That’ll Make You Fall In Love

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9 Romantic Korean Movies That’ll Make You Fall In Love

17k shares Share on Facebook Share on TwitterIn need of some romance? Got a date and wondering what movie to watch to get in that lovey-dovey atmosphere? Heres some suggestions of some of the most romantic movies thatll have your heart jumping for joy.

These movies will make you cry, laugh, smile and touched. Check out which movies are dubbed the nations favorites in this list called, 9 Romantic Korean Movies Thatll Make You Fall In Love.

9 Korean Romantic Movies To Watch This Valentines By Koreaboo

Valentines day is fast approaching and love is in the air. To celebrate why not check out some of the most successful romantic movies from Korea?

Two Faces Of My Girlfriend (2007) By Koreaboo

This movie tells the story of a kind hearted man and his girl friend who suffers from a rare condition that results in split personalities.

My Sassy Girl (2001) By Koreaboo

Perhaps the most famous Korean movie of all time, this romantic comedy movie, based on a true story, is a must watch for anyone even 14 years after its release.

My Little Bride (2004) By Koreaboo

The movie that made Moon Geunyoung the nations little sister, this movie tells the story of a young high school girl who will be forced to marry as soon as she graduates.

Windstruck (2004) By Koreaboo

A fictional prequel to the movie My Sassy Girl. Although this movie did not succeed as much as My Sassy Girl it still is one of the best romantic comedy movies ever produced.

More Than Blue (2009) By Koreaboo

This movie is one of the saddest but beautiful love story every told, it will make you smile, cry and laugh

Cyrano Agency (2010) By Koreaboo

This romantic comedy tells the story of an agency that helps people achieve love

The Classic (2003) By Koreaboo

This movie, like the name suggests, is an all time classic. The movie also stars Jo Insung and Son Yejin in the early stages of their acting career.

Architecture 101 (2012) By Koreaboo

This movie swept the nation in 2012 with a touching yet nostalgic story about first love.

A Moment To Remember (2004) By Koreaboo

Considered one of the best Korean romantic films of all time, the story deals with a lead female character who suffers from a rare form of alzheimers disease

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Upcoming Korean movie "The Romantic"

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Upcoming Korean movie

Added the upcoming Korean movie "The Romantic""s page to HanCinema database

Directed by Jeong Ha-rin

With Bae Doona, Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong,...

A melodrama movie introducing love stories by different people in omnibus format.

Release date in Korea : 2015

The second romantic teaser for 2014 Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio

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The second romantic teaser for 2014 Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio

The K-drama Pinocchio Production has just revealed the 2nd teaser. It looks like a romantic MV of those feel-good, nostalgic moments between the leads. There’s a bike ride, boat ride, piggyback, and earnest stares during sunset.

It's already a cute on screen synergy between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok. Let 's check!


Top 10 Romantic Moments in Korean Dramas

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Top 10 Romantic Moments in Korean Dramas

As K-drama heroines can attest, one of the advantages of having a chaebol fall madly in love with you is that he can plan massive, over-the-top events to declare his love. While we all know that money cant buy love, sometimes its fun to watch these grand displays of affection in our favorite Cinderella stories. Here are just a few of the grandest romantic gestures in K-drama history.

1. Exclusive island vacation, Boys over Flowers

Can the beach be a persons love language? Because I think its mine.

2. Choreographed proposal, 

Romantic. Date. Hotel. SNSD. Fandom tears. | SNSD Korean

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Today at Lotte Hotel Royal Suite, 12:00pm KST, the Romantic Date with SNSD event took place. Yes, I know how it sounds.

Romantic. Date. Hotel. SNSD. Fandom tears. | SNSD Korean There was the standard autograph session, and then 11 lucky (super, suuuuuper lucky) contestants won the chance to spend some quality time with the SNSD girls, as well as some hefty prize money. Lets congratulate our fellow fans who have left us behind on this earth and have been lifted into the realm of the goddesses.

In all seriousness though I think its basically just like a very exclusive fanmeet.

More on this later.if more on this comes up.

cr; petesamchon, daum, sosiz

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Kwak Si Yang Treats Kim So Yeon to a Date Are compatible For a Romantic Movie

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Kwak Si Yang Treats Kim So Yeon to a Date Have compatibility For a Romantic Film ck525 November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!Kwak Si Yang Treats Kim So Yeon to a Date Fit For a Romantic Movie Kwak Si Yang made Kim So Yeon feel like a persona from a romantic movie.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Were given Married 4” aired on November 28, Kwak Si Yang plans the day for Kim So Yeon’s upcoming birthday. The 2 are lovey-dovey from the instant they are in the house, and continue to shower every other with love whilsttaking phase in a date outdoors.

Kwak Si Yang prepares occasions for Kim So Yeon in small puts like radio stations, fuel stations, and clothing stores.

“I don’t know what to do,” Kim So Yeon responds to the presents. “Thank you so much. The words ‘thank you’ aren’t even enough.”

“There is a note than approach more than thank you,” Kwak Si Yan says as he slyly requests for her to mention “I love you.”

Kim So Yeon becomes flustered and says, “I’ll shout it out on my own at home.”

Afterwards, Kim So Yeon requests for Kwak Si Yang to whisper in her ear as her wish.

“Thank you for being born,” he says, bringing the panel to shout out in a combine of envy and adoration.

“I think the two are the ideal couple,” DINDIN says.

The two continue to experience their date on the streets of Samcheongdong while being cheered on by capacity offeminineprimefaculty students.

“I don’t know what to do with myself,” Kim So Yeon says in embarrassment at all of the attention.

However, ahead of she knows it, she is soon tearing up, touched by Kwak Si Yang’s homemade birthday cake.

Check out Kwak Si Yangs radio portion of his tournament in the video below!

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6 Korean Cushion Compacts And Makeup To Stay Your Skin Having a look Bright

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Korean Actress Jung So Min Sure Magazine July 2015 Photoshoot Makeup(Photo : Sure)The cushion is some of themost basic makeup inventions to pop out of South Korea. Why did notsomebodybring to mind it before? If you're taking a travel to Korea, you'll see every person from idols to women at the club briefly applying a little cushion makeup whilstthey areat the go.

Here's Song Hye Kyo placing on hers:

Cushion makeup has a lighter, more watery formula and springs alongside an application puff or sponge. You operate that sponge to lightly dollop the makeup anywhereyou need it. The gentle airiness of the formula and alertnessprocedurepermits makeup to head on more frivolously than while you were the use ofa broom or your fingers, even supposingmaximum cushion makeups are chock stuffed with ingredients that assistoffer coverage to your skin from the sun in addition fill in lines and wrinkles. In short, it is one of the secrets to the much-coveted dewy look.

Lips, brushes, and bronzers also areto be had every bit cushions now, letting Korean girlsglancejust dewy all over. The phenomenon has moved to the West, as well. Popular brands adding Lancome and It Cosmetics have offered their own versions of the cushion, and you'llbe expectingto look more on shelves in the arrival year. Yet Korea was once the common cushion pioneer (and the only with the cushion patents) and still has the most productive cushions out there.

There are two major drawbacks to cushion skin care from Korea. First, the formulas are in most cases designed to givepale to medium coverage. In case you aretrying to find a heavy matte basisthat is going to conceal deep discoloration or blemishes, you are going to would like to either use a other product or seal in the cushion compact with a powder.

Second, and more importantly, many Korean skin brands is that most do now not need several sun shadesthat mightfit all skin tones, or even roughly of the darker ones will have a white base or whitening ingredients to give skin a lighter, "glowing" finish. But if you locateone who looks find it irresistible would be wonderful but does not come to your skin tone, stay your eye on the brand: now that Korean skincare is gaining in popularity, many firms are making efforts to extend their product lines and create makeup which willlargereventa much widervariety of tones.

If you may be notwithstanding in the market, here are among theeasiest cushion compacts that will take your makeup game from cakey to flawlessly fresh:

Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfection Cushion

This is continually rated as one of the simplest cushion compacts in Asia. One of the most touted ingredients here's apricot seed oil, which promises to hydrate skin all day long, duvet up and even proper wrinkles, and brighten skin. It also has SPF 50 in it, so you do notwant to pile on a thick sunscreen on best of your makeup. Every other bonus for those thatneedpolicy without having a look too white - this one has more of a yellow base than many Korean skin products, giving it a more herbalappearance than other brands.

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control

This is a smart selection for other folks with oily skin or the ones who wish coverage that mayhang up opposed to hot, sweaty days.

Another Korean favourite (numbers vary, but some reports say such a is sold each six to 30 seconds in Korea) and considered the original cushion compact. And with just rightexplanation why - the coverage is cast and the end is flawless. The keyproblemis thishandiest comes in 4 shades. Like many cushion compacts out there, you get startedvia deciding if you may like C or N: C is for deeper coverage, N is for less (think more of a tinted moisturizer than a foundation.) Then make a decision if you will want 21, designed for individuals with more light, beige, and reddish undertones to their skin, or 23, for those with moderately darker or more olive undertones. Any one with skin darker than what is usuallyregarded as medium or dark is not going to discover the coverage they want with this product, unfortunately, but optimistically as the product gets more popular in the West we're going to see this popular line expand.

Amore Pacific ColourKeep an eye on Cushion Compact

Here's an option that has a couple of shades that better have compatibility medium to tan olive skin tones. As neatly as SPF 50, or not it'scrammed with green tea, ginseng, and other botanicals which upload a rejuvenating spice up to this makeup.

Banila Co Eye Love Cushion Gel Eyeliner

This popular cushion gel eyeliner from Banila is great creamy, giving your coated eyes a more textured and wealthy feel. It's especially luscious in some of the brown and burgundy shades Banila offers.

Peripera Ah Much Genuine My Cushion Blusher

Cushion generation is a organic fit for the cheeks. It is themost productiveposition for an effortless glow so luminous you will make individuals think you could have just spent a few moments frolicking in a box of sunflowers. There are a few cushion blushes on the market, but the Peripera ones are the right bang for your greenback and come in super fun, colourfulcolours that look great all day and night.

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How Beenzino Differs From Other Korean Hip-Hop Artists BLOG

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How Beenzino Differs TO Other Korean Hip Hop Artists There are two prominent forms of Korean hip-hop artists -the team of artists who are lyrically deep and poetic in their rhymes, and the crowd that'll immensely attempt to mimic and imitate American hip-hop.

Korean hip hop artists are either swagged out from head to toe - rocking snapbacks, wearingquite so much offashion designeremblemcall clothing, an array of tattoos running down their palms and across their bodies and with the occasional ones that wear their tradition made gold grill sets - or kick back and onlythat specialize ingenerating impactful pieces with meaningful lyrics being concerned less about the hot Air Jordans or whether they areobserved aboutthe townusing in an decorated Maybach.

So let's make this more specific. What are your on the spotmind when you're taking a first glance at Beenzino? Is he some not easy ass wannabe American rapper? Does he prance around appearing off his notoriety? Does he stay his shades on at all times, whether indoors or outdoors? Or is he a mild flower? Does he shyly glance away when he is being made direct eye touch with?

Beenzino, along side the likes of Tablo and TigerJK, is probably the mostinfrequent few artists in the hip-hop game that fall into his own class. He does notwant fancy glossyjewellery draped around his neck and fingers nor does he desire asumptuous motor vehicle. Heck, he's going to take public transportation if he wants! Yetthis does not mean he lacks any of "hip-hop" quality.

You won't catch Zino showing up to an event/concert in a suit and tie with polished oxfords, decked out in diamonds, but he'sindubitablya guy of style. He presentations off his swag facet alongside the occasional Boy London and colorful Ideal sweaters, but he helps to keep information technology rather plainand stylish with the darker denim, thin jeans, and white Nikes. But ifthe guy has to get dressed up, he's all about that prime fashion. From the oversized trench jackets, multi-printed collar button ups to leather harem pants, Beenzino have the figure to rock it all.

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Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won have a romantic date on 'We Were given Married'

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Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won have a romantic date on 'We Were given Married'

Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won enjoyed an overly romantic date at the November 28 installment of 'We Were given Married'.

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The couple went on a stupendous cart ride headed to a romantic theater in a cave. Oh Min Suk asked her to watch for him and abruptlygave the impression on degree with a big screen of Kang Ye Won in the back of him. He sang her "Letter that I Write in My Heart", and Kang Ye Won could notlend a handyet shed tears.

How candyused to be their date!