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Korean film “Snowpiercer” to Be Made into a US television Series

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Korean motion picture “Snowpiercer” to Be Made into a US TV Series According to the November 11 factor of yank media Hollywood Reporter, the Korean movie “Snowpiercer” may be made into a TV drama. The reports stated that Tomorrow Studios purchased the copyrights to “Snowpiercer” and turn it into a TV series. Josh Friedman would be the screenwriter.

Marty Adelstein of The next day Studios said, “We are more than pleased as some way to produce the drama of such prime quality.” He added, “Josh is a brilliant creator who will create a new world. We are blissful to adopt this sort of assignment with him.”

Josh Friedman, in turn, said, “I am commemorated to have this opportunity, as i used to be a large fan of ‘Snowpiercer,’ which is an ideal sci-fi movie either politically and relating to fun. Plus, it has a big train. What more might you ask for?”

T.O.P's Japanese-Korean Series 'Secret Message' To Hit The Web In November

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T.O.P's Japanese-Korean Series 'Secret Message' To Hit The Web In November

(Photo : T.O.P"s Official Instagram) Big Bang"s heart-throb T.O.P has taken on the leading male role in a new web drama which is slated for release this coming November.

Starring T.O.P, or Choi Seung Hyun, and Japanese actress Juri Ueno, the drama, "Secret Message," is a Korean-Japanese production set to begin airing online in early November via Naver TV Cast and Line TV.

The romantic drama series is centered on Woo Hyun, a hopeless romantic who clings to the idea of romance despite the painful memories he harbors of his first love and Haruka, a woman with a painful past who hopes to someday fall in love.

Joining the cast is Korean actor Lee Jae Yoon ("Queen of Ambition," "Golden Rainbow," "Heart to Heart") and Korean actress Yoo In Ah ("Secret Garden," "You"re the Best Lee Soon Shin," "My Love From Another Star"), who takes on the role of Haruka"s roommate.

It"s been 5 years since T.O.P last made an appearance in a drama, the last role being the one in which he played himself in the idol-studded drama, "Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea."

The upcoming web drama, "Secret Message," is co-produced by Korea"s CJ EM, Japan"s Amuse Inc. and Line Corp., a Japanese subsidiary of the Korean portal site, Naver.

Dal Shabet"s Jiyul to star as lead in Korean-Chinese web drama series

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Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet"s Jiyul has been cast for a role in upcoming web drama series called "Yotaek" alongside actor Gao Yu, who is part of the Chinese idol group Hit 5.

"Yotaek" will be a sci-fi drama telling the story of a human clone named Uhm Shi Hyeob (played by Gao Yu) leading a normal life in a faraway galaxy and how he is saved by a mysterious girl named Gu-ah (plyed by Jiyul). The drama, a collaboration project between China and Korea, will be filmed in select locations within Korea. Another Dal Shabet member, namely Ahyoung, was also cast for the drama.

The drama, which will air for a total of 16 episodes, has completed the formation of its actors and staff members, with the filming planned to begin on the 15th of this month. 

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Girls' Generation Member Sooyoung And Other Top Korean Stars Attend Louis Vuitton 'Series 2' Exhibit In Seoul

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Girls' Generation Member Sooyoung And Other Top Korean Stars Attend Louis Vuitton 'Series 2' Exhibit In Seoul

French fashion house Louis Vuitton has brought its "SERIES 2 - Past, Present, Future" exhibition to Seoul!According to the brand, "this exhibition invites visitors to discover Nicolas Ghesquire"s inspirations for his third ready-to-wear show as the Artistic Director for women"s collections at Louis Vuitton."

The prestigious fashion event was held in Seoul"s D Tower and was attended by numerous A-List stars from the entertainment industry. Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung arrived in a white dress with sheer cutouts straight from the Spring 2015 runway. She accessorized her look with a $7,845 Petite Malle Epi Trunk purse. Sooyoung"s labelmate f(x)"s Sulli also wore an all-white ensemble from the same collection and finished off her look with a $3,070 Twist Malletage purse.

Other celebrities who attended the event were actress Bae Doo Na, model Hong Jong Hyun, leading man Lee Jung Jae, and many more!

Louis Vuitton described the showcase as "a journey into the designer"s mind, allowing visitors to grasp how he approaches and reinterprets stylistic codes at the 160 year-old fashion and luxury house. The exhibition also lets visitors explore how Ghesquire"s vision inspires current creations and how it will shape the future of Louis Vuitton."

Guests watched 3-D projections, saw installations of runways clothes, viewed photo collages of the brand"s changing aesthetic through the ages, and even watched live demonstrations of designing and crafting by employees.

You can check out the amazing red carpet fashion and a small preview of the exhibit below!

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of KPopBreak.com. She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

‘Gangnam 1970’ And 'Fatal' Will Screen During The Korean Movie Night Emerging Talent Series

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‘Gangnam 1970’ And 'Fatal' Will Screen During The Korean Movie Night Emerging Talent Series

(Photo : ) Gangnam 1970, also known as Gangnam Blues will premier for audiences in New York City on May 7 as part of the Emerging Talent series in the on-going Korean Movie Night program. Gangnam 1970 was a commercial success and marked the film debut of Lee Min Ho. The film centers on corruption which emerges from the development of Gangnam during the 1970s.

Korean Movie Night New York is co-presented by the Korean Cultural Service of New York and Asia Society. The Emerging Talent series will feature 5 films which highlighted some of Koreas most talented actors and directors.

The series kicks off on Tuesday, April 14 with the North American premiere of The King of Jokgu. The King of Jokgu is a rip roaring comedy which stars Ahn Jae Hong, Hwang Seung Un and Jung Woo Sik. Ahn Jae Hong portrays Hong Man Sub, a 24-year-old college student who is not successful with women. He haplessly falls in love with the most popular girl at his college and hijinx ensue.

The next film in the series is the 2013 film 10 Minutes, which will make its East Coast premier on April 28. Baek Jong Hwan stars as Ho Chan, a college who dreams of becoming a television producer. 10 Minutes marked the directorial debut for Lee Yong Seung. The movie provides an analytical perspective on Korean corporate culture.

Gangnam 1970 will screen on May 7 and will be followed by the 2012 film Fatal on May 13. Fatal focuses on the fragile relationship between Jang Mi, a young rape victim and Sung Gong, one of the assailants. A chance encounter reunites them. Sung Gong is distraught when he realizes that Jang Mi is still dealing with trauma from the incident. He attempts to redeem himself by befriending her. Fatal stars Nam Yeon Woo, Yang Jo A, Hong Jeong Ho and Kang Ki Doong. The film was created with a budget of $3,000 USD and marked the directorial debut of Lee Don Ku.

The Emerging Talent series will conclude on May 27 with Park Jung Bums Alive. Alive is a 2014 film which was the follow up to the neorealist drama The Journals of Musan. The film stars Lee Seung Yeon, Park Jung Bum and Park Myeong Hoon.

All screenings for the Emerging Talent series will be held at Asia Society. Admission is free and is first-come, first-served. Additional details about Korean Movie Night New York can be found at the websites for Korean Cultural Service New York and Asia Society.

Son Seung Yeon to sing national anthem at "Korean Series"

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Son Seung Yeon to sing national anthem at

Son Seung Yeon will be singing the Korean national anthem at an upcoming "Korean Series" game.

The singer earned the name "monster rookie" from "Immortal Song 2", and it looks like her voice caught the attention of the Korean Baseball Organization. She has the honor of singing at the Samsung Lions vs Nexen Heroes game on November 7 at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul.

Son Seung Yeon originally received the offer for last year"s series, but wasn"t able to due to her studies at Berklee College of Music. Baseball fans will finally be able to hear her sing!

Founding myths of ancient Korean nations in stamp series - Part 2

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Founding myths of ancient Korean nations in stamp series - Part 2

Daejoyeong of the Balhae Kingdom Special Stamps issued in 2011 (Image courtesy of the Korea Post)

Descendants of Goguryeo

Once referred to as the, "Prosperous Nation of the East", or, "", alongside Unified Silla, Balhae launched 230 years of existence with the North South States Period on the Korean Peninsula and across mainland Northeast Asia.

Its founder, Dae Jo Yeong, rallied the descendants of Goguryeo and the Malgal tribes, to construct the nation of Balhae on Dongmosan Mountain in 698. Upon hearing the name Balhae, the hearts of many Koreans flutter with visions of the vast land it ruled. As a large empire, its territories included much of modern day Manchuria, Northeast China, Primorsky Krai in Russia and most of what is now North Korea. It fell to the Georan, or the Khitan, in 926.

A special stamp series was published in 2011 reflecting these founding myths.

Return of the horse and the egg

Early Silla, also called Seorabyeol in its early days, was founded by Park Hyeokgeose, who was first discovered in a region where Gojoseon descendants had constructed six villages. It was his kingdom that later went on to become Unified Silla.

The baby boy was first found inside an egg protected by a white horse. One day, as he was being bathed, his body started to radiate with light, while animals and birds danced around him. The land shook and the sun and moon grew brighter.

A gyeryeong appeared on the banks of the Alryeongjeong spring and it gave birth to a baby girl from beneath its arm. She was named Alryeong, after her birthplace. The people constructed a palace on the west side of Namsan and lifted up the two sacred children. In 57 B.C., Hyuck Geo Sae and Alryeong were crowned king and queen of the new nation, Seorabyeol.

A stamp series to commemorate the founding of Silla was printed in 2012.

Park Hyeokgeosae of the Silla Kingdom Special Stamps issued in 2012 (Image courtesy of the Korea Post)

Tales of Baekje"s founding begin with Yuri, Jumong"s son, born in north Buyeo. In search of his father, he came to Goguryeo. Eventually he was crowned as Goguryeo"s successor. Thus Jumong"s other two sons, Biryu and Onjo, decided to head south to set up a new kingdom.

Biryu moved with his people to Michuhole, believed to have been near Incheon. Onjo founded Wieryeseong, now Hanam, and made it his capital in 18 B.C. Michuhole turned out to be unsuitable for settlement and Biryu returned to Wieryeseong, while Onjo renamed the country Baekjae.

A series of stamps describing this founding story were printed in 2013.

Onjo of the Baekje Kingdom Special Stamps issued in 2013 (Image courtesy of the Korea Post)

Korea.net Staff Writer [emailprotected]

Video introducing the founding myth stamp series and collectors" booklet:

Korean TV Series Running Man Episode 211 Screenshots and Recap

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Korean TV Series Running Man Episode 211 Screenshots and Recap

Running man episode 211 is about the amusement park and like a warm-up to the upcoming episode 222. This episode contains many snippets of introduction of the various players. Hoping that we’ll get more of the action in next week’s episode, but then again there are some joyful moments that make these ninety minutes feel short and sweet. Like Jae-suk having to endure a rollercoaster ride multiple times, Jong-kook screaming in legitimate fear, Ailee’s impressive singing chops, and more.

Running Man Episdoe 211 Recap by Dramabeans:

Given the previews, it looks like we’re in for another mystery and a long lineup of guests, all of whom are waiting and scattered in various amusement parks for their teammates—our cast members—to find them. There isn’t much time to find today’s guests, either: depending on what number the guest has chosen, the RM cast has a window between one to ten… minutes.

It doesn’t help that the production staff doesn’t know where the guests are, either—not like we expect them to tell even if they did. Some members are luckier than others, with an average of about six minutes, and then there’s Kwang-soo, whose face immediately falls to hear that he has two minutes.

At least the guests set off in search for their partners too, and now we see the face of the man who chose “two”: actor Ji Chang-wook, who asks in bewilderment if he should just go. Jae-suk meets his partner, actor Lee Sung-jae, in time, and the man appears to be game for anything.

Ji-hyo’s teammate, 2AM’s Im Seul-ong struggles to keep in pace with her. Needless to say, he’s impressed. Jong-kook teams up with g.o.d.’s Kim Tae-woo, and one could recognize the dreadlocks on Haha’s good friend and teammate Skull anywhere.

Haha and Skull don’t reach a flag within their time limit, but neither does Gary and his teammate, singer Ailee. Suk-jin’s teammate screams that she’ll just be going home today, disappointed—don’t worry, it’s his and Jae-suk’s longtime friend, comedienne Song Eun-yi.

Although happy to see Chang-wook, Kwang-soo tries to hide his disappointment that his teammate isn’t female. They totally fail finding their flag in time, Chang-wook’s mix-up between the letter R and ahl (egg) notwithstanding.

It’s a Numbers Race today where our seven teams will collect various numbers through their missions and use math to somehow make 1470 to zero. The teams who successfully found their partners are given a minus sign, whereas those who failed are given a plus sign. It quickly becomes apparent that playing with numbers isn’t Sung-jae’s forte, which he’s quick to admit.

There’s a huge punishment that waits for those who don’t succeed, but both Seul-ong and Tae-woo assure their teammates of their mathematical smarts. And while I’d think it’ll be nice to be impressed by their brains, I’d also find it way funnier if they aren’t as clever as they claim to be.

Kwang-soo smartly figures out that they’ll be in the clear if they multiply by zero, leaving them with zero. All this talk of numbers flies over Chang-wook’s head, and Kwang-soo lights up at the thought of teaching someone else for a change today.

Meanwhile, scaredy-cat Jae-suk gawks at being told that their first mission requires snapping photos of particular actress while trying not to hurl on their rollercoaster ride. Amusement ride junkie Sung-jae assures him that there’s a “sports mode” on cameras. They’ll get less digits to work with the more time they have to redo this mission. Laughing, Sung-jae motions for his reluctant teammate to follow.

It certainly sounds like Sung-jae’s more of a thrill-seeker, and he doesn’t mince words either. When Jae-suk’s surprised to hear that actress Jeon Ji-hyun was one of Sung-jae’s former co-stars (in the movie Daisy), Sung-jae whips back: “[Your reaction] is because you didn’t see it.” Ha.

Sitting in the front row is only the beginning of Jae-suk’s nightmare come to life, with the great anticipation of the initial drop coming in at a close second. As expected, Sung-jae looks like he’s having the time of his life whereas Jae-suk just wants this torture to end as quickly as possible.

Jae-suk is quick to call out his teammate for cursing during their ride once the coaster finally slows down. He and Sung-jae also complain to the staff how this task is virtually impossible, what with the speed and Jae-suk not being able to see. They fail to capture any photos, but Sung-jae does discover a rogue dragonfly in his shirt.

Seul-ong gets a deserved kick when he asks if Ji-hyo’s lack of courage lately is because she’s older now. Their mission is to unlock the code during their Sky-X drop, and Seul-ong’s confidence is hardly reassuring—what if he turns out to be as ambitious (but doesn’t follow through) as ZE:A’s Dong-joon aka Kim Paegi?

It’s a good minute before both of them are ready and then go flying through the air. Unable to clearly see the objects laid out below them and figure out the code, they fail their first attempt. Then they’re told to try again right away. Hahaha.

Kwang-soo and Chang-wook are in for a crazy ride on Chaos, a huge wheel where the seats spin 360 degrees. He brightens when given a familiar task: eating persimmons hanging from a gat. Chang-wook tosses back that he portrayed a king who loved them. Cue Empress Ki clips that confirm his statement. Hahaha, I totally forgot about that bit.

Running Man Episode 211 Screen Capture

Their persimmons get tied up in each other’s hats, however, proving that this is one mission easier said than done. Chang-wook comes up with the idea that they’ll try to eat each other’s persimmon, but all this strategizing in still air ought to be useless once the ride gets spinning again.

Kwang-soo loses his hanging fruit altogether on their second attempt, and it looks like they’re in for a long morning.

Both Gary and Ailee worry about today, since they’re both poor with numbers. Here, they’ll need a karaoke machine score of at least 90 while screaming for their lives on their rollercoaster ride.

Even with the impending fear, Ailee sings into her mic with professional ease until the car starts speeding up, turning her words into piercing shrieks. To her credit, she picks right back up once the ride slows down and pulls back in, trying to score extra points.

It doesn’t work, since their chances of a higher score increases if both of them sing. Gary gets his shot when a LeeSsang song comes up, but I’m sure those rapping skills will cut off as soon as that initial drop begins. But they keep singing-screaming through those twists and turns.

Eun-yi shares how she goes to the same salon as Ailee, who got ready at 2AM in order to meet Gary at the southern end of Korea. As for Eun-yi and Suk-jin, they must figure out the word written on the bottoms of their feet during a twisty ride.

As expected, they only manage to sort of figure out a few characters, then they cheer on their neighbors at the wooden rollercoaster: Jae-suk and Sung-jae.

We finally check in with Jong-kook and Tae-woo in Incheon, where they’ll have to ride the Viking while holding a pair of water balloons between their raised arms and face. It turns out that bigger muscles aren’t helpful when it comes to teensy water balloons as one pops even before they start.

And for extra distraction, a pair of staff members sit at the opposite end, ready to shoot them with water guns.

The fear hits pretty quickly with both men, who can hardly raise their arms, let alone balance a pair of water balloons between them. If anything, they ought to be thankful for wearing sunglasses so that the water doesn’t spray directly in their eyes.

It’s sad-funny listening to Jong-kook’s legitimately frightened screams, hollering that one of his water balloons fell. Looks like they’ll be stuck on the Viking for a while.

I admit I nearly forgot about Haha and Skull, what with so many teams situated in so many different locations today. They’ll need to conserve as much of their full glasses of water as possible by the end of their own amusement ride. Sounds like a tall order.

Whoa, Skull totally looks different with his dreadlocks cleanly out of his face. He and Haha quickly come up with a plan to tip their glasses in the opposite direction, and they do a pretty good job until the ride does a complete 180.

It’s actually pretty cool watching the water line of their glasses during the ride while Haha and Skull scream at the staff. They’re left with empty glasses at the end of their first attempt, so they both try placing their mouths over the cups.

This time, Skull gets drenched, but even with Haha’s success, they come up short.

Time to check back in with our persimmon-eating pair, and Kwang-soo finally chomps down after a few fruit-flinging near-misses. He and Chang-wook keep trying even as the seconds wind down, and the captions read: You won’t be able to have those persimmons you wanted 700 years ago today either.

After just two attempts, Seul-ong and Ji-hyo successfully crack their code. They choose seven number cards (1-8), unaware of the aggressive battle up ahead.

Much happier now, the two enjoy their mini-date together, eating ice cream and taking pictures. They even visit a haunted house and Ji-hyo falls to the ground when the last reaper pops out at the end.

Eun-yi and Suk-jin succeed after their second attempt as well, and they celebrate when their seven cards include a 1, 4, and 7. Over at the wooden rollercoaster, Jae-suk claims that he can put on his glasses in time to snap a photo of Guk-joo. Sung-jae doesn’t believe he can and something tells me that Jae-suk’s going to loses his glasses today.

The climb alone is barely enough for Jae-suk to take, but Sung-jae keeps his eyes wide open for them both. Jae-suk manages to get his glasses on in time and they both successfully snap pictures of their respective female celebs.

Next thing we know, they’re both wearing matching bunny-eared bandanas on their heads, and Sung-jae admits that he’d be upset if Jae-suk took his off. Ha, I love that they’re also carrying lollipops in their hands.

Haha and Skull choose three cards after they succeed, and head over to visit Gary and Ailee, who are still stuck on the rollercoaster. The latter team is already on their fourth attempt, though their fear has yet to subside.

Still, they do their best to sing into their mics and it finally pays off with three cards. Feeling devious, Haha tries to read off the other cards to do a little deduction. Hehe.

Kwang-soo strikes a deal with the production crew and heads back onto the Chaos machine alone. It takes two tries, but Kwang-soo succeeds. Woot! He and Chang-wook pick up three cards.

Everyone gathers together again at the final mission location, and ha, Eun-yi greets Ailee with a cheerful “Hey, 2AM!” Now they get to hear the significance behind 1470, which refers to 1470 km. They’re going abroad, aren’t they?

Indeed they are: to Taiwan, in fact. The news isn’t that surprising to us since numerous fancams have documented their travel, but here’s the good news: if they can somehow get a total of zero with their combined numbers, they’ll remain in Seoul.

Eun-yi asks: “If we get 23 km, then are you going to just drop us at the 23 km mark?” Basically this entire episode has been one long trailer for the Numbers Game up ahead, where the losers will face a rollercoaster ride that will take their breaths away.

About Running Man TV Series:

Running Man (Korean: 런닝맨) is a South Korean variety show; a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup, along with Roommate. It was first aired on July 11, 2010. This show was classified as an "urban action variety"; a never-before-seen new genre of variety shows focused in an urban environment. The MCs and guests complete missions in a landmark to win the race. The show has since shifted to a more familiar reality-variety show concept focused on games. It has garnered attention as being the come-back program for Yoo Jae-suk, the main MC of the program, after leaving Good Sunday's Family Outing in February 2010. 

Airing at the 5 pm KST time slot for most of its run, Running Man switched to the second part of Good Sunday (which happened May 22 and May 29, 2011 with Kim Yu-na's Kiss and Cry but was quickly switched back due to low ratings) beginning May 6, 2012, airing after Kim Byung-man's Law of the Jungle 2 at 6:10 pm and airing against KBS2 Happy Sunday's 1 Night 2 Days Season 2 and MBC Sunday Night's I Am a Singer 2.

The show has been popular in other parts of Asia as well, and gained online popularity among Hallyu fans, having been subtitled to a number of languages by volunteers, such as English, Spanish, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic.

Top model Dae Na is set to star in the first Korean American drama series, "The Romance Artist" with New York theatre actress Esther Nam

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Top model Dae Na is set to star in the first Korean American drama series,

Plot: Lorraine is a con artist, who conned the wrong group of people this time. On the run from the Italian mafia, she finds sanctuary in a nunnery. There, she meets Devin, and for the first time, gets a taste of true love and happiness. The quiet life not being for her though, she winds up having to steal from Devin (her easiest yet hardest target yet). Having to have one more look at him before she leaves the country, she goes to watch him from a distance one last time. But he catches her and demands his money back.

She asks if she could pay him back by sharing life experiences together. He refuses, saying that he wants nothing to do with her, and only wants his money back. Except, she doesn"t have it, at least not all of it. He eventually agrees though, striking a deal with a much larger organization, the "Media Mafia" to bring her down. The only problem is...what if he winds up falling? He"s pretty certain he hates her and her guts, but can he remain indifferent while they take her apart mentally and emotionally? Can he remain indifferent while they kill her?

The pilot is set to film this summer with the hopes of being picked up for distribution.

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Romance-Artist/1444406472498467

Insights on Outstanding Korean TV Drama Series: the Seoul Drama Awards

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Insights on Outstanding Korean TV Drama Series: the Seoul Drama Awards

Thirteen Korean TV series were nominated for Outstanding Korean TV Drama Series. Among the nominated series, which were all successfully broadcasted in Korea, there are some that were especially popular abroad. However, there are also some series that were very popular in Korea but were ignored by foreign audiences. On the contrary, some series were less popular in Korea than they were abroad. Of course, a series that has sold well everywhere has the best chance of winning the Outstanding Korean TV Drama Series Award. Korea.com has analyzed the popularity of each nominee to predict the possible winner in advance.

A criterion for measuring popularity in domestic Korea is rate of viewing audiences from AGB Nielsen. Another criterion for measuring popularity abroad is the number of voluntary voters for each drama on AsianWiki website. All nominated series were given high ratings – above 90 out of 100. Also, they all share similarly high rate of viewing audiences. However, number of voluntary votes that each drama received varies between Korean and foreign audiences.

Drama series that were more popular in Korea than abroad are The Princess’s Man, My Husband Got A Family, The Greatest Love, Sign, and Deep-Rooted Tree. The Princess’s Man, which recorded on average of 24.9% of the viewing audience in Korea according to AGB Neilsen. Actor Park Si-hoo and actress Moon Chae-won made a great couple, and the supporting actors’ performances were very good as well. Unfortunately, in abroad they didn’t get a lot of attention for Princess’s Man. 712 people voluntarily participated in the rating on Asianwiki, which contrasts to 9,615 voters who rated City Hunter.

My Husband Got A Family, the only series currently ongoing among the nominees, recorded 37.0% of the viewing audience, which means that more than one-third of the Korean population watch this. The actor Yoo Jun-sang and actress Kim Nam-joo are mature and well known in Korea, but it seems that foreign audiences are not yet aware of them. Only 204 random voters participated in rating for this drama.

The Greatest Love reached 21% of the viewing audience with famous Korean actors Cha Seung-won and Kong Hyo-jin., For The Greatest Love, 624 participants voted for this drama.

Sign and Deep-Rooted Tree both recorded about 25% of the viewing audience; in other words, a quarter of Koreans watched them. Yet, unfortunately among foreign audiences, 128 people were interested in voting for Sign, and 316 people for Deep rooted tree. The probable reason that Deep-Rooted Tree got less attention abroad is that it is a historical drama that concentrated more on Korean history than on romance.

The series that were more popular abroad are Dream High 1, My Princess, and Rooftop Prince. Dream High 1 got 17.2% of the viewing audience, which is remarkably lower than the previously mentioned series. Nevertheless, its splendid casting of “idol” singers as actors and actresses helped it gain a lot of popularity abroad. 2790 audiences voluntarily voted for Dream High 1. The lead actors were Su-ji (of MissA), Kim Soo-hyun, Tack-yeon (of 2PM), Eun-jung (of T-ara), Woo-young (of 2PM), IU, and Bae Yong-joon

My Princess also had world-renowned actors, Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee. Therefore it has got 2195 voluntary voters. Since it was popular abroad, it was able to, overcome its comparably low performance in Korea, which amounted to 15% of the viewing audience.

Rooftop Prince had Park Yoo-chun, a top Asian singer, in the lead role. He is very famous in China and Japan as a member of TVSQ. They are the countries importing Korean TV drama series. Even though Rooftop Prince recorded approximately 15% of the viewing audience in Korea (which is comparatively low), 1364 voters voted for Rooftop Prince.

The Moon Embracing The Sun and City Hunter are the most probable winners. According to statistics they were among the most popular series both in Korea and abroad. The Moon Embracing The Sun recorded an amazing 42% of the viewing audience. On AsianWiki, 3,150 participants voted for this drama. The Moon Embracing The Sun is a fictional drama about the poignant love story of a king of the Joseon Dynasty and a female shaman. The child actors’ performances drew a lot of attention, and the story touched all who watched it.

Like The Moon Embracing The Sun, City Hunter also performed very well both inside and outside of Korea. It recorded 18% of the viewing audience, which might not seem that good, but considering that another nominee, The Greatest Love, was broadcast in the very same time slot, its record is actually pretty good. In abroad, 9615 voters voted for this drama, which is a phenomenal number. This statistics say that there were more audiences interested in watching City Hunter than The Greatest Love, while they were competing with each other.

Of the 13 series competing, it seems that The Moon Embracing The Sun and City Hunter will face off in the final running. Still, there is some possibility that such other series as Rooftop Prince and Dream High may make a showing. It will be exciting to see the results. Lend your support to your favorite Korean TV drama series. Good luck to all nominees for Outstanding Korean TV Drama Series.