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E-Sens becomes the primary Korean rapper to unencumber an album from jail

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E-Sens becomes the primary Korean rapper to unencumber an album from jail

Controversial rapper E-Sens released his album "The Anecdote" for virtual download on August 27 (KST). The album can be released by means of physical album on August 28. According to reports, the album has initiated an unheard of pre-order list in the hip hop genre with 16,000 copies reserved.

Despite the perhaps occupation breaking headlines that E-Sens had faced because of his a couple of uses of marijuana, E-Sens persisted to attract in attention and anticipation. Currently, he's the primary Korean rapper to unencumber an album whilst being held in jail.

Pre-orders for "The Anecdote" started on August 10, instantly breaking list pre-order sales on Korea"s biggest online hip hop website "Hiphopplaya". The explosive quantity of pre-orders created one of these surge in online traffic that it temporarily led to the server to crash.

The album, consisting of 10 tracks in total, contains the unmarried "Back in Time" released remaining September at the side of nine other tracks. During the beyond few months, E-Sens has been freely liberating a large number of tracks online, yet the rest nine names from the tune list seems to be new and unreleased songs.

Currently, the virtual edition of E-Sens" "The Anecdote" is doing smartly at the music charts inside hours since its release. Get your hands at the highly expected album here!

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Tablo to take part in global hip hop task via American rapper Joey Bada$$ and Korean manufacturer Code Kunst

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to take part in global hip hop task via American rapper Joey Bada$$ and Korean 
manufacturer Code Kunst

Epik top"s Tablo is spreading his wings eveningAdditional at the hip-hop scene alongside his taking phase inA new hip hop assignment!

YG Entertainment mentioned, "Korean manufacturer Code KunstAnd Joey Bada$$ will paintings on an international hip-hop assignment, alongside Tablo showed to join in in the collaboration equally the rapper representing Korea."

Code Kunst isA hip-hop manufacturerAnd Joey Bada$$ is a tender rapper from Brooklyn, who has been rising in fame since a couple of years back for his solo mixtape.

The assignmentAlbum is slated for free up in August, so remain tuned!

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South Korean Rapper And Producer Brave Brothers Appears On U.S. Radio Show ‘The Quickfix’

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South Korean Rapper And Producer Brave Brothers Appears On U.S. Radio Show ‘The Quickfix’

(Photo : Brave Entertainment)

ProducerBrave Brothers appeared on a US radio show based in Los Angeles called "The Quickfix" on Wednesday.

"Brave Brothers made an appearance on a Los Angeles based radio show The Quickfix on June 16. This is the first time an Asian composer appeared on the show," read a statement from Brave Entertainment on Friday posted to the Korean news website OSEN.

During the show, American rapper Da Bum Keef G introduced Brave Brothers as "Korea"s number 1 producer" and they discussed about Brave Brother"s plans to enter the U.S. music market. Money-B, an American rapper, also joined the show.

Brave Brother"s plan to enter the U.S. market became public in December 2014 when it was revealed that he was producing an album with YG, an American rapper from California.

"As America has the biggest music market, we"ll use our best strategies to actively promote our work and become successful," added Brave Entertainment on Friday to the Korean news website OSEN.

Rapper Swings In Korean Augmentation To the United States Army On November 25th

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Rapper Swings In Korean Augmentation To the United States Army On November 25th

It is reported that rapper Swing has received his army enlistment on November 25th.

The news source revealed that Swings will enter intensive five-week training, and then the rapper will serve for 21 months in the Korean military.

Previously, the rapper has announced his enlistment on the November 22nd broadcast of “SNL Korea”. Moreover, via the personal Instagram account, Swing also left a heartfelt letter, describing how he felt when receiving summon from KATUSA (Korean Augmentation To the United States Army).

In his message, he wrote, “I’ve ran hard in the last seven years. I tried to not miss any opportunities that came to me.” He further commented, “I am just really worried that I won’t be able to help my family, friends, and colleague right beside them like I have done so far. I will be back after protecting our country, so please don’t forget about me.”

Earlier on November 21, Swings also released a single called “Be Right Back” ahead of his enlistment.

Review: Rapper Dok2's 'Oh Yeah (Feel Good)' Could Be The Hottest Beat In Korean Hip-Hop Right Now [AUDIO]

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Review: Rapper Dok2's 'Oh Yeah (Feel Good)' Could Be The Hottest Beat In Korean Hip-Hop Right Now [AUDIO] Not since Beenzino’s “Aqua Man” has a South Korean artist produced a beat with the crossover potential of Dok2’s “Oh Yeah (Feel Good).” Executives from the South Korean hip-hop label Illionaire Records knew what they were doing in releasing "Oh Yeah (Feel Good)," the new electrifying new single by rapper Dok2, on a Friday.

This song will get a party started immediately, no matter what language the crowd is speaking.

And while G-Dragon might be owning the Billboard K-pop charts right now, Dok2 is giving "Niliria," the Big Bang rapper's collaboration with hip-hop icon Missy Elliott, a run for its money as the hottest beat in Korean rap music right now.

Not since Beenzino's "Aqua Man" has a South Korean artist produced a beat with the crossover potential of Dok2's "Oh Yeah (Feel Good)."

Pick a rapper, any rapper--Jay-Z, Ghostface Killah, Common, Snoop, any of them would slay this beat.

Featuring the innovative cut-ups of Wu-Tang Clan rapper/producer the RZA, the melodic sped up sounds of a Kanye West production and the doo-wop samples of a classic Pete Rock beat, "Oh Yeah (Feel Good)" channels some of the best moments of East Coast hip-hop and jumbles them together to create a good old-fashioned dance floor banger.

Right from the opening strains of the chopped up intro, Dok2's new single ropes you in and keeps you there.

If you don't bob your head to this beat, you must have whiplash.

And if Dok2 doesn't knock it out of the park with the rhymes he delivers on the track, he hits a solid ground rule double.

In other words, it isn't the rapping that makes "Oh Yeah (Feel Good)" required listening for any Korean hip-hop fan, but it doesn't hurt.

As he drifts from machine gun rapping to a more laid back delivery, effortlessly slipping between English and Korean, Dok2 demonstrates he has the ability to hang with any of the best rappers in his native country.

But if he is going to be hitting us with beats like "Oh Yeah (Feel Good)" that are harder and more undeniably danceable than what American rap producers are creating on either coast, he is going to have to step up his game considerably.

With "Oh Yeah (Feel Good)" Dok2 is no longer competing with other South Korean rap artists, he's competing with the whole world.

Listen to "Oh Yeah (Feel Good)" from rapper Dok2 RIGHT HERE

Korean Rapper Swings Addresses Former Supreme Team Member Simon D, Others With 'New World'

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Swings, Simon D, E-Sens, Supreme Team, Amoeba Culture

Korean Rapper Swings Addresses Former Supreme Team Member Simon D, Others With 'New World' Swings Addresses Simon D, Others With New World Swings, the rapper who began the current K-hip-hop diss war that has been waging on for the past several days, has fired back yet again.

This time he not only addresses Simon D, who previously responded with "Control," but also makes remarks about songs from other Korean artists sharing their ideas about the climate of disrespect in the Korean hip-hop industry.

Swings begins by attacking the rapper an painting an image of him as a woman before diving into a comment on Simon D's allegations about JTONG and the sour relationship with E-Sens and his former label.

After a handful of other personal attacks directed at Simon D, Swings, in his own way, thanks to the passion of the artists involved in the diss battle for igniting a fire in him and starting something real and raw in the hip hop genre in Korea.

After many complaints from other artists that the scene was full of disrespectful rappers with no talent (following in Kendrick Lamar's footsteps), we are now getting a real glimpse at just what these rappers are made of - even if it is taking on a rather negative feel at the moment.

Listen to "New World" by Swings below and check out the full (translated) lyrics.

I'm not scared, this is just a chance

Is my life just a tag you can step on and flip over?

Behind the numerous failures behind the failure behind the preview of success

I started grinning because of Miss Ki-seok that appeared out of nowhere

You're my energy, like I'm going to kiss you

No, no, Miss Jung, should we just buy those heels?

How about pretty earrings, or a pink scarf?

You want a fur coat, a Hwang Jung Eum tint? This is already not a diss

I'm relaxed as a whistle and share kisses with my woman.

Why would I diss you? You're my lovely mistress

Should I spell it out for you in Korean? I'm gonna throw up, but you're the woman I'm having affairs with.

I castrated you, hurry up and give me your balls

I'm confiscating these, no, just shove them in your mouth.

You're calling me cruel? I just opened my notebook.

I wasn't going to diss you, really, not at all

But you said sh*t to the f*cking duck, yeah, Ugly Duck

And you even diss me on Twitter to cheer them on?

This isn't my fault, you just buried yourself

When you betrayed me, without thinking of my friends or family

You made me into a stupid idiot.

But now I'm the chaser, everything comes around.

This is a matter of punitive justice.

Also, you see.. I was so shocked, man

I understood at first even though you were a coward

Let's talk about facts, now, starting from JTONG

He came to the JM I run, right? Open your eyes.

The contract you talked about, it's the truth.

But we met and worked it out andfigured it out

The problem is after that, because you, TONG, and me

We were the same crew, under the name IK

You never complained to me,

But behind me you destroyed two people's relationship

You introduced him to a company,

And what you did when I cried and called you,

You couldn't say anything because you were so shocked and sorry

After that, we promised to meet up twice.

Once, you said you were busy, the second, you said you were sick

You made excuses and hid like a hyena behind your schedule

I left IK and starved for revenge

I was a mole, and I don't want to admit it, but my mental got destroyed

Fact 2, I saw TONG a few days ago, and saw him again the day before yesterday

Sens was there, too, and we drank together

He was worried I'd get kicked out of my company

He said, forget the past, come with me under my company

You really have no one, man, it's like you're alone

I was like that 3 years ago, but now it's a new morning

Checking the main point once again: TONG regrets the past?

If that's the truth, you're dissing him. F*cker, shut up.

Shut the f*ck up, don't sell friendship

You get rid of people who you don't need

Sens did that, but he never talked about you to me

The person who told me Sens' escape story about him getting betrayed was TONG

He said you were twisted, and he could be trusted

Let me ask you, why did Sens also leave the IK I left, hyung?

As soon as it happened, you stayed quiet

Something bothered you, so you called Sens yesterday?

This I heard from Sens himself

The essay you handed in is all mistakes... About D+

He said: I understand Kiseok-hyung, he's been a girl

I was more disappointed than angry, but you do this to me

In one word, you're a b*tch, but he defended you.

Since I said this much, let me fill up my magazine

The thing I did on Show Me The Money was the nothing?

As soon as I saw that, I stopped and laughed loudly

I saw TV a few years ago while I was playing pool

Simon D was wearing a pink ballerina outfit

I showed them pure 100% hip hop

Everyone, ask yourself - what was more useless?

You always stuff yourself into skinny jeans on top of your bed, struggling.

You still want to be called hyung?

I'm not gonna cut off your dick, it's already squished between your legs..

Ah, there was this, right? #1 on Naver selling you

When Black Swan 2 comes out, you're contracted for a side role, right?

Since we're talking contracts, now let's talk.

I'm good with life, I have more events than you.

Yesterday, I rapped at your homeplace, "F*CK SSAM-D!"

They all cheered like Park Ji Sung scored, see?

Everyone recognizes the real,they recognize real

Now I'm the Big Mac, you're the sultryhappy meal

Your rap really sucks, this is the first fact

And the pact in your purse is the fourth

Thanks for making me alive, let's make up and sleep in each other's arms

Tomorrow morning when I wake up, you'll be squished to death

I didn't do it on purpose, but yeah, I'm a pig

You always dissed underground hip hop,

But you came to the Just Jam performance to see tits

You accidentally admitted in your lyrics that you like man tits

I hope you work it out with Sens, you're just trying to stick out

You stayed up all night ripping up 100 lyrics, and barely made it

It's already my 3rddiss track f*ck f*ckin respect

I'm not gonna exaggerate, I loved IK, dickhead

Who's now left, remember it was you, leader

I lost a lot, too, but you lost Swings

Who's now left, remember it was you, leader

I lost a lot, too, but you lost Swings

Hwang Jung Min, I respect you, teacher

I only thought of the character Jung Chung

And the title 'Hwang Jung Min'

Was to represent the director and actor inside the song

If you were disappointed, don't misunderstand.

I'm not an angel, but I'm also not the satan

Also I feel responsible to the public

Let me talk about hip hop

When did this culture start getting misunderstood? It's sad

Even though Picasso was normal, like his paintings,

I just film my twisted emotions, point of view, feelings,

anger, and lonelinesswithoutediting

I look scary and dirty? That was my goal

You already heard it; the crazy voice

And my music has darkness, and the opposing warmth that'll make you feel different

They exist at the same time, and I think of myself as water

Innocent children swim in my waves,

But according to the weather, I can drown someone

As I said before, I want to think of this as a chance

If I fail here, this culture will turn again to the bad side

And we're going to fall to street thugs

My pride won't let that happen

Any musician, if you agree with me, call me

Everyone, including me, is just a tool

No matter what anyone says, I'm going to go my way.

Korean Rapper Simon D Fails to Follow CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa's Banana Diet

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Korean Rapper Simon D Fails to Follow CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa's Banana Diet

Simon D,known as a rapper in the formerhip-hop duo, Supreme Team, recently shared that he tried doing CNBLUE Yonghwa's banana diet but failed to follow its steps.

Last August 17th, Simon D said on his tweets, "I wanted to follow Yonghwa and try out his banana diet from 2 or so years ago, so I just drank water and ate bananas. But it was too delicious, so I ate 6-7 bananas at a time and gained more weight. I was trying to diet."

He also added, "This is from 2 years ago too. My friend said he'd send me packed lunches for a diet, and I thought it wouldn't taste good at all. But it was so good that I ate a week's worth in 3 days and gained more weight."

Fans who read his tweets gave their comments, "I'm the same way," "The banana diet is hard to do," and "Simon D is so cute!"

Foods are very tempting, many can relate on failed diets. But Simon D still looks adorable, doesn't he?

Korean rapper Psy to Return to the US Next Month

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Korean rapper Psy to Return to the US Next Month

The latest Youtube sensation Korean rapper Psy has returned home from the US.

Speaking with the media, he says lots of good things look likely to happen to him in collaboration with US producers.

During the U.S. visit, Psy met with Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun.

The K-pop singer was reportedly offered a chance to release his hit single "Gangnam Style" in the United States.

The singer whose Korean name is Park Jae-sang said nothing has been decided yet.

His agency, YG Entertainment, said the 35-year-old singer will visit the U.S. again early next month as soon as he finishes already scheduled appearances in Korea.

Psy's hit song "Gangnam Style" has generated rave reviews around the world for its music video that has gone viral on the Web.

It has maintained the top spot for four weeks on Billboard's K-pop Hot 100 chart.

The music video has gotten more than 55 million views on YouTube and topped the U.S. iTunes music video chart, beating out Bieber, on Tuesday.

Korean-American rapper Goni releases MV for “To Me”

News via
Korean-American rapper Goni releases MV for “To Me”

Rising Korean-American rapper Goni has just unveiled his very first music video!

Though Goni is known for brighter tracks like Dont Trust Me, his new release To Me is heavy with lyrics that speak from his heart. Using a track produced by Jin N Juice Music, Goni tells a personal story of a man whos besieged by the pains of indifference, high expectations, and his own insecurities.

Goni explains, I wrote this song with the idea of writing a letter to myself, trying to vent out all the things that were bothering me at the time. Like his lyrics, Gonis video (shot by Jin Steve) is stark and raw, effectively carrying the message that sometimes we find ourselves wandering alone in the dark without any direction.

If youre interested to hear more from this up-and-coming rapper, check in with his Twitter and Facebook page.

Soompi Says: Korean vs. American K-Pop Concerts

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Soompi Says: Korean vs. American K-Pop Concertsharmonicar November 23, 2015 0 LINE it!Soompi Says: Korean vs. American K-Pop Concerts Concert season is speedycoming near in Seoul, whilstin contemporary times in the U.S. there has been a stableflow of K-pop teams coming to excursion stateside.

Here at Soompi, we’re no strangers to the concert grind regardless that our K-pop concert enjoy has generally been separated by way ofanything called the Pacific Ocean. Recently, our workforce OK, handiest3folksgot herein combination to chat about precisely what the variations are between K-pop concerts in the U.S. and Korea.

Believe it or not, there are reasonablyloads of differences that we discovered to be rather sudden from the ticketing procedure to concert day itself. We’ll also speak about INFINITE’s faces (OK, perhaps alone I’ll do that).

To get started with, how qualified are you to discuss about concerts?Monica (harmonicar): Man, we want tocommence alongside qualifications?? OK, so beautiful much I’ve lived in Korea for three years and all overthat point I’ve observednumerous concerts, like, a lot. I in the beginningpurchased a price tage bookthat maygrasp like, one hundred tickets and I… may… have… almost… filled… it….

Jenny (benightedxflame): Total judgement.

Courtney (knims): Side-eyeing you correct now.

Monica: Y U DO DIS TO ME JENNY. Courtney, you went with me so

Jenny: Wait, so fundamentally you lot spent a 3rd of your time in Korea attending concerts? Not gonna lie, this is THE LIFE.

Monica: I WORKED, OK? Yet haven’t you long goneto loveso much of concerts in the U.S. too?  I appearto endure in mind you telling me you saw VIXX. More than one times.

Courtney: To be fair, it’s depravedsimpleto wait concerts when you’re in Korea.

Jenny: OKAY, so I would possibly or would in all probability not accept (totally have) visible VIXX each and everyunmarried fourth dimension they came to the U.S. I duvetmany of U.S. concerts for Soompi, so I might order that I’ve been to maybe 80% of idol groups’ tours in the U.S. since 2010. And its fairly astounding you wouldnt believe how much the scene has changed, just in thebeyond few years. Concerts in the U.S. for K-pop were pretty infrequenta couple of years ago, but there turns out to be one or occasionally eve more one each calendar month or so. Earlier than 2011, maximum artists just attended gala's in Los Angeles and glued to the West Coast for minor performances, but now you've got artists like B1A4 appearing solo in Dallas. Still, organizers are pretty selective in getting artists to tour the U.S., but I’d thinkfolksgetsto look their favorites more continuously in Korea?

Courtney: Definitely! When I used to be in Korea for just a few years I saw BEAST like 30 times but I’ve only considered them in the states once. For the past two years I’ve been seeing concerts in the U.S. (mainly West Coast), so I’ve played the ticketing game in either countries. In the end, seeing concerts in Korea is such a lotmore straightforward (when you are living in Seoul) so I went to plenty of more than a few groups’ solo concerts and while I’ll also pass to random groups in the U.S., I need to bea bit of more selective because tickets here are expensive. When I opt for work, I’ll see any personbut if 1in realitysign up for the ticketing game it’s just for groups I truly honey (mainly BTS, in conjunction withthe remainder of North America).

Monica: Personally, I’ve never been to a K-pop concert in the U.S. so I’m no longer exactly certain what the activity is like. Most groups preservea minimum of one solo concert once a year, and regularly times there can be smaller appearances at festivals or “collective” concerts like Dream Concert interspersed at some point of the year. Upload that in your idol actively selling and you’ll be ready to see them multiple times a year on stage.

Courtney: Yeah, Korea loves having smaller concerts featuring a number of artists for random reasons like university festivals, brand-sponsored events, church events, tourism-related festivals. You'll win tickets, go for loose equally a foreigner, or maybe but pay an affordable $50 to see up to ten acts in one night! Sure, the U.S. has the KTMF at Hollywood Bowl and KCON but the ones volition set you back as a minimum $200 for quality seats if you could become the quality seats!

Jenny: Wow, it’s pretty wild to think that you will see that your bias community in usereach month or so in Korea. Very few artists have had more than one solo tour in the U.S. For example, I like INFINITE, and I haven’t seen them since they toured in 2013, and wont get every otherprobability to till next January.

Monica: Yep, in contrast, I’ll be capable of catch them while I’m here since, although I’m only here for three months, they’ll be making an appearance at the Pepsi Concert in December.

Jenny: I truly precisely visited Korea for the primary time final month thanks to KOFICE, and had the opportunity to catch iKON’s first debut concert live. For a debut concert, it used to be A LOT of people. I know in the U.S. concerts, even more veteran artists are most commonly confined to smaller spaces that seat a few thousand individuals then the concert itself feels more intimate, but iKON brought in, what, 15,000 people? I believe like I say this a lot, but, that’s crazy.

Monica: LiterallyI believe the concert venues in Korea at the instant are smaller than in comparison to the U.S.? Where you saw iKON, Olympic Gymnastic Stadium, is currently regarded asthe largest concert venue in Korea; if an artist does a concert there they’re taken into consideration to have “made it.” It’s definitely smaller than say Madison Square Lawn or the Staples Center, maybe two-thirds the size?

Jenny: Well, the last act that conducted at Madison Square Garden changed into SMTOWN NYC back in 2011. DJ DOC, COOL and a few older artists done there this September, but rather than that, groups sometimes go for the smaller Very bestPurchase Theater when they’re performing in New York. Groups definitely dont opt for the huge, all-out venues.

Courtney: Most of the groups that come here on tour hit up smaller venues for example at the West Coast, Club Nokia (LA) and the Warfield Theater (SF) are favourite stops and they just seat 2,300 americans each. In Korea, we’re speaking Olympic arenas!! But, it’s also vitalto noticethat during Korea the general public displacecommute to Seoul pretty effortlessly to see their faves even from the farthest point south it’s a five hour, kind of $40 bus ride tops. In the U.S., the target market is so a lot more spread out and flights are very much now not cheap.

Monica: Interesting, I haven’t really been to concerts in the U.S. so I really can’t say, but in general the venues in Korea feel much smaller in comparison to the venues I’ve been in in Japan or Taiwan.

Courtney: Oh! Some other interesting thing is the superiority of “mystery” concerts in the U.S. For example, yearly the KTMF Hollywood Bowl tickets go on sale before the lineup is announced. Lovers who needthe most efficient seats have to shop for earlier they really know who’s attending. We also had one more concert this past year that sold tickets before the lineup was announced I ponder whetherthis is avogue that the U.S. may well be moving towards? I can’t believe Korea having mystery concerts…

Monica: Yeah Korea doesn’t really do mystery concerts. I feel like it’s because fans are so in-the-know that there wouldn’t really be a mystery, they’d figure it out right away.

Jenny: Never querythe ability of the netizens.

So, I'm hoping we’ve convinced you that we know what we’re talking about and that you could trust us. In portions two and 3 of this series, we’ll go more in-depth into the process of ticketing and then the true concert experience!

How many concerts have you been to? Do you have any questions you’d like us to cope with in the impending parts?Courtney (knims) is situated in the San Francisco place of work and desperately anticipating a BEAST North American tour. In the meantime, she’s seeing a lot of BTS and isn’t complaining about it. Shes also captivated with gifs.

Monica (harmonicar) is located in the Seoul office, and is a former instructor who once taught at CNBLUEs Yonghwas primefaculty in Busan. She is an avid Endless fan, and was once served beer by Sungyeol in Seoul.

Jenny (benightedxflame) is all over the place the East Coast going to concerts (particularly VIXXs), and wishing she was a a section of the Running Guy cast. 

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