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Lets get to know the first Korean Pregnant Woman suffering Mers disease after she tried not to take the test multiple times

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First Pregnant Woman in Korea Diagnosed with MERS Claims She Was Denied Testing Several Times It is the first time a pregnant woman has been diagnosed with MERS in Korea, and she claims that she was denied testing several times.

According to YTN, a parturient patient in her 40s named Ms. Lee was diagnosed with MERS on June 1. Ms. Lee, who was expecting to deliver this month, caught the virus after visiting her sick mother on May 27 at the emergency room of Samsung Seoul Hospital, where the 14th patient diagnosed with MERS had been receiving treatment.

Ms. Lee’s mother and father have been diagnosed with MERS, and she contracted the virus as well despite only staying in the hospital for approximately an hour. Medical personnel are having difficulties in approaching Ms. Lees treatment as this is their first time dealing with a MERS patient who is pregnant. MERS is a disease without a direct cure, so while only symptoms can be treated, personnel are wary of administering drugs to Ms. Lee given her pregnant state.

According to YTN, Ms. Lee requested testing for MERS several times because she was experiencing severe muscle pains and minor difficulties in breathing. She claims that just because she did not have a fever, the hospital refused to test her.

Meanwhile, there are no specific studies on how MERS affects fetuses. There are, however, a few bleak cases from the Middle East. In 2012, a pregnant woman infected with MERS in Jordan had a stillbirth five months into her pregnancy. In the United Arab Emirates in 2013, a pregnant woman with MERS managed to give birth to a healthy child but died afterwards.

What This Korean Guy Does to His 9-Month Pregnant Wife Is Ridiculous

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What This Korean Guy Does to His 9-Month Pregnant Wife Is Ridiculous

The March 30 episode of “Hello Counselor,” a show that attempts to give advice to people with all types of crazy concerns, introduces one women in her ninth month of pregnancy, who has a serious, almost life-threatening concern about her husband.

The woman, currently in her last month of pregnancy, is sincerely worried about her husband, whose incessant playfulness is quite frankly, not welcome, and often dangerous, especially given that she is in her last month of pregnancy. She says, “He passes gas in my face, and when I was doing yoga, with one month left until childbirth, he grabbed my legs and held me up in a handstand.”

Clearly indicating that these are not mere isolated incidents, the wife says, “This will end up being the death of me.”

The husband, who is sitting in the audience, says that he doesnt think hes bothering his wife, and that its his way of showing affection. Jung Chan Woo, one of the hosts, responds, But shes bearing a child.

Im showing affection to the child, too, says the husband.

He explains that he saw in a prenatal book about the orientation of a child facilitating childbirth, so he thought a handstand would be the solution. I was holding on tight, so I didnt think it was dangerous, he says. Needless to say, the husband has an explanation for everything. When asked why he lost his grip on his wifes legs, he says he slipped.

Clearly he wasnt holding on tight enough.

Baek Ji Young, who is a guest for this episode alongside Ga In, Song Yu Bin, and Huh Gak, jumps in, saying that its something you shouldnt do because things can go wrong.

Prompted by the hosts as to why he didnt apologize, the husband simply states, I didnt think it was that serious.

Baek Ji Young lets out a sigh and pats the wife on the back

The stubbornness doesnt stop there. Jung Chan Woo asks, What if there was a miscarriage? to which the husband states he thinks growing up tough in the womb is a good thing, and thats how he was raised.

Both the wifes and the husbands mothers also make an appearance on the show, and reveal that they had no idea about the husband, saying that hes usually very considerate, caring, and quiet. They express their disappointment in their son-in-law and son, respectively, saying that they dont understand why he would do such a thing.

The husbands twin, who also makes an appearance, even goes so far as to say Im embarrassed to have been born with you.

Love Is Love, But What This Korean Guy Does for His Children Is Disgusting

The Korean Chicken Craze Is Real; This Is as Obsessed as You Can Possibly Get

Soompi Says: Korean vs. American K-Pop Concerts

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Soompi Says: Korean vs. American K-Pop Concertsharmonicar November 23, 2015 0 LINE it!Soompi Says: Korean vs. American K-Pop Concerts Concert season is speedycoming near in Seoul, whilstin contemporary times in the U.S. there has been a stableflow of K-pop teams coming to excursion stateside.

Here at Soompi, we’re no strangers to the concert grind regardless that our K-pop concert enjoy has generally been separated by way ofanything called the Pacific Ocean. Recently, our workforce OK, handiest3folksgot herein combination to chat about precisely what the variations are between K-pop concerts in the U.S. and Korea.

Believe it or not, there are reasonablyloads of differences that we discovered to be rather sudden from the ticketing procedure to concert day itself. We’ll also speak about INFINITE’s faces (OK, perhaps alone I’ll do that).

To get started with, how qualified are you to discuss about concerts?Monica (harmonicar): Man, we want tocommence alongside qualifications?? OK, so beautiful much I’ve lived in Korea for three years and all overthat point I’ve observednumerous concerts, like, a lot. I in the beginningpurchased a price tage bookthat maygrasp like, one hundred tickets and I… may… have… almost… filled… it….

Jenny (benightedxflame): Total judgement.

Courtney (knims): Side-eyeing you correct now.

Monica: Y U DO DIS TO ME JENNY. Courtney, you went with me so

Jenny: Wait, so fundamentally you lot spent a 3rd of your time in Korea attending concerts? Not gonna lie, this is THE LIFE.

Monica: I WORKED, OK? Yet haven’t you long goneto loveso much of concerts in the U.S. too?  I appearto endure in mind you telling me you saw VIXX. More than one times.

Courtney: To be fair, it’s depravedsimpleto wait concerts when you’re in Korea.

Jenny: OKAY, so I would possibly or would in all probability not accept (totally have) visible VIXX each and everyunmarried fourth dimension they came to the U.S. I duvetmany of U.S. concerts for Soompi, so I might order that I’ve been to maybe 80% of idol groups’ tours in the U.S. since 2010. And its fairly astounding you wouldnt believe how much the scene has changed, just in thebeyond few years. Concerts in the U.S. for K-pop were pretty infrequenta couple of years ago, but there turns out to be one or occasionally eve more one each calendar month or so. Earlier than 2011, maximum artists just attended gala's in Los Angeles and glued to the West Coast for minor performances, but now you've got artists like B1A4 appearing solo in Dallas. Still, organizers are pretty selective in getting artists to tour the U.S., but I’d thinkfolksgetsto look their favorites more continuously in Korea?

Courtney: Definitely! When I used to be in Korea for just a few years I saw BEAST like 30 times but I’ve only considered them in the states once. For the past two years I’ve been seeing concerts in the U.S. (mainly West Coast), so I’ve played the ticketing game in either countries. In the end, seeing concerts in Korea is such a lotmore straightforward (when you are living in Seoul) so I went to plenty of more than a few groups’ solo concerts and while I’ll also pass to random groups in the U.S., I need to bea bit of more selective because tickets here are expensive. When I opt for work, I’ll see any personbut if 1in realitysign up for the ticketing game it’s just for groups I truly honey (mainly BTS, in conjunction withthe remainder of North America).

Monica: Personally, I’ve never been to a K-pop concert in the U.S. so I’m no longer exactly certain what the activity is like. Most groups preservea minimum of one solo concert once a year, and regularly times there can be smaller appearances at festivals or “collective” concerts like Dream Concert interspersed at some point of the year. Upload that in your idol actively selling and you’ll be ready to see them multiple times a year on stage.

Courtney: Yeah, Korea loves having smaller concerts featuring a number of artists for random reasons like university festivals, brand-sponsored events, church events, tourism-related festivals. You'll win tickets, go for loose equally a foreigner, or maybe but pay an affordable $50 to see up to ten acts in one night! Sure, the U.S. has the KTMF at Hollywood Bowl and KCON but the ones volition set you back as a minimum $200 for quality seats if you could become the quality seats!

Jenny: Wow, it’s pretty wild to think that you will see that your bias community in usereach month or so in Korea. Very few artists have had more than one solo tour in the U.S. For example, I like INFINITE, and I haven’t seen them since they toured in 2013, and wont get every otherprobability to till next January.

Monica: Yep, in contrast, I’ll be capable of catch them while I’m here since, although I’m only here for three months, they’ll be making an appearance at the Pepsi Concert in December.

Jenny: I truly precisely visited Korea for the primary time final month thanks to KOFICE, and had the opportunity to catch iKON’s first debut concert live. For a debut concert, it used to be A LOT of people. I know in the U.S. concerts, even more veteran artists are most commonly confined to smaller spaces that seat a few thousand individuals then the concert itself feels more intimate, but iKON brought in, what, 15,000 people? I believe like I say this a lot, but, that’s crazy.

Monica: LiterallyI believe the concert venues in Korea at the instant are smaller than in comparison to the U.S.? Where you saw iKON, Olympic Gymnastic Stadium, is currently regarded asthe largest concert venue in Korea; if an artist does a concert there they’re taken into consideration to have “made it.” It’s definitely smaller than say Madison Square Lawn or the Staples Center, maybe two-thirds the size?

Jenny: Well, the last act that conducted at Madison Square Garden changed into SMTOWN NYC back in 2011. DJ DOC, COOL and a few older artists done there this September, but rather than that, groups sometimes go for the smaller Very bestPurchase Theater when they’re performing in New York. Groups definitely dont opt for the huge, all-out venues.

Courtney: Most of the groups that come here on tour hit up smaller venues for example at the West Coast, Club Nokia (LA) and the Warfield Theater (SF) are favourite stops and they just seat 2,300 americans each. In Korea, we’re speaking Olympic arenas!! But, it’s also vitalto noticethat during Korea the general public displacecommute to Seoul pretty effortlessly to see their faves even from the farthest point south it’s a five hour, kind of $40 bus ride tops. In the U.S., the target market is so a lot more spread out and flights are very much now not cheap.

Monica: Interesting, I haven’t really been to concerts in the U.S. so I really can’t say, but in general the venues in Korea feel much smaller in comparison to the venues I’ve been in in Japan or Taiwan.

Courtney: Oh! Some other interesting thing is the superiority of “mystery” concerts in the U.S. For example, yearly the KTMF Hollywood Bowl tickets go on sale before the lineup is announced. Lovers who needthe most efficient seats have to shop for earlier they really know who’s attending. We also had one more concert this past year that sold tickets before the lineup was announced I ponder whetherthis is avogue that the U.S. may well be moving towards? I can’t believe Korea having mystery concerts…

Monica: Yeah Korea doesn’t really do mystery concerts. I feel like it’s because fans are so in-the-know that there wouldn’t really be a mystery, they’d figure it out right away.

Jenny: Never querythe ability of the netizens.

So, I'm hoping we’ve convinced you that we know what we’re talking about and that you could trust us. In portions two and 3 of this series, we’ll go more in-depth into the process of ticketing and then the true concert experience!

How many concerts have you been to? Do you have any questions you’d like us to cope with in the impending parts?Courtney (knims) is situated in the San Francisco place of work and desperately anticipating a BEAST North American tour. In the meantime, she’s seeing a lot of BTS and isn’t complaining about it. Shes also captivated with gifs.

Monica (harmonicar) is located in the Seoul office, and is a former instructor who once taught at CNBLUEs Yonghwas primefaculty in Busan. She is an avid Endless fan, and was once served beer by Sungyeol in Seoul.

Jenny (benightedxflame) is all over the place the East Coast going to concerts (particularly VIXXs), and wishing she was a a section of the Running Guy cast. 

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Actress Han Ga In Printed to Be five Months Pregnant

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Actress Han Ga In Revealed to Be 5 Months Pregnant According to a remark from the family’s representative, actress Han Ga In and her husband Yeon Jung Hoon are looking ahead to a child!

On November 23, a BH Entertainment representative stated, “Han Ga In is 19 weeks pregnant. At five months, here is her 2nd pregnancy since getting married 10 years ago in 2005.”

The representative continued, “The circle of relatives is terribly happy. Han Ga In is being wary with her health, even abstaining from going outside, and is making an effort with prenatal education.”

Han Ga In prior to now announced that she used to be pregnant with her first kid in April 2014; however, she unfortunately suffered a miscarriage handiest a couple of weeks later.

Congratulations to the glad couple!

Han Ga In finds that she's five months pregnant!

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Han Ga In finds that she's five months pregnant!

Gorgeous actress Han Ga In is 5 months pregnant!

Her label BH Entertainment revealed, "We would like to percentage satisfied news about an very good gift actress Han Ga In has. As reported previous in the morning, a new existence has come to the Han Ga In-Yeon Jung Hoon couple. She is lately 19 weeks pregnant and is beginning her 5th month. Her circle of relatives is more than pleased and making ready to greet the recent life. She"ll be taking a ruin for her kid and can be that specialize in her pregnancy. We thank lovers for the affection and passion to the Han Ga In-Yeon Jung Hoon couple, and we ask for numerous blessings so the kid may also be born healthily. Thank you."

Congratulations to the couple!

Viral Korean student plays 'Hello' at 'The Ellen Show'

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Viral Korean student plays 'Hello' at 'The Ellen Show'

The Korean feminine student who has been wowing audience with her quilt of Adele"s "Hello" has after all stepped and conducted at "The Ellen Show".

Lydia Lee is garnering attention after her canopy has long gone viral on social media impressing every person who watches her awesome performance. The fashioned video is now over 12 million perspectives on Youtube.

It has been two weeks yet she has now getting global attention and she indisputably merits it. Watch her functionality at "The Ellen Show" where she even got here in her uniform. Lydia Lee is a student from Seoul Tune high school and viewers are even more inspired that she speaks fluent English.

Five of the maximum captivating and Romantic Male Leads in Korean Dramas This Year

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Five of the Most Charming and Romantic Male Leads in Korean Dramas This Year Many actors have made headlines for their charming and romantic roles in quite so much of popular dramas this year. take a glance at one of the crucial actors beneath who were in a position to catch the hearts of loads of fans!

Ryu Joon Yeol from tvN’s “Reply 1988” has earned himself the name of ‘the boy who makes girls’ hearts beat like they'll die.’ He plays a first-rate lead in the drama as Jung Hwan and is recently receiving numerous fame and love for his charismatic character. Being pals since they were little, Duk Sun, played through Hyeri, and Jung Hwan are at all times observed arguing with each and every other like siblings. However, when the 2 hastily get stuck in an alleyway together, Jung Hwan starts to shape an adorable, one-sided overwhelm on his long-time friend Duk Sun and starts to look her as a lady for the primary time. at the episode that aired on November 14, many audience fell in love with Jung Hwan’s manly aspect when he secure Duk Sun from the entire other folks pushing her around on a moving bus. Viewers commented on the scene saying, “This is crazy,” “I am at a loss for words,” and “So romantic.” ranging from Jung Hwan and Duk Sun’s first awkward, lovable ‘skin-ship’ scene in the alleyway to the scene where Jung Hwan’s incredibly romantic and manly facet is shown on the bus, Ryu Joon Yeol has indubitably done the process of grabbing the eye of many feminine viewers.

Park Seo Joon from MBC’s “She used to be Pretty,” has also recently gained many of love for his absolute best representation of the nature Ji Sung Joon. Many women may now not assist yet fall in love with the vice president of ‘Most’ magazine, a persona who acts stern and strict in public but is in reality, an innocent, candy cutie. thru “She Changed into Pretty,” which recently got here to an end, Park Seo Joon was capable of upward push prime in his prestige as an actor after 4 years since his debut. He acquired a wonderful amount of popularity acting as the 1st love of Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and as the chic, manly romanticist of Ji Sung Joon. The drama was a wide luck with a high viewers score of 16.7 percent. because of the huge fulfillment of his outdated drama “Kill Me Heal Me,” Park Seo Joon is now being called the ‘King of Romantic Comedies.”

Watch “She Was Pretty” here at Viki.

Lee Sang Yoon, who played Cha Hyun Suk, Ha No Ra’s high college classmate in addition her present faculty professor, in tvN’s “Twenty Again,” also gained much reputation from female fanatics by way of this drama. Cha Hyun Suk, who is terribly pro in his house of work, becomes an immature teen on each occasion he's with his first love, Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo). He acts mean and pissed off when Ha No Ra is around but is continually highly affectionate and worrying in opposition to her through small movements he does for her without her knowing. This romantic and comedic side to Cha Hyun Suk has made many viewers’ hearts melt. Lee Sang Yoon was already highly regarded as an actor because of the his super instructional background, just right looks, and tall height. However, throughout the drama “Twenty Again,” he was ready to also get keep of the title of ‘King of Romantic Comedy.’ In an interview, Lee Sang Yoon said, “I was able to turn viewers a more comedic, mild side of me through this drama. It was anything they have got not visible before.”

Lee Dong Wook from tvN’s new drama, “Bubble Gum,” may be currently receiving much of love for his romantic courting with Jung Ryeo Won in the drama. The two characters they play were visitors since they were little till they slowly start to sort a more romantic, blameless relationship. The drama is hence about a romance that paperwork between two top peers and Lee Dong Wook plays the very best boyfriend that everybody needs for. Especially on the episode that aired on November 17, Lee Dong Wook grabbed at fans’ heartstrings when he acknowledged to Jung Ryeo Won, “I am the happiest user when i'm with you,” appropriate sooner than he went in for a horny kiss.

After two years since his remaining drama, So Ji Sub has returned through the latest drama on the list, “Oh My Venus.” Only after two episodes, So Ji Sub was able to gain much attention and love through his character’s caring and cool charms. Acting as the sector noted fitness trainer, Kim Young Ho, So Ji Sub acts as the ideal guy as he incessantly is helping Kang Joo Eun, played by Shin Min Ah, in different sticky situations. Many fans were especially completely happy throughout a scene when Kim Young Ho supports out a surprised Kang Joo Eun, who had fallen to the ground after she came upon her boyfriend with every other woman at a hotel. In this actual scene, Kim Young Ho helps Kang Joo Eun up and grabs her by the waist, making many fans swoon.

Watch “Oh My Venus” here at Viki.

Who was your favourite male lead in a Korean drama this year?

Video Added Korean drama 'The Secret Message' episodes 8 to 10

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Video Added Korean drama 'The Secret Message' episodes 8 to 10

Added episodes 8 to ten for the Korean drama "The Secret Message"

"The Secret Message" (2015) Directed through Park Myeong-cheon, Yoo Dae-eol Written by Kang Gi-hwa-I, Kim Hye-ji-III, Sim Eun-jeong, Sin Hee-kyeong Network : NAVER tvcast With Choi Seung-hyeon, Juri Ueno, Yoo In-na, Lee Jae-yoon-I, Shin Won-ho, Kim Kang-hyeon,... 18 episodes Synopsis About a Korean guy who had to reside a other life. Woo-hyeon and a Jap lady named Haruka are attracted to discuss with a new love tale and triumph over the pain of first love. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/11/02

Note : because of licensing, videos won't be to be had to your country

Upcoming Korean drama 'Hello, My Precious'

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Upcoming Korean drama 'Hello, My Precious'

Added the impending Korean drama "Hello, My Precious""s page to HanCinema database"Hello, My Precious" (2016)Directed by way of Sin Yoon-seobWritten by Noh Hye-yeongNetwork : SBSWith Rain, Kang So-ra, Kim Soo-ro,...16 episodesSynopsisBased on an fashioned eastern human comedy novel "7 Days of Tsubakiyama" by Asada Jiro, about a guy who doesn"t know he"s dead, coming back alive and mingling with other people he didn"t know sooner than and accepting death.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/03

Upcoming Korean drama 'Happy finishing Once Again'

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Upcoming Korean drama 'Happy finishing Once Again'

Added the approaching Korean drama "Happy finishing Once Again""s page to HanCinema database"Happy Ending Once Again" (2015)Directed through Kwon Seong-changWritten by Heo Seong-heeNetwork : MBCWith Jeong Kyeong-ho, Jang Nara,...Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisAt times like this when getting divorced and remarried isn't a large deal, ladies and men who wish to be at liberty once again get married, divorced and remarried.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/01