Korean movies opening today 2017/05/25 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2017/05/25 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2017/05/25 in Korea “Just for You”, “Biting Fly” and documentaries “Our President” and “Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang”

Directed by Park Byoung-hwan

With Tim, Son Ha-jung, Cha Soo-bin, Choi Jong-nam, Park Seon-woong, Han Hyeon-ah,…

A road movie about young people who heal their wounds from love through busking in the streets of Vietnam.

Directed by Ahn Cheol-ho

With Kim Jin-woo, Jeong In-gi, Lee Yeon-doo, Kim Hee-jeong, Lee Kyoung-young-I, Min Seong-wook,…

The movie is about victims of a systemized fraud tracking down the scammers.

Directed by Lee Chang-jae

In 2002, the Millennium Democratic Party elects the first presidential candidate by introducing a popular election system. While politicians like Ki Ra-seong have joined the election, Roh Moo-hyun the very last candidate with only 2% approval, throws in his hat. This is the story of a nation and the nation he led.

“Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang” (2016)

“We’ve never been embarassed of our performance here and there”.

Kazahstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Moscow…

The day ‘Koryo Theater’ came around was a party for those spread out all over the world. They cried for joy as if reuniting with their long lost families.

Bang Tarama, born between a Russian mother and a Koryo father, had a beautiful voice. Lee Ham-deok is the queen of the stage as she managed to play 100 characters.

The two divas live a life that’s like a stage in the middle of Siberia!


Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang