Korean movies opening today 2017/04/20

Korean movies opening today 2017/04/20

Korean movies opening today 2017/04/20 in Korea “Earthworm”, documentaries “The Plan – Documentary”, “Marianne and Margaret” and “Friend’s Mother 2017 : The Day My Friend Wasn’t Home”

Directed by Yoon Hak-yeol

With Kim Jeong-gyoon, Oh Ye-seol, Hwang Do-won, Kim Jong-won, Lee Cheol-hee, Kim Saet-byeol,…

My daughter Jaya! Sorry I couldn’t protect you!

Won-seul (Kim Jeong-gyoon) who suffers from cerebral palsy has a daughter named Ja-ya (Oh Ye-seol). She was the victim of school violence, bullying as well as rape, and she chose death. Won-seul struggles to reveal the truth about her death but he feels helpless at the truth of our society today. Won-seul decides to take revenge on society…

“The Plan – Documentary” (2017)

Directed by Choi Jin-seong

Where did the one vote go? Reveal the mystery the 2012 elections left behind!

Let’s look back at the 18th presidential vote.

The 13,500 ballot boxes were taken to 251 ballot count locations and were sorted by 1,300 automatic ballot openers. The chairman announced the sorted data and soon it was announced to the public. But something strange happened. The 251 ballot count locations found ‘a number’ that have the same pattern. Scientists, mathematicians, statistician and hackers from all over the country start looking into the secret of ‘this number’.

The result is tremendously shocking…

“Marianne and Margaret” (2017)

Directed by Yoon Se-yeong

There was love in Sorok Island, the island of misconception and prejudice.

A letter arrives in every house on Sorok Island on the 23rd of November 2005. The letter read the last words of two nurses.

“Being old means not being able to work well and saying goodbye…”

These women who came to the island in their 20s left just like that…

Marianna and Margaret are two angels who took care of leprosy patients for 43 years.

We take a look back at these two people’s love for 43 years.

“Friend’s Mother 2017 : The Day My Friend Wasn’t Home” (2017)

Shinsuke’s mother is too young and sexy to be someone’s mother. Masao has been in love with her for 5 years since the day he met her. His love is growing and so is his passion. While Shinsuke isn’t home, Masao decides to confess his feelings to his mother…


Friend’s Mother 2017 : The Day My Friend Wasn’t Home