Taeyeon To Movie Episode For Chinese Edition Of 'Please Deal with My Refrigerator'

Taeyeon To Movie Episode For Chinese Edition Of 'Please Deal with My Refrigerator'

(Photo : Facebook)Girls' Generation singer Kim Taeyeon is going to seem as a guest on a Chinese type show.

According to local media outlets, Taeyeon is scheduled to movie an episode for the Chinese edition of Please Cope with My Refrigeratorsometime this month.

During the month of November, JTBC signed a freelance alongside Chinese media corporate Tencent, giving the rights for Please Look after My Refrigeratorto broadcast a Chinese version of the famefact series.

Please Take Care Of My Refrigeratoris a cooking displaythat includesother celebrities providingwithin glimpses at their dining habits.

The diversityprove is hosted via Huh Ji Woong and GOT7's Jackson Wang.

Most recently, Taeyeon and the Girls' Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo released a wintry weatherunmarried titled "Dear Santa" on Dec. 3. The singer has also been showedto wait and performat the 5th Gaon K-Pop Awards in February.

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EXO Chanyeol to famous person in Korean-Chinese movie

EXO Chanyeol to famous person in Korean-Chinese movie

EXO Chanyeol is starring in a Korean-Chinese film called, "I Married An Anti-Fan".

He"s starring in the motion picture with Yuan Shan Shan, a Chinese feminine star.

Yuan Shan Shan is a skilled actress who seemed in many popular Chinese dramas.

"I Married An Anti-Fan" is in accordance with an common novel about a best famous person and a mag reporter.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol gained the Hallyu Star Awards at the 2015 Korea Drama Awards.

Source : star.moneytoday.co.kr...


Upcoming Korean-Chinese-Hong Kong movie

Upcoming Korean-Chinese-Hong Kong movie "Bounty Hunters"

Added the upcoming Korean-Chinese-Hong Kong movie "Bounty Hunters""s page to HanCinema database"Bounty Hunters" (2015)Directed by Sin Tae-raWith Lee Min-ho,...

"Bounty Hunters" is a co-production between Korea, China and Hong KongSynopsisA blockbuster about reward hunters based in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asian countries.Release date in Korea : 2016


Upcoming Korean-Chinese movie

Upcoming Korean-Chinese movie "Polaroid"

Added the upcoming Korean-Chinese movie "Polaroid""s page to HanCinema database"Polaroid" (2015)Directed by Ju Ho-sungWith Jeong Jae-yeon, Kim Tae-yong-II, Yang Fan, Jang Nara, Lee Han-wi, Yoon Joo-sang,..."Polaroid" is a Korea-China co-production.SynopsisPlease remember this moment. I was happy to meet you in this world. Eight years ago when Yang Ming had to unexpectedly quit his career as an ice hockey player, he encountered a child, Soo-ho, who fainted on the street. Soo-ho had been living only with his childish mom, Eun-joo, without any father figure. While they were looking for a babysitter, Soo-ho chose Yang Ming as his caregiver for his heartwarming and trustful personality. Although Soo-ho and Yang Ming got along with each other very well, Eun-joo tried to keep distance from Yang Ming because he was a stranger, a man, and a foreigner. However, she soon became drawn to his warm and gentle personality. Soo-ho and Yang Ming became closer and closer. One day a totally unexpected incident happens to the three of them: Soo-ho, terminally ill, his mom, who has been living in despair and sadness, and the stranger, Yang Ming. When they find out about the unexpected turn of events, they are taken aback.Release date in Korea : 2015/07


Korean movie

Korean movie "Frustrated Mother" episode 16 - Can Real Fairness Be Achieved

Angry Mom Episode 16Is True Justice Possible? In the first episode of “Angry Mom,” Kang Ja (Kim Hee Sun) came face-to-face with a legal system that didn’t care about how much her daughter Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) was suffering. In the finale of “Angry Mom,” that legal system finally turns its gaze on the adults who made Ah Ran’s life so miserable, and the result is a realistic, satisfying conclusion to Kang Ja’s story.

These were my five favorite scenes of “Angry Mom” episode 16:

1. Sang Tae reunites with his mother It broke my heart to see Sang Tae and his mother apologizing for not being able to protect each other. Both of them have been victims of Hong Sang Bok, but they feel guilty for not being able to fight back. Neither of them deserves to feel like that, but it’s totally understandable that they would.

angry mom kim seo ran baro final angry mom kim seo ran finalangry mom baro final

2. A mother’s duty This short scene felt like an encapsulation of one of the main themes of “Angry Mom.” Han Mi Joo, Sang Tae’s mother, feels uncertain about testifying against Chairman Hong, fearing for her son’s safety. It’s an understandable reaction—Chairman Hong is an expert intimidator, and he threatened Sang Tae with the goal of keeping Mi Joo silent. But Yi Kyung’s mother, who kept silent after Yi Kyung’s death in the hope of protecting her son, is on hand to explain to Mi Joo why silence can’t be an option. If Mi Joo doesn’t say anything, then she’ll be allowing men who caused the deaths of children to roam free. She might save her own son temporarily, but who’s to say for the next time? And even if Sang Tae were safe, how could Mi Joo allow other children to be in danger? The best way to be a mother is to be bold—speak up for what’s right, and protect your child and all children that way. It’s a really lovely message.


Upcoming Korean-Chinese movie

Upcoming Korean-Chinese movie "After Love"

Added the upcoming Korean-Chinese movie "After Love""s page to HanCinema database"After Love" (2015)Directed by Eo Il-seonWith Park Si-hoo, Yoon Eun-hye, Kim Ji-min,..."After Love" is a coproduction between South Korea and ChinaSynopsisA traditional melodrama on love and breakup between a man and a woman.Release date in Korea : 2015


Korean Drama

Korean Drama "Pride and Prejudice" Episode 14 Full Movie

Added episode 14 for the Korean drama "Pride and Prejudice"

"Pride and Prejudice" (2014)

Directed by: Kim Jin-min-I

Written by: Lee Hyeon-joo

Network: MBC

Cast members: Baek Jin-hee, Choi Jin-hyeok, Choi Min-soo, Son Chang-min, Jang Hang-seon, Lee Tae-hwan,...

Time slot: Mon, Tue 22:00

Original name: "A Lawless World" (무법천지, moo-beob-cheon-ji)

Synopsis "Pride and Prejudice" is the struggle of investigators who stand up to fight those who weaponize the laws and policies, people and love.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/10/27

Note : due to licensing, videos may not be available in your country


Korean Drama Pinocchio Makes Over $280,000 Per Episode from Chinese Site Youku Tudou

Korean Drama Pinocchio Makes Over $280,000 Per Episode from Chinese Site Youku Tudou

“Pinocchio” Receives Biggest Overseas Profit from Chinese Site Youku Tudou

SBS’s drama “Pinocchio” has proved its popularity as the drama earns $280,000 per episode from China’s biggest video portal site, “Youku Tudou”. This number marked new record, surpassing “My Lovely Girl” which was sold for $200,000 and “Man from the Stars” that was sold for $35,000 per episode.

Moreover, the drama has increasingly attracted Chinese audiences with the viewership increase through each episode.

A representative of SBS stated that, “As well as for China, the drama is praised in other foreign countries as well. We will do our best to produce a more highly qualitative drama for the fans overseas."

The drama tells the romantic relationship between a man who is living under a different name and a girl who can’t lie. Starring actors are Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Gwang, and Lee Yoo Bi.


Kim Ha Neul to star in a Korean-Chinese collaboration movie

Kim Ha Neul to star in a Korean-Chinese collaboration movie

It has been reported that Korean actress Kim Ha Neul will star in the upcoming Korean-Chinese collaboration movie titled Making Family.

"Making family" is a rom-com about a Korean woman and a Chinese man starting a family in an unlikely way. The movie starring Kim Ha Neul and a popular Chinese actor, Aarif Rahman, will be directed by director of "The Suicide Forecast" Jo Jin Mo.

Kim Ha Neul shared her thought in a press conference, I like the heart-warming story and I think my character Miyeon could represent Korean woman to Chinese audience.

The movie plans to record in both Korea and China around this month.

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