Korean Literary Star Published in New Yorker

Korean Literary Star Published in New Yorker

Novelist Pyun Hye-young’s short story “Caring for Plants” has been published in the venerable U.S. culture magazine, the New Yorker.

Pyun has been praised for her highly imaginative writing, and her novel “Ashes and Red” was named Book of the Year 2016 in Poland.

The New Yorker has a circulation of more than a million and has featured works from some of the biggest names in literature.

Pyun’s story was published last week ahead of the U.S. publication of her novel “The Hole” next month, which expands on the short story.

“The Hole” depicts the strange life of Oghi, a university professor who became completely paralyzed in a car accident that also killed his wife. He is being cared for by his mother-in-law and their relationship grows increasingly fraught.

In a interview with the New Yorker, Pyun said, “I believe the world turns according to unclear or ambiguous principles. So it’s inevitable that the things that take place in this world are all inherently mysterious and, to some extent, suspenseful”.

She added, “Stephen King is one of my favorite writers. It’s hard to avoid comparisons to ‘Misery’ when you have a character physically confined to an enclosed space by another character who harbors ill will. But, for that reason, it was better for me not to try to avoid the comparison, because I was able to benefit from the expectations that readers of ‘Misery’ would bring to my book”.

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