Korean twins are utterly unrecognizable after plastic surgery

Korean twins are utterly unrecognizable after plastic surgery

2kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter With how commonplace and reasonableplastic surgery is in South Korea, the rustic has been referred to the plastic surgical procedure capital of the world. 

In fact, Korea even has its own tvdisplay where visitors who are insecure about their looks go through plastic surgical operationso asto discoverthe very bestglance for themselves. And whilst the show Let Me In has had many Cinderella experiences since it all started airing, in all probability its maximum notable case featured two dual sisters who were either unsatisfied with the manner they looked.

Criticized right through their lives for how they looked, the women felt insecure about their faces and bodies. After an awesomeactivity from a peak plastic surgeon, however, enthusiasts were stunnedthrough just how other the sisters looked after undergoing an entire full-body transformation.

Check out the presentations reaction to their stunning transformation below:

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Actress says, “All Korean actors and actresses move  via plastic surgery”

Actress says, “All Korean actors and actresses move via plastic surgery”

7kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Veteran actress Hong Jinhee recently printedthat each and every one actors and actresses passvia plastic surgical operation and botox. 

While on SBS Good Morning, the actress stated, Plastic surgery and botox are a should for actors and actresses. Recently I have had widespreadmind on whether I ought to age naturally or get just a little of a face lift.

In a rustic where endless plastic surgeries are done,with procedures starting from double eyelid surgery to whole facial adjustments and an industry where many celebrities, actors, actresses, and K-Pop idols alike are steadily judged on their looks in addition their talent, it comes as no wonder to netizens that actors and actresses pass through plastic surgery and use botox.

1. 671, 14 Of course, regardless of how good you're at acting, when you dont appear to be the lead, you are going to never be lead, yet if you glance the part, you may land a lead role despite the reality that y'all cant act.

2. 535, 10 This ladys role in Sunny went by way oflarge plastic surgery too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. 448, 4 I wonder how many celebrities are all herbal

4. 28, 0 My oppa is a cameraman and he says whatever how beautiful you are, if you dont appearance skilful on camera, you want to have to get plastic surgery.

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Korean Fanatics  Discover  Evidence Of K-Pop Idols WITHOUT Plastic Surgery

Korean Fanatics Discover Evidence Of K-Pop Idols WITHOUT Plastic Surgery

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even thoughthere are loads of beautiful idols in the K-pop industry, some are so gorgeous that lovers cant accept as true with they havent had any surgical treatment to improve their visuals. 

And regardless ofa lot of themost sensible visual idols had been accused of having plastic surgery, netizens have compiled a sequence of gifs that will serve as irrefutable evidence that those idols are in reality100% natural. After seeing the gifs of the idols moving and stretching their noses to turn out the herbal flexibility of cartilage untouched via surgery, netizens praised the idols for their impressive organic beauty.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

Nosefinite. He's and then handsome

Look at all in their noses

The remaining GIF is so heartwarming

They are all so beautiful

I knew Sehun would be here hahahahahahaha GIFT of Chanyeol touching Sehuns nose

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Dispatch finds  the call of the game to idol good looks and it’s Now not plastic surgery

Dispatch finds the call of the game to idol good looks and it’s Now not plastic surgery

51kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter On Might 17th, Dispatch shared an editorial about the significance of teeth and how giant of a difference it makes in the overallsymbol of a person.

Perfect teeth is nearly a essential quality of a good looks in Korea and keep in brain thatmaximum celebrities crossvia dental procedures to mend their teeth and right through the procedure many of them change into even more good-looking and beautiful.

What do you think? Do you have confidence yous studied Goo Hara, Kim Bum, Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Seung Ho, Soo Ae and Lee Yo Won glance drastically different?

1. 11847, -306 Conclusion: You'll need exist born with a gorgeous face regardless

2. 4632, 190 I had braces too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. 3783, 351 Do..Do you suspect 1might be like that too if I had my teeth fixed?

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South Korean men react to North Korean girls and percentage  mind on plastic surgery

South Korean men react to North Korean girls and percentage mind on plastic surgery

Beauty criteria in North Korea and South Korea range vastly, and a video uploaded by skill of YouTube channel Kream Kulture attested to that very difference.

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If you remember, we had in the past written about a photographer who took quite so much offootage of 'North Korean beauties' and shared them on her website. When thoseimages were shown to several Korean guys, none were too impressed. One guy even called one of the mostgirls 'scary' because of her sharp, nearly model-like features, whilst many acknowledged that the ladies looked 'countrified' or tacky.

At the finish of the video, the guys were asked what their first impressions were on these North Korean beauties and what they idea approximately the prime rate of plastic surgical operation in South Korea. If you need to have to listen their answers, watch the clip above to discover out!


[Plastic Surgery] Which Korean Celebrities Possess Golden Ratio For Facial Beauty

[Plastic Surgery] Which Korean Celebrities Possess Golden Ratio For Facial Beauty

The Korean specialist plastic surgery has revealed to list of celebrities who possess the golden ratio for facial beauty on Mnet‘s "Moon Hee Jun’s Innocent 15+."

To determine which idols have the perfect facial ratios, the surgeons began by dividing the survey between male and female stars. The male candidates included popular idols such as 2PM’s Nichkhun, BIGBANG’s T.O.P, SHINee’s Minho, Super Junior’s Donghae, and EXO’s Suho. Some of the female candidates mentioned were Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Red Velvet‘s Irene, missA’s Suzy, Girl’s Day’s Yura, Davichi’s Kang Minkyung, f(x)’s Krystal, and AOA’s Seolhyun.

The plastic surgeons discussed previous and current facials ratio trends and stated that, “The perfect facial ratio was 1:1:1 in the past, but the recent trend of wanting to look sharper and younger made the 1:1:0.8 ratio most appealing.” The numbers represent the distance of forehead to eye brows, eye brows to nose tip, and nose tip to chin.

In the male category, WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo placed second and a plastic surgeon commented saying, “[Kim Jinwoo’s] overall ratio fits perfectly with the current trend. He has a very good facial features.” EXO’s Suho took the title of best facial ratio and was even said to have “the golden facial ratio” by one of the plastic surgeons.

In the female category, Irene from the rookie group Red Velvet beat out her senior competition and came in second place. A surgeon explained, “[Irene’s] upper, middle, and lower portions of the face have a good ratio and is maintained well.” Girls’ Generation’s Yoona took the title for the best facial ratio in the female category and received comments saying, “[Yoona’s] facial proportions are perfect and it could be considered the ideal face.”

Here are the candidates and an example of the facial mapping:


Source: eNews 24


Another Korean Celebrity Defends Plastic Surgery

Another Korean Celebrity Defends Plastic Surgery


As plastic surgery becomes more generally accepted, more Korean celebrities are deciding to be honest about the work they had done.

One of those celebrities is Hong Jin Young. Hong is a singer and also acted in the 2006 historical drama Yeon Gae Somun. She is currently on "We Got Married," paired up in a virtual marriage with actor Namgoong Min.

When the singer recently appeared on the June 16 KBS show "Crisis Escape," the discussion topic was plastic surgery. Panelists were discussing a man who broke off his engagement when he saw a picture of his fiancée before plastic surgery. Was he right to break off the engagement? Was she wrong to hide it? Who was to blame in such a situation?

Hong Jin Young was upset by the idea that some of the panelists might think the woman had done something wrong.

"Can"t a woman get married if she had plastic surgery," she asked.

Then the singer was asked if she had ever had plastic surgery and she confessed to having it more than once. It was not the first time she confessed but the panelists had not heard her previous declaration.

"I got plastic surgery in two places but since I got my nose done twice," she said. "I went through a total of three operations."

She is also not the first celebrity to admit to altering her looks. A few celebrities confess each year. Her virtual husband confessed to getting shots of Botox to smooth out his wrinkles. On "Radio Star," Nam Goong Min, who currently stars in "Wild Chives and Soybean Soup" and "We Got Married," said, "It wasn"t plastic surgery but it did change my looks a bit."

Lee Si Young, who played Seo Yi Re in the drama "Golden Cross" and Bae Kkob in the film "The Divine Move," was one of the first actresses to admit having work done. It has been almost a decade since her surgery.

"After the surgery at age 23, I never had more work done," she said on MBC"s Golden Fishery Radio Show."

Lee Da Hae, who stars in "Hotel King," had fans wondering for years, but finally admitted last year that she did some "remodeling" to her face.

Kim Yoon Hye, who appeared in "Flower Boys Next Door," said she got surgery when people said she was no longer as pretty as she used to be. After making some changes to her face, she said she felt more confident.

What do you think about Hong Jin Young"s admission?


Korean actresses who admit to having plastic surgery

Korean actresses who admit to having plastic surgery

Kdrama Actresses That Confess To Having Plastic Surgery Kdrama Actresses That Confess To Having Plastic Surgery

There”s endless speculation about which kdrama actresses had plastic surgery and which actresses are natural beauties. Many do not want to discuss the subject. But as the incidence of plastic surgery becomes more common, especially in Korea, some actresses are being more candid about what they did to achieve their flawless good looks.

One of those was actress Lee Si Young, who starred as Oh Min Ji, Geum Jan Di”s classmate in “Boys Over Flowers” and was also seen in “Playful Kiss” and “Wild Romance.” When she was recently interviewed for MBC”s “Golden Fishery-Radio Star” show, she spoke honestly about the work she had done.

“It has been 10 years since the surgery, so I have become used to this face,” said Lee. “After the surgery at age 23, I never had more work done.”

Her surgery is not really news since she confessed to having it in 2009.At that time she said she was not a natural beauty and used to be on the plump side. She had work done to her face then slimmed down her figure through dance and exercise.

Actress Lee Da Hae had been the subject of plastic surgery speculation for years before she admitted to some procedures earlier this year. On a celebrity talk show, the star of “Iris 2,” confessed that she used be “obese.”

“I also did some “remodeling” to my face,” she said. When the show”s emcee said he could not tell, she thanked him.

Actress Kim Yoon Hye, who is known as Woori, was sure that her looks would negatively affect her career. The actress, who appeared in “Flower Boys Next Door” and “Heartstrings,” worried when people told her she was no longer as pretty as she used to be.

“My nickname as a child was “Mystery Girl” and people said things like “you”re doll-like mysterious,” but after puberty my appearance began to change,” said Woori. “People said my face changed a lot and I was not as pretty.”

To regain her confidence, she made some changes.

“My eyes, nose and mouth are all mine but because people did not like the line underneath, I changed it,” she said. “Now I am more confident.

Go Hyun Jung, the former Miss Korea contestant who now stars in “The Queen”s Classroom” admitted to plastic surgery a few years ago.

“I wasn”t that pretty when I was a student, so I fixed things up a little,” she said. “It wasn”t a complete face lift but I made a few touches here and there.”

These days her beauty regimen is limited to dermatologist and spa visits.

Actresses who get plastic surgery often say its necessary compete for the best roles. Critics say it creates standards of beauty that are impossible for the average woman to match. How do you feel about kdrama actresses getting cosmetic surgery? And if they do get it, should they be open about it?


South Korean Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Miranda Kerr

South Korean Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Miranda Kerr

South Korean Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Miranda KerrCable channel tvN aired an episode of “Martian Virus,” which is a show that invites queer and eccentric non-celebrities, on October 1. On this episode, a South Korean was a guest for looking like Miranda Kerr through plastic surgery.

The guest said, “I didn’t do my forehead. I only did my eyes and nose. Besides that, I haven’t touched anything. I didn’t put anything in my cheeks and it’s all fat.”

She continued, “When I said I wanted to get surgery, everyone around me tried to dissuade me. In fact, people often asked if I had surgery even before I got it. I wanted to look like Miranda Kerr so I decided and went ahead with surgery.”

South Korean Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Miranda Kerr


At Long Last Korean Actress Lee Da Hae Admits To Having Plastic Surgery

At Long Last Korean Actress Lee Da Hae Admits To Having Plastic Surgery

Lee Da Hae

At Long Last Korean Actress Lee Da Hae Admits To Having Plastic Surgery Lee Da HaeWhen Lee Da Hae recently appeared on a celebrity talk show, she wasasked whether she had any work done to her face. For the first time, sheadmitted that she had indeed undergone plastic surgery.

When the host, Moon Hee Jun, expressed his surprise at learning thatshe had, she responded, "Please continue to think like that.

When Moon said that he thought it was really well done and it was hard to tell, the actress laughed and thanked him.

Her on-air admission ended years of speculation about whether or notshe had plastic surgery. The speculation extended beyond the borders ofKorea. Because of her popularity in China, a prominent Chinese news siteeven commented on it.

It was easy to see that something about her appearance had changed.Fans compared pictures of the star of the KBS drama "Iris 2" withearlier pictures and were sure the changes could not be accounted for bymakeup or losing weight.

"I was originally fat and went on some crazy diets," said Lee Da Hae. "But I did have some remodeling done."

"Some is an understatement," said one netizen in response to that quote by the actress.

When you compare Lee's earlier photos with her more recent ones, itlooks as if, at the very least, the lower half of her face was slimmeddown through a procedure known as jawbone reduction. This procedureinvolves shaving a section of the jawbone away to make the jaw lesssquare and the shape of the face more oval. Fans speculate that hercheeks were also filled out, possibly with Botox, and the bridge of hernose seems higher than it used to be.

Lee is only 28 but it's not unusual for women her age to have plasticsurgery in South Korea. The nation has the highest plastic surgery ratein the world, with 33 percent more surgeries performed each year thanthe U.S. and some have expressed concern that young South Korean womenall want to achieve the same look.

It doesn't help the self-image problems of young women when someonewho already won the Miss Chun Hyang beauty pageant elects to have morework done. Lee is best known for her roles in the dramas "My Girl,""Green Rose," "Slave Hunters" and "Miss Ripley." She previously deniedhaving any work done but it may have reached the point where the changesto her face are too obvious.

Some netizens wondered why such a pretty girl bothered.

"I really think she's doing surgery way too often and she was the prettiest when she appeared in 'My Girl,'" one fan said.

"Her face has really turned weird," said another. "Why does she keep touching it up? It's so disappointing."

But the actress is pleased with the changes to her appearance and hopes fans will focus on her performances.