Psy’s Horse Dance is based on the Korean traditional dance

Psy’s Horse Dance is based on the Korean traditional dance

Psys Horse Dance is based on the Korean traditional dance

Recently, a topic named “The truth of Gang-Nam Style horse-dance” has been popular on online communities which focused on Psy’s unique “horse-dance”

A picture of PSY dancing was put beside  a Buddhism statue with the engravement of two men dancing the horse dance, who coincidentally looked exactly like Psy!

An comment regarding the picture was left below, saying: “Psy’s dance was actually performed thousands of years ago in a secret to celebrate Buddhism. Psy learned it and used it.”   

Fans thought that “Psy is so famous now that his dance is being parodied,” “I wonder what Psy will think when he sees this,” “Psy is the true world-star!”

Psys Horse Dance is based on the Korean traditional dance


Yoo Jae Suk Left In Awe After Witnessing This Korean Model-Actress’ Secret Horny Dance Moves

Yoo Jae Suk Left In Awe After Witnessing This Korean Model-Actress’ Secret Horny Dance Moves

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterLee Sung Kyung gets an explosive reaction from Yoo Jae Suk as she unveils her hidden dancing abilities for Sugar Man

On the Would possibly 3rd episode of the program, the panel contributors composed of Yoo Jae Suk, Yoo Hee Yeol, Dara and more were surprised to discover Lee Sung Kyung’s attractive waves live to inform the tale stage.

As the jTBC program aired, Lee Sung Kyung was once asked to exhibitthose moves as Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl” played in the background. The type and actress in turn graced the hosts and audiences alike with her sexy dance moves and fluid waves.

What led to the enthusiasts of the program to laugh in specificchanged into the amazed reactions coming from the male target audience members at the facet of MC Yoo Jae Suk himself.

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Watch Those Korean Children Dance & Sing To Justin Bieber’s Most smartly liked Songs

Watch Those Korean Children Dance & Sing To Justin Bieber’s Most smartly liked Songs

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJimin Choi is back at back with some of his most smartly liked friends, and this time theyre covering Justin Biebers preferred songs in a remade medley!

This time, the crowd put in combination more or less of Justin Biebers preferred songs, reproduced in a tune made by Wonny DROP DA BEAT, and sung by Device Hoon and Hyeon Seo. Hyeon SEOwas once made great popular on Koreaboo when her making a songa canopy of Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang went super viral!

Check out their new video below:

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South Korean Assignment Force Brings K-Pop Dance Routines To Underprivileged Youngsters In Indonesia

South Korean Assignment Force Brings K-Pop Dance Routines To Underprivileged Youngsters In Indonesia

(Photo : KpopStarz )Ultimate week, a South Korean project pull brought pop song to underprivileged youngsters in Indonesia as a type of cultural welfare program.

From Jan. 11 to 16, a collection of 120adolescents in the district of Tigaraksa in Indonesia's Banten Province learned how to dance to K-pop with the assistance of a dozenSouth Korean school students. The scholars went via an 8 week schoolingpath hosted by primary K-pop checklist label YG Entertainment to change into qualified instructors for the program.

On Saturday, the youngsterscarried out for kind of 500 adults in their region.

This is the primaryRespectableBuilding Assistance program began by the making plans body, whose undertakingit's farto take benefit of new strategies to extra the impact and scope of Hallyu (the Korean Wave, or spread of Korean inventive and cultural content) in every other countrywhilstspecializing in philanthropic endeavors.

In addition to the dance program, YG Entertainment artist and philanthropist Noh Seung Hwan (also referred to as Sean from the hip-hop duo Junisean), presented the tots amongst a fund install by lovers of his label-mate T.O.P of the crowdLarge Bang.

"Indonesia has some of thegreatest K-pop fan populations in Southeast Asia," acknowledged a South Korean culture ministry official on Jan. 11, as reported by Yonhap News."This project, albeit small, will assistincrease the hallyu base there. We also plan to bring this program to other countries."

The task force used to beintroduced in 2015, and produced from officials from six applicablegovt agencies, 3 from major Television networks (KBS, MBC, and SBS) and 4 from major entertainment agencies SM, JYP, YG, and CJ EM.

During outdated years, big call K-pop artists corresponding to 2NE1and SHINeehave held concerts in Indonesia as a phase ofglobal tours.Most recently, SM Entertainment's male staff Super Juniortraveled to the rustic equallyelementin their Super Display 6 tour.

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Korean Police Officials  Carry out Dance Regimen  To important Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang'

Korean Police Officials Carry out Dance Regimen To important Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang'

Big Bang Bang Bang Bang Korean Police Dance Cover(Photo : YouTube user Oksana Milko) Large smashcrowned the song charts when they released their MADE Series anthem "Bang Bang Bang" final year, yet you lotin reality know you'vesuccessful song when even the Korean police are making dance cover videos of it.

On Jan. 4, YouTube user Oksana Milko uploaded a video of the Korean police dancing to the preferred boy group's name track, or even doing a impressiveactivity at following the group's hard-hitting moves.

Online commenters mayno longerlend a hand but heap praises at the ten Korean policemen for their fantastic dancing skills.

"Seriously though, they are all such just right dancers" and "I just think, all of Korean other people can dance?" acknowledgedmultiple the top-rated comments on the uploaded video.

Others also mightnow notassistance but crack jokes after seeing the awesome performance.

"Imagine getting arrested by skill ofthose people: 'Stop or I'm going to Bang Bang Bang you" and "That moment when even the police are VIP," every other fan said, in connection with the respectablecallof huge Bang fans.

Last week, Enormous Bang released Jap short edition music videos for "Bang Bang Bang" and "Loser." A 3rd music video might be released for their ballad unmarried "If You."

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Watch this Korean volleyball megastar dance her way to victory!

Watch this Korean volleyball megastar dance her way to victory!

In the NFL, you've got dabbing and in South Korea you have Lee Da Young.

Lee Da Young used to be the youngest playerall the style through the women's VolleyballAll-Star match. In spite of her young age she gavethe fanatics a impressive show!

Whenever her team would score, she would ruin into a dance, raising amusement and laughter from the target audienceor even the commentators.

One of the commentators remarked, "I do now not have a daughter yet she is in order that adorable."

What do you call to mind her dances in the video below?

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Lets  review  all  the  beautiful  dance  moves  from  the  popular Korean movies

Lets review all the beautiful dance moves from the popular Korean movies

Top 5 Dance Scenes in K-Dramas Tango, anyone?

Dance scenes in K-dramas can be a flirtatious exchange or a chance to show off. Other times they can be a gentlemanly act, a bold statement, or pure fun just watching people tumble and fumble in the process. Here are 5 of my favorite dance scenes!

1. Secret Garden Episode 14: Joo Won and Gil Ra Im

Med shot dance secret garden

Our OTP finally meet after a litany of obstacles and naysayers in Secret Garden. Company honcho Joo Won (Hyun Bin) dances with stuntwoman Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) in front of a horde of gawking clients.

secret garden duo dance

It was the kind of dance that was a statement to the world: We love each other, and aint a damn thing you can do about it. If this doesnt make you all warm and fuzzy, I dont know what will.

The reunion is sweetened by a kiss. And another one. The I dont care if my companys stock goes down because of this kind of kiss, which unexpectedly turns into a make-out session (which I count as an additional victory for boundary-pushing displays of affection onscreen in Korea).

secret garden dance kiss scene

2. Boys Over Flowers Episode 3: Ji Hoo and Geum Jan Di

boys over flowers dance

Cause theres sweet satisfaction in wiping the smirks off the faces of mean girls by taking to the floor with a pretty member of F4. Spirited heroine Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun) glides on the dance floor with Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong), the ever-so-knightly friend. Nice way to not only put on a brave face after getting played, but steal the show while youre at it.

Jan Di was so giddy it looked like she was dancing with a hanger in her mouth.

bof dance collage boys over flowers

Take note, Gentlemen: never leave a beautiful girl alone on the dance floor.

3. Dream High Episode 6: Jin Gook and Hye Mi

dream high ep 6 dance

Couldn’t get enough of this dance scene with Hye Mi (Suzy) unapologetically kicking Jin Gook (Taecyeon) during dance rehearsals in Dream High. Sandwiched by a jealous Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) picking the two apart and Teacher Yang (Park Jin Young) cozying up to a reluctant Jin Gook (who breaks character), the scene made for a tasty little dancing treat. (Sidenote: move over, Suzy and JYPIll dance with Taecyeon).

dream high ep 6 shin dance

4. Mr. Baek Episode 7: Choi Dae Han In His Living Room

mr. baek dance scene

I cant deny the thrill of watching a trained professional who knows exactly what hes doing.

Lee Joons character in Mr. Baek is exactly that. Choi Dae Han, of the groomed-for-corporate-greatness variety, dances in the living room in defiance of his fatheras a kid, he wanted to pursue dance, but the old man was completely against it. Luckily, Lee Joon is schooled in modern dance, and those pirouettes were a living testament to that. Id let Black SwanI mean, Lee Joongive me tips on spotting any day.

Lee Joon mr baek dance collage

5. Scent Of A Woman Episode 8: Lee Yeon Jae and and Kang Ji Wook

scent of a woman dance

I saved the best for last: the red hot sparks between Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun A) and Kang Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook) set this tango on fire! All the pent up emotions and undeclared feelings leading up to it culminated in one of the sexiest scenes in K-drama history. And it doesn’t even involve a kiss (gasp). Lee Dong Wook never looked so irresistible. (Careful while watching this one: your screen might overheat.)

scent of a woman sexy dance scene

I want more dance scenes! Are you listening, K-drama writers?

Which dance scenes were your favorite? Which ones do you think should be added to this list?



Top 5 Korean Actresses who dance

Top 5 Korean Actresses who dance

Do you watch Korean dramas?

It"s no surprise if members of idol groups who act can dance well, but there are some actresses who are not idol group members who can also dance amazingly well, check out the list of amazing actress-dancers below, you will be surprised!!

1. Park Shin Hye

2. Go Ara

3. Clara Lee

4. Kang Sora

5. Song Jihyo

Last but not least Song Jihyo who shows us some moves in popular variety show Running Man!!!

Who"s the best actress-dance????


BTS dance to

BTS dance to "Danger" in traditional Korean outfits and more in their "Chuseok" special

BTS dance to

BTSdressed in Korean traditional hanbokfor the upcoming Chuseok!

Chuseok, or the Korean Thanksgiving, is on September 8th today. The boys pulled their celebration a week early and livestreamed a special event for fans on Naver Starcast! The boys talked about how the boys spent their Chuseok last year, and also had an event where fans could talk about when the members were "dangerous". The members joked about Rap Monsterbeing dangerous in sleep because of his snoring, about Jinbeing dangerous when he"s not fed, and about Jiminbeing dangerous when he was attempting to act.

They also celebrated Jungkook"s birthday, and all the members had something nice to say to the maknae. However, Jin-the-mother decided to take the chance to beg Jungkook to start making his own bed, adding, "Since I made you the birthday soup today, Jungkook, please start making your own bed now." They then made wishes to the full moon, where J-Hopementioned he wanted BTS to be #1 again, prompting the members to wonder if they ever had been #1 on music shows. J-Hope clarified they were always #1 in their hearts.

The boys concluded the broadcast with a special version of "Danger" performed in the traditional outfits, so check out out above!