Korean Christian Group Remake Produce IOI's 'Pick Me' & Go Viral

Korean Christian Group Remake Produce IOI's 'Pick Me' & Go Viral

Everyone knows how much ‘Produce IOI’ and ‘Produce IOI Season 2’ were trending in Korea at an alarming rate. However, it became so popular that one Korean Christian Church Group decided to create their very own rendition of the hit song.

The Christian Church Group, known as the Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, performed their version of “Pick Me” at the 2017 CCC Summer Conference.’ The group actually goes by the name Desiring IOI. Check out their video below!

The song was remade to match and showcase their faith for God. View the lyrics below.

His eyes were fixed on me

My soul is Shining Shining

(Pick Me Pick me)This moment I’llmeet Jesus(Pick me Pick me Pick me)I’m so happy. I’m looking forward to it(Pick me Pick me Pick me)

Spirit, Hold me Hold me,To the last hour, Hold me Hold me,Tonight, the star is me, it’s me, it’s me,who have been waiting for this retreat, it’s me, it’s me

I’m the one who’ll meet God, it’s me, it’s me,I’m the one who’ll receive Jesus’ love, it’s me, it’s me.”

Despite the extremity, netizens commented saying, “the idea is extremely catchy,” and, “I also got a good laugh from the lyrics.” What do you think of this religious take on a hit K-Pop song?