Actress says, “All Korean actors and actresses move  via plastic surgery”

Actress says, “All Korean actors and actresses move via plastic surgery”

7kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Veteran actress Hong Jinhee recently printedthat each and every one actors and actresses passvia plastic surgical operation and botox. 

While on SBS Good Morning, the actress stated, Plastic surgery and botox are a should for actors and actresses. Recently I have had widespreadmind on whether I ought to age naturally or get just a little of a face lift.

In a rustic where endless plastic surgeries are done,with procedures starting from double eyelid surgery to whole facial adjustments and an industry where many celebrities, actors, actresses, and K-Pop idols alike are steadily judged on their looks in addition their talent, it comes as no wonder to netizens that actors and actresses pass through plastic surgery and use botox.

1. 671, 14 Of course, regardless of how good you're at acting, when you dont appear to be the lead, you are going to never be lead, yet if you glance the part, you may land a lead role despite the reality that y'all cant act.

2. 535, 10 This ladys role in Sunny went by way oflarge plastic surgery too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. 448, 4 I wonder how many celebrities are all herbal

4. 28, 0 My oppa is a cameraman and he says whatever how beautiful you are, if you dont appearance skilful on camera, you want to have to get plastic surgery.

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10 Korean Actors and Actresses Who Bring  The maximum productive Kiss Scenes

10 Korean Actors and Actresses Who Bring The maximum productive Kiss Scenes

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKiss scenes are one of the vitalmaximum dramatic and expectedportions of any film or drama, yetcan also be spoiled if the actors arent professional in acting them. 

However, if the actors inquisitive about a kiss scene can paintingthe precisequantity of hobbyand talent in a kiss scene, the scene automatically becomes so a lot more believable. However, with actors educated in kiss scenes fairly rare, netizens these days compiled an inventory of ten actors who excel in kiss scenes, and feature created some hot and heavy moments for their projects. The list shall bediscovered below:

Find out what Netizens had to mention somethis text below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

Oh my (blushes)Yoo Ah In..Im so in love with this guyMy eyes are blessedJisung is fantastic toohis emotionJoo Ji Hoon daebak Source: Instiz

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Korean Formative years Select Their favourite Actors and Actresses of 2015

Korean Formative years Select Their favourite Actors and Actresses of 2015

Korean Teenagers Pick Their Favorite Actors and Actresses of 2015 For the 15th annual Korea International Youth movie Festival, adolescents voted on their favorite actors and actresses of 2015. Among the ones selected were Park Bo Young, Yoo Ah In, and Byun Yo Han.

Voting happened from October 1 thru October 20, with the effects announced on October 22. the types integrated favorite actor, favorite actress, favorite new actor or actress, favorite veteran actor or actress, and favorite film director.

Chosen for the favourite actress category used to be Park Bo Young, who currently starred in either the film “The Silenced” in addition the hit drama “Oh My Ghostess.” Favorite actor went to Yoo Ah In, who recently made waves in the flicks “Veteran” and “The Throne.”

Kang Ha Neul changed into chosen as favorite new actor for his paintings in “Misaeng” and “Twenty Again.” Byun Yo Han also made an appearance in the awards for his role in the film “Social Phobia” and also for the ongoing drama “Six Flying Dragons.”

The festival itself will take position from November 18 by way of 22.

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Lets take a look at the list of  all the  prettiest  Actors and Actresses  in Korean  made by  Netizens

Lets take a look at the list of all the prettiest Actors and Actresses in Korean made by Netizens

Netizens Pick the 50 Most Beautiful Korean Actors and Actresses TV network KBS recently conducted an online survey through its Culture Research Center asking which Korean actors and actresses people thought were the most beautiful. Through the broadcast of its weekly entertainment new show, Entertainment Relay, these past two weeks, it announced the results of its survey, a mixture of some surprise and some obvious. Take a look at the list below, divided by gender, and see if you agree with the rankings.

Actors most beautiful Korean actors

50. Jang Geun Suk

49. Lee Jung Gil

48. Yoo Ah In

47. Choi Bool Ahm

46. Ha Jung Woo

45. Yoo Dong Geun

44. Lee Seo Jin

43. Song Il Gook

42. Choi Jae Sung

41. Han Seok Gyu

40. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong suk

39. Jang Hyuk

38. Kim Min Jong

37. Ji Chang Wook

36. Han Jin Hee

35. Joo Jin Mo

34. Ahn Sung Ki

33. Lee Soon Jae

32. Shin Young Gyun

31. Choi Min Soo

30. Lee Jung Jae

Lee jung Jae

29. Gong Yoo

28. Lee Young Ha

27. Kwon Sang Woo

26. Lee Byung Hyun

25. Lee Seung Gi

24. Kim Woo Bin

23. Choi Soo Jong

22. Kang Suk Woo

21. Park Hae Jin

20. Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won

19. Lee Min Ho

18. Cha In Pyo

17. So Ji Sub

16. Noh Joo Hyun

15. Yoo Seung Ho

14. Park Gun Hyung

13. Song Joong Ki

12. Song Seung Heon

11. Go Soo

10. Hyun Bin

Dimples_Hyun Bin

9. Namgoong Won

namgoong won

8. Kim Soo Hyun


7. Kang Shin Sung Il

kang shin sung il

6. Bae Yong Joon

bae yong joon legend

5. Kang Dong Won


4. Jo In Sung


3. Jung Woo Sung

jung woo sung

2. Won Bin

Won Bin

1. Jang Dong Gun

jang dong gun

Actresses most beautiful Korean actresses

50. Choi Soo Ji

49. Ha Hee Ra

48. Han Chae Young

47. Lee Na Young

46. Choi Si Ra

45. Kang Moon Young

44. Kim Hye Ja

43. Kim Hyun Joo

42. Yoo Ji In

41. Jang Mi Hee

40. Kim Nam Joo

Kim Nam Joo

39. Moon Geun Young

38. Shin Se Kyung

37. Choi Ji Woo

36. Go Doo Shim

35. Shin Min Ah

34. Lee Mi Yeon

33. Lee Yeon Hee

32. Kim Mi Sook

31. Soo Ae

30. Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung

29. Kim Ha Neul

28. Han Ye Seul

27. Yoon Jung Hee

26. Ha Ji Won

25. Han Ji Min

24. Jeon In Hwa

23. Go Ara

22. Park Shin Hye

21. Kim Sung Ryung

20. Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won

19. Moon Hee

18. Park Joo Mi

17. Bae Suzy

16. Hwang Shin Hye

15. Shim Eun Ha

14. Jun Ji Hyun

13. Kim Ji Mi

12. Go So Young

11. Han Ga In

10. Kang Soo Yeon

kang soo yeon

9. Kim Hee Ae

Kim Hee Ae

8. Jung Yoon Hee

Jung Yoon Hee

7. Kim Hye Soo

kim Hye soo

6. Go Hyun Jung


5. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin Featured Picture

4. Song Hye Kyo


3. Lee Young Ae

Lee Young Ae Featured Image

2. Kim Hee Sun

kim hee sun

1. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee



Why Popular Korean Actors and Actresses Release Music Albums

Why Popular Korean Actors and Actresses Release Music Albums

With idol stars taking supporting roles in various dramas, actors and actresses are also releasing music albums, In addition to actor Lee Min Ho, who is going to release his second music album, "Song for you." many actors and actresses are releasing music albums without the intent to debut as singers. For actor Lee Min Ho, it was a response to relentless requests from Korean and international fans. Actress Ha Ji Won after she finished filming the MBC drama "Empress Ki" released a digital single called "Me At This Place Now," attracting the attention of the "Empress Ki" fans. Actress Pakr Shin Hye as well released a song called "My Dear" last June, made with her older brother Park Shin Won. Since the lines between actor, singer and entertainer are being destroyed, actors are seeking ways to express their talents and communicate with the fans.


Top 10 Most Kindhearted And Giving Korean Actors and Actresses

Top 10 Most Kindhearted And Giving Korean Actors and Actresses


Now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, its nice to recognize some K-drama stars who show gratitude for their success by giving back to the community. Sometimes it seems like K-drama actors and actresses are always involved in relationship scandals, but this is the good kind of famethe charitable kind that brings awareness to important causes. Fighting!

1. Won Bin


Autumn in My Heart"s Won Bin has been an official UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007. His recent work has included raising funds for vaccination efforts and disease treatment.

2-4. Song Joong Ki, Park Yoo Chun, and Lee Jong Suk




All three of these in-demand actors have been involved with the Good-Hearted Library Project, where they use their voice talents to create audiobooks for the visually impaired. If I actually spoke Korean, I would listen to those audiobooks all day long!

5. Yoon Eun Hye


Yoon Eun Hye has done quite a bit of charity work with children. She recently participated in theRoad for Hope documentary series, working with children in Madagascar.

6. Jang Dong Gun


In 2008, the Gentlemans Dignity star was appointed an Ambassador Against Hunger for Korea by the World Food Programme. Since that time, he has donated both money and time to the fight against world hunger, heading to typhoon-stricken areas of Laos in 2010.

7. Ha Ji Won


Ha Ji Won has been involved in various charitable projects since the beginning of her career, including the Smile Again Project, which helped benefit low-income families and those with disabilities.

8. Lee Seung Gi


Maybe Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi bonded over their charitable efforts while shooting King 2 Hearts! Lee Seung Gi has been nicknamed charity angel for his work sponsoring the charity program The Field Report Companion, which he has been doing since 2009. His support has inspired many fans to donate to the program as well.

9. Kim Hyun Joong


Kim Hyun Joong and his fans have donated to a number of different causes, from disaster relief after the Japanese earthquakes, to scholarship funds for students in need of financial aid. In fact, when Kim Hyun Joong heard about donations his fans made in his honor to a program that helps the elderly, he responded with a donation of his own! Hes not even afraid to get gown and dirty in physical labor for those in need.

10. Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun SukPark Shi Hoo, Lee Byung Hun, Rain, and about a million other K-drama and K-pop stars



In the annual Letters from Angels campaign, photographer Choi Sei Hyun photographs Korean celebrities with babies who have been given up for adoption. The photographs are intended to remove some of the stigma around adoption and encourage domestic adoption in South Korea. Not only is it an admirable cause, but it also creates the perfect excuse to gaze at beautiful people holding beautiful babies. This years photographs included the members of 2PM and some members of Girls Generation.

Source: Dramafever


Korean actors and actresses to attend FIFA World Cup in Brazil in June

Korean actors and actresses to attend FIFA World Cup in Brazil in June

Actresses Attending FIFA World Cup Brazil This June

While the entertainment industry is preparing to go to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer, KDramastars looked into a few entertainment programs and actors and actresses who are going to attend the World Cup.

Currently, MBC entertainment programs “Infinite Challenge,” “Where are you going dad?” and KBS 2 TV entertainment program “My Neighborhood Playground” are preparing to film in Brazil this summer and capture the heat of the World Cup.

From the MBC entertainment program “Where are you going dad,” Ahn Jung Hwan, Kim Sung Joo and Song Jong Gook are going to Brazil to see the World Cup. For MBC entertainment program “Infinite Challenge,” they are going to recruit the team of cheerleaders composed of actors and actresses to go to the World Cup with them.

Currently, B1A4 Baro, actor Jung Il Woo, and actress Park Shin Hye have attended the Infinite Challenge cheerleading audition.


Korean actors and actresses who celebrate birthdays in April

Korean actors and actresses who celebrate birthdays in April

Which K-Drama Stars Celebrate Birthdays In April? Which K-Drama Stars Celebrate Birthdays In April? Which K-Drama Stars Celebrate Birthdays In April?

Not only does April mean warmer weather in the northern hemisphere, it”s a good month to celebrate the birthdays of some of your favorite k-drama stars.

The celebrations can officially start with Kim Jae Wook”s birthday on April 2nd. The actor, who debuted as a member of an indie band, will be 31 this year. His first drama role was in “Coffee Prince,” and his dramas include “The Kingdom of the Winds,” “Mary Stayed Out All Night,” and “Who Are You?” He was briefly in “Inspiring Generation” but dropped out.

On April 4, actress Gong Hyo Jin will celebrate her 34th birthday. Her best-known drama roles are “Crush and Blush, “Pasta,” and “The Greatest Love.” She most recently played a woman tortured by ghosts in “The Master”s Sun” with co-star So Ji Sub. Known for her light comic flair, she is a favorite actress of the Hong Sisters, who have written many hit k-dramas.

A week later on April 11, Yoo Yeon Suk will celebrate his 30th birthday. His films include “Architecture 101″ and “A Werewolf Boy.” His latest films are “Secret Temptation,” “The Informant” and last year”s “Hwayi: A Monster Boy.” He was a hit in the drama “Reply 1994″ and before that played Lee Seung Gi”s adoptive brother in “Gu Family Book.”

On April 15, Kim Tae Woo will turn 33. He is in several films this year, including “Pirates” with Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin, and “Memories of the Sword” with Lee Byung Hun. He was also in the award-winning film “Face Reader.” He is currently starring in “God”s Gift – 14 Days” and last year appeared in “That Winter The Wind Blows.”

Lee Da Hae turns 30 on April 19. She is best known for her roles in “My Girl,” “The Slave Hunters,” “Miss Ripley” and “Iris 2.” She will reunite with her “My Girl” co-star Lee Dong Wook to appear in the upcoming weekend drama “Hotel King.”

Next up is Lee Tae Sang who turns 27 on April 21. He played Park Hyun Joon in “I Summon You Gold” and was also Yong Tae Mu in the SBS comedy “Rooftop Prince” which also starred Park Yoochun.

Last but not least is Kim Hee Ae, who celebrates her 47th birthday on April 23. She is currently heating up the screen with her much-younger co-star Yoo Ah In in “Secret Love Affair.” Kim Hee Ae”s recent dramas include “A Wife”s Credentials” and “Midas.


Chinese media say,

Chinese media say, "Korean actors and actresses are preferred because they are cheap"

A Chinese media analyzed the reason for many Korean stars in Chinese dramas for their cheap guarantee.

According to a recent report by Beijing Cheonbao, a local newspaper, Korean stars have taken over the star role in 10 Chinese dramas in the last 2 years.

This is an expanded number compared to 20 dramas in 10 years since Ahn Jae-wook in 2001. These Korean stars include, Jang Woo-hyuk, Kim So-eun, Jeon Tae-soo, Lee Tae-ran, Yoon Si-yoon and more.

This newspaper claims, "Their guarantee is cheaper than that of Chinese stars". Apparently a Chinese actor or actress charges roughly 130 million won an episode while Koreans charge 60 million.

It is a small number compared to the Chinese but it is still 30% more than Korean dramas.

Yoon Si-yoon in the drama "Happy Noodle" is only class B of the local actors.

Along with this fact, the conditions of working with a Korean are not as difficult as some Chinese stars and therefore preferred by the locals. "While Koreans only ask for flight, wardrobe, a make-up team and a 5-star hotel, Chinese actors or actresses ask for their own van, a manager and ten or so more people to tag along with them" says the newspaper


Park Bo-yeong, Ji Seong Voted Highest Korean Actors in U.S.

Park Bo-yeong, Ji Seong Voted Highest Korean Actors in U.S.

Park Bo-yeong (left) and Ji Seong

Park Bo-yeong and Ji Seong were named easiest Korean actors through the U.S.-based Asian drama streaming web page DramaFever on Monday.

At the site's annual awards, Park won the honor for her role as a ghost-possessed cook in "Oh My Ghostess", whilst Ji Won for his starring role in "Kill Me, Heal Me".

The winners were selectedby approach of online vote by more than 1.9 million users.

"I'm so extremely joyful because here isthe primary time I have gainedthe kind of award". Park acknowledged in an interview right through the rite in New York, adding that she will be able toproportion the honor with colleagues from the drama.

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