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Lee Da Hae forged as a most sensible celebrity in Korean-Chinese drama 'Couple of the Century'

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Lee Da Hae forged as a most sensible celebrity in Korean-Chinese drama 'Couple of the Century'

Actress Lee Da Hae has been cast in every other Korean-Chinese collaborative drama, setting up herself as a Hallyu star.

She has been cast in the drama, "Couple of the Century," in which she can be a top star Choi Hwan Young who has lived in the head 1% of society because she had to have the entire thing she wanted.  As the inheritor to an undertaking that focuses on fashion, she started out as an idol woman team member earlier than establishing her call as an actress. in spite of her fantastic luck and popularity, she is not able to consider in others and open herself up to the folk round her because of an internal scar.

The drama will be a romantic comedy on her look for trustworthy love after she reveals herself locked in a contractual marriage.  Lee Da Hae will input into filming in the midst of this month for a premiere in spite of everything of December via China"s Alibaba and then next year by way of China"s Hunan TV.

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The Increase In Korean-Chinese Celebrity Relationships

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The Increase In Korean-Chinese Celebrity Relationships

(Photo : *) A recent article published through the Korean outlet Joins analyzed the increase in Korean-Chinese celebrity relationships and marriages. Writer Kim Yeonji compiled a list of three high-profile couples for the article including Song Seung Heon and Liu Yifei.

Audiences have been intrigued and thrilled to watch the real-life relationship unfold between the stars, who met on the set of "Third Love." The couple publically confirmed that they were dating on August 5 and Song recently confessed his love for Liu on Chinese television.

While Song and Liu are currently a hot item, they reflect a growing trend in relationships involving Korean-Chinese stars.

In March 2014, actress Chae Rim confirmed that she was dating Chinese actor, Gao Ziqi. The article published by Joins notes that Chae and Gao met while filming the Chinese drama, "Lee Family." Promotional activities for the series created a situation where they worked closely together, even after filming was completed. The couple later married in October 2014, in a ceremony that was held in Beijing, China.

Director Kim Tae Yong met actress Tang Wei while filming the 2010movie, "Late Autumn." After the film was completed, the director and actress continued to meet. Tang Wei is recognized for her roles in "Lust, Caution" and the sequel to "Finding Mr. Right." She and Kim Tae Yong married in July 2014.

As Korean-Chinese co-productions continue to gain prominence, it is likely that other celebrity relationships like these will form. While the multicultural aspect of these unions were once frowned upon, the Hallyu Wave could be aiding in growing acceptance from both Korean and Chinese nationals.


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramaStars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).

EXO’s Sehun has been reportedly the only Korean celebrity to win the Belly Button Challenge launched by China

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EXO’s Sehun Is The Only Korean Star to Pull Off China’s ‘Belly Button Challenge?’ On the July 3 broadcast of Mnet’s “Heart-A-Tag,” MCs Tiffany of Girls’ Generation and model Lee Chul Woo introduced China’s recently trending ‘belly button challenge’ as the main item of the show’s hashtag battle segment.

The trend that has been gaining attention online, known as the ‘belly button challenge,’ is a challenge that requires a person to wrap one arm behind their back, around to the front and touch their belly button. It is said to stand as a way of showing that one possesses an ‘ant waist,’ s-line figure, although this supposed claim has yet to be proven.

Tiffany expressed her confusion about the latest viral challenge, asking, “What I don’t understand is, why exactly do you have to take a picture while doing that pose?” However, after her co-host convinced her to try it with him, both Tiffany and Lee Chul Woo made an attempt at the challenge. At the end of their efforts, neither of them were able to successfully touch their belly button.

Lee Chul Woo then introduced EXO’s Sehun as the only star in Korea to have successfully pulled off the challenge, and revealed a proof shot that Sehun shared on his SNS.

Have you attempted this ‘belly button challenge?’

Lee Minho appeared to have become the most Followed Korean celebrity in Weibo

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Lee Minho Is Most Followed Korean Star on Weibo, Top 50 Ranking Released Top Star News has released a new “Korean Star Sina Weibo Ranking” following their previous ranking on January 28, 2015.

Lee Minho continues to proves his overwhelming popularity in Asia as he maintains his first place spot with a total of 27,437,227 followers as of April 28, 2015, 636,947 more than he had in January.

Psy also maintains his spot in second place but continues to hemorrhage followers, losing 73,501 over the past three months.

Jang Geun Suk comes in third with 18,453,592 followers, having attracted 30,931 new followers since January.

f(x)’s Victoria and actor Lee Jun Ki trade places on the ranking, Victoria claiming fourth place overall but first place among female stars with 820,718 more followers than she had in January, the greatest increase in followers among all the stars on the list, for a total of 16,560,557 followers.

Lee Jun Ki places fifth and is just shy of Victoria’s count with 16,540,998 followers, 216,494 more than he had in January.

Check out the rest of the top 50 ranking below. Did your favorite star make the cut?

7. Super Junior’s Choi Siwon13,907,564

10. Kris (former EXO member)7,811,851

12. Luhan (former EXO member)6,306,145

15. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon5,774,957

16. Lee Kwang Soo5,387,642

17. Park Min Young5,249,676

18. Han Chae Young5,075,077

20. 2PM’s Nickhun4,851,402

22. Song Seung Hun3,829,356

23. Kim Hyun Joong3,646,443

26. Jessica (former Girls’ Generation member)3,608,234

29. CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa2,349,056

32. Super Junior’s Heechul2,237,864

35. Kwon Sang Woo - 1,840,706

36. 2PM’s Chansung1,764,063

38. Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi1,624,716

39. Super Junior-M’s Henry1,572,567

41. Park Jin Young1,549,207

43. Ji Chang Wook1,523,087

44. BIGBANG’s Seungri1,477,031

45. Kim Jong Kook1,444,604

49. Lee Dong Wook1,232,650

50. 2PM’s Wooyoung1,220,602

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10 Of The Biggest, Best Korean Celebrity Butts

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Which make idols have the best asses in K-Pop World?

In the past couple of days, rolling out has listed the most handsome faces in the celebrity world. Today, however, we’re going to focus on the best butts in entertainment!

With idols showing that they can twerk and wiggle wiggle, it’s time we showed our love for some of the best butts in K-Pop. See which male idols make the list of 10 Male Idols Who Struggle With Gigantic Butts!

1. EXO’s “Worldwide trending butt” Sehuntumblr_inline_nc29jmK3QQ1qaw7od tumblr_inline_nc29mcDJO91qaw7od

2. Infinite’s “Butt Analyzer” DongwooBKPYoutCcAARXHY tumblr_inline_nc29rwGB3e1qaw7od

3. B2ST’s “Tight Pants” Doojoontumblr_inline_nc29y84VI51qaw7od

4. EXO’s “You Make Me Growl” Kaitumblr_inline_nc2a0d6jgx1qaw7od9614_827etumblr_inline_nc2a1bxARK1qaw7od

5. Rain with the buns of steel

6. Super Junior’s “AAAAYYY PAPI” Donghaetumblr_inline_nc2atl7Bk71qaw7od tumblr_inline_nc2aunmK3S1qaw7od

It’s so attractive, Eunhyuk can’t even keep his hands off.

7. SHINee’s “Flaming Charisma” Minhotumblr_inline_nc2aehdOag1qaw7odtumblr_n6lajy917m1rmmikuo1_500

8. BIGBANG’s “BAEsung” Daesungtumblr_inline_nc2ap4z2TY1qaw7odtumblr_inline_nc2apq28LR1qaw7od

9. 2PM’s “Junho You Want This” Junhotumblr_inline_nc2ayo0R6T1qaw7odtumblr_inline_nc2b1mRgZP1qaw7od

BONUS: “Gonna Make You Sweat” PSYtumblr_inline_nc2bfip3MB1qaw7od

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Can Korean Stars Have Celebrity's Personality Rights?

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Can Korean Stars Have Celebrity's Personality Rights?

Can Korean stars protect their image online from the shopping mall's widespread use of celebrities image without permission to advertise their products?

Surprisingly, the Supreme Court has ruled against a host of lawsuits filed by Korean stars over their publicity rights, saying that this kind of use of celebrity images is legitimate in Korea. Publicity rights refer to exclusive property rights to economic benefits from a person’s portrait and name.

The top court dismissed Tuesday actress Song Hye-kyo’s suit against six shopping mall operators for using her name and photos to promote their accessories.

The shopping mall owners had posted pictures of Song wearing earrings in SBS’ drama “Winter, The Wind Blows,” which aired in 2013, and sold “Oh Young earrings” named after Song’s character in the soap.

The court rejected Song’s suit on the grounds that she could not prove that she had suffered losses.

Earlier, other celebrities including Miss A’s Suzy and After School‘s Uee also filed similar lawsuits, claiming the violation their publicity rights. All lost their cases.

“In order to protect celebrities’ publicity rights, legislation should come first. When the relevant bill pending in the National Assembly is passed, publicity rights can be completely recognized,” attorney Jeong Chul-seung said.

Korean Celebrity Travel Styles

News via koreaboo.com

Everywhere idols appeared, they always looks effortless beautiful. Even the airport also can turn into their fashion show!

Han Yeseul emphasizes her slim figure by wearing all black. She brightenes up her dress with a contrasting green jacket and a few bright color points.

(The color black is perfect for highlighting your figure)

Yoona showed off her cute side by wearing a short black skirt with a oversized light blue jacket. She livens up the style as a whole with a point small yellow hand bag that matches the graphic print on her jacket.

(Even a small accessory can change the tone of a wardrobe)

(Oversized jackets can be used give a fashionably cute feel)

These two beauties wore completely contrasting styles.

Hyoyeon contrasted her greyish hair with bright colors and playful patterns while Seohyun went for a more chic look with black sunglasses, black hair, and everything else white colored.

(Wear clothing colors that suit your hair color.)

Baro tried on a different style from his usual dandy/playful style. He wore a oversized coat with short fur and a beige colored fedora.

(Donning a classic item such as a fedora can give your outfit a fresh feel)

(Don’t be too afraid of flashy looks, as long as it matches your atmosphere)

Junsu donning bright blue hair for his new album toned down his look with a darker blue jacket and black shirt and sunglasses.

(Too much theatrics can look weird. Tone down an attention grabbing feature with simplicity in the rest of your attire.)

A great way to look fashion smart is to match your outer wear such as a jacket or cardigan with your shoe color. Especially if the shoes are unique or catching. As seen in the photo below Kai looks fresh and clean with a white jean jacket and fabulous sandal shoes.

(Match outerwear to shoes for simple yet eye catching look)6e3bae71gw1ek52tak5grj20xc1e7aid 

Casual is always safe option, and can look amazing if pulled off properly. Here Jessica can be seen wearing simple grey jeans with a torn knee, and a refreshing loose shirt with the sleeves rolled up. To finish the look off, classy sunglasses are a must.

(Sunglasses go perfectly with any simple or casual outfit.)2ff8623a1db14c7038763df02628e4b1

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Korean Celebrity Near-Death Experiences: Stars Who Almost Died

News via koreaboo.com

Dealth is always lurking in the dark waiting to reach out and grab us; but sometimes, luck has saved these idols from dealth itself.

Yunho was once handed a drink (filled with superglue) by an anti-fan disguised as a fan. He realized something was wrong with the drink halfway and was immediately rushed to the hospital. He doesn’t remember much because he fainted soon after he drank the contaminated orange juice but according to members he coughed up blood on his way to the hospital. He was able to recover completely from the incident. However, he said he couldn’t drink orange juice for a long time because he was traumatized after the incident.

Below is an actual picture of the orange juice and if you look carefully you can see the hardened glue near the top of the bottle.yunho 2

Noh Hongchul was randomly assaulted in front of his house in 2008. The culprit was suffering from a mental disorder and claimed that he felt as if Noh Hongchul was trying to harm his father whenever he saw him on TV. Noh Hongchul did not retaliate and took the beating to not provoke the culprit further. Several bones were broken including his ribs, and the assailant had a knife concealed in his pocket. Luckily the police took the man into custody and Noh Hongchul was saved.

Despite the brutal attack, Noh did not wish to press charges, but rather help the man get over his mental condition.

In 2009, during “Music Bank” the stage lighting apparatus and frame collapsed, hurtling towards Onew. Startled and shocked, Onew fainted on the spot and could have been crushed below it if Kyuhyun and other staff didn’t grab the supports and prevent it from falling on him.

In 2007, Super Junior’s van was involved in a severe traffic accident that resulted in a few of their members getting injured. Of all the members however, Kyuhyun was most severely injured.

Kyu Hyun was shot out of the car when the accident happened and the force dragged him on the road for approximately 4~5m. Much of the flesh on his legs were torn off and all his ribs and his hipbones were shattered.

When he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors told his parents, “Your son may die. Even if we perform surgery which involves opening a hole in his throat he only has 20% chance to live.” At the doctor’s words, his father (who had previously been dead set against his singing career) begged the doctor to find an alternate way so his son could sing when he recovered. The doctor found an alternative method and Kyuhyun fully recovered.

Against all odds Kyuhyun pulled through!

In 2013, Son Hoyoung’s girlfriend was found dead in Son’s car. She had committed suicide through gas poisoning by lighting up a coal briquettte while inside the vehicle.

Soon after, Son Hoyoung attempted to commit suicide in exactly the same manner. However, the car caught on fire and Son in his groggy state had a change of heart and escaped the vehicle before he fainted.

He was rushed to the hospital and spent more than a week recovering and later in an interview he stated that he had suffered from depression and felt alone. He felt as if he had no one to count on and his girlfriend’s death pushed him over the edge. Since than, he has recovered and is now active as a part of the re-unified god.

Big Bang’s Seungri was close to getting severely injured on multiple occasions. Once in the early stages of Big Bang’s career a firework exploded into Seungri’s face while he was performing. Seungri barely jumped out of the way but still received burned and was rushed to the hospital. He says that ever since he is scared of fireworks.

More recently he was involved in an accident during which his car crashed into a guard rail and was flipped over.

Thankfully he made a full recovery after spending time in the hospital.

Dalshabet of Subin had an extremely close call when during a performance, the stage collapsed under her feet. While she was falling her face smashed into one of the outlets for fireworks. As a result she had to get a total of 16 stitches inside her lips from the damage. If she had been even an inch closer to the outlet she could have suffered irreversible injury or worse…

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10 Best Korean South Korean Celebrity Bride Wedding Gowns of All Time

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10 Best Korean South Korean Celebrity Bride Wedding Gowns of All Time

Ladies grow up being told that their wedding will be the most beautiful and sweetest day of their life! They spend months picking out the perfect gown to walk down the aisle. We may even pick two or three dresses to find the perfect dress to wear to the reception. However, a wedding look isn't complete without your groom choosing the best tux for him.

Your favorite South Korean celebrities excel in choosing the perfect wedding dress and tux combination. Ten celebrities in particular are great examples of how a couple should look at the altar.

1. Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung

Classic! The Kill Me Heal Me star looked like the A-list actor he is in a stylish navy suit and sleek hairstyle. The I Hear Your Voice actress's lovely gown resembles another version of Duchess Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

2. Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin

The Healer actor and the Mary Stayed out All Night actress looked like two adorable figurines on the top of a wedding cake! I love his simple black tux, and her elegant figure-hugging mermaid dress must have started a trend.

The Wonder Girls singer and her Christian missionary husband dressed like Prince Charming and Cinderella. Their breathtaking attire was fairy tale-inspired.

4. Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun

The Sly and Single Again actress and the IRIS actor complimented each other in her lace Grecian inspired gown and his handsome black tux.

5. Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng

The Jumong actress married her soccer player hubby in a royal mermaid-inspired gown. Her sporty Prince wore a crisp black tuxedo with a cute boyish hairstyle.

6. Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won

Their modern wedding attire almost has that European 15th Century vibe with the wide skirt on Baek's satin gown.The Mr. Baek actor is debonair in his classic tux and swept back hairstyle.

7. Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young

The Apartment actress looked like a princess ready for a beach wedding with a delicate white flower in her hair. The A Gentlemen's Dignity actor maintained the ritzy groom look with a dark tux and bow tie.

8. Eugene and Ki Tae Young

Crown them King and Queen of wedding fashion! The Baker King Kim Tak Goo actress's full and flowing gown was accented with an elegant crown that is only fit for royalty. The Live In Style actor literally shone in his silky tux.

9. Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon

Who doesn't love their simple yet beautiful wedding attire made for Jeju Island couples? The "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" singer's gorgeous floral crown and her musician hubby's light blue jacket scream the bright and carefree days of summer.

10. Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young 

The Temptation actor decided to wear a gentlemen's three-piece navy colored suit to his dream wedding, while the I Am Sam actress radiated in an amazing white ball gown.

Which beautiful dress and tuxedo would you want you and your future spouse to wear?

Celebrity Imperfections! 12 South Korean Stars With Some Not-So-Sexy Smiles

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Celebrity Imperfections! 12 South Korean Stars With Some Not-So-Sexy Smiles

In present day, most idols have pearly white smiles, with teeth like chiclets. But some photos from the past reveal that idols teeth weren’t always as perfect as they are today! Even though their teeth may have been less straight back then, their smiles were still just as beautiful and heart warming.

1. Girls’ Generation – Taeyeon

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