8 Korean celebrity couples, what would their kids look like

8 Korean celebrity couples, what would their kids look like


Have you ever wondered what Taeyeon and Baekhyuns potential child would look like? Here are 8 morphed baby photos of Korean idol couples, if they had children! Which do you think is cutest?

1. Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Huns baby! That is one handsome baby.image

2. Girls Generation Soo Young and Jung Kyung Hos baby! Aww look at those chubby cheeks!image

3.  F(x)s Sulli and Choizas baby! He looks more like his dad!image

4. Kim Tae Hee and Rains baby! He could be an actor one day!image

5. Girls Generations Tiffany and 2PMs Nickhuns baby! He is half Korean, half Thai!image

6. T-aras So Yeon and Oh Jong Hyuks baby! He has So Yeons eyes and Jong Hyuks nose!image

7. Girls Generations Tae Yeon and Exos Baek Hyuns baby! Wow he is just adorable!image

8. Girls Generation Yoona and Lee Seung Gis baby! Those are some good genetics!image


Rain and Megan Fox ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!image


You Two Dated!: Korean Celebrity Couples that Surprised You

You Two Dated!: Korean Celebrity Couples that Surprised You

Jang Yoon Jung, no hong chul, hyun young, kim jong min, hyori, haha

Love is blind, love is beautiful, love is perfect, but there are some times where two people get together and you're completely caught off guard. The reasons can vary but nonetheless the reactions always trigger the same kind of feeling. Here are some Korean couples that got together that stunned the nation!

When it was announced that the sexiest woman on planet earth, Lee Hyori, was dating someone, the world imagined a tall, burly, manly, rough and chiseled man with the body of a Korean Greek god. Instead a lanky, unimpressive looking man with big facial features and long wavy hair came out of the woodworks and sent the public into a frenzy. Despite the negative comments from netizens and media alike, Hyori stood by her man tall and proud. The two seem like an unlikely duo but the two work together like peanut butter and jelly and that's love baby.

You Two Dated!?: Korean Celebrity Couples that Surprised You

When comedian Haha and announcer Ahn Hye Kyung announced their relationships, most people were surprised that small Haha snagged a long-legged beauty like Ahn Hye Kyung. The two dated for a whopping 5 years before ending their courtship. Haha went on to marry singer Byul and just had a baby boy. Byul is definitely more on his level and the two are just all kinds of adorable together.

You Two Dated!?: Korean Celebrity Couples that Surprised You

When I first heard the news that singer Kim Jong Min and personality Hyun Young were an item, I remember laughing at the perfection of this couple but also being quite surprised that the long beauty was even attracted to ditzy Kim Jong Min. But the two did work for a little until they broke up a short while.

You Two Dated!?: Korean Celebrity Couples that Surprised You

Comedian No Hong Chul and trot singer Jang Yoon Jung were once in love. I know, I know. When these two came out declaring their love, I nearly fell off my chair. How in earth's name did Hong Chul manage to get Yoon Jung? I'll never know. The relationship didn't last long and the two have since gone their different ways.

You Two Dated!?: Korean Celebrity Couples that Surprised You


Korean YouTube celebrity “Showry” returns with more peculiar and stunning videos

Korean YouTube celebrity “Showry” returns with more peculiar and stunning videos

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWhile mukbangs, or dining broadcasts, have received viral attention everywhere the world, any otherform of Korean food video has change into even more successful. 

With more than 1.7 million fans on Facebook and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Korean style and video star Showry has wasone of the mostmaximuma hit online stars in Korea, apparently overnight. Instead of eating food on camera, however, Showry uses food in an absolutelyother way. Beginning near of her videos off with some undeniable dancing, shes been known to wonderlovers alongsidean expanding number ofstressful yet erotic tactics of fiddling with food, adding kissing uncooked fish, licking raw chicken, and covering herself with mixed food.

You can take a glance at roughly of Showrys most viral videos down below:

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The Maze Runner Celebrity Ki Hong Lee Would possibly Make Korean Movie Debut

The Maze Runner Celebrity Ki Hong Lee Would possibly Make Korean Movie Debut

“The Maze Runner” Superstar Ki Hong Lee Would possibly Make Korean Movie Debutilmare42 April 18, 2016 0 LINE it!“The Maze Runner” Star Ki Hong Lee May additionally Make Korean Film Debut Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee may soon be making his Korean film debut!

Ki Hong Lee has been introduced a role in the impending film “Special Citizen,” which is directed through Park In Je and is expected to start shooting in past due July.

The young actor becomewidely recognizedinternational when he starred as Minho in the 2014 film “The Maze Runner,” and then the sequel “The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” in 2015. He’s set to take at the partback in the 3rd film of the series, “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” which could be released in 2017. He has also been actingcontinuously on the Netflix series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

“Special Citizen” tells the tale of a Seoul mayor who is running for re-election, and stars Choi Min Sik, Kwak Do Won, and Shim Eun Kyung. If he joins the cast, Ki Hong Lee will be gambling the role of the son of an impressiveflesh presser who has studied abroad.

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Do Korean Ladies FANTASIZE About This DRASTIC Height Difference In Couples

Do Korean Ladies FANTASIZE About This DRASTIC Height Difference In Couples

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKorean feminine netizens talk about whether they prefer this drastic height difference with men or now not

Height is looked as to be one of the mostmost vitalcharacteristics in men in South Korea. Yet is this height difference preferable through Korean women or is it too drastic?

Originally posted on Pann, Korean female netizens talk whether they like this drastic height difference or not.

Titled I Love This Loopy Height Difference, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

I was onceobserving Daves video on Facebook and found out this photo. Am I the just one who prefers this height difference T_T

I love it such a lot T_T_T_T I didnt realize any guys over 180 cm were tall around me (Im 170 cm)..But taking a look at it like this, this isslightly a difference Neck will have toharmto observethe fellowI would like my neck to hurt as well..

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

93 / -4 Am I the handiest realperson who doesnt like it. In its place of giving me butterflies, it looks weird.  Only one head length departure is excellentample

56 / -1 Dave become this tall??? I assumed hed be short

51 / -3 I dont think 20 cm difference is nice at all

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Upcoming Korean documentary

Upcoming Korean documentary "A Celebrity of Greed"

Added the approaching Korean documentary "A Megastar of Greed"'s page to HanCinema database"A Star of Greed" (2015)Directed through Kong Quee-hyunNarrated by Kim Ee-seong,...SynopsisSince 1997, the Republic of Korea has been sold for 30 trillion won. After the IMF, foreign capitals took 30 trillion won in profits from Korea 'the Land of Opportunities'. Whilst investors with blue eyes and black haired foreigners hit the jackpot, our places of work disappeared and existencewas poor. There isn't any way you'll be in a position togrow to bewealthy by operatingdifficulton account of a secret.Release date in Korea : 2016/04/27


Top 14 Korean Superstar Couples That Encourage  Courting Goals

Top 14 Korean Superstar Couples That Encourage Courting Goals

Top 14 Korean Famous person Couples That MotivateCourtingDreams karriesmatic February 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Top 14 Korean Celebrity Couples That Inspire Relationship Goals Love is in reality in the air — and what higher means to celebrate the month of love than to get inspiration from our K-pop couples! Their candyreviews of toughen and love are surely relationship goals.

14. Min Hyo Rin and TaeyangPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 28 27 PMAfter acting together in Taeyangs 1 AM song video, Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin secretly began dating for two years and showed their dating prestige just remaining year. Its greatto lookthe 2 going on dates with ease now. Plus, its admirable to see Min Hyo Rin in complete attendance to Taeyangs shows!

13. Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo BinPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 27 54 PM

Thanks to an advertisement collaboration for Giordano, Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin were given close and commenced seeing every other ever since! In spite of their busy schedules as actors, they continue to end up that they wont let their careers get in the stylein their relationship.

12. Sulli and ChoizaPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 27 33 PMWithstanding eachfactor and hate thrown at them, Sulli and Choiza prove that their love for one another grows through the day, and that not anything and nobody can separate them. One of thesesturdyand beautiful couple!

11. Byul and HaHaPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 25 14 PMHaHa is also known to be cheeky around other Running Guy members, yetin terms of his wife, Byul, he's powerless. Blessed with a son, Dream, this lovely couple repeatedlystocks sweet moments on SNS, stating their love for every other and Dream.

10. Han Ga In and Yeon Jung HoonPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 23 27 PMMarried for 10 years, Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon prove that having a strong, long-lasting relationship is conceivable in the entertainment industry. The way Yeon Jung Hoon talks about his wife is just too heartfelt and sweet. They eitherdisplayaid for every one others acting projects, being every others #1 fan.

9. Eugene and Ki Tae YoungPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 21 12 PMThe latestcircle of relatives on The Return of Superman, Rohees ma and pa acceptsome of themaximum romantic love stories in the K-drama department. Eugene and Ki Tae Young met whilst filming DevelopingFate in 2009 and got married in 2011.

8. Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JKPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 20 47 PMThe powerhouse couple of the hip-hop scene, Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK is one satisfied couple we shouldnt miss! They are going tocombat occasionally, but they make up once possible. It's milessuperb to see their unity every bit a couple no longerhandiest when they perform, but also every time they are together.

7. Han Ye Seul and TeddyPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 20 16 PMLovey-dovey couple Han Ye Seul and Teddy aren't shy of expressing their love for both other on SNS, especially Han Ye Seul. They could have come from other fields, but theres without doubt they are fully attracted to every other, having recognize and appearing utmost support for every single others selected careers.

6. Jung Hye Young and SeanPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 18 33 PMOur list would no longer existentire without this highest couple: Jung Hye Young and Sean. Blessed with four children, this couple would notprevent short of showering each other with love and affection. They workout together, cope withthe kids together, and in general makethe whole thing together.

5. Kim Tae Hee and RainPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 18 05 PMAnother energy couple to glance at out for is Kim Tae Hee and Rain. They've been dating for three years now, and loverscan't just wait to see them get married! Despite their high-profile statuses, this couple manages to have dates occasionally, like commonplace couples do.

4. Na Kyung Eun and Yoo Jae SukPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 17 36 PMWe steadily come across Yoo Jae Suk as the jolly, hyperactive MC, but to his wife Na Kyung Eun, he is the sweetest, most romantic user in the world. Fortunately married for seven years now, blessed with a son, and still a success in their own careers, this loving couple easilypresentations how excellent dearest can be!

3. Lee Bo Young and Ji SungPhoto 12-02-2016, 7 17 04 PMLong time couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung percentage a love this is both cute and inspiring. They met on the set of Save The Last Dance for Me last 2004. Regardless that Lee Bo Young told Ji Sung that she didnt wish to date an actor, he used to bechronicor even told her that he would surrender his acting occupation for her!

2. Monday CouplePhoto 12-02-2016, 7 16 35 PMThey won't be a true couple (yet), but Song Ji Hyo and Gary of Running Man are surely making fans giddy whenever they are paired in combination on the show! The onessophisticated and cute moments, besides to teasing from other Running Man members, upload to the Monday Couple hype, which makes for a fit made in heaven!

1. Kang Hye Jung and TabloPhoto 13-02-2016, 6 21 39 AM

One of the coolest and most galvanizing couples in the entertainment industry is Kang Hye Jung and Tablo. Well known as Harus elegantmother and dad, what most of the peoplehave no idea are the struggles they had to movevia in the early years of their marriage. The point of respect, support, and love between the two is cleartill today, and that'sanythingvalue aspiring to.

Which beautiful couple inspires you the most from our list? Share it with us to your comments below!karriesmatic is an authorized BIGBANG VIP who loves to observe episodes from “The Go back of Superman” and “Running Man” in her loose time.

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Won Bin And Lee Na Young Explemplify The Demanding situations Faced Through K-Celebrity Couples

Won Bin And Lee Na Young Explemplify The Demanding situations Faced Through K-Celebrity Couples

(Photo : ) Korean celebrities continuouslybear hardships that lengthenwell pastthe restrictionsin their Hollywood counterparts.

Won Bin and Lee Na Young continue to residebelow the harsh scrutiny of Korean media whilst experiencing unending harassment from adoring lovers since tying the knot with hasty nuptials in Might 2015.

According to a January 29 (KST) recordby way of The Korea Herald, massive numbers of visitorsseek suggestion fromthe house of Won Bin's parents, and continuallypicture actor and his wife, while they are at the premises.

Snooping fans were up to now a commonplace occurrence for the 38-year-old Hallyu star, yet his contemporary marriage and forthcoming parenthood have ended in an onslaught of unauthorized newshounds from shopsstarting from broadcast news to tabloid magazines.

The Korea Bring in noted that journalists on a typical basisway the high-profile couple without invitation and try to interview votersdwellinglocally of Won's parents.

A loss of fences and security features like CCTV have enabled the repeated invasion of privacy.

In addition, neighbors who don't appear to beaccustomed to Won or the couple are asked non-public questions that may just incriminate the pair.

The article went on to noticethe principlematterswhich are of pastime to either reporters and fans. Netizens are excited about the unexpected pregnancy of Lee Na Young, whether the birth of their kidcould be announced to the public and how the couple intends to cBin

Reports in regards to the harassment of Won Bin, his family, and his wife practicestressful accounts of house invasions which plagued Jo In Sung and CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa in 2015, right through the harvest holiday, Chuseok.

The "It's Okay, That is Love" actor used to be startled when an obsessed Chinese fan broke into his area while his members of the family were visiting.

While he did now notfactorprivate statements addressing the matter, the CNBLUe frontman changed into more forthcoming in expressing his displeasure with stalker fans.

"My folks were so stunned when they came over for Chuseok," acknowledged Jung, in a social media post, following an incident where uninvited supporters arrived at his house.


Lee Da Hae forged as a most sensible celebrity in Korean-Chinese drama 'Couple of the Century'

Lee Da Hae forged as a most sensible celebrity in Korean-Chinese drama 'Couple of the Century'

Lee Da Hae forged as a most sensible celebrity in Korean-Chinese drama

Actress Lee Da Hae has been cast in every other Korean-Chinese collaborative drama, setting up herself as a Hallyu star.

She has been cast in the drama, "Couple of the Century," in which she can be a top star Choi Hwan Young who has lived in the head 1% of society because she had to have the entire thing she wanted.  As the inheritor to an undertaking that focuses on fashion, she started out as an idol woman team member earlier than establishing her call as an actress. in spite of her fantastic luck and popularity, she is not able to consider in others and open herself up to the folk round her because of an internal scar.

The drama will be a romantic comedy on her look for trustworthy love after she reveals herself locked in a contractual marriage.  Lee Da Hae will input into filming in the midst of this month for a premiere in spite of everything of December via China"s Alibaba and then next year by way of China"s Hunan TV.

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Korea's Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

Korea's Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

In the glamorous world of entertainment it"s not impossible for two people with the same visual aesthetics and taste for fashion to become drawn to each other to form and impeccable sartorial union. Here, we"ve listed the celebrity couples with OOTD"s on fleek.

Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho

The model-like Sooyoung is a top choice for "most fashionable" or "class fashionista" and most everyone will agree. While Sooyoung is known for being the face of many high fashion clothing brands, what makes her a style standout is skill in bringing various prints, colors, and fabrics and harmonizing them into one masterpiece. Fashion-wise, Sooyoung"s other-half Jung Kyung Ho might not exactly be able to level with her, the actor also has his fashion moments. And who knows how strong his OOTD game will become once he takes cues from Sooyoung.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee

Rain and Kim Tae Hee are the king and queen in their respective fields, and even in the world of fashion they continue to reign supreme. For trips to the airport, this couple likes to keep it minimal and tends to play with neutral colors. But once the necessity arises, the two dress up like the grandiose couple that they are.

Suzy and Lee Min Ho

(Photo : KpopStarz) Suzy and Lee Min Ho"s fashion identities are very sleek and clean. Suzy"s fashion choices in particular appeal to most women because of its practicality and wearability, without having to look bland. Lee Min Ho, on the other hand, is basically every woman"s prince charming who glows and shines and sparkles in whatever he wears.

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin is one sexy couple, and they"re both very fashion forward. This couple is eccentric and experimental when it comes to their outfits. Together, they make for a good-looking couple with a lot of spunk.

Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah

A new "visual couple" was born when Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah announced they were dating. The couple is known for being the faces of top local and international fashion brands, and that"s not only because they have model qualities but also because they personally have great taste in fashion. Plus they both share the same elegant and poised flair onscreen and off.

Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk

(Photo : InStyle) Everyone"s currently style peg, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk, made everyone squeal and delight when it was reported that they"re romantically linked. I think, individually and based on this InStyle fashion shoot, it"s a no brainer why Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk got into this list.

G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara

Regardless what their actual relationship status and granting that the numerous dating rumors turned out to be true, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara are fashion royalties. Both are trendsetters and fashion game changesr in the major league. While G-Dragon is known for his flashy, no-holds-barred outfit choices, Kiko Mizuhara is a goddess in daily street-style normcore pieces. These two never fail in bring new things to the table, and they are originals in their own light. In terms of fashion, their originality is what makes them absolute standouts.