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10 Korean Celebrities which are So Wise They’re Sexy

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10 Korean Celebrities That Are So Smart They’re Sexy An extremely popular slang expression in Korea nowadays is the be aware “뇌섹남” (nue-saek-nam), an acronym literally translating to a “man with a pretty brain,” with its feminine counterpart “뇌섹녀” (nue-saek-neo), a “woman with a sexy brain.”

In the Korean entertainment industry, there has been a contemporary vogue that emphasizes the intelligence of celebrities. systems similar to “Problematic Men” and “Abnormal Summit” have celebrities show off their intellect by way of discussing the global issues that our society is facing, in position of the standard plain conversations about their day after day lives.

Here are one of the vital most sensible 10 celebrities in Korea who have a sexy brain on height of excessive ability and stunning appearances. Let us know in the comments down underneath if your favourite celebrities made it at the list, or if there’s any person we missed!

All ratings discussed in the item were taken from the 2015 US News Education University Rankings.

Honey Lee is maximum well known as 2006′s Miss Korea. Honey Lee graduated from Seoul National University, the most prestigious public university in Korea, with a bachelor’s stage in Korean classic music. Seoul National University is ranked 9th in Asia and 102nd worldwide.

Kim Tae Hee, who most currently starred in “Yong Pal,” is not just a lovely face! When other folks bring to mind celebrities that are either attractive and smart, one of the primary individuals that spring to mind is Kim Tae Hee. Kim Tae Hee, like Honey Lee, graduated from Seoul National University with a bachelor’s degree in model and design.

EXID’s Hani, despite the reality that first referred to as the lady crew member captured in the noted fan cam that shot her community to popularity, has shown her intelligence with an excellent IQ rating of 145. Also, she printed that when reading for two months by herself, she gained a score of 900 on the TOEIC exam (a absolute best score is 990), an English language verify designed to in particular measure the everyday English abilities of individuals running in an global environment.

One of the celebs that stuck me off guard used to be surely BTS’s Rap Monster. not just is the rapper able to losing ill beats, he may be incredibly an expert and has proven his intelligence with an IQ score of 148. He also ranked in the 99th percentile of scholars national who took the Korean school front exam in the similar year.

When talking of clever Korean celebrities, i suspect Tablo has to be incorporated in the list. despite the fact that he struggled ago with of us no longer believing his credentials, Tablo graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in inventive writing and a master’s in English. Stanford University is ranked 4th nationwide.

Actor Lee search engine optimization Jin LeeSeoJin-feature

Lee Seo Jin isn’t just known only for traveling the sector with cute grandpas or for spending his time in the rustic facet farming. he's a graduate of Long island University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. New York University is ranked 34th worldwide!

Lee Sang Yoon, like his fellow actors Kim Tae Hee and Honey Lee, also is a graduate of Seoul National University. Lee Sang Yoon graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physics. As someone who is currently suffering with physics, appreciate to Lee Sang Yoon!

Roy Kim isn't just known for his candy vocals and cute looks yet also for attending Georgetown University. Georgetown University is currently ranked 21th in the U.S. and has an acceptance rate of only 16.4 percent.

Jeon Hyun Moo is one of the most famed news anchors that made a a hit debut in the entertainment business. The MC graduated from Yonsei University with a bachelor’s degree in both sociology and English literature. Yonsei University is one of the most prestigious personal universities of Korea ranking 112nd international and 16th in Asia. along his degree from one of the head universities of Korea, Jeon Hyun Moo also speaks Korean, Chinese, and Jap fluently. It’s no marvel that he is such a success with that roughly talent.

Actress Yoon So Hee is currently attending KAIST University, majoring in biochemical engineering. KAIST University (Korea Complicated Institute of Science and Technology) is one of the most prestigious colleges with an emphasis in STEM majors. It's miles currently ranked as the second most productive university in South Korea and 22nd within Asia.

Let us know if there are any longer celebrities to upload to the list!

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Korean Celebrities Spotted at Mobster’s Wedding

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Korean Celebrities Spotted at Mobster’s WeddingSource: YTN News @ YouTube Two Korean celebrities were spotted at mobster’s wedding yesterday, and nowadays their identities were revealed.

Local news source The truth published actor-singers Kim Min Jong and Son Ji Chang attended the marriage of a lead member of the Chilsung-pa (“Seven Stars”), Korea’s best crime syndicate, that came about on November 2 at a top-level hotel in Seoul. The Chilsung-pa is one of the crucial mobs depicted in the Korean movie “Friend” by potential of Kwak Kyung Taek. Kim Min Jong sang the congratulatory song at the wedding and Son Ji Chang was once the MC. Kim Min Jong and Son Ji Chang have been long-time pals and were once a musical duo called The Blue in the 1990s.

Kim Min Jong explained that he became at the wedding because he was asked by an acquaintance and couldn’t refuse. He denied any non-public connection to the Chilsung-pa and asked that there be no misunderstanding.

On Son Ji Chang’s attendance, Kim Min Jong explained that since their days as a duo, they’ve been like a “needle and thread,” with Son Ji Chang going where Kim Min Jong is going and vice versa.

Kim Min Jong is recently still active as an actor and singer, with some his newest dramas being “Mrs. Cop” and “A Gentleman’s Dignity.” Son Ji Chang has well left the entertainment industry, specializing in his non-public trade in the U.S. he's reported to have quietly come and opt for the wedding from the U.S. His wife is actress Oh Yun Soo, who was closing noticed in the drama “Triangle.”

Around 2 hundred police were stationed round the hotel, with the wedding having been attended by 250 people, adding individuals of the Chilsung-pa and other mob organizations.

30 Korean Celebrities Turning 30 Next Year

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30 Korean Celebrities Turning 30 Next Year It’s at all times quite of a surprise to determine — or be reminded of — a celebrity’s age. It’s no longer in reality anything that calls for normal attention. Unless, of course, you covet somebody and periodically lament the age difference between you and (not) yours. Generally — no less than I believe so — it doesn’t topic to anyone how old Joo Won is, or how old Jun Ji Hyun is. They’re just exceptional actors. And seeing actors and celebrities in their more than a few roles, it’s now not continually simple to have a correct clutch of age, dependent on how they’re dressed, what personality they’re playing, all the ones things.

So here’s a reminder. And a quiet “wow.”

Here are 30 celebrities — 15 female, 15 male — which are turning 30 next year (by Korean criteria of age; in the United States, those celebrities would be thought to be 29), all of whom glance great, and some… who appearance 18. Dejection and self-loathing don't appear to be allowed beyond this point.

15 Female Celebrities Turning 30 Next Year Kim Adequate Bin — January 3, 1987

SPICA‘s Kim Boa — January 14, 1987

Nine MusesHyuna — January 19, 1987

f(x)‘s Victoria — February 22, 1987

Han Hyo Joo — February 2, 1987

Chun Woo Hee — April 20, 1987

miss A‘s Fei — April 27, 1987

Moon Geun Young — would possibly 6, 1987

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In — September 20, 1987

T-ara‘s Soyeon — October 5, 1987

Stephanie — October 16, 1987

Park Ha Sun — October 22, 1987

15 Male Celebrities Turning 30 Next Year JYJ‘s Kim Junsu — January 1, 1987

Kim Young Kwang — January 11, 1987

Super Junior‘s Choi Si Won — February 10, 1987

M.I.B‘s Kangnam — March 23, 1987

2AM‘s Seulong — may just 11, 1987

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook — June 21, 1987

Ji Chang Wook — July 5, 1987

Jang Geun Suk — August 4, 1987

Joo Won — September 30, 1987

Seo In Guk — October 23, 1987

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P — November 4, 1987

Are there any celebrities that you didn’t be expecting to peer in this list?

Male Netizens pick out most sensible 20 “Coolest” Korean Male Celebrities

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Male Netizens pick out height 20 “Coolest” Korean Male CelebritiesThe List 2015,” for final week and the week earlier than last, featured lists of feminine celebrities, as voted on through Korean netizens: the 30 freshest K-celebrity women folk and the 30 “most stunning faces” among Korean feminine celebrities.

This week, the display determined to interchange it up, and took things from a wholly male perspective. This week, men voted for the pinnacle 20 “coolest Korean male celebrities.” A separate vote used to be also done through women, and you'll be able to see the disparity between the 2 lists, and the few guys that were voted on through either men and females.

Here are the pinnacle 20 “coolest” Korean male celebrities, as voted through 2500 men starting from ages 20 to 59.

Compare the above list with the pinnacle 10, as voted through females.

Netizens Pick Best 30 “Most Gorgeous Faces” Among Korean feminine Celebrities

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Netizens Select Peak 30 “Most lovely Faces” Among Korean Female CelebritiesThe List 2015” from tvN, at the new August 17 episode, released the head thirty names of Korean female celebrities deemed as having the “Most lovely Faces.” 

Lee Young Ae takes 2d position at the list. She is understood for possessing flawless complexion, confirming the word “Lady of fresh Air,” which has been attributed to her for plenty of years. Many envy her undying good looks which grabs your attention with her wrinkle-free younger looks.

Jun Ji Hyun is at 3rd place. She is playing immense popularity once again, starring in a contemporary box administrative center release, “Assassination,” which lately surpassed the 10 million mark in price ticket sales.

Check out the list under to peer who made the list in addition who crowned even Lee Young Ae and Jun Ji Hyun. Also check out ultimate week’s featured list at the show, which had netizens pick the 30 Korean female celebrities with the freshest bodies.

Kim Tae Hee tops the list! Many male celebrities, adding SHINee‘s Minho, web page Kim Tae Hee as their ideal woman. No longer simplest is she beautiful, she’s a brainiac who graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University. Fellow superstar alumnus Honey Lee said, “Whenever Kim Tae Hee enters a classroom, it feels as despite the fact that Jesus Christ has come. All and sundry follows her into the classroom.”

Kim Tae Hee won the most votes from every of the age levels that participated, adding other individuals in their 20s to their 50s, and also won the most votes from among either men and females, as well.

15 Things yous Didn’t Know approximately these Korean Celebrities’ Names

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15 Things you Didn’t Know or And therefore those Korean Celebrities’ Names An Actor’s point call is A lovely large bargain. As A famous person in the populace middle, A call is A section of your symbol, A section of your logo. So IT follows that coming to A resolution in your logo call for the remajorder of your profession is more or less like becometing A tattoo. IT’s permanent, And if you wish to must modify IT, you will need erase IT And get commenceed over. Here Are fifteen Korean celebrities alongside infrequently whimsical, infrequently odd, common, or moving reviews at the back of their point calls.

Yoo Ah in Uhm Hong Sik -> < robust>Yoo Ah in

Yoo Ah in’s common call is Uhm Hong Sik. Asked why he uses A point call, Yoo Ah in  stated his common call is a section of every minute well land, And he chose his call Ah in in response to the German observe for one – eins.

Kim Ji Suk Kim Bo Suk (jewel) -> < robust>Kim Ji Suk

Kim Ji Suk would possibly appear to exist the Actor’s genuine call as IT’s And therefore routine, yet Kim Ji Suk’s exact call is Kim Bo Suk, existcause of this ‘jewel.’ IT turns out, the Actor’s whole circle of relatives has uncommon calls, handn through their grandfather, in response to the puts that they were born: Kim Buk Kyung (Beijing), Kim Sin Sa (Sinsa-dong, Also way ‘gentleman’), etc.

Because his mom concept Kim Ji Suk And his older brother Sin Sa would possibly become made a laugh of, their calls were ex re positiond to Kim Ban Suk (which by the way way basis) And Kim Bo Suk (jewel).

Choi Jin Hyuk Kim Tae Ho -> < robust>Choi Jin Hyuk

while Kim Tae Ho used to existn’t A bad call for An Actor, the “< robust>Infinity situation” manufacturer may exist calld Kim Tae Ho, And Any net seek of the call brought up the manufacturer’s call maiden. So the Actor switched to Choi Jin Hyuk. seek engine marketing is the entirety.

Kang Ye Won Kim Ji Eun -> < robust>Kang Ye Won

Kang Ye Won maiden Acted existneath her genuine call, Kim Ji Eun. Alternatively, following A 2002 movie in which she every minute wellk on A use that required numerous skin exposure, she made up our minds to throw Away the call And get commenceed over alongside the call Kang Ye Won. Her call carries the corresponding Chinese characters for strength, Art, And centre.

in Kyo Jin Do Yi Sung -> < robust>In Kyo Jin

while in Kyo Jin Acted existneath his point call make Yi Sung for x years later on his 2000 de yet, he used to exist not Able to brand a success, And alongside A converting of Agencies, he ex re positiond his call every minute neatly, returning to his birth  call.

Kim Yeon Woo Im Hak Chul -> < robust>Kim Yeon Woo

At the fourth dimension of his de yet, Kim Yeon Woo – who used to exist printed re majoring week every minute Cleopatra on “King of Mask Singer” – used to exist looking to recall to mind A point call alongside musician < robust>Yoo Hee Yeol. There came About to exist A cafe that they frequented called Yeon Woo, which has A quite candy con now no longeration, And therefore they made up our minds on that for his point call, A super duet for his candy voice.

Park Hyun Bin Park Ji Woong -> < robust>Park Hyun Bin

the key singer At Park Hyun Bin’s label  used to exist < robust>Jang Yoon Jung, And therefore the firm asked her who the preferred Actor used to exist At the fourth dimension. When she calld< robust> Hyun Bin, the firm made up our minds to hand Park Ji Woong the call Park Hyun Bin, And therefore he would ex switch into every minute popular A singer every minute Hyun Bin is An Actor.

Rain Jung Ji Hoon -> < robust>Rain

When Rain used to exist recording his de yet tune, IT used to exist raining so much, And therefore < robust>Park Jin young gave Jung Ji Ho at the call ‘Rain.’

Seo Kang Joon Lee Seung Hwan -> < robust>Seo Kang Joon

Seo Kang Jo directly every minute wellk the call of < robust>Ha Jung Woo‘s director At the fourth dimension.

Jang Hyuk Jung Yong Joon ->< robust> Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk also every minute wellk the call of An excessively neatly known director.

Ha Ji Won Jun Hye Rim -> < robust>Ha Ji Won

prior to her de yet, Ha Ji Won used to exist looking to recall to mind A point call, And finally, she went alongside A call her director gave her. But IT used to existn’t only Any call! IT used to exist the call of the executive’s maiden – And unrequited – love.

Ha Jung Woo Kim Sung Hoon -> < robust>Ha Jung Woo

Ha Jung Woo used to exist in fact A point call regarded every minute through Actor < robust>Kim Sung Soo, who finally  made up our minds now no longer to convey the call existcause A director concept IT And thereforeunded like A ’90s porn Actor’s call. Later, label mate Kim Sung Hoon (Ha Jung Woo) took up the call.

Ma makeng Suk Lee makeng Suk -> < robust>Ma makeng Suk

Ma makeng Suk’s nick call All through his college years used to exist ‘ satan’ makeng Suk (ak-ma makeng Suk), existcause he’d at All fourth dimensions playfully throw punches At his buddies, An Act that later gave birth to the call Ma makeng Suk. this present day, IT Appears evening his mom calls him Ma makeng Suk.

Gong Yoo Gong Ji Chul -> < robust>Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo stated at the get commenceed of his profession when receiving A ‘new star’ Award, “My exact call is Gong Ji Chul, yet i’m Acting existneath the call Gong Yoo, taking the sur calls of either one of my folks.” He went on to mention that he would ex switch into An Actor that doesn’t ex switch into A burden on his folks’ calls.

Jo Jin Woong Jo Won Joon -> < robust>Jo Jin Woong

Jo Jin Woong Also honors A parent alongside his point call, which is barely the call of his father. Jo Jin Woong used to exist at the get commenceed active existneath his own call Jo Won Joon while A play Actor, yet finished up later taking his father’s, so every minute to put upon himself A upper point of obligation And hand himself encouragement to paintings more difficult And do neatly through his father’s call. Joking, Jo Jin Woong’s father told him, “You’re evening going to borrow my call? Pay A price if you wish to accept to exploit IT.”

earlier than They Were Stars: sudden beyond Careers of Korean Celebrities

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before They Were Stars: surprising past Careers of Korean Celebrities the street to luck isn’t at all times simple and short. Many celebrities had other dreams creating up or they had other tasks prior to de yeting. There are circumstances where they were education to transform pro athletes. Some celebs paintingsed phase-time tasks to make ends meet whilst pursuing their dreams, whilst others ended up switching their automobileeers. Their studies turn out that it's miles conceiv in a position to succeed in your dreams whenever you figure tough. Also, you never understand how your lifestyles will alternate and what adventures you're going to embark on. Are you interested by way of your favourite celebrities’ pasts? stay reading to determine more and get encouraged!

Let’s get commenceed with our recreations famous persons. both UEE and So Ji Sub were abilityed swimmers when they were youths. So Ji Sub even won a bronze medal in a swimming festival.

horrifying villain from “My Love From the Stars” and “Liar Game,” actor Shin Sung Rok was once in the beginning a basketball player. A hip surgical operation ended in him hand overting the game. His brother ended up changing into a qualified basketball player even if he sooner or past duer retired and lately have turned into a chef. main automobileeer adjustments for either one of them!

search engine optimization Ji Suk was once making plans on being a music and box athlete because of his speed and agility. Unfortunately, he suffered a knee harm which alternated the process his automobileeer.

Lee Tae Sung is some other actor who once dreamed of being a recreations famous person. An harm avoided him from changing into a qualified baseball player, yet he was once in a position to painting one in the drama “Two Outs in the ninth Inning.”

Jo Han Sun and Kang Dong Won were football avid gamers in their youths. Their ability was once no longer was onceted as they played football in the film “Wolf’s Temptation,” as you'll see in the image.

Song Joong Ki was once a promising short music skater and  would possibly have won Korea some medals if he hadn’t had to hand over because of an harm. fortunately, the good-looking actor was once in a position to displaycase his abilitys in the drama “Triple.” Mean whilst, Song Hye Kyo and Han Chae Young learned figure skating when they were more youthful. apparently as though their recreations pasts have helped them in more than a few projects after de yeting.

Even those that had been commonplace corporate paintingsers can transform famous persons! Actor Ji Jin Hee was once a visible design major and  paintingsed at an advertising corporate. Mean whilst, Kang Ji Hwan was once a graphic design major and paintingsed at an organization for approximately a year.

comic Jung Hyung Don from “Infinity issue” was once in truth a salaryman at Samsung. Likewise, his colleague Park Hwee Soon has enjoy running for a matchmaking corporate. Kim Jun Ho also printed that he had a phase-time task running at a undies shop. What surprising tasks for such funny men.

beautiful singer G.NA printed she was once an English instructor at an academy prior to her making a song de yet. Who wouldn’t need a bombshell English instructor?

Son Ho Young paintingsed phase-time at a tonkatsu (beef cutlet) eating place. enthusiasts undoubtedly wish they would possibly be served a delectable meal by way of the good-looking famous person.

There also are famous persons with retail enjoy. Narsha from Brown Eyed ladies has enjoy running at a garments shop. Talented actor Kim Myung Min paintingsed as a salesperson at a ski attire shop in Itaewon. despite his existing symbol as a significant actor, he was once known for being trade savvy and incredibly luckful in promoting pieces.

Yoon Sang Hyun, who de yeted reasonably past due in comparison to others, controlled a small eating place in front of an all- woman’s prime faculty. scholars will have to have flocked to peer the nice- taking a look actor.

Heartthrob Won Bin strangely paintingsed as a automobile mechanic after graduating from prime faculty. At the time, he dreamed of turning into a automobile racer.

Veteran actor Han Suk Kyu was once a voice actor ago. No wonder i locate his voice so soothing…

“Jewel in the Palace” famous person Lee Young Ae was once a reporter for a morning display in 1994. Actress Han Ye Seul was once a stick insect, yet past duer get commenceeded out as a reporter on “phase tv” in 1999 before transitioning into acting.

Which of those famous persons’ old automobileeers did you locate the maximum surprising? remark under!

Which Korean celebrities received the most likes and the most follows on Instagram within the past year?

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Which Korean celebrities received the most likes and the most follows on Instagram within the past year?

It"s common for Korean celebrities to have millions of followers on their SNS accounts, because that"s how popular they are nationwide and worldwide. But which celebrity is the most popular of them all on Instagram?

On June 11, Instagram released a report titled "The influence of the Nation"s Stars on Instagram" from data collected from the span of a year, from May 25 of last year until last month.

In the category of having the most amount of comments and "likes", EXO"s Chanyeol came in first with a whopping total of 97 million comments and "likes", or rather, "hearts"! It"s probably no surprise considering how regularly he keeps his fans updated with cute and entertaining posts.

After Chanyeol, the celebrities with the most comments and "likes" are EXO"s maknae Sehun, Big Bang"s G-Dragon, Super Junior"s Heechul and 4minute"s HyunA.

Although Chanyeol has the most number of comments and likes, the celebrity with the most number of followers happens to be someone else! It"s G-Dragon with 4.5 million (now 4.6 million) followers!

With the cut off being this past May, the celebrities with the most number of followers after G-Dragon are Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon and EXO"s Chanyeol with 4.1 million, Sehun followed after with 3.8 million (now 3.9 million), then Baekhyun with 3.5 million (now 3.6 million), and Tao with 3.3 million followers.

In terms of who gained the most amount of followers within the shortest amount of time, Big Bang"s T.O.P came out on top. He only joined Instagram last month but he already has 1.5 million followers!

We know that many of the comments and likes on Korean celebrities" Instagram posts also come from outside of Korea. And the country with the most number of users following Korean celebrities on Instagram was Indonesia! Other countries that made it to the top included Thailand, U.S., Brazil, and Germany.

Which Korean celebrities are you following on Instagram?

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Playboy and Ranker list the 11 hottest Korean celebrities

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Playboy and Ranker list the 11 hottest Korean celebrities

Playboy and Ranker listed the "11 Hottest South Korean Women of All Time"!

Topping the list was none other than former Miss Korea Honey Lee. She was followed by diva Lee Hyori and then actress Kim Sa Rang, followed by miss A"s Suzy and 4minute"s HyunA. The idols were followed by actresses Han Ye Seul, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Hye Soo. Coming in at #9 was Yewon, followed by actress Jo Yeo Jung. The list was wrapped up with forever sexy-queen Uhm Jung Hwa.

Here are the names as list for easier viewing:

Honey Lee Lee Hyori Kim Sa Rang Suzy HyunA Han Ye Seul Kim Tae Hee Kim Hye Soo Yewon Jo Yeon Jung Uhm Jung Hwa

Do you agree with the list?

Watch This Korean CF That Actually Has an Inspiring Message, Not Just Pretty Celebrities

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Watch This Korean CF That Actually Has an Inspiring Message, Not Just Pretty Celebrities

Normally, I cant wait to skip the ad in front of a YouTube video I want to watch. Loud, flashy, and selling things I dont care about, I wait impatiently for those five seconds of the CF to pass so I can press Skip.

But recently, an ad caught my eye, grabbed my attention, and kept me watching for the whole two minutes and 19 seconds of it. Not only did it tug at my heart strings, but it also made me do a mental exercise, and encouraged me to change how I perceive the world.

The first five seconds shows a young man running frantically up the stairs of a subway exit to accidentally walk into an older man in a suit. He apologizes quickly as he continues to head away from the station. The older man looks at him disdainfully and words appears on a screen showing what the man is thinking: What a rude fellow.

The next scene shows an even older man with white hair on a bus, obviously disgruntled because a young girl is not giving up her seat for him, asleep or pretending to be. The older woman sitting next to her looks at her and thinks, What an inconsiderate young woman.

The next scenes shows another older man in a suit tsking as he walks past a younger man, also in a suit, throwing up in the street. Hes thinking, The young these days have no sense of propriety. Then the screen goes dark and the words We werent like that when we were young appear.

These anecdotes of Korean life hit me hard and held be captive because they are what I experience and see everyday as a resident of Seoul. Commuting to and from work by public transportation, both bus and train, I myself battle for a seat and get pushed and pulled by other commuters. Walking home, I see people of all genders and ages heaving whatever they had for dinner from drinking too much. Ive had those thoughts that the older people in the commercial had, although I am much closer in age to the young people. For me, the commercial wasnt just about overcoming a generational gap, but also about understanding, sympathy, and empathy.

The commercial then goes on to show why the young man was in such a hurry out of the subway, why the young girl couldnt give up her seat (she was actually asleep, not pretending), and why the guy in the suit heaved in the streets. The subway fellow was rushing to his part-time job, as the captions and images explain, because he needs the job to provide for himself while also going to school and/or paying back tuition debt. The young girl is also a college student who has to study and work long nights at a part-time job because like 67% of college students, finding a way to pay for school takes priority over actual school work. The young man in the suit is drinking because he is depressed, receiving rejections from jobs and finding that the standards are just too high.

The male narrator of the commercial asks viewers to look again at the youth we look at with such disdain, to transform our misunderstanding to understanding, and to cheer on the young so that their 20s becomes a happy time for them.

The commercial is ultimately a self-promotion for the online shopping platform 11st and its hope campaign that takes proceeds from its profit to support people in theirs 20s in various ways. Its selling itself but that doesnt take away from the message it delivers: Transform misunderstanding to understanding. Lets be slow to anger, resent, and disdain. Lets look beyond our own preconceptions and perspective.

Watching impossibly beautiful and handsome celebrities trying to sell me stuff that is supposed to make me look as good as them is okay most of the time because I am so desensitized to them by now. Then something like this CF comes along to remind me why visual media can be such a powerful medium to deliver a good message widely around the world. Watch the moving commercial for yourself below and let me know what you think: did it connect with you as much as it did with me?