Korean BJ visits a restaurant in Japan, gets told, “F*ck Korean Go Out”

Korean BJ visits a restaurant in Japan, gets told, “F*ck Korean Go Out”

A young Korean man had his vacation in Japan ruined after facing discrimination when he tried to enter an Izakayarestaurant.

On April 28, a video was posted on YouTube of BJ (Broadcast Jockey) Minsungtraveling in Japan when he decided to dine in at a restaurant.

The two-minute footage featured the man walking around when he discovered an Izakaya style restaurant saying, “Oh this looks nice.” He then spoke in Japanese asking the patrons and employees,”Is this Izakaya?”

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Hearing this, there were a few giggles inside with whispers of “No Korean.” Eventually, a Japanese employee stepped outside and told BJ Minsung to “What? What? F*ck you Korean,”cursing and telling him to “Get lost.” There have been numerous reports of Korean tourists facing discrimination and harassment in Japan recently.

Startled, the BJ decided to take his leave trying his best to suppresshis angry emotions. “I am seriously being patient right now. I held back not wanting to start a fight. I wanted to say it’s because of f*ckers like you that Japan gets cursed at… but I was patient because I really don’t want to end up at the police station,” he confessed.

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