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Watch: Choi Siwon Meets the Real-Life Ten

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Watch: Choi Siwon Meets the Real-Life Ten Super Junior member and actor Choi Siwon these days wrapped up his role as Kim Shin Hyuk in the MBC drama “She Was once Pretty.”

Hilariously, Siwon met Ten — also a personality from “She Become Pretty” — in real life, and posted a video of the come upon to his Instagram. However, it’s no longer the writer Ten he meets, yet Choi Siwon’s junior in the company, a member of the SMROOKIES team.

“Wow you — you’re actually handsome! What’s your name?” Siwon asks. The rookie replies, “It’s Ten.” Siwon greets Ten with a handshake, and walks off muttering “Ten?” to himself with a cock of his head, leaving the deficient kid status there taking a look embarrassed.

Check out the awkward come upon below!

A video posted by way of SIWON CHOI (@siwon1987) on Nov 15, 2015 at 10:19pm PST

Check out real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin in 'Giordano' bts video

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Check out real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin in 'Giordano' bts video

Real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin continue to be below scrutiny from lovers who can"t have ample in their adorable chemistry!

"Giordano" unveiled a behind-the-scenes video for their newest shoot, appearing their herbal charms and giving a trace as to how they are going to have fallen for each and every other. They give off an excessively comfortable, laid-back vibe like pals in addition a warm feeling like a long-time couple - the usage of all of that to their benefit to sing their own praises the brand"s warm-for-autumn outfits.

EXO Sets New First-Week Sales list for Korean Artist with Debut Jap Single

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EXO Sets New First-Week Sales list for Korean Artist with Debut Jap Single

--> EXO has set a new sales checklist in Japan with its debut single.

EXO′s debut Jap unmarried Love Me Appropriate ~romantic universe~, which was once released on November 4, no longer best debuted at no 1 at the Oricon day via day chart, it's far ranked number one on the weekly chart, demonstrating EXO′s repute in Japan.

EXO′s single sold 146,000 copies in the primary week, the maximum for a Korean artist′s debut single in Japan, and loads of are looking ahead to EXO syndrome to spread in Japan.

Oricon said via an editorial on its news page, titled ′EXO′s debut Japanese single is number one! 146,000 copies sold, the most for a Korean artist in the 1st week,′ writing ′The sales from the first week is the best ever for a Korean artist′s debut single.′

The single album comprises two tracks, the japanese edition of Love Me Right, the lead single from EXO′s repackaged 2d album, and Drop That.

Additionally, EXO headlined its first dome concert at the Tokyo Dome over 3 days, from November 6 to 8, accumulating 145,000 fanatics and environment a new record as the foreign artist to hang a dome concert in the shortest quantity of time. All eyes are on EXO, who is scoring giant with its single and concert in Japan.

Meanwhile, EXO will take the dome excursion to the Kyocera Dome in Osaka from November 13-15.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Life is yet an Empty Dream'

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Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Life is yet an Empty Dream'

Trailer released for the impending Korean film "Life is yet an Empty Dream"

"Life is But an Empty Dream" (2015)Directed via David ChoWith Kim Dong-wan, Mina Fujii, Choi Philip, Jin A-reum,...SynopsisThe motion picture depicts more than a few reviews of display running personnel contributors operating for rock festivals, who at all times dream of acting at the level themselves.Dong-wan has been working for the Pentaport Rock Festival for five years. He may be a member of a tune band dreaming about functioning at the festival. In reality, however, it doesn"t look like his dream will come true. Phillip has been trying to find a role ever since he graduated from college. He applies for a section time task at the festival and gets an interpreter position. He tries his highest to be a complete time employees for the festival.Release date in Korea : 2015/11/26

Korean film of the week 'My Shiny Life'

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Korean film of the week "My Vibrant Life" (2014)Directed through Lee Jae-yongWith Kang Dong-won, Song Hye-kyo, Jo Seong-mok, Baek Il-seob, Heo Joon-seok, Kim So-jin,...Formerly referred to as "My Palpitating Life"

SynopsisBased on an customary by Kim Ae-ran, a tale about a boy with progeria disease and his parents.

It is the tale of the youngest oldsters and oldest kid in the world... 16 year old boy, Ahreum has Progeria Syndrome, a unprecedented genetic defect that may purpose the little one to turn fast aging from an early age. Even supposing Ahreum has struggled with the disease, he was once raised as an excellent young baby more than any individual else. Young parents, Mi-ra (Song Hye-kyo) and Dae-soo (Kang Dong-won) are still in their early 30s who had Ahreum when they either were 17 years old, from time to time act immature yet they never expressed their sorrow. Ahreum most effective has a couple of month to live, and Mi-ra and Dae-soo would like to deny the reality. Regardless that knowing that he does now not have much time left, they seem on a fundraising television display in hopes of raising adequate cash for his scientific care. Ahreum"s appearance on TV brings everyone"s attention, and he becomes pen chums with a youngster woman who"s also plagued by a disease observing the show. Exchanging letters with her becomes the excitement of his days. But his frame becomes more weary from aging, and he even loses his vision...

Read William"s review on HanCinema

Available on DVD and Blu-ray from YESASIA

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An exhilarating Korean way of life Avenue display coming to Kuala Lumpur

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An exhilarating Korean way of life Avenue display coming to Kuala Lumpur

Korea is the rustic that pops in our brain on each occasion it comes to herbal good looks care, in-trend type style, deliciously original food and snacks, and now not forgetting the K-POP that has taken the sector via storm. All this can also be revel in in the Korean way of life street display that will held in Berjaya Times Square from 16th to 18th October.

The Korean Way of living Road prove is an tournament devoted to buyers to explore Korean culture and notice hot new pieces from South Korea. The collaborating corporations could be showcasing products is composed of k-pop merchandises, Korean accessories & eyewear, beauty, and lifestyle products in addition food & beverages.

Fun and fascinating activities also are planned out right through the three-day road show event. Underneath are the lists of activities that may be running:Free Korean food/snacks tastingKorean call CalligraphyLucky DrawFree Hanbok (traditional clothes) trialCut-Out coupon from flyer to assert K-Gift. Facebook check-in task 1. Take a selfie photo throughout the event.2. Upload for your FB/Instagram 3. Insert #KoreanLifestyleRoadshowBTS4. CHECK-INyour location to win marvel K-Goodies. undeniable as that!

The Korean Lifestyle Road Show as mention above will be taking its position this 16th to 18th October 2015 (Friday to Sunday), from 10.00AM to 10.00PM at Berjaya Times Square (LG East Floor, situated in front of Guardian). Admission is freed from charge. This is the development page www.facebook.com/events/415037175370914/.

Director Lee Byung Hun needs to forged real-life couple Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah?

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Director Lee Byung Hun needs to forged real-life couple Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah?

Director Lee Byung Hun was a guest on MBC"s "Radio Star" on October 7 when he mentioned an episode with Kim Woo Bin whilst filming his movie, "Twenty".

He said, "There was once a scene in which he turned into running to Kang Ha Neul in a karaoke room, yet he stepped on a e-book and slipped and fell. All and sundry went crazy. The damage was worse than we thought. there has been a shaggy dog story that i used to be turning into a traitor to Asia."

Hearing this, MC Kim Gu Ra said, "Do you've got any mind on casting Kim Woo Bin with Shin Min Ah," who are these days in a public relationship.The director replied, "If they would appear, I may just rewrite a whole state of affairs from starting to finish for them," making all people laugh.

Would you favor to peer the real-life famous person couple act together?

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Kim Ha Neul Has A Real-Life 'Noona Romance' With A Non-Celebrity

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Kim Ha Neul (Photo : ) On September 24, Kim Ha Neul confirmed that she was in a relationship with a younger businessman.

Her agency, SM Culture + Contents (SM C+C) issued a statement addressing the relationship between the 37-year-old actress and her non-celebrity boyfriend.

A report published by the Korean outlet,Yonhap News, highlighted the official statement of the agency. "It"s true that Kim Ha Neul is dating a businessman, who is one year younger [than her]," said a spokesperson for SM C+C, in a quote provided to Yonhap News. "They have been dating for about a year, after they were introduced by a friend."

Dispatch provided pictorial evidence of the relationship through photos that depicted the star with her non-celebrity boyfriend. According to the report, they were spotted on an outing where they had chicken soup with their parents.

Kim is the latest Korean celebrity to confirm their romantic involvement with a younger man. In Korean dramas, relationships between an older woman and younger man are referred to as "noona romances." Once a taboo, due to the likelihood that families for both parties would oppose marriage, real-life "noona romances" are on a rise.

According to an August 2015 report published by The Chosun Ilbo, first marriages involving older women and younger men increased to 15.8 percent in 2014. While it too soon to know if marriage is in the future for Kim and her boyfriend, these statistics hint at a promising future for the couple.

Kim is a model-turned-actress who gained notoriety for her roles in romantic comedies like "My Tutor Friend" and "My Girlfriend Is An Agent." Her Korean drama roles include "Piano" and the 2012 series, "A Gentleman"s Dignity."In 2015, she turned her sights back to film roles with projects like "Making Family" and "Female Teacher."

B1A4, BTS, GOT7, G-Friend And VIXX Nominated For 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Artist

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B1A4, BTS, GOT7, G-Friend And VIXX Nominated For 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Artist

(Photo : Facebook ) Five K-pop groups are battling for the 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Artist.

On Sept. 15, MTV revealed that B1A4, VIXX, G-Friend, BTS, and GOT7 are the five nominees who are competing for the award.

All these groups has been active in 2015, with B1A4, GOT7, BTS, and VIXX going abroad and doing tours this year. Female group G-Friend is catching media attention due to their recent popularity during the year.

Fans are able to vote for their favorite artist by going to the MTV"s EMA Koreanweb page.

The MTV Europe Music Awards is an event presented by MTV networks Europe, which awards prizes to musicians and performers, voted by viewers. The music awards event will be on Oct. 25, at Milan, Italy.

B1A4"s recent promotion was with their single titled "Sweet Girl," which was released in Aug. 10.

JYP Entertainment"s male group GOT7"s recent promotion was in July 13, with the release of their single titled "Just Right."

VIXX"s recent activity was with their sub-unit VIXX LR, which consist of members Leo and Ravi. They promoted their single titled "Beautiful Liar," which was released on Aug. 17.

BTS"s latest activity was in June 23, with the release of their single titled "Dope."

Lastly, G-Friend"s recent activity was with them promoting their single titled "Me Gustas Tu," which was released in July 23.