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Japanese Actress Juri Ueno Rocks Korean Designs In Ceci

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Japanese Actress Juri Ueno Rocks Korean Designs In Ceci

Japanese actress Juri Ueno dressed to impress in the November issue of Ceci. The star wore modern designs from some of the top Korean brands in the country, like Low Classic and Lucky Chouette, while posing in a traditional home. Her wonderful wardrobe included retro blouses, knit dresses, simple slip-ons and high-slit skirts.

In one of the most mesmerizing photos, Ueno sat on courtyard steps while wearing a white Arche dress from the brand"s Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The piece has ruffled sleeves and decorative gold buttons. It can be seen below on the runway.

During the interview, Ueno revealed how her professional ambitions and perspective on life have changed.

She stated, "Recently, the speed and axis of my life have changed thoroughly for me and it fits my needs. Whereas I was breathless before, now I want to live a meaningful, personal and relaxed life. I"m going to enjoy and contemplate every moment. These days, you can find me dining in a fine restaurant alone. So away from the gaze of others, I"m going to try and find the real me a little bit."

Ueno"s newest project is the Korean-Japanese web drama Secret Message. The series also stars Big Bang"s T.O.P, who goes by his real name Choi Seung Hyun for his acting career, and begins airing this month via Naver TV Cast and Line TV.

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Korean-American Actress Amy Adamantly Denies Prescription Drug Abuse

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Korean-American Actress Amy Adamantly Denies Prescription Drug Abuse Entertainer Amy speaks out about her emotions toward the hot suspicion she has gained regarding prescription drug abuse.

On November 9, Amy spoke with a media outlet commenting, “The suspicion for Zolpidem abuse is so unfair. I’m appalled. It’s been prescribed by potential of my physician for my depression. The rumor that it’s been got illegally is nonsense. On account of more than a few incidents i used to be fascinated with before, I used to be depressed and frightened of what folks thought. So, I did get some food and other family goods via beginning services. yet the accusation that I were given Zolpidem brought to my house is outrageous.” Amy added, “When I want to take some for my depression, I cross see my doctor in my opinion and get his prescription.”

Amy went directly to say, “It is correct that I did get investigated by the police for my imaginable involvement, but I became over the entire scientific records and fabrics to turn out that I did no longer do the rest wrong. I’ll cooperate with the police to transparent my call going forward. Also, I’ll take prison action opposed to any entities who are spreading false rumors about this.”

Another media outlet reported, “Earlier this year, Seoul Gangnam Police subpoenaed Amy to look prior to the courts for receiving 20 Zolpidem pills via a significant transport carrier company. Amy adamantly denies the fees by the police and insists she simply received medications she turned into prescribed by her doctor.”

The case is still ongoing.

Korean-American Actress Amy Once back below Suspicion of Prescription Drug Abuse

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Korean-American Actress Amy Another time Under Suspicion of Prescription Drug Abuse Television personality and Korean-American actress Amy (real call Lee Yoon Ji) is once again being investigated for additional Zolpidem abuse.

Amy has an large history of abusing prescription medication. In September 2012, she used to be sentenced to 8 months in felony and two years on probation for abusing Propofol, despite the truth that she changed into released after just 49 days. In June of 2014, she was indicted with 15 counts of drug violations and was fined five million won (approximately $4,600). because of the ones charges, she gained a deportation order back in April of this year, which she is lately appealing.

However, the Seoul Gangnam police subpoenaed Amy to look prior to the courts again on November nine for receiving 20 pills of Zolpidem via a start business, named handiest as Company K, previous this year. Additionally, the founder of corporate K, surnamed Go, was charged with promoting Amy as many as 651 Zolpidem tablets.

According to the police, Amy got the pills in the process the transport company’s employees far and wide the city. The legitimate file states that she received prescription medicine by way of this delivery service, which Amy vehemently denies.

The case is still currently under investigation.

Korean-American Actress Amy Fights opposed to Deportation Order After Drug Use Controversy

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Korean-American Actress Amy Fights Against Deportation Order After Drug Use Controversy Television personality, Amy, has expressed her frustration with the order of her deportation from Korea.

On November 4, at the Seoul top Court about the retraction of her deportation order, Amy stated, “I am no longer white or black, and all of my circle of relatives lives in Korea. I have now not harm others so forcing me to reside out of the country is an excessively tricky action for me.”

On September of 2014, Amy was once discovered in charge for abusing the psychotropic drug, Zolpidem, and became fined five million won (approximately $4,600). In 2012, she won a suspended felony sentence for abusing Propofol.

After her fine was confirmed, the Seoul Immigration Office gave a deportation order to Amy, a U.S. citizen, previous this year. in line with the Immigration Act, if a prisoner receives a detention center sentence or higher, he or she can also be forced to leave the rustic when released.

Amy appealed the order by way of announcing that “The deportation order is too harsh.” At the trial, it's been stated that “Amy is in very bad condition and has even had suicidal thoughts. because of the media, either her frame and brain are a mess. She is lately receiving clinical remedy and is inquiring for to be allowed to stick in Korea with the folk she loves, her family.”

5 Must-Have Korean Actress Diamond Rings

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5 Must-Have Korean Actress Diamond Rings

Opulence on a reasonable budget has never been easier. Last year, the main jewelry trend for rings was effortless simplicity. White gold bands with very little embellishment but dynamic geometric shapes, for instance J.ESTINA"s 2014 Fall/Winter collection, were the main style. This season, the unabashed sparkle and giant diamond look is back! In 2015, the flashier and more traditional, the better. As a result, jewelry brands across Korea have been reconstructing the eclectic wedding band into an everyday piece.

Below are 5 affordable rings with a diamond radiance that have been worn by Korean actresses in magazine pictorials and promotional campaigns. If you want a unique gift to give your girlfriend or simply want to treat yourself with a luxurious rock, look no further! There"s a dash of extravagance for every taste below: pearls, statement cuts, massive gems, and nature-inspired motifs.

Don"t be afraid to let your inner diva shine!

1. Han Ye Seul"s Swarovski Attract Light Square Ring ($125)

(Photo : ElleCosmopolitan) 2. Gong Hyo Jin"s J.ESTINA Barre Maquette Ring ($89)

A ring for a modern businesswoman.

(Photo : J.ESTINA) 3. Park Shin Hye"s Agatha Paris "Scottish Pave" Ring ($130)

A ring for the sweetheart in your life.

(Photo : Harper"s BazaarGucci) ---

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Korean-American Actress Talks About "Fairy-Tale" Film Role

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Korean-American Actress Talks About

In the weepie "Ode to My Father", which portrays the sacrifices of a man through 50 years of Korean history, the youngest of the family is adopted to the U.S. and finally meets her brother after a TV campaign searching for families separated by the Korean War.

The part of the grown-up daughter was played by Korean-American actress Stella Choe, and her performance in the reunion scene makes a powerful impression.

In a phone interview with the Chosun Ilbo on Thursday, Choe said getting the part was "like a fairy tale".

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she hardly speaks any Korean.

She said she has been acting for a long time but did not land any major roles. A couple of year ago, she and her friends made the comic video "What Kind of Asians Are You?" for fun and posted it on YouTube. It ridicules prejudices against Asians in the U.S.

The producers of the film saw the video and got her to audition for the role in March, competing with some 200 others. Five months later, they called to tell her that she got the part.

Choe watched the film with her mother and two sisters in Los Angeles when it was released in the U.S. early this month.

"The theater was a sea of tears. Everybody"s eyes were red from crying. When I was taking a picture in front of a poster, people recognized me and crowded around to ask for taking a picture with me", she said.

The actress was surprised when the film attracted 10 million viewers in Korea, but she said what pleased her most was that she could tell her mother about things that she never talked about after they watched the movie.

Her father can"t go to a theater as he is sick, so she will watch the film again with her family when it is available on DVD.

Korean Female Actress "A" Is Under Suspicion of The illegal Use of Ecstasy

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Korean Female Actress

The K–Pop world was shaken up by an investigation of using illegally ecstasy involving a female actress.

Amidst investigation into the ongoing drug dealing case, which also involves hip hop artist Bumkey, Seoul Dongbu District Public Prosecutors" Office have found reason to suspect this actress "A", who is a famous celebrity with appearances in dramas and varieties.

"A" has apparently stated, "I'm just taking medicine for my bipolar disorder," and has denied the charges. However, prosecution are currently gathering testimonies from witnesses and medical history documents to prove otherwise.

Since "A" is set to star in a new drama next year, if the accusations of drug use turn out to be true, it"s highly likely that her future activities may come to a halt.

In other news, Bumkey had his second trial back on December 11, during which a witness claimed that Bumkey sold meth and ecstasy to him.

Park Shin Hye becomes the first Korean actress to have more than 7 million followers on Weibo

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Park Shin Hye becomes the first Korean actress to have more than 7 million followers on Weibo

Park Shin Hye once again proves her rising international popularity by having more than 7 million followers on Weibo.

According to S.A.L.T Entertainment, Park Shin Hye currently has over 7 million followers on Weibo, which makes her become the first Korean actress to have the most followers on the most popular Chinese social network service.

Due to her popularity, SBS"s drama "Pinocchio" starring Park Shin Hye has also received a lot of interest as it has gained 170 million views on streaming site Youku with just the first 6 episodes.

Meanwhile, her new movie "The Royal Tailors" will be premiered on December 24th.

Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo Has Privilege Of Featuring Five Chinese Fashion Magazines

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Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo Has Privilege Of Featuring Five Chinese Fashion Magazines

The “most beautiful Korean flower”, Song Hye Kyo marked a new milestone as she has become the second non-Chinese artist, who is featured on the five Chinese fashion magazines.

Most recently,  Song Hye Kyo has made her appearance on the cover of Marie Claire China for its 12 anniversary. She also had the privilege of becoming the first cover model of Vogue Korea.

In other news, Actress Song Hye Kyo was also the first cover model of Vogue Korea. In related news, actress Song Hye Kyo’s upcoming films, "The Crossing" and "I Am The Queen," are going to premiere in China this December. "The Crossing" is a historical film by John Woo that tells love stories of three couples who leave China for Taiwan during the Chinese Revolution in 1949. In addition to Song Hye Kyo, actress Zhang Ziyi is going to star in the film. "The Crossing" will premiere in China on December 2, 2014.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun becomes honorary ambassador of Korean tourism

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Actress Jun Ji Hyun becomes honorary ambassador of Korean tourism

On August 11, actress Jun Ji Hyun, the female lead of the mega-hit drama My Love from the Star, has been appointed as an honorary ambassador of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

Jun Ji Hyun is a famous Korean actress through many hit movies such as "My sassy girl", "The thieves", "The Berlin file",... She is growing as a Hallyu star again as the latest 21-episode drama "My love from the Star" gained a huge popularity in China. It attracted more than 2.5 billion hits on IQIYI, a Chinese video site, according to KeyEast.

Thanks to the drama, Chinese people are inspired to eat chicken and drink beer together, and follow Jun Ji Hyun"s fashion style. They also show their wishes to visit Korea and tour some of the dramas locations.

Jun Ji Hyun shared her thought, Ill do my best to advertise how beautiful Korea is and how kind people are through dramas and movies to promote Koreas charm to the world.