Tiffany Beneath  Hearth For Arguable SNS Posts On National Liberation Day In Korea

Tiffany Beneath Hearth For Arguable SNS Posts On National Liberation Day In Korea

Tiffany BeneathHearth For Debatable SNS Posts On National Liberation Day In Koreajun2yng August 14, 2016 0 Tiffany Under Fire For Controversial SNS Posts On National Liberation Day In Korea Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has come under fire from Korean netizens for her August 15 SNS posts following “SMTOWN Are livingExcursion V In Japan,” one with the caption “Babes (Japanese flag emoticon)(heart emoticon),” and the opposite alongside a Tokyo, Japan sticky label with the emerging sun design on a Snapchat image. The posts are pictured below.

August 15 is National Liberation Day in Korea, celebrating the country’s freedom from Imperial Jap colonial rule, and Tiffany’s posts have sparked heavy complaint from Korean netizens, who are calling for a response, now notbest for posting the japanese flag, yet the growing sun, which is controversial because of its arrangement with Imperial Japanese rule.

Some netizens have even brought the problem to the “Sister’s Slam Dunk” show, calling for Tiffany’s withdrawal from the displayat the show’s network forum.

Currently, the SNS posts in queryhad been deleted, even supposing a observation from SM or Tiffany has yet to be made.

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South Korea’s newest  3-D photo craze gaining international attention

South Korea’s newest 3-D photo craze gaining international attention

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSouth Koreas newest photo trend has been receiving international attention, with many media shopsfar and widethe arena reporting at the phenomenon. 

Rather than settle for profootage or selfies, many South Koreans were turning to 3-dpictures to capture a 360 stage photo of themselves, in addition their youngsters and pets.

In order to providea actually perfect 3D model, the topics are placed at the middle of a hundred cameras, which take photos from eachperspective and mix them to create a best possible image. In only one to two days, photographer are in a position to make a figurine of the topic in shocking detail. Yetwhilst many South Koreans are in love with the theory of 3D photos, the generation is still slightly pricey, with small figurines costing between $100 and $300 USD.

While maximum 3D photos are created of members of the family and pals for sentimental value, height agency SM Entertainment has also beganthe use of the technology to create unitsin theirmost neatly liked idols as well, albeit to less a success results.

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Korean film opening these days 2016/08/12 in Korea

Korean film opening these days 2016/08/12 in Korea

Korean film opening lately 2016/08/12 in Korea: "A Dreaming Butterfly"

"A Dreaming Butterfly" (2016)Directed via Lee Sang-hwaWith Kim Jae-rok, Kang Ha-ri, Seong Yong-won, Jin Geon, Sin Seung-hwan-I, Park Byeong-jin,...SynopsisMiddle elderly Tae-gyu spends eachevening making love to his young and wonderful wife and the entire thingturns out like a satisfied dream to him. One night whilst his wife is out of town, any individualassists in keeping knocking at the door. The knocker does notexpose him or herself so Tae-gyu opens the door to discovera lady who looks similar to his wife, status there. No, this lady looks just like his wife yet she is dressed in thick and heavy make up, has blonde hair and is wearing torn and ripped clothes. She's more decadent than his sentimental wife. After she's gone, Tae-gyu suffers each night from a nightmare in which he's being raped by an unknown figure and is perplexed if this isfactor simply a dream. When the femme fatale comes back, Tae-gyu feels his wife's smell from her and is certain she is his wife by the glance in her eyes. When she looks at him, he sees deep sadness. He knows that she needs him to kill himself when she hands him a knife so he stabs himself in the neck. Tae-gyu is dead, but it is not over.

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BIGBANG Is Elected As Koreas Creative Icon By way of The Ministry Of Culture, Sports, & Tourism

BIGBANG Is Elected As Koreas Creative Icon By way of The Ministry Of Culture, Sports, & Tourism

BIGBANGhas been electedas a countrywide "Creative Icon" through the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism!

On August 2nd, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism declared thatBIGBANGhas been appointed as the ambassador of the country's new national brand: "Creative Korea."

As the creative ambassador,BIGBANGwill be involvedin the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics (from August 5th to August 21st), in addition the 2018 PyeongChang Iciness Games Olympics.

"Creative Korea" is the productof the ministry's efforts to building up Korea's national identity and may reestablish "Dynamic Korea" and "Imagine Your Korea" as the country's motto.

An informant from the ministry says, "ThroughBIGBANG's activities with 'Creative Icon,' we believethat we can bein a position to existcapable ofadvertise 'Creative Korea' on an global level. The gang will play an important role in selling Korea's image."

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Chan-sung Is A Scorching Summer Boy For ELLE Korea Magazine!

Chan-sung Is A Scorching Summer Boy For ELLE Korea Magazine!

2PM'sHwangChan-sungturns into a hot summer boy for theJuly 2016 issueof ELLE Korea.

In the images, he looks as if a candy and captivating young guy who is unfolding his intense charisma, spellbinding you naturally. The colour of the watermelon and the orange backdrop looks so just right together. It isobtrusivethat duringeach angle,Chan-sung's handsomeness is being displayed.

Besides the photo shoot,Chan-sungalso sat down with the mag for an interview and he has replied some beautifulappealing questions.

When he was once asked what makes paintingsa laugh for him, he mentioned that the interest he has in opposition tomany stuff makes it have a feeling of fun toward his work. His skillto glance at and working outan individual is his outstandingfeature which makes him an inventive and an expressive artist. He believes he'soriginalno longerhandiest alongside his character, yet too with his looks; in order that if anyone else is to play the similar roles as he does as an actor, it can not exist copied. Therefore, his work is more fun for him.

Also, he admitted that he gets jealous if he hears of anyone who becomes a hit and earns much money. What makes him special is that regardless of his such feelings, he would never wish to be that person. He does notwish to insure happiness and he does now not accept the want to make the total lot that he needs to happen. In his point of view, the keenness that he has for his luck disappears. He must berich without wasting his interest towards his work.

He stated that assemblyother folks and having conversations are the forms of things that he enjoys. "As I grow interested towards other, I have a tendency to expandbehaviorin line with that person's movements and their naturalbehavior,"he added. Hence,he enjoys finding his own habits.

The challengingstreet he took since his debut became mentioned, too. As a individual that debuted at the very young age, he is been traveling his way cautiously and steadily. He has advanced himself to be what he is now and is filled witharea for more improvements. He reveals himself short of more staying power and flexibility. However, to this point he is chuffed with his own work.

He remembered about how he's being praised for work. He has at all times been that person that accepts all that comes his way in either hands.

He also remembered how he sought after to be popular when he was younger. In time he has discovered how repute disappears in seconds. As he have becomethankful for the affection and the appreciation that he gains in provide time, he states the words ofPark Jin-youngthat encouraged him: "All that remain are skills. While you're skilled, you're going to convey a long road like me."

"We muststay ourselves entertained always. If the prerequisitesaren't complex deciding is easy," he stated. "This looks fun! Let's do It!" and this is how he gets into action.

He was puzzled or so his trackexistence equally a lyricist and he acknowledged that he still writes lyrics. As for the maximum recent ballads in which he wrote for2PM's newest album, they were rejected.

When he was questioned about what form ofpersonality he thinks he most commonly fits, he said that he is to be had for any kind of a character. A romantic comedy turns out to be in his best possible interest. Indeed he has shown his colours in such experiencesat the screen before. He thinks he can painting a character of a boy who is cool and sassy, but also naive and dopey with his girlfriend.

As he opens up about his life on his own, he stated that he had to be living independently since he was young. Even though IT is his first time living alone, it be been just a year and he doesn't appear to feel lonely. He said he likes being independent, to take selections on his own and do sure things without anyone's interference.

As he pulled during the interview effectively answering the curious interviewer diplomatically, he controlled to bring out himself adorable and loveable.

The interviewer asked, "Are you a man that can also bewithout problems approach?". He answers, "I attempt tofitalong sidethe oppositeuser without letting that person feel uncomfortable on account of me."

Hwang Chan-sungcan be named as some of the most humble, remarkableand beautiful persons in the Korean entertainment scene. He is an impeccable introduction of many of amazing qualities a person must always have.

To know more about whatChan-sungspeaks of, be certain youpreserve an eye out whenthis edition ofELLE Koreagetsreleased.

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Pro Pointers For Taking a look Your Very best From One of Korea's Leading Good looks  Mavens EXCLUSIVE

Pro Pointers For Taking a look Your Very best From One of Korea's Leading Good looks Mavens EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)Thousands of lovers of Korean culture and entertainment poured into the Los Angeles ConferenceMiddle this beyond weekend, to join in in the world's greatest Korean fan convention, KCON 2016 U.s.a. presented through Toyota.

Advertisement Whilstthe key draw for maximum attendees was, undoubtedly, the impressive lineup of Korean actors and idols scheduled to make an appearance over the process the weekend, many in attendance also expressed a preparedpassion in Korean good looks products being showcased at the convention. With lines stretching around the convention hall, it issimpleto peer that thosecosmeticcorporations were a successamong convention goers.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)In spite of a irritating schedule, the stunning ARITAUM reps were willing to take a minute to speak amongst us about their products and give us some insider tips about how to seem your best possiblethroughout these hot summer months.

KPZ: Many of our readers will now not beaccustomed to the ARITAUM brand. Are you in a position tolet us knowa little or so the company, the brands and the goods yous carry?

ARITAUM: ARITAUM comes from our Korean parent company, AmorePacific, which as been around since 1945. Aritaum carries many brands, including: IOPE, Laneigne, Mamonde, ARITAUM, Hanyul and Sulwhasoo, here in the U.S. The Aritaums in the U.S. are reasonablyother than the ones in Korea. The ones in Korea don'traise Sulwhasoo, yet nosotros do. We have got about 1000retail outlets in Korea and you know Korea is a beautiful small country so that isnumerous stores. We adoreto name ourselves the Sephora of Korea and we these days possess 70 stores here in the U.S.

KPZ: We all know that these hot summer months will also beactuallytough on our skin. Which products would you suggestnot to only lend a handoffer coverage to US from the harsh effects of the sun but also stay UStaking a look bright and refreshed?

ARITAUM: What so much of folks brand mistakes with in the hot summer months is they skip on skin care because they believe that or not it's too heavy. What you actuallywould like to make is transfer to a lighter skincare. You at all timesare searching to receive a serum and a gel cream, in order thatit is not too sticky but you are still hydrating and feeding your skin and then SPF is glaringly very important. We are very noted for our IOPE air cushions, that have SPF 50. So what you need to have to do is feed your skin first and then shield it.

KPZ: What are some of this summer's most up to date beauty trends?

ARITAUM: It is the ombre look. The ombre lips gloss. So we have the IOPE dual lip blender which provides you with that glance with one swipe. So usually, while you practise an ombre look, you will have use 2 colours merely with this, you get 2 colors in 1.

KPZ: Which products would you put forwardfor buying these looks?

ARITAUM: With the exception of the lips, we have Shine Fix Eyes which are very glittery shadows that might construct your eyes pop, as smartly as our famous air cushions. Of path for skincare, our best-seller is the Bio Essence, it puts antioxidants back into your skin that you lose for the ones who age.

KPZ: You be offeringa wide rangeof goods and every personcontinuallyturns out to have their own list of favorites. That are your hottest items? Which are your individual favorite?

ARITAUM: Our preferred item is the cushion foundation, especially the IOPE air-cushion. In the IOPE air cushion we have lots of finishes, so we have herbal cover, intense quilt and matte. My non-publicfavourite is the matte as itsupplies you the most policy and it also gives you a slight powdery end for those those thatwould possiblyunlike the dewy look.

KPZ: If there may just besomethingindividuals love, it's getting an insider's guidelines on how to search your best, so I just must ask: Do you've any methodsyou'lllove toproportion with us?

ARITAUM: I suspectthe largest thing with Korean beauty is ranging fromthe interior out. So if in case you have a healthy base, once you have healthy skin, whatever you wearit's going toappearancesuch a lot better. So we're all about having a healthy base, feeding your skin, clarifying your skin, and then striking makeup directly totoughen what you already have.

KPZ: You've were given this booth install here at KCON, in addition a pop-up store, and you have been providing makeovers by K-Beauty professionals all weekend. How has the reaction been so far?

ARITAUM: It's been amazing! We have now been having lines the block. We in reality have an IOPE makeup artist from Korea who flew over here only for this event. She was once very hard to get and we're very lucky to have her and she's just so professional. We had a workshop with her the day earlier than this and the response become amazing.

KPZ: Where can folksin finding your products, once KCON has ended? Do you have stores situated here in the U.S.?

ARITAUM: Yes we do. We've 70 stores here in North America. We do not need e-commerce yet but if you were given to there is ashop locator so you'll be able tolocate the store that's closest to you.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)With such much offantastic products to make a choice from, it's effortless to see why ARITAUM has change intoone of the crucial leading brands in Korean beauty and why their booth was one of the freshest stops at KCON 2016 LA.

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Korean drama beginning  nowadays 2016/08/12 in Korea

Korean drama beginning nowadays 2016/08/12 in Korea

Korean drama beginningas of late 2016/08/12 in Korea "Cinderella and the 4 Knights" (2015)Directed through Kwon Hyeok-chanWritten by Min Ji-eun, Won Yeong-silNetwork : tvNWith Jeong Il-woo, Ahn Jae-hyeon, Park So-dam, Lee Jung-shin, Choi Min-I, Son Na-eun,...16 episodes - Sat, Sun 23:00SynopsisA formative years adventure talein accordance with an usual novel. A happytopfaculty student, whose dream is to be a vet, enters the Sky Space to are living amongst3wealthy young men and a bodyguard.

#Ahn Jae-hyeon #Choi Min-I #Jeong Il-woo #Kwon Hyeok-chan #Lee Jung-shin #Min Ji-eun #Park So-dam #Son Na-eun #Won Yeong-sil #Cinderella and the Four Knights #news

Korean videos opening lately 2016/08/11 in Korea

Korean videos opening lately 2016/08/11 in Korea

Korean videos opening these days 2016/08/11 in Korea: "My Student's Mom" and "Love Affair: A Secret Affair"

"My Student's Mom" (2016)Directed through Gi Dae-hoWith Seong Min-ah, Kim Wang-yong, Kim Si-jin, Park Do-jin,...SynopsisGyeong-soo and Jeong-min used to be the happiest couple in the world. However, Jeong-min is left houseby myself after her husband leaves to the regional space for a longtrade trip. Whilst she tries to take care of her lonely feelings, her son's tutor Min-hyeok starts flirting with her hard. And even though Jeong-min knows she shouldn't, she starts being attracted to Min-hyeok more and more. Meanwhile, Gyeong-soo unearths his position in a boarding condominium in the regional district and starts getting attracted to the landlord of the board house, who is a unmarriedmom alongsidea tender daughter.

"Love Affair: A Secret Affair" (2016)Directed by Lee Jae-sangWith Kim Do-hee, Kim Sang-hyeon-I, Goo Min-ji, Bae Seong-joon-I,...SynopsisHo-je remarried Hyeon-ah. He thinks other halves and girlfriends are other things and refuses to sleep with Hyeon-ah. Though she's upset, she assists in keeping it in for the sake of his wealth and comforts herself with hosts, yet she's still feeling empty inside. Meanwhile, Ho-je's daughter Ho-yeon feels anythingextraordinary between her boyfriend Joo-cheol and Hyeon-ah and gives Hyeon-ah 50 million won for napping with her father. Hyeon-ah thinks here isthe very bestlikelihood to put off Ho-je's female friend and accepts but...

#Bae Seong-joon-I #Gi Dae-ho #Goo Min-ji #Kim Do-hee #Kim Sang-hyeon-I #Kim Si-jin #Kim Wang-yong #Lee Jae-sang #Park Do-jin #Seong Min-ah #Love Affair: A Secret Affair #My Student's Mom #news

EXO’s Chanyeol’s true nature stuck on camera after he was once  noticed feeding a stray cat at the streets of Korea

EXO’s Chanyeol’s true nature stuck on camera after he was once noticed feeding a stray cat at the streets of Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIdols are at all timesacutely conscious of their many fanservice, yet Chanyeol was oncestuck unaware with his adorable reaction to a stray cat. 

Recently, a fan shared an adorable stumble upon alongside the EXO member after spotting him at the streets of Yeonnamdong. Consistent with the post and series of footage that got herein conjunction with it, Chanyeol changed intonoticed crouching over the cat and providing it food.

However, as the folkbeganto collect and crowd, the singer was visible walking away, but no longer without evidence of his warm gesture.

Netizens who have considered the post instantly contested on Chanyeol’s nature an animal lover, also posting more incidences of him doing the similar gesture.

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Korean videos opening these days 2016/08/10 in Korea

Korean videos opening these days 2016/08/10 in Korea

Korean videos opening lately 2016/08/10 in Korea: "Run-off", "Tunnel", and "Bling"

"Run-off" (2015)Directed by ability of Kim Jong-hyeonWith Soo-ae, Oh Dal-soo, Oh Yeon-seo, Ha Jae-sook, Kim Seul-gi-I, Kim Ye-won-I,...SynopsisThe tale has been encouraged by how Korean women's national ice hockey team was once formed. The film depicts the procedure that the athletes with quite so much of backgrounds adding a North Korean escapee, a dropout athlete from short music team, a housewife to heartfaculty students, passthru to grow as national athletes.

"Tunnel" (2015)Directed by Kim Seong-hoonWith Ha Jeong-woo, Bae Doona, Oh Dal-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Park Gene-woo, Kim Jong-soo,...Crank in : 2015/11/10Synopsis"Tunnel" is in line withthe radical alongsidethe similar time by writer So Jae-won. It's miles about a man, who is trapped in a tunnel and tries to get out of it. Ha Jeong-woo will play the protagonist, who is trapped in a tunnel because of careless construction.

"Bling" (2016)Directed by Lee Kyeong-ho, Lee Won-jae-IIWith Hong Jin-wook,..."Bling" is a co-production between Korea and the United States.SynopsisThe fate of a completetown is left in the hands of those sketchy other folksyou've got never observed or heard before.The perfect robot one day City, Genius Sam, and his eccentric robot creations, Son Oh-gong, Sa Oh-joeong, and Jeo Pal-gye. The robots who reasoninjuries and mistakes here and there each day are stuck up into a conspiracy plotted by the great villain Oscar, who tries to ruin their entire city. The robots take place to jump into their righteous undertaking to save the city in the spur of the moment. The nice and unpredictable adventure by the bizarre robot pals begins.

#Bae Doona #Ha Jae-sook #Ha Jeong-woo #Hong Jin-wook #Kim Hae-sook #Kim Jong-hyeon #Kim Jong-soo #Kim Seong-hoon #Kim Seul-gi-I #Kim Ye-won-I #Lee Kyeong-ho #Lee Won-jae-II #Oh Dal-soo #Oh Yeon-seo #Park Gene-woo #Soo-ae #Bling #Run-off #Tunnel #news