'KoKo Bop' Dance Craze Becomes Viral On This U.S. Program

'KoKo Bop' Dance Craze Becomes Viral On This U.S. Program

It appears that EXO’s latest dance craze and challenge for their recent comeback song “KoKo Bop” has become viral even in America.

The ‘KoKo Bop Challenge’ has been trending worldwide on the internet as fans have been imitating the popular dance moves during the chorus and recording themselves doing it in random locations. Similar to CL’s trendy “Hello B*itches” dance, fans can’t resist mimicking the whacky moves and posting it online. Now, the trend caught the attention of American news program ‘Good Day Sacramento.’

In the news segment, host Kinsley of ‘Kinsley’s Corner’ discussed how popular EXO are and their recent viral dance craze. She examined one of their recent live performances and even tried imitating the dances moves alongside co-workers. Check out the hilarious clip down below!

What do you think of her segment? It seems BTS has some competition when it comes to dancing male K-Pop idols!