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EXID becomes the new models for eye makeup brand "Kiss Me"

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EXID becomes the new models for eye makeup brand

EXID have been chosen as the new muses for eye makeup brand "Kiss Me".

A rep from "Kiss Me" said,"We chose EXID as our new models because each member has their own colorful charm and lively image which is suitable for our brand".

All the new products featuring EXID will be available in online and offline stores starting from June. READ MORE

After School’s Lizzy selected as model for makeup brand ‘Kiss Me’

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After School’s Lizzy selected as model for makeup brand ‘Kiss Me’

After Schools Lizzy has become the face of the cosmetic brand Kiss Me.

Pledis Entertainment announced that the girl group member will represent the brand, known for its mascara and eye makeup. Despite her busy schedule, Lizzy participated in a pictorial and impressed the staff with her bright smile.

A representative revealed, Lizzys perfect complexion and vibrancy as exemplified on variety shows has led to us picking her as our model. Through the collaboration, we anticipate that more different images will be shown in 2013.

After School’s Lizzy selected as endorsement model for makeup brand ‘Kiss Me’

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After School’s Lizzy selected as endorsement model for makeup brand ‘Kiss Me’

After Schools Lizzy has been selected as the new endorsement model for the colorful makeup brand Kiss Me.

Lizzy, who is known for her chic as well as cute images, was selected as the perfect fit for Kiss Mes bright and lovable brand image. During the photo shoot for the makeup pictorial, Lizzy also impressed the staff with her bright smile and energy even in the midst of her busy schedule.

A representative revealed, Lizzy, through various performances and variety shows, showcased her lovable, sexy, and chic charms that Kiss Me represents. Through the collaboration of the charms that Lizzy possesses and Kiss Me, we anticipate that more different images will be shown in 2013.

A pictorial featuring Lizzy will be unveiled later this month.

U-Kiss Shin Soohyun, before and after makeup

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U-Kiss Shin Soohyun, before and after makeup

Idol group U-Kiss member Shin Soo Hyun revealed his before and after makeup shots drawing attention.

Shin SooHyun tweeted on December 31st, Before and after makeup revealed. Look, a face that was like this (becomes) like that. Even to me it looks like the eyeliner doesnt look good. along with two pictures.

In one of the pictures, Shin Soohyun is wearing a comfortable outfit with dark eyeliners used around the eyes. In another picture, the down to earth look without the makeup makes an impression.

Netizens commented, When you wear makeup you look tired, Makeup no makeup, I just love you!, and So cute! Hwaiting!

U-Kiss made an appearance on 2011 MBC Gayo Daejaejun on December 31st.

FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi Says Park Shin Hye Refused a Kiss Scene with Him

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FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi Says Park Shin Hye Refused a Kiss Scene with Him

--> FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi unfolded about filming his newest track video with long-time friend and actress Park Shin Hye.

Lee Hong Gi gave the impression as a guest on SBS Vitality FM′s Cultwo Show on November 19, where he acknowledged of Park Shin Hye′s appearance in his music video, "We′re in reality close. We′re the similar age," ahead of adding "We were given close via You′re Beautiful and get along truly smartly to this day, so when I asked her to be in this music video, she agreed without hesitation."

When the DJs said, "I heard she rejected a kiss scene," Lee Hong Gi said, "We had to movie a glad scene, and the director said, ′Shin Hye, please give Lee Hong Gi a peck at the cheek,′ yet Shin Hye said, ′I can′t. Hong Gi′s going to make amusing of me for one hundred years.′"

Lee Hong Gi then added, "So I did it," drawing laughs on the show.

Meanwhile, Lee Hong Gi released his first solo album FM302 on November 18.

Review: Superstar Makeup Artist PONY’s Makeup Line PONY Effect

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Review: Celeb Makeup Artist PONY’s Makeup Line PONY Effect Following the luck and approval for her makeup collaborations with global cosmetics corporate Memebox, superstar makeup artist PONY has introduced her very own makeup line called PONY Effect! We attempted out the hot products ourselves to offer an in-depth and truthful review for Soompiers.

“That Girl” is PONY’s first collection for her new makeup line. This collection comprises an eyeshadow palette, contour palette, 3 lipsticks, and 4 nail polishes. Each product has gorgeous and graceful packaging whole with the stylish PONY Effect logo. maximum products come with PONY’s signature purple and purple colors.

Since PONY’s old eyeshadow palettes with Memebox are her most neatly liked products, let’s get started with her That lady Fever Shadow Palette. The palette involves three matte, four shimmer, and two glitter eyeshadows. They truly are sleek and silky whilst being simple to blend. The packaging could also be truly convenient as it'll are compatible into the palm of your hand and incorporates a massive reflect during which you'll view all of your face. With some K-pop encouraged names like Overdose, Pretty Liar, and Just 10 Seconds, the shadows are ideal for daily and special occasions. We integrated swatches (from left to appropriate beginning with the primary row) for you below! The shadows are if fact be told more colourful and wonderful in person. under the affect of alcohol Dial, in particular, is a excellent looking duochrome blue-brown.

Strobing is all of the rage in each unmarried place the world. And for smart reason why too! Highlighting and contouring is helping you accentuate your features, create dimension, and slender your face. That Girl Luminous Contour Palette makes it more straightforward by way of combining two strobing sun shades and two contouring shades in one at hand palette. those powders also are silky mushy and the palette is a similar length as the eyeshadow palette (including the huge mirror!). This palette is most fitted for folks with a gentle to medium skin tone and excellent for a herbal glow. That you may also use them as eyeshadows! See our swatches (from left to right) below:

No makeup glance is comprehensive without a lip color. PONY designed That Girl Outfit Lipsticks to counterpoint three other outfits/occasions. Noble Brunch is a warm pink nude compatible for any instance and wonderful to pair with darker eye makeup. pricey Dinner is a flattering berry red. Lastly, Vivid Club is a stylish plum burgundy. These lipsticks are all very moisturizing, complete coverage, and feature a pleasant satin finish. They are very best to take merit of for the ever popular gradient lip as they are relaxed and straightforward to layer. Best of all, the lipsticks have magnetic packaging which guarantees that you won’t get lipstick right through your stuff as the lids close magnetically. have a look at our swatches below:

That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquer is optimal for iciness and the holidays. The jewel-toned colours are ambitious and dazzling. Birthday celebration Fever is a shimmery plum purple, Sensual Seduction is a shimmery middle of the night blue, Be mind's eye is a shimmery woodland green, and Illusion Glass is apparent with chunky opalescent cellophane foil. We swatched them on our nails for you. The opalescent glitter may also be used as a height coat for a modern foil nail look.

All of the pieces in the line are actually top of the range and utterly covet-worthy. Which products are you most interested in?

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Fever Shadow Palette

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Luminous Contour Palette

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Outfit Lipsticks

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquer

First Kiss models as told through your favourite K-Drama stars!

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First Kiss models as told through your favourite K-Drama stars!

It"s been a couple weeks because you and your boyfriend/girlfriend had been dating and you"re in any case emotionally and mentally able for your first kiss. You ask your just right old pal Google for some suggestion where you"ll in finding more than a few fault-proof steps on how to be successful at your first kiss. Now that you've memorized and went during the steps a couple of times to your head, you observed to yourself, "But what do I wear?"

Here is where your wisdom in K-dramas will come in handy. In majority, if now not all Korean dramas, you"ll encounter a scene where the male lead is going in for a kiss in the moderately hand-picked outfit that suits each and every courting type.

We"ve put in combination a number of hot kiss scene"s and where you'll be able to locate those first kiss outfits as neatly - Enjoy!

The Lady Who Sees Smells

Get Shin Se Kyung"s style

Get Park Shin Hye"s style

Heard It thru The Grapevine

Get Lee Dong Wook"s style

Get Jung Ryeo Won"s style

Get Hwang Jung Eum"s style

Get Park SEO Joon"s style

Lee Hong Ki Says His “Insensible” MV Kiss Scene With Park Shin Hye Was once Filled with Laughter

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Lee Hong Ki Says His “Insensible” MV Kiss Scene With Park Shin Hye Became crammed with Laughter Lee Hong Ki mentioned his kiss scene with Park Shin Hye in his fresh “Insensible” song video.

During the singer’s solo debut exhibit on November 18, he started out saying, “I acted with Park Shin Hye. We became very best buddies after you have to grasp each and every other in the drama ‘You’re Beautiful.’”

He continued, “I talked with Shin Hye at the telephone yesterday. She told me the music video got here out pretty. I asked her, ‘You think you outshined me?’ Then she said, ‘I’m now not sure.’ It’s up to the audience to tell.”

Lee Hong Ki went directly to cope with the kiss scene, saying, “Originally, Shin Hye is meant to be giving me a kiss. yet I knew that she was going to make amusing of me for approximately one hundred years if I let her, so I kissed her instead. We either laughed so much,” and smiled.

Having debuted with FTISLAND in 2007, “Insensible” is Lee Hong Ki’s first solo album. he's going to soon start live promotions on the various music shows.

Hongki and Park Shin Hye laughed right through their kiss scene in 'Insensible' MV?

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Hongki and Park Shin Hye laughed right through their kiss scene in 'Insensible' MV?

F.T. Island"s Hongki published that he and Park Shin Hye couldn"t assist yet laugh during their kiss scene in his song video for "Insensible".

At the show off for his solo debut on November 18, Hongki revealed, "I acted along Park Shin Hye. We were given friendly filming "You"re Beautiful", and we was absolute best friends." He added, "We talked yesterday. I told her she got here out pretty."

Hongki also unfolded about their kiss scene, saying, "There"s a kiss scene in the music video, and it used to be at first meant to be Park Shin Hye kissing me. However, i presumed it"d be anything that folks teased me about for one hundred years, so I did it. We laughed a lot. i used to be taken aback."

Have you observed the MV?

Former U-Kiss Member Dongho Reveals Wedding Photos With Bride

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Former U-Kiss Member Dongho Reveals Wedding Photos With Bride

Dongho, former member of boy group U-Kiss, has been a hot topic in the entertainment world with the recent announcement of his marriage plans.

In October, he tweeted a photo of their wedding rings, with the identity of the bride kept unknown. However, the wedding planning agency has released a stunning set of wedding photos featuring Dongho and his soon-to-be wife.

As mentioned before, not much is known about the bride except that she is a year older than Dongho and not a celebritiy.

"Despite their young age, they are a wonderful couple who dream of achieving more stability and happiness through marriage," wedding planning agency Ifamily stated.

The wedding will take place on Nov. 28 at 12 p.m. at a private ceremony in Seoul. Check out the marriage pictrures below!

(Photo : Congratulations and good luck to the soon-to-be newlyweds!