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FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi Says Park Shin Hye Refused a Kiss Scene with Him

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FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi Says Park Shin Hye Refused a Kiss Scene with Him

--> FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi unfolded about filming his newest track video with long-time friend and actress Park Shin Hye.

Lee Hong Gi gave the impression as a guest on SBS Vitality FM′s Cultwo Show on November 19, where he acknowledged of Park Shin Hye′s appearance in his music video, "We′re in reality close. We′re the similar age," ahead of adding "We were given close via You′re Beautiful and get along truly smartly to this day, so when I asked her to be in this music video, she agreed without hesitation."

When the DJs said, "I heard she rejected a kiss scene," Lee Hong Gi said, "We had to movie a glad scene, and the director said, ′Shin Hye, please give Lee Hong Gi a peck at the cheek,′ yet Shin Hye said, ′I can′t. Hong Gi′s going to make amusing of me for one hundred years.′"

Lee Hong Gi then added, "So I did it," drawing laughs on the show.

Meanwhile, Lee Hong Gi released his first solo album FM302 on November 18.

Lee Hong Ki Says His “Insensible” MV Kiss Scene With Park Shin Hye Was once Filled with Laughter

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Lee Hong Ki Says His “Insensible” MV Kiss Scene With Park Shin Hye Became crammed with Laughter Lee Hong Ki mentioned his kiss scene with Park Shin Hye in his fresh “Insensible” song video.

During the singer’s solo debut exhibit on November 18, he started out saying, “I acted with Park Shin Hye. We became very best buddies after you have to grasp each and every other in the drama ‘You’re Beautiful.’”

He continued, “I talked with Shin Hye at the telephone yesterday. She told me the music video got here out pretty. I asked her, ‘You think you outshined me?’ Then she said, ‘I’m now not sure.’ It’s up to the audience to tell.”

Lee Hong Ki went directly to cope with the kiss scene, saying, “Originally, Shin Hye is meant to be giving me a kiss. yet I knew that she was going to make amusing of me for approximately one hundred years if I let her, so I kissed her instead. We either laughed so much,” and smiled.

Having debuted with FTISLAND in 2007, “Insensible” is Lee Hong Ki’s first solo album. he's going to soon start live promotions on the various music shows.

Hongki and Park Shin Hye laughed right through their kiss scene in 'Insensible' MV?

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Hongki and Park Shin Hye laughed right through their kiss scene in 'Insensible' MV?

F.T. Island"s Hongki published that he and Park Shin Hye couldn"t assist yet laugh during their kiss scene in his song video for "Insensible".

At the show off for his solo debut on November 18, Hongki revealed, "I acted along Park Shin Hye. We were given friendly filming "You"re Beautiful", and we was absolute best friends." He added, "We talked yesterday. I told her she got here out pretty."

Hongki also unfolded about their kiss scene, saying, "There"s a kiss scene in the music video, and it used to be at first meant to be Park Shin Hye kissing me. However, i presumed it"d be anything that folks teased me about for one hundred years, so I did it. We laughed a lot. i used to be taken aback."

Have you observed the MV?

How did Girl's Day react to Minah's kiss scene with BTOB's Minhyuk?

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How did Girl's Day react to Minah's kiss scene with BTOB's Minhyuk?

The November 16 airing of "Kim Shin Young"s midday Song of Hope" featured Girl"s Day"s Minah and BTOB"s Minhyuk as the guests, who are these days acting along every other in MBC drama "Sweet Family." 

When DJ Kim Shin Young brought up the real-time seek of the notice "kiss" relating to his name, Minhyuk responded, "I filmed a kiss scene on a side road that was once bustling with people. I can"t accept as true with a search word got here up even earlier than the broadcast of the drama," giggling sheepishly.

Kim Shin Young then became to Minah to ask, "How were the Girl"s Day members" reactions whilst you told them you"ll be filming a kiss scene?" She answered, "The unnies just told me "Do well," yet Hyeri made a gigantic fuss about it." 

Minah added, "I think the Hyeri"s role in "Reply 1988" changed into made only for her. It"s a role that simplest Hyeri can pull off," when Kim Shin Young asked her whether she concept Hyeri have compatibility the role in the drama. 

Kim Jong Kook Acts Out Kiss Scene on “Running Man”

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Kim Jong Kook Acts Out Kiss Scene on “Running Man” Kim Jong Kook has shown that there’s no finish to his abilities on the maximum recent episode of “Running Man.”

On the November 15 broadcast, the “Running Man” contributors teamed up with comedians from the gag display “People trying to find a Laugh” for a corner titled “Battle Gag Race.” In the general mission, they had to place on a comedy functionality together.

Although Gary, Song Ji Hyo, Haha, and Kim Jong Kook are new to the arena of comedy, Kim Jong Kook had wonderful chemistry with the opposite comedians. despite the reality that he used to be a little off-sync throughout the rehearsal, he carried out flawlessly during the real performance, completing the scripted kiss scene without any hesitation.

For the kiss scene he became paired with comic Kim Hyun Jung. The comedians from the skit stated afterwards, “He generally is a comedian. He was truly good.”

Watch the episode below:

Hwang Jung Eum Says Park search engine optimization Joon Acknowledged He idea He Was once Kissing a Wall Throughout Kiss Scene

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Hwang Jung Eum Says Park search engine optimization Joon Acknowledged He idea He Was once Kissing a Wall Throughout Kiss Scene

--> Hwang Jung Eum revealed, "After the kiss scene, Park search engine optimization Joon said, ′I idea i used to be kissing a wall.′"

Hwang Jung Eum attended a newshounds roundtable for the realization of MBC′s She used to be Pretty at the Shilla Hotel Youngbinkwan Emerald Room in Seoul on November 12, where she shared behind-the-scenes studies from the set.

On operating with Park Seo Joon for the 2d one time, following her outdated drama MBC′s Kill Me, Heal Me, Hwang Jung Eum said, "Seo Joon and I paintings in reality smartly together. If I do something, he gets it appropriate away, and when we′re acting, the back-and-forth is fun. I′m in no function to discuss his acting, yet I at all times thought he′s actually just right among folks my age. I actually liked him whilst acting. He made acting profitable and fun. When it ended, Park Seo Joon said, ′Nuna. Thank you for making up for the spaces I lack in,′ and I believe the similar way. The portions I can′t do, (Park Seo Joon) made up for."

She continued, "He′s quick-witted and charming. He′s any person I′m thankful for. He followed my lead well, relied on me and made the ambience on set bright. If I became being icy, Park Seo Joon made it fun."

When asked to select one memorable scene, Hwang Jung Eum said, "The Xylitol scene and the scene where Kim Shin Hyuk says to stay in mind him as he was leaving was memorable. The creator wrote it so well, I didn′t must do much. Because I just had to observe the script. I′m no longer the sort that enjoys ad-libbing. They′re words that the publisher almost certainly wrote with painstaking care, going over it tens of thousands of times more than me, so in position of do more or do less, I feel it′s right to realize precisely what′s written in the script and act. They were all memorable scenes. all the lines were truly good, and I would like to work with the writer back soon."

Hwang Jung Eum continued, "The scene where I′m crying while packing was also really good. If I stated something, Move Joon Hee, Choi Siwon and Park Seo Joon never said, ′Unnie, that′s no longer it,′ but just followed my lead. Park Seo Joon has pretty thick lips. I take into account the kiss scene. Because Kim Hye Jin is an blameless character, I said I wasn′t going to do anything, and Park Seo Joon said, ′I thought I was kissing a wall.′ I laughed a lot. I also fell asleep for the duration of rehearsal. That took place twice, so Park Seo Joon laughed."

Meanwhile, She Was Pretty concluded its run on November 11. Hwang Jung Eum proved all over again that she′s an actress you just believe and watch via her role as Kim Hye Jin, an ′ugly′ woman-turned-beauty, who rekindles a romance with her first love Ji Sung Jun (Park Seo Joon).

Kwak Si Yang Is Jealous of Kim So Yeon’s fresh Kiss Scene

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Kwak Si Yang Is Jealous of Kim So Yeon’s Recent Kiss Scene When Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon pass on a romantic shuttle for the primary time, Kwak Si Yang gets truthful about his emotions—especially jealousy.

During the filming for the episode of “We were given Married 4,” that may air on November 14, Kim So Yeon prepares a fruit box for Kwak Si Yang at five a.m.

Kwak Si Yang is luckily stunned at the lunch box made with care and effort. However, he also expresses his jealousy of Kim So Yeon’s recent kiss scene with actor Choi Yoon Young.

“I was once so jealous that I replayed that one scene for now not once yet 30 times,” he remarks.

Hwang Jung Eum relays Park Search engine marketing Joon's hilarious words after their kiss scene

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Hwang Jung Eum relays Park Search engine marketing Joon's hilarious words after their kiss scene

In a up to date interview with the click following of completion of her MBC drama, "She used to be Pretty," Hwang Jung Eum discussed her chemistry with her co-star, Park Seo Joon.  This marked their 2d production in combination since "Kill Me, Heal Me" in which they played siblings.

She said, "Park Seo Joon and I paintings rather well together.  He selections up on things in point of fact temporarily and has excellent sense.  If I act more or less in opposition to him on set, he makes the ambience bright.  I don"t have the rights to dare to discuss his acting, yet my friend Park Seo Joon does very well.  He"s fun, so there"s a flavor to his acting.  I thought, "Ah, nice~" whilst I filmed."

She then went onto speaking about their kiss scenes, making everybody laugh with, "Park Seo Joon"s lips are a little bit thick.  I told Park Seo Joon that I wouldn"t do anything else because Hye Jin is an blameless character."  However, after the kiss scene, she changed into hilariously told through Park Seo Joon, "I idea i used to be kissing a wall or something."

Also, after the final broadcast, Park Seo Joon had sent her a text message that read, "Thank you for filling the portions where I was lacking."  She acknowledged about this, "It was the similar for me.  Thanks for filling up the elements where I was lacking.  It felt like the balance was right."

Watch: Behind-the-Scenes Clip of Park SEO Joon’s Kiss Scene Sends Lovers Into a Frenzy

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Watch: Behind-the-Scenes Clip of Park Seo Joon’s Kiss Scene Sends Fans Into a Frenzy A behind-the-scenes video clip of a well-liked kissing scene between Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum of “She used to be Pretty” is sending fans into a frenzy.

On November 9, MBC’s “She Become Pretty” team released the video clip heightening fans’ anticipation for the impending ultimate episode. They titled the video clip, “Park Seo Joon’s Masculine ‘Against the Wall’ Kiss that would Wake You Up.”

In the video clip, Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum are operating difficult guaranteeing their each cross is choreographed just right. Park Seo Joon is jokingly comforting Hwang Jung Eum who looks tired ample to gain the producer’s sympathy.

The kiss scene lasted longer than what was actually aired. the 2 actors shyly phase and laugh it off once they listen the manufacturer yell out “Cut.”

“She Was Pretty” is Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum’s 2nd drama in combination since their paintings in “Kill Me Heal Me.” The last episode of “She Was Pretty” will air on November 11.

Check out the behind-the-scenes of the kissing scene here:

Watch the newest episode of “She Was Pretty” here:

f(x)′s Amber Finds Her Reaction to Luna′s Kiss Scene

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f(x)′s Amber Finds Her Reaction to Luna′s Kiss Scene

--> F(x)′s Amber published she′s lonely those days.

The f(x) individuals gave the impression as visitors on SBS Vitality FM′s Cultwo Show, where they brought up Luna′s kiss scene.

When asked, "How does it feel seeing your fellow member in a musical?" Amber answered, "I went to peer Luna′s first musical Legally Blonde, and she had a kiss scene. I thought, ′What is this?′"

When the DJs asked, "Were you jealous?" Amber replied honestly, pronouncing "I′m a little lonely these days," drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, f(x)′s Victoria, Amber and Krystal seemed as guests on today′s Cultwo Show. Luna was once not able to wait because of her musical In the Heights.