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Huh Gak brings tears to our hearts with 'Along The Days'

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Huh Gak brings tears to our hearts with 'Along The Days'

With the assist from actor Ha Suk Jin, Huh Gak released his newest track, "Along The Days," warming our hearts with a candy nostalgic MV.

"Along The Days" doesn"t center of attention only at the stereotypical fairytale like love story, yet more than a few other feelings and eventualities that make up a relationship. Huh Gak"s sentimental vocals are to console and touch the listeners with his recent track. 

Check out "Along The Days" above!

JYJ’s Junsu Makes Hearts Melt in @star1 Pictorial

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JYJ’s Junsu Makes Hearts Melt in @star1 Pictorial Junsu’s pictorial for @star1 mag and the behind-the-scenes video clip were released.

In the newest factor of @star1 magazine, JYJ’s Junsu grabs attentions of his feminine fanatics with his deep gazes and shy smiles displayed in the pictorial. A video clip from the photo shoot was once also released on Naver TVCast appearing off his boyish charm.

His firm C-JeS Entertainment announced, “Junsu’s model pictorial released on November 19 is popular online. We’re receiving explosive responses to fantastic photographs of Junsu who currently released his mini-album ‘Yesterday’ and is busy with his Asia tour”

More of Junsu’s attention grabbing pictorial at the facet of his candid interview will also be observed in the December difficulty of @star1 magazine to be had at bookstores in each unmarried place in Korea.

Junsu will cling “2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert” in Nagoya on November 28 and 29.

Click here to glance at the video clip of Junsu in action throughout the photo shoot.

VIXX's N touches hearts with his hardworking, exhausted appearance on 'Weekly Idol'

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VIXX's N touches hearts with his hardworking, exhausted appearance on 'Weekly Idol'

VIXX"s N has been running incredibly difficult as of late, so it"d be great to turn some appreciation for his hard paintings and fierce work ethic!

On "Weekly Idol" on November 18, he arrived past due on set as one of the most idol MCs because of his filming for KBS 2TV"s drama "Insolently, Cross Go" (keeping in mind, those are all recorded early on).  He arrived on set taking a look all tired appropriate when his corner ended and stated apologetically, "I"m truly sorry.  I won"t let this take place again."

Of direction the sort MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn showed no concern, declaring relating to him, "We heard he used to be to your 5th day filming all over the night.  Now, he has to head back to Pyeongtaek," expressing their sadness at his disturbing schedule. He usually did now not get to completely leisure for 5 days straight, which is craziness...

On this day, he fundamentally arrived and had to leave instantly afterwards without getting to movie much for "Weekly Idol."  You would hope he may get sufficient rest now that the drama is complete, yet VIXX is these days promoting!  Hope you get rest soon, N.

Melody Day say their hearts wishes you in new MV for 'Hallo'

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Melody Day say their hearts wishes you in new MV for 'Hallo'

Bet you didn"t know woman workforce Melody Day had the type of aspect to them! They inspired with the MV to their name music "Speed Up", yet you"ll be impressed otherwise with their logo new MV for "Hallo".

"Hallo" is any other song off in their newest album, and the women blow their own horns their tough and lovely vocals in this track. It"s a song with deep lyrics about their middle being in pain, and how their heart has to be sorted from the individual they"re in love with.

Click at the video above if you want to have to be touched through Melody Day"s soothing vocals and lyrics!

Adorable Chinese dual duo Kylin Toddler is here to scouse borrow hearts

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Adorable Chinese dual duo Kylin Toddler is here to scouse borrow hearts

Chinese twin duo Kyrin Baby are freeing their first ever Korean single, "HAPPY"!

Kryin Baby, is composed of 2 adorable 8-year-old twins named QiQi and LinLin. They'll be beginning off their profession as artists via their unmarried "HAPPY" after years of running as units and kid actresses. those multitalented ladies hope to make their mark in the industry with their blameless charms and bright vocals to match.

You can take a glance at their upcoming single by way of Soribada here and the MV for "HAPPY" above.

G-Friend steals the hearts of 'Running Man' participants and one hundred other guests

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G-Friend steals the hearts of 'Running Man' participants and one hundred other guests

There"s not anything like a cheery and blameless functionality from the women of G-Friend to celebrate a win!

On this week"s episode of "Running Man," G-Friend made a marvel visit, giving a lively performance of "Me Gusta Tu" in front of the solid of "Running Man" in addition the two hundred other guests.

According to the reports, the "Running Man" team had competed and won opposed to the guest "Heroes" team in a 60vs60 volleyball fit and G-Friend had given their perfect performance in birthday celebration of the win.

As you'll be ready to see in the clip above, there isn't any age or gender prohibit by way of playing K-Pop!

Song Triplets Sing Their Hearts Out for Ability Pageant on “The go back of Superman”

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Song Triplets Sing Their Hearts Out for skillability Rivalry on “The Return of Superman” On the November 8 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” Daehan, Minguk, and Manse will input the Songdo Talent Competition.

The triplets bravely take over the level exhibiting outstanding stage manners grabbing the eye of Songdo residents.

Actor Song Il Gook also participates in the talent competition. At first, the triplets are shy on stage and have a look at to conceal in the back of each and every other. However, they blow their own horns their entertainment talent once the track starts playing.

As soon as the music starts to play, Minguk automatically moves toward the middle of the stage as he dances and sings passionately. The target market is admittedly taken by way of his lovely dance moves.

Manse dances higher than he sings. He took over the stage with his energy dance moves grooving to the music. The audience breaks out into a cheer for him.

The dark horse of the contest is indubitably Daehan. He hasn't ever sung prior to on TV, yet he in the end presentations off his making a song ability on stage. Song Il Gook is all smiles being the proud dad to the adorable triplets.

This episode of “The Return of Superman” will air on November 8 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Check out the newest episode of “The Return of Superman” here.

T.O.P. Discusses Broken Hearts And 'Secret Message'

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T.O.P. Discusses Broken Hearts And 'Secret Message'

T.O.P."s new web drama "Secret Message" is about dating and heartbreak. At the October 28 press conference for the drama T.O.P. suggested that he knows what it"s like to have a broken heart.

That"s part of what interested the actor and Big Band singer in the role.

"I was fascinated by the interesting set-up of the drama," he said. "It appeals to you whether your heart has been broken or not. I thought it would be fun to depict such a story."

T.O.P."s "Secret Message" character Woo Hyun is a romantic. He clings to his romantic notions despite the painful results of his first love. He meets Haruka, played by popular Japanese drama and film actress Juri Ueno. Haruka also had a painful past but she is optimistic about the possibility of falling in love again. They both believe in the possibility of true love but they have a lot of emotional scars.

In real life T.O.P. aka Choi Seung Hyun says he has not had a lot of time for dating.

"While working in this industry, I have had few opportunities to date. That"s why I was drawn to the character of Woo Hyun."

He meets plenty of beautiful, interesting and talented women. But between acting and performing with Big Bang, his schedule is pretty full.

"I"ve barely had three relationships within the past ten years," he said.

When the reporters laughed, he assured them he was not joking.

T.O.P. has been the most successful member of Big Bang when it comes to landing acting roles. He appeared in the dramas "I Am Sam," "Iris" and "Haru." He also had roles in several films, including "Nineteen," "71: Into The Fire," "Commitment" and "Tazza: The Hidden Card."

"Secret Message" is a Korean-Japanese production which airs in early November via Naver TV Cast and Line TV. "Secret Message," is co-produced by Korea"s CJ EM, Japan"s Amuse Inc. and Line Corp., a Japanese subsidiary of the Korean portal site, Naver.

The "Secret Message" cast also includes Lee Jae Yoon, last seen in "Heart To Heart," Jung Yu Mi, last seen in "The Maids," and Yoo In Ah, last seen in "You Who Came From Another Star."

So Ji Sub Melts Fans’ Hearts in New Behind-the Scenes Footage of “Oh My Venus”

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So Ji Sub Melts Fans’ Hearts in New Behind-the Scenes Pictures of “Oh My Venus” Some fans have spotted actor So Ji Sub filming his new drama!

On October 20, a couple of photos were uploaded on a web network website appearing So Ji Sub filming the approaching drama “Oh My Venus.”

In the photos, So Ji Sub is dressed up and leaning opposed to a car.

His scruffy appearance all over the script reading of “Oh My Venus” is nowhere to be seen, and he's back having a look clean-shaven!

Many fans are especially joyful to look him in a tuxedo looking out all sharp.

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah‘s “Oh My Venus” will get started airing on November 16 after “Sassy Move Go” finishes its run.

Photos Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Do Kyeong-soo, 'Not to blame for quick beating hearts'

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Photos Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Do Kyeong-soo, 'Not to blame for quick beating hearts'

The VIP premiere of the movie, "Exclusive: The Ryangchen Murders" was once held at the 14th.

Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Do Kyeong-soo seemed with a large cheer and greater the center beats of feminine fans.

"Exclusive: The Ryangchen Murders" is set a reporter named Heo Moo-hyeok who discovered his exclusive tale of a chain of killings is in truth the maximum important mistake of his life. The mistakes in his record take place in genuine existence and the location gets bigger. The film stars Jo Jeong-seok, Lee Mi-sook, Lee Han-na, Kim Ee-seong, Bae Seong-woo, Kim Dae-myeong, Tae In-ho and others and could be released on the 22nd of October.

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