Ji Chang-wook melts woman fans' hearts with 'Good night'

Ji Chang-wook melts woman fans' hearts with 'Good night'

Ji Chang-wook showed off his swoon-worthy visual.

On July 29th, Ji Chang-wook posted a photo of himself on Weibo account and Instagram.

He said, 'Everybody, excellent night". The easycandy words melt his fans' hearts.

In the printed photo, Ji Chang-wook in a sleeveless blouse is taking a look into the camera lens with his gorgeous deep eyes.

Ji Chang-wook will meet his loversvia tvN's new drama, "K2" also starring Yoona.

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5 Reasons “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Will Have A unique  Position In Our Hearts

5 Reasons “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Will Have A unique Position In Our Hearts

5 Reasons Expensive Fair Girl Kong Shim Will Have A differentPosition In Our Heartsmayme22 June 21, 2016 0 5 Reasons Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim Will Have A Special Place In Our Hearts Warning: There are spoilers!

Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim has ended, and were certain were no longerthe sole ones having withdrawal symptoms! With its warmth, humor, and middle (all 3 which never failed in the face of the later, tenser episodes), this drama had us swooning one moment and laughing the next. To lend a hand ease that drama hangover, here are five reasons why Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim, regardless of its flaws, will at all times have a special place in all of our hearts.

1. Dantes (Namgoong Mins) giggly laughs (AKA facial expressions of a former psychopath)one mean

2. The Bromance and the Squad

Not simplest is the bromance between Junsu (On Joo Wan) and Dante so so cute, yet but the friendship of all three of the leads makes my heart warm. They are seriously so adorable and dorky.

And despite the reality that the later episodes lose the bromance, it does come again (after like two-three episodes?), and the loss just made us crave it more. But even when the episodes get somewhat darker, the drama never loses its cute. (In fact, theres even a new bromance in the air.)


3. Mild every bit a balloon and fluffier than Dantes wig darlingisaeng

This drama isnt actuallyanythingyou will want remember as well as deeply about. You'll be in a position to (and I dont mean this in a negative way at all) more or less turn off your brain and just watch it for the feels and squeals.

4. Twist on cliche drama plots

While the drama does have a couple of cliché plot lines (like the birth secret that dragged out a wee bit too long), there are any other plot gadgets that they take and activate the heels. For example, one of my favourite scenes is when Dante faked getting harm and then he mayobtain sympathy from Kong Shim (Minah). When Kong Shim stepped out for a bit, as a substitute of setting outthe solid and getting stuck when Kong Shim comes back in.

We get this struggling-but-oddly-cute Dante.

Another one is a take at theunsightly girl receiving a makeover. There was no makeover (until the tremendous duper end) — and I truly loved how they did that. Ive constantlycherished her wig from the beginningas ithave compatibility her personality hence well, and she looked adorable in it. Without the wig, Kong Shim the character wouldnt have felt the same.

But I believethe largestkind of breaking of K-drama cliches is that either leads are so nice. I dont think there are too many dramas in the market where that you may say you've got first and second lead syndrome, because both male leads are so so sweet and adorkable. Now not only that, but they also both respect her and inspire her to grow as a person.

And this leads me to my final point

5. The actors are rather well castNot just the 2 male actors (with their smiley smiley faces)

But Minah is actually wonderful as Kong Shim. She plays the nature with just the right kind amount of quirks and loads of heart, and I in truthcan't wait to look her act in other dramas as well!

You can watch Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim on Viki below:

What did you bring to mind the drama? Did it make you squeal (and face palm) up to we did? Let us know in the comments below!

mayme22’s favorite Bible verse is 1 Peter 3:3-4.

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Eric Nam Dances into Hearts with “Can’t Assist Myself”

Eric Nam Dances into Hearts with “Can’t Assist Myself”

20160717_seoulbeats_eric_nam_cant_help_myself_1Eric Nam Dances into Hearts with Cant Assist MyselfWritten through Chelsea On July 19, 201620160717_seoulbeats_eric_nam_cant_help_myself_3If Eric Nams freshfree up of the unmarried Cant Assistance Myself has showedthe rest for me, its that Eric Nam is only delightful. He has that slow-burn more or lessair of secrecythat can take a couple of musical encounters to sink its claws in, yet once it does, youre hooked.

Whether it was once his feels-inducing release of Just right For You, his appearance at KCON, his duet with Red Velvets Wendy, or his adorable fake-marriage to Mamamoos Solar on We Were given Married, 2016 has in reality been the year for Eric Nam to shine. Its no marvel that over the last few months hes recruited fairlysome of our Seoulbeats writers into his fan club, and it sounds as if that with Cant Assist Myself I have become the latest member.

Cant Help Myself is a summer groove music in the similar vein as Justin Timberlakes recent Cant Prevent the Feeling. As a substitute of the funky backing beat of the latter, Eric takes to his signature guitar and infuses the upbeat track with pop components that make it a catchy, exciting new sound to pay attention from the artist. We know that beneath his recent string of emotional ballads, theres been a dork waiting to wreck free, and Cant Help Myself is precisely that opportunity for the singer.

In Cant Help Myself were offered to Eric Nam as the dork smitten with a sexywoman he encounters day-to-day at the bus stop. In an try to woo her, he tries on a lot of personas whilst also making an attempt to blow their own horns some impressive abilities like magic tricks and dip recipes. Never being discouraged, he endures failure after failure, coming back with more vibrato each and every day. Similar tounderstanding how to overcome AlphaGo, Eric Nam tries to infer a option to win her heart. When he can now not take it, he drops all pretenses and serenades her at the bus ahead of pulling her away to a romantic dinner and (hopefully) winning her heart.

20160717_seoulbeats_eric_nam_cant_help_myself_4Not most effective is his dedication completely endearing, but each one Eric Nam incarnation in the MV is more fascinating than the last. Its demanding not to swoon a little for the artist as you watch him as a significant newscaster, competitive pineapple dip pusher, busker or geography nerd. Not taking himself too seriously, Eric Nam doesnt hesitate to poke amusing at himself (and recent news stories) in every of those incarnations, either. The MV capabilities WGM-style interview segments, Eric getting hit in the face with flurries of pretend snow, the dorkiest smiles you've ever seen, and dancing.

The ultimate nail in my Eric Na- loving coffin got here when that man started to groove with reckless abandon. Theres arguably little capacity to his moves, yet theres a jovial finesse to them that will solely come from the authentic enjoyment he feels appearing the song or in all probability from the feeling of being so enamored with someone. Still not certain why he determined to get dressed up as Michael Jackson and pelvic thrust, but I appreciate it all of the same.

20160718_soulbeats_jyp_eric_namAside from the quirky cuteness of the MVs plot, I have a few similarlyvital observations to get off my chest. First, Eric Nam is solelya couple of aviators short of being a childedition of Whos Your Mama era JYP. If he doesnt benefit from that on an episode of SNL Korea soon, itll be the type of waste. Second, the feminine lead of the MV is a dead-ringer for Exos Xiumin. Third  and most significantlyI'm hopelessly now an Eric Nam stan.

Everything about Cant Help Myself, is sticky, much like Eric Nam himself. While I enjoyed the track instantly, it took a few listens before I used to betotally hooked. The song starts off hesitant, just like Erics efforts to woo the girl. In the process the first chorus, he gains confidence, proudly belting that he doesnt needany one else in his life. The bridge featuring Loco doesnt upload much, but it does supplya pleasingalternate of vocal dynamics before Eric Nam swoops in for the very last chorus. His candy voice is the sort that encourages you to feel the happiness of the song, and its simple to staymaking a song along even after the track is finished.

Unfortunately, Erics foolish dance moves in the MV are equally sticky and I cant not bop my head along, struggling with the urge to moonwalk and do celebratory fist pumps when Im taking note of the song in public.

With such a lot personality packed into a single song and MV, Cant Help Myself marks every otherluck for Eric Nam. As he continues to gain media exposure in South Korea, I could bein a position to but hope we see more equally relaxing releases from him in the future.

Readers, have you hopped on the Eric Nam stan teach yet?

(YouTube. Photographsby the use of CJ EM)


TWICE’s Sana is addicted to making hearts

TWICE’s Sana is addicted to making hearts

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter seeing a hilarious video clip featuring TWICEs Sana, fanatics have concluded that shes addicted to making hearts. 

While making an attempt to do bow to fans, Sana proved how much she enjoyed making hearts by ability ofseeking to use her palms to make a middlesignal above her head. Amused by how tough she used to belooking to either bow and make a heart at the similar time, fans persisted to compliment Sana for her adorable personality.

Check out some of Sanas other adorable moments below:

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Watch: SONAMOO Is After Your Hearts In “I Like U Too Much” MV

Watch: SONAMOO Is After Your Hearts In “I Like U Too Much” MV

Watch: SONAMOO Is After Your Hearts In I love U Too Much MVkokoberry June 28, 2016 0 Watch: SONAMOO Is After Your Hearts In I Like U Too Much MV SONAMOO makes their go back amongst the unlockin theirtrack video for I Like U Too Much.

In the music video, the seven individualsexplicit their emotions of overwhelming love. Each and every member transforms into other ideal sortsadding a mechanic, boxer, DJ, and more. The lyrics speak aboutlacking and in want of to spend more time with the special user they like. The track capabilitiesvariousthe several instrumental sounds and beats leading to a catchy and colourful sound.

Their comeback comes practically a year since their closing release Cushion.

How do you favor their new track and concept?

SONAMOO - I Like U Too MuchGive a spice up to the artist by way ofpurchasing I Like U Too Much from YesAsia Related Tags SONAMOOPost NavigationOutdatedTaleTaeyeon Takes Over iTunes International With 2nd Mini-Album

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Spoiler 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Tale plots play at the viewers' hearts till the end, it is  satisfied  finishing after all

Spoiler 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Tale plots play at the viewers' hearts till the end, it is satisfied finishing after all

tvN's Monday Tuesday drama, "Oh Hae-Young Again" wrapped up with a glad ending.

Oh Hae-young (Seo Hyeon-jin) went to her mom Deok-yi (Kim Mi-kyeong) and made a tearful plea that she sought after to are living alongside Park Do-kyeong (Eric Moon). It was once because she become worried that Do-kyeong may die on my ownwhilst she was now not with him. Deok-yi discovered why her daughter was that desperate and licensed their marriage. Do-kyeong also were given down on one knee and proposed to Hae-young in front of her mother. Also, the pre-nuptial greeting between the 2 families went well.

As Do-kyeong and Hae-young in the endmight live together, the two showed off passionate skinship and lived a day by way of day life, humble and happy. Hae-young's mother, Deok-yi also made banchan and nutritious foods for Do-kyeong to specific her being concerned mind.

Park Sookyeong (Ye Ji-won) and Lee Jinsang (Kim Ji-seok-I) also have become a loving couple. As Park Hoon (Heo Jeong-min) and Yoon Anna (Heo Young-ji) told each and every other "Love you", their dating deepened as well.

However, at the wedding day of Hae-young and Do-kyeong, the scene Do-kyeong at all times used to looksooner than his death sooner or later was taking place and a vehicle drove into Do-kyeong. Do-kyeong was hit by the auto and Hae-young was smiling and pleased because she had no concept about the accident. She later discovered Do-kyeong on the floor and burst into tears, protecting Do-kyeong's hands.

Do-kyeong was sent into the operation room and everyone was looking ahead tothe outcome of the surgical procedure outside. When Hae-young heard that Do-kyeong would live to inform the tale for sure, she again burst into tears. Hae-young and Do-kyeong could marry one another finally.

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These 12 K-Pop Idols Robotically Slay Fans’ Hearts With Their Cuteness

These 12 K-Pop Idols Robotically Slay Fans’ Hearts With Their Cuteness

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAlthough there are many lovelyfeminine idols in the industry, some women take stood out for their adorable qualities. 

In addition to their visuals, some singers have charmed lovers with their adorable aegyo, cute personalities, and overall stunning charms. With such so much of cute idols in the industry, one user on Pann compiled a brief list of one of the mostmaximumcaptivatingand of course adorable girls, whose very presence can purpose fans to head crazy.

Girls GenerationTaeyeon

Red VelvetJoy and Yeri

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f(x) Member Victoria’s Kindness Touches Fans’ Hearts

f(x) Member Victoria’s Kindness Touches Fans’ Hearts

f(x) Member Victorias Kindness Touches Fanatics Heartskminjungee June 23, 2016 0 f(x) Member Victorias Kindness Touches Fans Hearts f(x)s Victoria in reality has a type and loving heart.

On June 22, the idol was once spotted at Changsha Airport, shopping donuts. She arrived in Changsha so as to moviethe preferred Chinese range show, Satisfied Camp.

She then all of a sudden approaches her fans, and warmly offers them a box of donuts, telling them to percentage it among themselves. It turns out that she in my viewbought donuts for the fans waited for her.

The fans cant involve their surprise, and may also be heard expressing their thank you and happiness.

Photos and videos from the scene temporarily spread, touching the hearts of many worldwide.

A video posted via f(x) Smtown 에프엑스 • MeU 미유 (@fx5_paperheart) on Jun 21, 2016 at 7:18pm PDT

Meanwhile, Victoria will superstar in a new Chinese drama along Rain.

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This Drummer Lady Is Stealing The Hearts Of fellows  Everywhere Korea With Her Sex Appeal

This Drummer Lady Is Stealing The Hearts Of fellows Everywhere Korea With Her Sex Appeal

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A womanteam member has been attracting a huge number of attention in fresh times from fans, yetnow not with her making a song or dancing. 

Bebops A Yeon has grow to be a viral sensation for her enthralling and strangely skillful drumming, dressed in incredibly revealing outfits whilst doing so. And while shes been receiving quite a few attention for her drumming performances, lovers were shockedto peer that A Yeon has in truth done so much of modeling as well, featuring in differentattractive pictorials.

https://fat.gfycat.com/UnripeGratefulAphid.webmhttps://giant.gfycat.com/NecessaryYoungAiredaleterrier.webmbebop ayeon 5 bebop ayeon bebop ayeon 8 bebop ayeon 7 bebop ayeon 6 bebop ayeon 5 bebop ayeon 4 bebop ayeon 3 bebop ayeon 2

Check out videos of A Yeon covering noted English songs below:

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Girl’s Day Yura’s hidden camera pictures from “Same Bed Other Dreams” melts netizens’ hearts

Girl’s Day Yura’s hidden camera pictures from “Same Bed Other Dreams” melts netizens’ hearts

10kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Celebrities are hardly ever recorded right through broadcast breaks yetfreshpictures from a hidden camera on SBSSame Bed Other Dreams printed Yuras sort actions.

Amid web rumors of Girls Days alleged rudeness, member Yura has been winning over the hearts of enthusiasts for her movementsat the set of the SBS show. Fans whove noticed the footage or screenshots of it have praised Yura for her type heart, resulting in one Pann post about the location gaining unbelievable popularity.

A translation of the post and screenshots from the broadcast can be discovered below:

Find out what Netizens had to mention approximatelythis newsletter below!

One of the visitors on the displayused to be crying and Yura went over to deal with her. Despite the truth that ITbecome a truly confusing situation, Yura took the time to movecommunicate to her. She looks so worrying and nice. She wasnt even told to go confer with her. Yura-ya..

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented on the customary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

391, -4 Yura spotted her crying correct away, I used to begazing the broadcast to boot and the girl was in her puberty and it's profitable to see she was glaringly crying

269, -8  She will have to seriously prevent cryingㅋㅋ Yuras an angel

226, -10 Yuras so niceBut what may also be done with a kid like thatㅠ

85, -65 I dont like Hyeri but I love Yuraㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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