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The King 2 hearts ep 20 Synopsis Summary

Title: Let's live together both North and South

Kim Nam Il tells Hang Ah that the two Koreas are around the verge of war.

Hang Ah tells Nam Il whom brought her to North Korea that she cannot leave Jae Ha this way.

Jae Ha is furious related to prime minister who acted arbitrarily to resort to convey military commander without their approval.

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 8 Full Summary

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The King 2 Hearts Episode 8 Full Summary

Jae Ha comes to the palaceThe guard’s praying 4 the departed. Jae Ha remembers his last conversation on the phone with his brother. He changes suitsheads out, the guard addressed him already as “The King.”Hang Ah also hears about the badruns to check on him. She calls him King,”Don’t you call me so too” He says. Lee Jae Ha’s officially the leader of South Korea now. He gets on his job-training right awayMr. Eun is briefing him about his duties. This Jaeha’s very different, more maturity and worry on his face. While working late at night, he looks @his brother’s paintingburst in tears.

Mr.Eun receives the report on the King’s cause of death. Poisonous gas. He suddenly remembers how he may have said too much to that western man about the King’s where about. He checks his phone:“Thank you for your help” msg he finds. He knows now he’s indirectly responsible for killing his own King.

Jae Shin finally regainsKing Jae Ha finds outruns to see her. BUT the Princess can’t remember a thing. She also can’t move her legs!

Mr. Eun informs Jae Ha about the death reportasks to resign as partially responsible. But Jaeha decides to keep him still. But Mr.Eun got a phonecall from John telling him he could be more than a mere King’s puppet.

Hang Ah made herself busy in the green house, gardening. Jae Ha passes byasks him how he’s doing. Pretending to be strong he asks her to go to the hospital to help his mother taking care of Jae Shin. She goes to the hospital but the Queen Mother receives her coldly. Smart Hangah prentends to be there only for a medical checkup.

Jae Shin suddenly smells something.She wet herself.She called for her mother but the Queen mother wasn’t around. while trying to reach for tissue she falls off the bed. Hang Ah rushed to help after Jaeshin refused it from the Guards.

She’s cleaning Jae Shin despite her resentment. Jaeshin’s moved.

The Queen Mother comes backwitness how Hangah’s taking care of Jaeshinhow both seem to get along.

Later, The Queen Mother brought Hang Ah to the Royal kitchen, teaching her how to cook the family’s Fav menu. The Queen Mother, Jae Ha, Jae Shin and Hang Ah dinne together,The Queen Mother asks about the taste ”Too spicy” XD. The mood’s warm. However, after everyone parted, the Queen Mother cries hard in the carso is Jae Shin in her room as well.

At the royal funeral, the new King tried to be strong while everyone was crying .But ends up breaking down in his room. Hang Ah comes for comfort.

Hang Ah later makes Jae Ha’s fav midnight, Sausages. She even prepares a cute dance show for him. Jaeha finds her so cute! While dancing, she calls him “Oppa” (sweety).

She had one more thing to show him but he had not to laugh at her.She does the famous Popee Popee kitten dance, but Jaeha ends up burting into laughter XD

He lies on the bedpulls her in. Hang Ah tells him about King Jae Gang’s phone call before he died. She also shows him the cute picture of him and the Queen he sent to Hang Ah via mms. Jae Ha’s sad againHang Ah decides to give him some time alone.Jae Hajust cries: “I hung up the phone call. I hung up…my brother’s last call for me.” Hang Ah takes hin in her arms! OMG! They get intimate. Hang Ah woke up the next day looks at the sleeping Jae Ha in his bare chest.

Mr.Eun hears from John that he’s in Koreawants to meet the new King.

Jae Ha had no idea about Club M, unlike his brother. Under John’s threat, Mr.Eun approves that John meet Jaeha:“It’s an honor to be able to meet you again, Your Highness,” said John. “Meet again?” Jae Ha asked. “You don’t remember?” asked John.

---Can’t wait for the next episode, the suspense is killing me

KBS2 Drama "King's Face" Episode 19 Full Video

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As inhibitions lower, the tension rises and that is the jolt that "The King"s Face" needed. Characters make definite decision about their courses of action and that brings rivalries to the fore - rivalries make for intrigue and excitement.

The best change was found in Do-chi. He"s been wishy-washy for some time now as his conscience and romantic attachment to Ga-hee has made him vacillate. But this episode saw him decide not to hold back when it comes to Ga-hee, and that made him much more dangerous - and much more interesting. He needed it. Frankly, he was boring before this. He plotted and planned to no avail because he lacked real conviction.

The same can be said for Gwanghae in that he has begun to see that he and his father are truly at odds when it comes to their ideas of governance. Gwanghae is bolder in his decision-making and clearer in his perception of his weak father. Yes, he respects his father and wants him protected, but he does not wish to follow in his political footsteps. These choices mirror Gwanghae"s historical penchant for keeping peace and working with surrounding nations to do so.

Gwanghae"s relationships with those around him is one of the more pleasant aspects of "The King"s Face" that I haven"t much mentioned. He treated people well and they do the same for him. That behavior is reflected in his diplomatic policies. There is an openness in him that is well-portrayed by Seo In-guk. It"s a wonderful challenge for an actor who hasn"t had much to work with in regards to the script. But Seo makes palpable connections with those he works with and that makes him effective on screen.

Then we have King Seonjo who is a very useless, petty, self-absorbed man. He, however, is falling in love with Ga-hee and that makes him a useful writing tool as well as a major playing card for Do-chi. It makes him more vulnerable to manipulation and with Ga-hee and Do-chi becoming more determined to execute their goals, King Seonjo is a veritable pawn. Lee Sung-jae is wonderful as he weak, manipulated king and makes him a character to enjoy on screen despite his utter uselessness as a ruler.

Why the show is only now coming to the points that were advertised at the start of "The King"s Face" such as the love triangle between the king, Gwanghae, and Do-chi, and, the tension between father in son, I do not know. Writing them into the plot more strongly and much earlier would"ve benefitted the show. At least it has happened now.

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KBS2 Drama "The King's Face" Episode 18 Review and Full Video

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Fresh blood has been brought onscreen in the form of the hilarious, life-filled Lim Ji-gyoo. He colors all the scenes he"s in with humor, which doesn"t fit the current tone of the show. It does, however, liven up "The King"s Face".

Lim Ji-gyoo plays Heo Gyun, a Joseon merchant who has traveled the lands north of Joseon, Manchuria and the Ming Empires, gathering information and making friends. His character is a font of knowledge of the world outside Joseon as well as a quirky sidekick to Gwanghae"s hero. It pits him against Gwanghae"s trusty eunuch, Young-soo, as number one sidekick, and that is just fun. Lim always plays the most entertaining sidekicks.

Aside from the face, Ga-hee is settling into court life and the court is struggling to acclimate to her. Lady Kim, the head consort, is insanely jealous of her replacement. As the mother of four sons, she aspires for one of them to be king. Since Sinseong passed, her eyes are now set on Jungwon who is cunning and set to avenge his mother"s humiliation at being pushed aside for Ga-hee. He is more dangerous than Sinseong was and hopefully that"ll make him more interesting than Sinseong and Imhae, the two brothers who were in line to push Gwanghae from the throne. Imhae is still pathetic and dimwitted. He is like a royal placeholder for the bloodline and nothing more. Despite the fact that he is historically inane, such a character can still be used better than he has been. The introduction of Jungwon into the running has made Imhae less useless.

Then there is the streak of jealousy running through the "The King"s Face". The king is jealous of any time that Ga-hee spends with any other men, which only means its a matter of time before he discovers her relationship with Gwanghae. Lady Kim is jealous of Ga-hee as the favored concubine. Im-hae is jealous of Jung-won as the favored son. As political tensions rise, they fan the flames of jealousy. The tension is a breeding ground for jealousy.

The foreign relations are bolstering the intrigue of "The King"s Face". Again, this show"s dependence on the historical prestige of the story of Gwanghae is frightening. It has very little intrinsic motivation. Give me more.

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KBS2 Drama "The King's Face" Episode 17 Review and Full Video

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This episode of "The King"s Face" vacillated between good and boring. The scenes that showed antagonism between the main characters had impact while the more romantic scenes were exceedingly dull.

Romance between Gwanghae and Ga-hee has been nothing more than longing stares and soulful ballads. There is little to show a romantic connection between them so this episode had to flashback to their one, stale kiss in order to spice up their chemistry. When Gwanghae discovers that Ga-hee has become his father"s concubine, the scene is so anticlimactic that it was humorous. It lacked the gravity that it should"ve had because there was no real romantic buildup and the anticipation that preceded her ultimate decision was drawn out for far too long. When Gwanghae passed out from the shock, it seemed like overkill - to put it mildly, it was ridiculous.

What is interesting about Ga-hee"s decision to become the king"s concubine is that it puts her at direct odds with Do-chi. They have opposite goals: he wishes to destroy Gwanghae; she wishes to help him to the throne. But they both made similar journeys along difficult paths to come to the inside of the palace. They began as friends and ended up as enemies. I want to see how their former relationship colors their new one. That would add much needed depth to their storylines.

King Seonjo has, as of late, been making more appearances, showing that he is a coward and letting other people take on his responsibilities for him. Pitting this weak king against Gwanghae"s magnetic personality is one of the inherent literary beauties of the story. What makes the king strong is those around him; what makes Gwanghae strong is his spirit. The juxtaposition of the two family members and enemies is something the show seems to be using. The king allows Do-chi to do his dirty work; the prince does his work himself. Involving Ga-hee as the king"s concubine may change the dynamic between father and son; it should, but the writing in this show hasn"t been strong enough or consistent enough for me to expect it.

Do-chi and Gwanghae"s rivalry is a good one. They have loaded conversations that grow into action. The scenes between them are purposeful and engaging. On the other hand, there are strange, disjointed scenes that depict what Gwanghae"s men are doing in Manchuria. These don"t have much impact at all. In fact, it would"ve been better to narrate them than to spend the time and money filming them.

With Ga-hee in the palace, "The King"s Face" enters its third stage. I"ve lost hope that the quality will improve. I can only hope that the import of the original story is able to carry it through.

Written by: Raine from "Raine"s Dichotomy"

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KBS2 Drama "The King's Face" Episode 15 Review & Full Movie

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KBS2 Drama

Episode 15 was, by far, the strongest episode of the drama. It brought together history, character development, and a large,exciting event that acted as an impetus for further development.

That event is the reclamation of Hanyang, what is now Seoul, from the Japanese. It is paired with the tragic death of Gwanghae"s younger brother, and the king"s inability to extricate himself from his greed. It highlights Gwanghae"s intelligence and his ability to bring people together and overcome nearly insurmountable odds. Unlike his father, King Seonjo, Gwanghae was able to inspire people to help him, and this episode best shows a plausible way in which the crown prince could"ve done that. He throws himself into the thick of things, using his quick wits to win small, decisive victories over the Japanese and keep them at bay.

The way this episode is put together is exactly what I"ve been asking for since Gwanghae was made the crown prince. It had forward motion, intrigue, and history that was woven into the plotline, not just dictated over maps. Sinseong"s death was poignant, but not as powerful as it should"ve been. Even though he and his mother, Lady Kim, were painted as the bad guys, had their relationship been more empathetically portrayed, the death would"ve carried beyond the scenes it was directly a part of.

Another part of the episode I enjoyed was that it fleshed out the Japanese and made them more than mindless invaders. They searched for precious Korean treasures and kidnapped ceramicists to take back to Japan. Porcelain was a precious commodity back then and the forced importation of Korean ceramicists greatly boosted Japanese art and economy. It"s a really important point to include. I hope that the Japanese continue to be developed to be more than just cackling, blade-swinging invaders.

As for Ga-hee and Do-chi, they are two characters who have partially fallen off the grid. The writer only makes use of them as pawns. They are no longer strategic parts of the plot or interesting characters in and of themselves. I"d like to see Do-chi"s downward spiral developed (are you noticing a pattern?) beyond simple steps towards his goal. He needs psychological dilemma; interactions with more than one or two people. This is a recurring issue with "The King"s Face", wonderful setup, and little follow through. Any time serious development is necessary it is avoided by including pointless plotting, or with copout voiceovers.

Written by: Raine from "Raine"s Dichotomy"

"The King"s Face" is directed by Cha Yeong-hoon and Yoon Seong-sik, written by Lee Hyang-hee and Yoon Soo-jeong, and features Seo In-guk, Jo Yoon-hee, Lee Seong-jae, and Sin Seong-rok.

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Korean Drama "The King's Face" Episode 14 Full Video

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War has made "The King"s Face" much more interesting. The characters in this seem more like cardboard cutouts than people. They have goals and go through the motions, but rarely do we see the motivating through processes or emotions behind the action. Crown Prince Gwanghae"s story is riveting in its natural form and that gives this story more weight than the fictionalized plot.

The life is leaving "The King"s Face" despite the intrigue of war and the heroics of Gwanghae. Guest actors who portray the Ming and the Japanese present caricatures of real people. They are merely evil to be evil rather than believing in their cause, or even in their actions. King Seonjo is merely a jealous man who throws tantrums because we cannot see the insecure though processes behind his actions. The show occasionally throws the viewers a pittance in the form of a voice over, but it isn"t enough. It is also a waste of Lee Sung-jae who I am quite bored of in this role. It is not only Lee, but all of the main cast. They seem to struggle to be convincing, which reflects more on the production than their acting. The cast as a whole boasts and expansive, high quality body of work that has not seemed to help them in making this drama hit home.

The war itself is clever portrayed using maps and voiceovers so that the gist of what is happening is conveyed without overloading the viewer with information. What would"ve enhanced this is if a few battle scenes were shown and Gwanghae could be seen in his element as a leader. It happened twice this episode, but the timing of the scenes appearances was not strong. Neither was Gwanghae"s involvement. Everyone mentions that he is a brilliant leader, but rarely do we see him conferring, or battling, or mulling over strategies. Just as we never see Do-chi struggle with his demons, his ambition, his choice to leave the Daedong Society and enact his revenge alone. He"s a wasted character who is no longer tragic because of how he is so badly written.

Then there is Ga-hee, the supposed love interest of three men, and who gets very little romantic screen time. Romantic tension is negligible and, like Do-chi"s personal situation, the tragedy of the star-crossed romance between Ga-hee and Gwanghae is lost.

What will save this show from being completely mundane is the forward motion of war and how it ravages the people of Joseon, and those who are responsible for the welfare of the people.

"The King's Face" is directed by Cha Yeong-hoon and Yoon Seong-sik, written by Lee Hyang-hee and Yoon Soo-jeong, and features Seo In-guk, Jo Yoon-hee, Lee Seong-jae, and Sin Seong-rok.

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KBS2 Drama "The King's Face" Episode 13 Best Scenes and Full Video

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KBS2 Drama

The Japanese have come and all the plot preparing comes together in a pointed effort to escape the wrath of the invasion. Constitutions are hardened against the horrors of war and Gwanghae is left as the de facto leader of Hanyang, Joseon's capital, as his father flees to save his own life. It is a test for everyone that shows their true colors.

Gwanghae is left by King Seonjo to protect the palace and the people. He has very little time to think or brood, which is good. This show tends to wallow in long, overwrought camera shots and emotive music. While there was some brooding, Gwanghae mostly was forced to act and show his cleverness. It is what this show needed. In fact, the dire circumstances of war forced the writers to bring out each character's true colors. King Seonjo is proven a coward while Gwanghae is proven clever and brave. Ga-hee fights her fate and decides to help evacuate people rather than succumb to a wise face reader's vision of her future. Her choice to make something of her path to destiny is what frees her from that destiny.

There was a light shone on Do-chi, the intelligent, brave, and ambitious leader of the rebel faction. His ambition is what helps him, but also ultimately hurts him. He wishes for equality between the noble and the common, and fancies himself to be the one who will next sit on the throne. His backstory, while good motivation, was horribly portrayed in a way I can only describe as cheesy. It distanced me further from Do-chi rather than help me to understand him. He's a great character in that his goals are noble, but the driving force behind them is a dangerous obsession with revenge. He even alienates the rebels he leads with his tunnel-visioned thirst for killing the king that allows for no deviance, not even to help save the people he always speaks of saving. He"s a tragic and lost man, which is good stuffs in television. His written execution leaves something to be desired.

I hate to say this, but I've noticed that Seo In-guk"s acting has become more stilted as the drama passes. He's normally such a natural actor who is easy to empathize with, but the more the drama's writing quality lowers, the harder it is to be convinced by Seo. It isn't just him, but the cast as a whole. It is like they speak, but do not feel the words that pass their lips. Mostly, "The King's Face" lacks impact. It"s like watching Joseon history pass by whilst riding a train rather than feeling like one is completely immersed in it.

Directed by: Cha Yeong-hoon and Yoon Seong-sik

Written by: Lee Hyang-hee and Yoon Soo-jeong,

Cast members: Seo In-guk, Jo Yoon-hee, Lee Seong-jae, and Sin Seong-rok.

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KBS2 Drama "The King"s Face" Episode 12 Review & Full Video

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KBS2 Drama

War is upon King Seonjo, his family, and his country. Just the nature of war kicks up the excitement of "The King"s Face" a notch. It"s a well-known story, but the spin that the production team takes is what makes it either unique or just another story.

King Seonjo notoriously leaves his people and flees north to protect himself. He leaves Prince Gwanghae in charge of defending the capital. "The King"s Face" depicts the king as a coward we know him to be, but it also shows the struggle he faces in making that decision. While this drama, for the most part, has failed to make the king an interesting character, the agony that Seonjo faces in deciding to flee makes him much more colorful. He is less a writer"s tool and more a veritable character. Until now, he"s been selfish and jealous, but not much else. The change in his character wasn"t shown. He was supported by the cast of characters we find in his bickering, narcissistic ministers, but could not stand on his own.

Gwanghae, on the other hand, can and mostly does stand on his own as a character. Unfortunately this episode turned him into the caricature of a hero who made noble speeches, but lacked the depth to pull it off. Seo In-guk made a noble attempt to make him powerful, but the whole thing was rather Shakespearean in delivery - it didn"t fit.

The few scenes with interesting filming techniques also didn"t fit the general tone of the drama. They were beautiful and visually alluring, but stuck out of the visual landscape the director had previously created. That is the general issue I have with "The King"s Face" - a lack of consistency in tone whether it be in dialogue or camera work. The history that backs the script is what holds it together.

Two characters who became more interesting were Do-chi and Ga-hee. Both are fighting for the same idealistic cause and, in the end, fight for something intensely personal. Ga-hee struggles against her destiny. It makes her unpredictable and way more interesting than she has been as of late. Do-chi gives up his revenge to help Ga-hee, becoming more like the king he so despises - he cuts down his allies to get what he wants, even if it is a noble intention.

As for the plot, it lacks a coherency that prevents me forming a true attachment to the story or the characters. Each piece of the drama feels like an independent entity rather than woven inextricably together. There is not enough push and pull. Gwanghae is noble. His brothers are not. It paints a black and white story. Luckily, there are a few moments sprinkled here and there that are powerful in performance and inspired in writing that saves face for "The King"s Face".

"The King"s Face" is directed by Cha Yeong-hoon and Yoon Seong-sik, written by Lee Hyang-hee and Yoon Soo-jeong, and features Seo In-guk, Jo Yoon-hee, Lee Seong-jae, and Sin Seong-rok.

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KBS Drama "The King's Face" Episode 11 Review and Full Video

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KBS Drama

Pieces were forced into place in this episode of "The King"s Face". It is almost the halfway mark and something large needs to happen or change - that event is a compounded national and character shift. The Japanese invasion has begun in earnest, and Ga-hee enters the palace, most likely for good. The changes are welcome. It"s just that the changes felt as fluid as the Tinman"s joints before Dorothy found him.

"The King's Face" tends to be overly dramatic. In other words, it's downright cheesy. The way rumors are spread resemble a Disney move gossip chain and the music is ridiculously emphatic during more emotional scenes when a quieter, rhythmic piece would be much more effective. Everything from music, to acting, to direction tends to shove the plot down our throats instead of drawing us in.

Also, there is one huge logical flaw that baffles me. In fact, it also baffles the major players who then miraculously understand the situation. Ga-hee is the daughter of a traitor. At that time, progeny of traitors were killed or sold into slavery. Ga-hee would not be accepted into the palace as the king"s concubine under such conditions and the plot is twisted in order to get Ga-hee into the palace. It makes little sense. Or none.

The Japanese invasion from the south is the best thing to happen to the show thus far. The romance was (and is) staler than week-old bread, and where Gwanghae proved himself was in his brilliant protection of Joseon. That, and this will finally involve King Seonjo in the plot on a deeper level than that of a man who only makes threats.

Gwanghae"s brother, Imhae, is more developed than Seonjo. Imhae is slow-witted, ambitious, violent, but had a good relationship with his younger brother despite his jealousy of the keen Gwanghae. Gwanghae looked up to his brother. While the relationship wasn"t the closest, it was definitely very relatable. "The King"s Face" would"ve done better had they made this relationship more solid. In any case, now that Imhae has declared Gwanghae his enemy as they battle for the title of crown prince, the brotherhood has fractured and the pain spurs Gwanghae on. It"s a tried but true plot device that works well in the drama.

If Imhae was brighter, he could be Gwanghae"s true adversary – that role goes to Do-chi, who lacks the consistency of development that Imhae is fortunate enough to have.

Perhaps now that war has broken out the pace of "The King"s Face" will pick up and there will be more intrigue. Thus far, everything has been quite predictable and rather lackluster.

Directed by: Cha Yeong-hoon and Yoon Seong-sik

Written by: Lee Hyang-hee and Yoon Soo-jeong

Cast members: Seo In-guk, Jo Yoon-hee, Lee Seong-jae, and Sin Seong-rok.

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