GOT7's BamBam faces crisis on 'Star King' as he's forced to kiss comic Kim Sook!

GOT7's BamBam faces crisis on 'Star King' as he's forced to kiss comic Kim Sook!

Female comedianKim Sookmanaged to get a pepero kiss fromGOT7's BamBam.

At a contemporary filming of SBS' 'Star King', BamBam had to accomplish a skit right through a game. Kim Sook commented, "This is my expertise,"as she showed excitement about operating amongst an idol. However, BamBam did now notappear every bit excited as a pepero kiss was onceincorporated in the skit.

Through many trials, Kim Sook effectivelycontrolled to pepero kiss BamBam. He also had to take a seat and get up 10 times with Kim Sook on his back. This rather tormenting skit has brought a crisis to BamBam's idol career.

However,Kim Sook attempted to continue the skit as she failed toneed it to end. She made many audience laugh as she tried to position BamBam on her back to continue the skit.

The complete episode of 'Star King' could be aired on February 16.


Song Ji Hyo Admits That Garys marvel kiss Made Her heart Flutter

Song Ji Hyo Admits That Garys marvel kiss Made Her heart Flutter

Song Ji Hyo Admits That Gary’s surprise buss Made Her heart Flutter Actress Song Ji Hyo, A typical at the SBS kind display “Running man” with “Monday Couple” spouse Gary, made A voice Appearance at the episode of SBS’ “ curative Camp” to Air on August three.

The guest of the display, Gary, supplies the Actress A choice. When she Answers, the MC Asks her, “When Gary gave yous A surprise kiss on ‘Running man,’ how did you Are feeling?”

song ji hyo healing camp

Song Ji Hyo replies, “When [he kissed me], one didn’t feel the rest; i used to be only stunned. but later on, my heart did flutter slightly.”

gary song ji hyo running man kiss

meanwhile, in this episode of “ curative Camp,” Gary opens up or so his best issues. “It’s been two decades since i began [rapping], And one wonder whether other individuals volition withal like the photographs [and lyrics] I wish to painting.”

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Youngji  has reportedly  gained her first  ever kiss by a  pig on the show called Star King

Youngji has reportedly gained her first ever kiss by a pig on the show called Star King

KARAs Youngji Gets Her First Kiss From a Pig on Star King KARAs Youngji gets caught up in the moment on Star King and ends up getting her first kiss from a pig!

The July 4 episode of SBS Star King features three pigs named Happy, Miss Jean, and Ggoolsooni. On this episode, Youngji states that she loves animals, and that she likes seeing the pigs in real life. Throughout the episode, shes very interested in the pigs.

In the end, she gives a kiss to one of the pigs on the lips, then confesses that it was her first kiss, and that it made her heart flutter.

Meanwhile, this episode of Star King features many other celebrities, including SHINees Onew and Dal Shabets Subin.

Watch the scene for yourself in the video below!

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[Spoiler] "High Society" UEE"s innocent heartfelt kiss shakes Seong Joon"s heart, true love begins

On the 9th episode of SBS MondayTuesday drama, "High Society, Choi Joon-gi (Seong Joon) started approaching Jang Yoon-ha (UEE) with his true heart, not because of his ambition.

On this day, Choi Joon-gi visited their office with Jang Yoon-ha, where the two were going to work together. When Choi Joon-gi told Jang Yoon-ha, "You should rise to higher position", she told him, "Reaching higher position is not my goal. Once your problem has been resolved, I"ll leave the company". Choi Joon-gi was surprised when he realized Jang Yoon-ha was truly treasuring love than money.

Jang Yoon-ha said, "There are times you look at me like a stranger. Each time you look at me that way, this is what I"m going to do for you". And then she kissed him. Choi Joon-gi thought, "I know what love is like. It"s something that makes you smile in such messy situation, view the harsh reality positively and even love the situation so it make you stay in the harsh reality in the end. This is why I do my best to not cross the line".

However Choi Joon-gi told her, "You"re different in great deal" and then he also kissed her. Choi Joon-gi talked to himself, "I didn"t know at the time I already crossed the line".

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KARA’s Youngji gets a not so ordinary kiss on

KARA’s Youngji gets a not so ordinary kiss on "Star King"

On the July 4th episode of SBSs Star King, KARAs Youngji participated on the challenge of getting a kiss from a pet pig.

The pet pig is owned by a guest who made an appearance on the show.

Watch below:

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"Heart to Heart" Choi Kang-hee says Cheon Jeong-myeong was shy in kiss scene

Choi Kang-hee shared her backstory about the kiss scene in the drama.

During an interview for tvN"s drama "Heart to Heart", which took place in a caf in Kwanghwamun, Seoul on January 20th, said Choi Kang-hee, "Cheon Jeong-myeong told me it was the first time for him to shoot a kiss scene as such. So I personally felt so sorry because I"ve done many kiss scenes before in different dramas. So I was fine and prepared for it calmly. But he said he was so shy. The actual situation was completely opposite to the scene in the drama".

Cheon Jeong-myeong said, "I wanted to concentrate during filming, but I felt so awkward. If we could have chances to share emotions as a couple beforehand, it could have been natural for me. But I had to kiss her all of sudden, which made everything awkward".

He also said, "But I felt good because the scene made a topic later on", which made the crowd laugh during the interview.

"Heart to Heart", of which first episode aired on January 9th, is a romance drama between Cha Hong-do (Choi Kang-hee), who suffers from involuntary blushing of face, and a psychiatrist, Cheon Jeong-myeong (Go I-seok). Ahn So-hee plays Go Se-ro, Cheon Jeong-myeong"s little sister, who is an actress wannabe with an awful acting skills. Lee Jae-yoon-I plays Jang Doo-soo, a manly detective working for serious crimes unit.

"Heart to Heart" is a collaboration between tvN and producer Lee Yoon-jeong, who directed MBC"s popular drama, "Coffee Prince", 2007. It is her first work after she turned a freelancer.



[Spoiler] "Heart to Heart" Choi Kang-hee and Cheon Jeong-myeong get drunk, kiss and spend night together

On the 4th episode of tvN weekend drama, "Heart to Heart", it featured the bickering relationship between I-seok (Cheon Jeong-myeong) and Hong-do (Choi Kang-hee)

On this day, I-seok encouraged Hong-do to go to Jang Doo-soo"s house and talk to him. Jang Doo-soo was about to leave to his work and found Hong-do hesitating in front of his house.

Hong-do was standing there without wearing a helmet. Hong-do said stammering out, "I Like You", and she flopped down on the ground when Jang Doo-soo approached her. When he tried to pull her up from the ground, she ran away. Jang Doo-soo felt confused and called Hong-do. I-seok answered the call for Hong-do and told Jang Doo-soo that it was a part of therapy.

I-seok and Hong-do had dinner together to celebrate her confession to Jang Doo-soo. Hong-do told I-seok he was merciless towards his patients and I-seok teased Hong-do, who confessed her love to Jang Doo-soo. Hong-do talked about her endless love towards Jang Doo-soo (Lee Jae-yoon-I) during the conversation. I-seok wanted to go home leaving behind Hong-do, but he could not ignore her. I-seok took Hong-do to his officetel suite and let her stay at his place over the night.

Due to the hangover, Hong-do was late to work. Sang-gyoo (Joo Hyeon) misunderstood Hong-do while she was trying to hide the alcohol smell and Hong-do was fired because of it. Jang Doo-soo encountered a granny, who was actually disguised in granny"s clothing. Hong-do ran away from him and Jang Doo-soo followed the granny trying to help her. He finally figured out the granny was actually Hong-do. The two sat down next to each other and had a frank conversation. Hong-do talked about her feelings towards Jang Doo-soo and he told her he was going to get married soon.

Hong-do and I-seok had to spend a difficult day for each one"s own reasons that day. Hong-do was making a difficult decision to stop her feelings for Jang Doo-soo. For I-seok, it was the anniversary day for his older brother"s death.

I-seok suggested Hong-do to have a drink together. The two became closer sharing their painful thoughts. The two were still bickering over small things over beer and I-seok pulled Hong-do towards him. He kissed her on the forehead and then on her lips. Hong-do let it happen and the two slept together on the night.


"The King"s Face," Kim Hee-jeong-I Paid Seo In Guk An Enormous Compliment For His Kindness and Warm Heart

Recently, actress Kim Hee-jeong- I sat down for a short interview, where she has mentioned about the kindness and heartedness of Seo In-guk for her during they were filming together.

She starred in the drama "Tough Guy"s Love" in 2000. She then starred in a couple more movies, but she was remembered as Kim Hee-jeong-I from "Tough Guy"s Love". Recently, it"s becoming more noticeable that Kim Hee-jeong-I has grown up. There"s no more the 9-year-old Kim Hee-jeong-I but the 22-year-old one. She"s also earned the nickname, "sexy weapon".

Kim Hee-jeong-I has come back with a historical drama. She stars in the KBS 2TV drama "The King"s Face" as Gwang Hae"s (Seo In-guk) Queen Sejabin Yoo. She appeared briefly on the first episode on the 19th of November and officially once again starting on the 3rd of December. She"s going to continue appearing until the very end as Gwang Hae"s wife.

Kim Hee-jeong-I was interviewed on the 1st and she was so energetic it was hard to believe she"d spent the whole night filming the drama.

She said, "We filmed the fifth episode last night. The filming ended at 3:30 this morning. I didn"t feel tired or sleepy. In-guk gave me coffee so I drank it and did some push-ups to stay awake. I can"t have my eyes all worn out when it"s the first time Jeong Hwa (Queen Yoo) meets Gwang Hae for the first time.

Queen Yoo is like Hillary. The one who made President Clinton.

"The writer told me Jeong Hwa was like Hillary. Gwang Hae upsets Jeong Hwa by having a crush on Ga-hee (Jo Yoon-hee) even after he marries Jeong Hwa, but she does everything as a Queen. If it wasn"t for Hillary, Clinton wouldn"t have existed and the same goes for Gwang Hae if Queen Yoo wasn"t there".

"She"s a chameleon. She tells Gwang Hae that he can change the world and she"s very charismatic".

Kim Hee-jeong-I stopped acting in her teenage years to finish school. She has taken a break from university for the drama. This is her first historical as a grown up.

"It"s fun. I feel excited standing in front of the camera and just being here. I didn"t think much about character when I was young, but now I know how to analyze my character and be greedy for acting".

Seo In-guk is much older than Kim Hee-jeong-I. They are 5 years apart from each other. However, in the drama, she"s 20 and he"s 18.

"In-guk is really nice to me. I met him first on the 30th of November for the first time. It"s fun to think that I am actually older than him in the drama. He said my acting was beautiful".

Kim Hee-jeong-I has been acting for 14 years; however, she hasn"t been fully active so the public knows her only as Kim Hee-jeong-I from "Tough Guy"s Love".

"There are two things people remember about me and that"s being Won Bin"s niece from "Tough Guy"s Love" and "Magic Kid". They ask me the same things: Do you still keep in contact with Won Bin? I don"t remember because I was really young then. Apparently he was really nice. Online, some people think I am his real niece. I"ve read something about them saying "good looks run in the genes". I wish I had an uncle like that. But he"s not. I wonder what he thinks about me. I wish to meet him again in a movie".

Another nickname that follows her is "sexy". It"s a common thing to see that word in front of her name whenever she appears in public.

"I am just grateful for the attention. However, I wish to be acknowledged for my acting. So for that, I need to work harder".


Seo In Gook Picks the Kiss Scenes as the Best Scenes in “High School King”

Seo In Gook Picks the Kiss Scenes as the Best Scenes in “High School King”

Actor and singer Seo In Gook picked his kiss scenes as the best scenes of his recently completed drama High School King.

During the special commentary episode that aired on August 12 after the finale of the tvN drama, Seo In Gook had an interview talking about his experiences filming the series.

When asked which scenes from the drama he thought were the best, he picked his two kiss scenes with Lee Hana, commenting on how these scenes cant be found in any other dramas.

The kiss scene he refers to are the pull-up bar kiss scene and the cast kiss scene, both of which caused quite a stir among viewers for their uniquely romantic element when they aired.

High School King concluded on August 11 with 17 episodes.

Watch the iconic pull-up bar kiss scene below!