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Happy birthday to Brave Girls" Yejin

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Happy birthday to Brave Girls

Birth Name: Han Ye Jin Stage Name: Yejin Birthday: November 24, 1990 Label: Brave entertainment Group: Brave girls Position: Vocalist Height: 166 cm Blood Type: AB HobbySpecialty: Violin, Classical Guitar

- Yejin won the Miss Seattle title at the 2008 Miss Korea competition - She has been earning much attention for her resemblance to actress Kim Sa Rang. - She is known for her beautiful looks and tall height as well as her vocal and performance skills.

Actress Son Yejin looks gorgeous for MISSHA red carpet event

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Actress Son Yejin looks gorgeous for MISSHA red carpet event

Actress Son Yejin participated in the MISSHA fansign meeting on September 1st at Myeongdong shop. This event was held to commemorate MISSHAs signature BB cake.

Son Yejin has become the new model for cosmetics brand MISSHA!

After MISSHA has recruited Son Yejin as their model, they released their new product, signature BB cake The signature BB cake is known for its coverage and durability.

To promote the signature BB cake, MISSHA planned a fan sign meeting. Before the beginning of the fan sign meeting, Son Yejin took photos at the red carpet with media. Fans have been commenting on Son Yejins beauty and for her chic style.

Meanwhile, Son Yejins film, Pirates has reached 7 million viewers so far since its release.

Source: Newsis, News Daily, and Chic News

Son Yejin joining “Infinity Challenge” for cheerleading squad project along with Jung Ilwoo & B1A4 Baro

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Son Yejin joining “Infinity Challenge” for cheerleading squad project along with Jung Ilwoo & B1A4 Baro

Son Yejin will be joining the cheerleading squad project that is underway on “Infinity Challenge”.

The project that was prepared for the 2014 Brazil World Cup will also include Jung Ilwoo and Baro of B1A4.

The World Cup will be held from June 13th to July 14th and the members of the “Infinity Challenge” cheerleading squad will be heading to Brazil twice during this time to support the Korean team.

The two dates the “Infinity Challenge” team will be heading to Brazil are June 15th and June 18th.

Park Tae Hwan-Yejin, "The Scandal Is Not True"

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Park Tae Hwan-Yejin,

The swimmer Park Tae Hwan and girl group Brave Girls" member Yejin revealed that their dating scandal is not true.

Yejin"s agency Brave Entertainment said today, "We confirmed with Yejin"s father and the two are not dating."

Park Tae Hwan"s father also said, "Tae Hwan is being trained in Australia right now so it makes no sense that the two are dating. The scandal is not true."

He continued, "Tae Hwan is rarely in Korea and is focused on training right now."

One media revealed that there has been rumors of Park Tae Hwan and Yejin dating and the online community forum said that there are pictures on Yejin"s facebook that are of Park Tae Hwan"s posts on Facebook.

Park Taehwan reported to be dating Brave Girls’ Yejin; denied by Park’s father

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Park Taehwan reported to be dating Brave Girls’ Yejin; denied by Park’s father

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Park Tae Hwan and Brave Girls' Yejin rumored to be in a relationship

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Park Tae Hwan and Brave Girls' Yejin rumored to be in a relationship

An insider from the entertainment industry revealed to allkpop exclusively that Korean media would be revealing an alleged marriage announcement between Olympian Park Tae Hwan and Brave Girls" Yejin soon, and it"s now being reported that the two celebrities are in a relationship.

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There are accounts of Park Tae Hwan and Yejin indirectly revealing their relationship through SNS with photos from a date and a gift from Pepero Day.

Brave Girls" agency Brave Entertainment told TV Daily on May 16, "As it"s about the member"s private life, the agency does not know about this. Brave Girls are currently on a break. They"re currently working on their studies, exercise, and self-improvement."

The label later added, "We"re figuring out if it"s true. We don"t know about the members" personal lives. We"re surprised to suddenly hear this news."

allkpop will be getting confirmation, so stay tuned for updates!

Park Tae Hwan: "Pepero Day was probably hectic, but to make this for me with sincere effort, how can I not be touched?! Hehehe. I"m totally touched. Thank you so much.

Photo alleged to be from Yejin"s SNS: "Making Pepero. Kekeke."

Happy birthday to GODDESS's Yejin

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Happy birthday to GODDESS's Yejin

Stage name: Yejin (예진) Company: KW entertainment Group: GODDESS Birth date: April 11, 1994 Position: Leader Height: 161cm Blood type: A Hobbies: mountain climbing, inline skating

Dance practice video of Goddess’ Yejin revealed

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Dance practice video of Goddess’ Yejin revealed

Upcoming gangster girl group Goddess has unveiled a dance practice video ahead of their debut next month of member Yejin!

As previously revealed, the girls will be going for an edgy gangster image with a focus on street fashion styles to set them apart from the other cutesy girl groups in the market. A hardcore choreography was promised, and it seems the girls will be living up to the deal, as the skills demonstrated in the video by Yejin look quite up to par.

Many were impressed with her moves, commenting that she could pass for a professional dancer as soon as the video went up.

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Naver

Upcoming girl group Goddess reveals dance practice video ft. leader Yejin

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Upcoming girl group Goddess reveals dance practice video ft. leader YejinUpcoming girl group Goddess has been gaining attention for their debut concept but apart from that, a dance practice video for one of the group's members has been revealed through Defdance's official channel on YouTube.

Defdance is a dance school known for its many top dancers and for its K-Pop cover dance videos, but this time around they shared a practice video featuring a member of the upcoming girl group Goddess. In the video the group's leader Yejin is showing off her moves together with three other Defdance dancers. The choreography of the short video was made by Def Company's choreographers Hyun Kyunhwan and Lee Changmin. The company's rap instructor, Park Myeongho, personally assisted the member in her rap and vocal training.

Together with KW Entertainment, Def Company set up the soon to debut group and auditioned Yejin through Defdance. The group will be debuting with "Farewell Party", a song composed by DEF MASTA from Def Company. More info on the exact date of their debut release hasn't been revealed yet.

Haha's Pleasant Dilemma, "Should I Date SNSD Yoona or Sohn Yejin?"

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HAHA dilemmaOn the 16th Haha tweeted, "Ah, I don't know which of the two I should date. I think I'm going to go crazy," along with a photo.

In the photo Haha is seen right in the middle of Son Yejin and SNSD Yoona. He is seen with a huge smile on his face.

Especially noticeable were Son Yejin and Yoona. Their natural beauty doesn't seem to depend on fanciness or make-up.

Internet users who saw Haha's tweet, commented, "Haha looks especially ugly today," and, "I would be happy with either one." They also commented, "You're wasting your time with that kind of dilemma," and, "I would go crazy, too."

The photo was taken from last weekend's LeeSsang concert. Along with Son Yejin and Yoona, other stars like Yoo Jae Seok, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Gong Hyo Jin were also seen.