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Twitter unearths why they selected CNBLUE's Yonghwa as the welcoming face for their login page

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Twitter unearths why they selected CNBLUE's Yonghwa as the welcoming face for their login page

CNBLUE"s Yonghwa, in conjunction with actors Woo Hyun and Kim Sun Young are the faces that greet you at the login page of Twitter Korea. This comes as a nice wonder to the entire social media users who hadn"t expected to look the singer"s face smiling back at them, least of all on the very front page of Twitter. The photo in query is of the actor posing with his "Three Musketeers" co-stars, a welcoming smile on his face. 

Apparently, Yonghwa"s surprising appearance on our laptop displays was once now not an remoted incident. This particular image has also seemed in a scene of "She Was Pretty," and on more than a few Twitter login pages everywhere the world. So, to get down to the ground of Twitter"s mass diffusion of Yonghwa"s picture, a Ten Asia reporter without delay asked the social media provider its goal at the back of the probably random usage of the singer"s face. 

A Twitter rep stated, "The background pictures are random. Because Yonghwa became dressed in a standard hanbok and sported an overly culturally Korean look, we made up our minds to take benefit of the image. There are numerous K-Pop lovers on Twitter and we believed that this is a photo that is a superb representation of Korea. It"s an image that hasn"t most effective been used in Korea yet also in other countries round the world.

Does Yonghwa display up on the login page on your country?

Choi Si-won, the primary Korean to have over five million Twitter followers

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Choi Si-won, the primary Korean to have over five million Twitter followers

Super Junior member and actor Choi Si-won is the primary Korean to have over five million Twitter followers.

According to SM Entertainment, Choi Si-won began Twitter at the 25th of March with the identity @swiwon407 and in 5 years and seven months time, recorded more than 5 million followers. the secret to this status is the MBC drama "She Was once Pretty".

On the 19th of November, he's joining the police force as appointed by way of the government.

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Who are the head ten K-celebs with the maximum Twitter followers?

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Who are the head ten K-celebs with the maximum Twitter followers?

Ever since K-Pop went global, it has long since taken over the social media sphere, and the super quantity of fans on sure K-celebs" Twitter accounts is best some of the symptoms of the influential "Hallyu wave." The Hallyu stars with the largest collection of Twitter followers are Super Junior"s Siwon, who has won over five million followers, and large Bang"s G-Dragon, who saw the best possible build up in the variety of his followers--over 80,000 to be exact--within a month. 

The peak ten K-celebs with the best number of Twitter followers are as such, in descending order: Siwon, G-Dragon (4.91 million), Donghae (4.81 million), Psy (4.08 million), Yesung (3.39 million), 2PM"s Nichkhun (3.33 million), leave out A"s Suzy (3.29 million), Leeteuk (3.24 million), BoA (3.1 million), and 2NE1"s Dara (3.07 million).

It doesn"t come much as a marvel that each one of the above stars are K-Pop idols from 3 of the largest skill control labels in Korea, YG, SM, and JYP

G-Dragon, who recently has around 4.91 million followers, is heavily vying for first position with Siwon, who recently was the primary K-pop celebrity to prevail in 5 million followers. Meanwhile, Donghae seems he'll be the 3rd to hit 5 million as he has 4.81 million followers. 

The stars who reached 3 million followers are Yesung, Nichkhun, Suzy, Leeteuk, BoA, Dara, and Ryeowook (3.05 million), for a general of seven. 

Choi Siwon Becomes First Korean to achieve five Million Twitter Followers

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Choi Siwon Becomes First Korean to succeed in 5 Million Twitter Followers Choi Siwon reached a big social media milestone on October 26 by hitting five million Twitter followers!

The Large Junior member first launched his account on March 25, 2010 and soon became the maximum followed Korean consumer on Twitter in December 2011. He has now has claimed every other record by turning into the primary Korean Twitter user to hit five million followers.

Known for actively interacting with either domestic and international fans, the famous person has continually up to date his Twitter by sharing thought-provoking opinions, pictures fascinated with big-name entertainment stars, and updates on his day-to-day life.

He left a candy message on Twitter on October 27 to thank his followers for the fortify and to remind fanatics about tomorrow’s episode of the incredibly popular “She Was once Pretty.”

The new listing has not long past unnoticed by Twitter either. To celebrate the achievement, Twitter Music gave a shoutout to all K-pop fans and congratulated Choi Siwon on his new milestone, whilst Twitter Korea shared an exclusive video message from the star himself.

Congratulations to Choi Siwon! you'll be ready to observe him on Twitter @siwon407.

Siwon reaches five million fans on Twitter!

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Siwon reaches five million fans on Twitter!

With his fresh good fortune on taking at the role of Kim Shin Hyuk in the drama "She Was Pretty," Great Junior"s Siwon (@siwon407) has in any case reached 5 million followers on Twitter!

as smartly as effectively advancing his profession as an idol-actor, it's been reported that Siwon these days holds the identify as a K-Pop idol with the maximum followers by way of Twitter. Meanwhile, Siwon also participated in the OST for "She used to be Pretty" with his solo track, "Only You."

Congratulations Siwon!

6 Times Day6′s Jae Was once #Winning Twitter

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6 Times Day6′s Jae turned into #Winning Twitter In case you've got been living beneath a rock, idols are in all places social media those days. But, there are 3 forms of social media idols:

1) the corporate Idol: Their account is most certainly (definitely) run by way of any individual from their firm for the explanation that most effective thing they ever proportion is comeback news.

2) The Fan-Babo: The idols who do the entirety for their fans, they post thank you messages just about each day together with lovely selfies and updates on their life.

3) The Special Snowflake: These idols pass a bit…. above and beyond. They are quirky (dare we say… odd?) and love to sing their own praises that they believe totally out of the box. Like, way out of the box.

Today, I would like to share my non-public favourite “special snowflake” idol: Jae from Day6. His #hashtag #game is at all times #onpoint and he’s infamous for constantly responding to lovers and appearing off his genuine personality. His account is delightfully all through the place, but here are 6 of my favorite @Jae_Day6 moments:

1. that point he make a choice his own birthday hashtag. After much debate and self negotiation the State of Jae will accept #HappyBirthdaySwegChicken for my Birthday tag. #SuperCereal

— Day6 Jae (@Jae_Day6) September 13, 2015

Idols need a birthday hashtag – how else are they going to stay tune of the entire birthday wishes? yet most often it’s fans banding in combination to create delightfully authentic #s for their biases. But Jae? He sought after to get his hands grimy and in point of fact have a say in his birthday. And he chose one of the most random hashtag we've got ever seen, because why not.

2. That time he enjoyed chicken. (Every time.)


— Day6 Jae (@Jae_Day6) October 1, 2015

Everyone has a favourite food, but Jae’s love for hen is… special, mythical whenever you will. He loves to consume it, he needs to be it, he tweets about it your entire time. Just, a be aware of advice, don’t read via his account if you’re hungry because you will crave chicken. A lot.

3. That time he simultaneously shipped Markson and sought to ruin it. JaeHyungParkIan Twitter team now able for takeoff. @youngk1993 #ComeAtUsMarkson

— Day6 Jae (@Jae_Day6) October 21, 2015

Jae helps to keep it real. He knows that Mark and Jackson are everyone’s favorite pair of BFFs but he may be competitive. He can’t let Markson have all the glory, no. So what did he do? Bully (we assume) his Day6 BFF YoungK into opening a Twitter account so they are able to either be BFFs online for the sector to see. (YoungK wishes to figure out how to take benefit of Twitter first, apparently, but BFF-ery will happen soon, soon.)

4. That time he made GOT7′s Yugyeom rap on reside television.

I would also like to peer Yugeom rap Twinkle Twinkle Little Big name over Kanye's Mercy.

— Day6 Jae (@Jae_Day6) October 16, 2015

Yeah, Jae also is an entire troll. But, please, revel in the end result of his hard work and watch Yugyeom rap “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to a in deficient health Kanye beat now. You may never be apologetic about it.

5. That time he printed himself to be a fanboy of JB from GOT7.

JBs auras gonna provide you with the chills mate. #DancingGaveMeGoosebumps

— Day6 Jae (@Jae_Day6) September 28, 2015

Damnnnnn sonnnnn. JB getting it in that hook. #GottaWatchTheMV #ProfessionalFingerPointer2

— Day6 Jae (@Jae_Day6) September 28, 2015

He knows that feel! That feel we all feel about our ultimte biases… Whilst you can’t prevent tweeting about them and speaking about them and sharing images of them and, honestly, who doesn’t love JB?

6. That time he was too meta.

Honesty's the maximum efficient policy.

— Day6 Jae (@Jae_Day6) September 29, 2015

Guys, he knows that he’s messing with our hearts! He’s on to us…. But I believe we’re all beautiful k with it right?

What are your favorite Jae moments? Or who are your favorite ~special snowflake~ idols? Related

U-KISS' Kevin reaches 1000000 fans on Twitter!

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U-KISS' Kevin reaches 1000000 fans on Twitter!

Holy moly! Best the head celebrities succeed in a million followers on SNS, and that elite list now contains U-KISS" Kevin!

That"s right. Kevin has reached over a million followers on his private Twitter account. enthusiasts love how much of an avid social media user he is, and he posts often in Korean, English, and eastern too.

Impressively, Kevin also has over 250,000 followers on Instagram, so be certain you apply him there too.

Congrats to Kevin! Are you one of the vital million?

1 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER!!!! Thank you thank you thank you감사합니다~~ ありがとう〜〜

— Kevin ★ 유키스 케빈 ★ ケビン (@Kevinwoo91) October 19, 2015 WOW!! 1 Million followers on Twitter! Can"t trust it!Thank you~ KISSme you're my everything❤️

— Kevin ★ 유키스 케빈 ★ ケビン (@Kevinwoo91) October 19, 2015

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Maxim type beneath fireplace for Twitter posts pronouncing IU will have to date EXO instead

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Maxim type beneath fireplace for Twitter posts pronouncing IU will have to date EXO instead

There"s a controversy brewing referring to IU and indie band member Chang Kiha"s relationship. And no, it"s no longer a controversy about their dating and 11 year age-gap, yet in fact, about a brand who took to SNS to specific her discontent with IU"s collection of boyfriend.

Maxim mannequin Jung Doo Ri wrote her opinions, saying that IU may have done better, on her non-public Twitter. She wrote:

 "IU, don"t be like that. Are you crazy?"

"Get ahold of yourself and meet any person like EXO. I plead you." (this post has since been deleted.)

"You"re a awesome feminine in Korean society, so why in the world? First Sulli and now you. Have uncle fanatics put a tight corset on you?"

She won a huge number of online grievance as a result of those posts, and she answered back with some more Twitter posts:

"I love beautiful women like IU so much. That"s why I say empathetic words like this a lot. I would like pretty, young girls to satisfy excellent taking a look young guys very an identical to themselves. Of course, saying this and that about any other person"s relationship is funny, but isn"t Twitter typically a position where you'll have non-public conversations?"

"Ahh, I"m sorry to EXO fans. I don"t know EXO well, but if I stumble upon their pictures by way of chance, they"re so sensible looking out and are young, brand new guys, so I felt that way and wrote like that. I didn"t know that could be disrespectful to fans."

"Anyways, in want of to peer young nice looking out couples is my truthful opinion. Ahead of you guys say I swore at this person, I separated other people into other classes, or whatever."

"Of route you know that the word "always superior" is a mirroring, right? Honestly, my idea that IU stands proud as a gorgeous lady and musician is true."

Before this controversy, Jung Doo Ri used to be maximum known for being the winner of 2014"s "Maxim Girl".

— DURIMIMI (@durimimi) October 8, 2015 너는 한국사회 ㅆㅅㅌㅊ여성인데 도대체 왜? 설리에 이어서...삼촌팬들이 강력 코르셋이라도 채웠나

— DURIMIMI (@durimimi) October 8, 2015 저는 아이유같은 미소녀들을 너무나 사랑합니다. 이건 어쩔수가 없음. 그렇기 때문에 감정이입을 많이 하게 되는데 그런 미소녀들이 되도록 본인처럼 예쁘고 어린 남성들과 연애했으면 좋겠어요. 물론 남의 연애에 왈가왈부 하는게 웃기다고 하지만 원래 트위터는

— DURIMIMI (@durimimi) October 8, 2015 그런 사담의 공간 아닌가요? 아 ㅇㅅ팬들께는 죄송합니다. ㅇㅅ를 잘 모르지만 언뜻 사진 봤을 때 너무나 잘생기고 어리고 풋풋한 소년들이었기에 그만 감정이입 해서 써버리고 말았네요. 그게 팬분들에게 실례일지는 몰랐네요.

— DURIMIMI (@durimimi) October 8, 2015 어쨋든 미소녀X미소년 연예인 커플을 보고 싶은것이 저의 솔찍헌 심정 입니다. 제가 누구를 욕했네 계급을 나눴네 어쨋네 하기 이전에 늘 여성연예인이 공식 연애했을 때 처해졌던 불특정 다수의 성희롱과 후려치기의 실상에 더 집중했으면 좋겠네요.

— DURIMIMI (@durimimi) October 8, 2015 아 물론 ㅆㅅㅌㅊ 단어사용은 미러링인거 다들 아시겠죠? ^^ 사실 아이유가 한국에서 독보적인 미소녀이자 음악가라고 생각하는건 맞아요.

— DURIMIMI (@durimimi) October 8, 2015

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CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa Pleads to His Obsessive Lovers on Twitter

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CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa Pleads to His Obsessive Fans on Twitter CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa spread out about his struggles with “sasaeng fans,” or overly obsessive fans, who are known for tracking each detail of celebrities’ lives.

Jung Yong Hwa tweeted on September 30, “I’m hesitant to post anything like this. I realize your love for me and I’m so grateful. yet I wish you wouldn’t come over to my house. My oldsters were so stunned when they came to visit for Chuseok. It’s my first time writing something like this. Sorry to post this so overdue at night. Excellent night.”

Actor Jo In Sung also had a contemporary revel in with a sasaeng fan who broke into his home.

2PM's Junho hits the million fans mark on Twitter!

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2PM's Junho hits the million fans mark on Twitter!

A massive congrats to 2PM"s Junho! His repute is soaring, achieving the milestone of 1000000 followers on Twitter!

Not many of us set up to have one million SNS followers and more, yet of course, Junho isn't your reasonable guy. Junho is an avid social media user, continuously updating his lovers with posts and photos, so it"s no wonder he has such so much of followers. He"s also on Instagram so ensure you test that out too.

Are you one of the crucial million? If not, practice him @dlwnsghek!

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