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Truedy gets dissatisfied at being called a 'fake Yoon Mi Rae'

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Truedy gets dissatisfied at being called a 'fake Yoon Mi Rae'

Truedy and Gilme butted heads in a diss fight at the October nine episode of Mnet"s "Unpretty Rapstar 2." 

Many folks have mentioned that Truedy reminds them of Yoon Mi Rae. Gilme attempted to take benefit of this to her virtue and all through the battle, Gilme called Truedy a "fake Yoon Mi Rae." Truedy spat back, "The explanation why for my tears? I"m misunderstood loads and thousands of time because I"m very an identical to Mi Rae unnie (referencing Yoon Mi Rae"s song Memories / Smiling Tears)." 

In the interview following the diss battle, Truedy may just best set free a large sigh about being classified a "fake Yoon Mi Rae," frustrated about the comparison which limits her obstacles to grow as an artist and make a call for herself. 

She said, "I concept about a massive number of things. I felt disgrace that they thought about me that way and used to be hurt.

Though Truedy will have been upset for being called a faux Yoon Mi Rae, she walked away the as the winner for this diss war round, having inspired the guest judges The Quiett and Dok2.

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Fake Casts Are promoting Like loopy because of Upcoming Holiday Stress

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Fake Casts Are Selling Like Crazy because of the Upcoming Holiday Stress People are going to extremes so as to get out in their holiday chores.

Recently, on a pregnancy and parenting explicit online community, posts about fake casts ruled the board. maximum were written through girls who were dreading their consult with to their in-laws’ and sought after to benefit from fake casts. However, they stated they were afraid to have a look at it out in worry of having stuck since the product had already gone viral ultimate year.

These fake casts are made in order that when an arm is stuck into the solid for 20 to 30 minutes, it molds and hardens round the limb, thus making it very realistic.

Those who have in fact used the fake cast raved that it looks genuine and fools many people.

Meanwhile, many showed fear of the way society pressures people throughout vacations to the point where they wish to fake their own injury. Others commented that the fake cast went too far.

Yoo Jae Suk has reportedly claimed that he is not a fan of ZE:A Kwang Hee′s Fake Smile

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Yoo Jae Suk  has reportedly claimed that   he   is not a fan of   ZE:A Kwang Hee′s Fake Smile

-- ZE:A′s Kwang Hee appeared on KBS′ Happy Together, where Yoo Jae Suk called out his fellow Infinity Challenge member.

Kwang Hee was a guest on the July 2 episode of Happy Together, where chef Lee Yeon Bok made a special appearance on the Late Night Snack Shop segment to treat the guests to his signature jjajangmyeon dish.

When Yoo Jae Suk caught Kwang Hee looking on with a big smile on his face as the chef gave a lengthy explanation during the cooking demonstration, Yoo Jae Suk said, "I hate that fake smile so much. He has this smile. That donkey smile."

The day′s ′Legendary MC′ special also featured Lee Duk Hwa, Lee Hong Ryul, Park Jun Gyu and Huh Soo Kyung.

Lee Si Young"s side once again warns of aggressive legal action and no leniency as fake sex tapes start to spread

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Lee Si Young

Lee Si Young"s agency previously warned of strong legal action regarding themalicious rumors of an alleged sex tape, but it seems some individuals have decided to take this opportunity to get views on videos by falsely labeling them as "Lee Si Young Video".

Although it was clear that these videos are not of Lee Si Young, the agency believes just the fact that there are now videos out there floating around labeled as her alleged sex tape, is already tarnishing and hurting the actress"s image.

Her agency warned, "We have asked for strict punishment against those who have circulated these rumors, and we will not settle or show any sort of leniency whatsoever to those involved. Once the individuals behind all this have been identified, we will be filing a lawsuit for damages against them in hopes that something like this will not happen again."

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Rare Potato follows up Welldone Potato with MV for "Fake Illness" featuring Hani and starring C-Clown"s Ray

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Rare Potato follows up Welldone Potato with MV for

The potato obsession continues! This time Rare Potato, a brother group to Welldone Potato, has released a MV for the song called "Fake Illness" featuring EXID"s Hani!

If you"ve been keeping up, you may remember Welldone Potato"s "Shouldn"t Have Treated You Well" (feat. Solji) MV, which revolved around a woman who breaks down into tears while feasting on a delicious feast of potatoes that she cooked.

Now we get the other side of the story that may explain the tears of that woman with Rare Potato"s MV! The video stars C-Clown"s Ray, who shows off his emotional acting skills throughout.

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[Spoiler] "Who Are You - School 2015" Truth of the fake death unveils

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The mystery of the fake death has been revealed.

On the 14th episode of KBS 2TV"s MondayTuesday drama, "Who Are You - School 2015", Lee Eun-bi (Kim So-hyeon-I) encountered her old friend Oh Jeongah at the charnel house.

Oh Jeongah was delightedly happy to see Eun-bi again. She said, "Eun-bi, you were alive. I came here whenever I missed you".

Lee Eun-bi said, "Aren"t you surprised?". Oh Jeongah responded, "No, I thought it might not be you. When you left the school and you went missing, I hated myself being a coward. I went to the beach every day".

Lee Eun-bi was trying to help Oh Jeongah and it made Kang So-yeong (Jo Soo-hyang) pick on Lee Eun-bi and decide to bully her. As this happened, Lee Eun-bi went missing. Oh Jeongah went to the beach trying to find Eun-bi. When Oh Jeongah found an identified body on the beach, she put Eun-bi"s school name tag in the clothes of the body.

Oh Jeongah said, "I first thought it might be you. Even if it were not you, I wanted to punish Kang So-yeong, who insisted she was not at fault at all. So I left your name tag there. I might be worse than Kang So-yeong because I pretended I knew nothing about it". Oh Jeongah cried in tears.

Lee Eun-bi said, "No, I know what it"s like when you are afraid of being bullied. I understand you. You didn"t have any other choice".

EXO′s Su Ho Says ′Call Me Baby′ MV′s One-Take Method is Actually Fake

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EXO′s Su Ho Says ′Call Me Baby′ MV′s One-Take Method is Actually Fake

--> eNEWS24′s video entertainment news team, Three Meals with eNEWS, revealed the set of EXO′s new music video for Call Me Baby.

The Call Me Baby music video drew attention for its one-take filming method, capturing the beauty of the music video sets and the EXO members as well as their smooth choreography.

But in the video revealed by Three Meals with eNEWS, Su Ho shared, "This music video looks like it′s one-take, but it′s actually fake."

"The long-takes are just connected together to make it look like a one-take," explained Su Ho. "Because we film, cutting it off at each scene, even if we mess up, we can correct it right away."

The video showed Su Ho as well as the other EXO members fully concentrated in the filming with their eyes glued to the camera screen to check the results inbetween shoots.

EXO began second album promotions through Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN on April 2.

Tymee"s ex-producer calls her out for being fake and manipulating the media

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A producer who worked with Tymee (previously known as E.via) in the past has called out the rapper for using her "fake past" to gain popularity.

Back in January, 2013, she left her agency dline Art Media and changed her stage name from E.via to Tymee. She used to write online posts comparing her "dire" situation to that of Block B with Stardom Entertainment and issues with money. You can read one such example of an online post in a past article here. Now that she is gaining popularity through "Unpretty Rapstar," some of her past issues have resurfaced and it appears this producer wanted to clarify some things.

Producer Deegie wrote on his Facebook:

"Hello, I am the Facebook star popular for being known as that vicious CEO from her past agency - to the point my students make fun of me. And I"m not the CEO!!

Hitting 2.4 in the viewer ratings, getting replayed dozens of times, and slipping into "Show Me The Money 4" filming are going to make everyone forget... that"s how variety works...

Cursing and getting pissed and doing disorganized things as a part of variety might be a good point for editing and will become an issue, but music is the only thing that will be left behind as a musician.

Changing your name and pretending to be a victim, trying to gain shallow sympathy votes through media manipulation, struggling to survive, getting in trouble for crying and acting when you were prosecuted at the District Attorney"s Office... None of them make you look cool. 

Regardless of how many anti-fans you have, you"re still a musician, but I question your actions, catching the celebrity disease...

Since E.via"s debut track "Journal" to the latest album, except for a couple tracks, I produced, cut, and wrote all the songs. Why wouldn"t I have any affection... There were dozens of songs..

I know it became an issue, so I hope that it ties in with making money and live well off it.

The legal issues are personal stories and the reactions are so biased, so I"m correcting them. 

It was actually good when she was E.via. At the time, it was not just for some search word. It was noise marketing with the purpose of promotion, but now I question why she is being so crazy...

Meanwhile, Tymee garnered much attention for her recent diss battle against Jolly V on "Unpretty Rapstar," where both rappers continued to fire back and forth about who was the better rapper between the two. The battle brought contrasting response from the viewers.

Kang Ye Won talks about getting criticized for being fake by viewers of "Real Men"

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Kang Ye Won talks about getting criticized for being fake by viewers of

During a recent broadcasting for MBC FM4U"s "FM Date," actress Kang Ye Won temporarily took over the radio program in place of Sunny and talked about her experience while filming for "Real Men."

When asked about who she thought was the prettiest on the show, the actress replied humbly, "I"m the most red and the most country-like. I can"t choose since they are all pretty."

She continued, "I am not flashy, I worry a lot and get scared easily. What everyone has been saying is true, the flashy exterior image people have of me is not really who I am."

In addition to talking about who the prettiest was in the show, Kang Ye Won also expressed her disappointment in regards to the criticism that the show and the cast members have been receiving from the viewers.

She said, "Sometimes I get saddened by those who say that we are, "Fake Men." [The show] is very real. Not once did we meet with the writers or the producer. It was a good experience and I am very thankful."

Yeo Jin Goo Was Worried His Wig Would Fall Off and Looked Fake While Shooting "Shoot My Heart"

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Yeo Jin Goo Was Worried His Wig Would Fall Off and Looked Fake While Shooting

Actor Yeo Jin Woo attended the press conference for his upcoming movie "Shoot My Heart" at Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, in Lotte Cinema. During the evet, Yeo Jin Woo talked about his experiences while acting as his character Soo Myung. The actor was also complimented by sunbae actors who worked with him in the movie.

When asked about his character and how he acted for the role, he answered, “I was worried that my hair would be fake-looking since I had to wear a wig. But on screen I looked fine. I’m glad that it looked naturally grown.”

Yeo Jin Goo was also required to smoke for some scenes in the movie, as his character is a heavy smoker. He commented, “For the smoking scenes, I used nicorette. I had to look very natural doing it since Soo Myung is a smoker, and wondered whether I was capable of smoking naturally. But I don’t think [the director] thought I looked natural because a lot of the scenes [were edited out] in the actual movie.”

Then a sunbae actor named Park Choong Sun shared that he felt bad for Yeo Jin Goo who had to be on a strict diet for his role. “I know he’s a teenager who’d have constant cravings for food, but he only ate vegetables. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he ate tomatoes, cucumber, and other greens.” Because Yeo Jin Goo is around the same age as his son, he shared that he teared up watching Yeo Jin Goo so dedicated for his role. “I was amazed at how disciplined and focused he was during the shooting. He’s a young actor, but there’s a lot to learn from him.”

Yu Oh Seong, another sunbae actor, also complimented him saying, “He’s not even in his 20’s but he’s already an expert in the field. I look forward to his future as an actor.”

Yeo In Goo also mentioned his co-star Lee Min Ki, who is currently serving time in the military, by saying, “I really miss Lee Min Ki. I wonder how he’s doing,” and added, “Lee Min Ki and I had a good chemistry. We depended on each other and joked around a lot behind the scene.”

The movie “Shoot My Heart” will be released on January 28.