Spoiler "Five Children" An Woo-yeon asks Lim Soo-hyang to marry him

An Woo-yeon proposed to Lim Soo-hyang.

On the new episode of the KBS 2TV weekend drama "Five Children", Kim Tae-min (An Woo-yeon) proposed to Jang Jin-ju (Lim Soo-hyang).

Jang Jin-ju were given into a combat amongst the eating placewoman and calmed her anger in a caf with Kim Tae-min. Then he without notice asked her, "Why do not nosotros get married?"

Jang Jin-ju used to beshocked and Kim Tae-min said, "I think it's going to existjust right if we get married. We willassistevery other out and plan our long term together".

Jang Jin-ju gave the impressionhappy about the proposal even supposing she gave the affect toneedanything else. Kim Tae-min said, "I'll get permission from our oldsters first and propose again".

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Im Soo Hyang Coordinates Faculty  Agenda With Her Bestie Sooyoung

Im Soo Hyang Coordinates Faculty Agenda With Her Bestie Sooyoung

Im Soo Hyang Coordinates CollegeTime table amongst Her Bestie Sooyoungck525 March 31, 2016 0 LINE it!Im Soo Hyang Coordinates School Schedule With Her Bestie Sooyoung Im Soo Hyang published her friendship with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong.

During a photo shoot and interview with bnt, she was once asked, “You’re still a theater student at Chung Ang University. How is school life?”

“I have returned to college and am evenly attending classes,” she answered.

“During school, I might coordinate my schedule with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung,” she added. “While I went to varsityalongmore youthful people, I discovered how special my paintings is. As I glance at those youngsters, I'm reminded of my long-established intentions in beginning the field.”

Meanwhile, she also mentioned how she lately visited Kim Jae Joong in the military.

“He has matured and gotten more masculine,” she said.

Below are photographs from Im Soo Hyangs photo shoot!

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Spoiler "Marriage Contract" Lee Hwi-hyang nowhere to be found, and what occurs to Lee Seo-jin and UEE

Lee Hwi-hyang all at once disappeared prior to her surgical treatment and Lee Seo-jin and UEE become unpredictable.

On the 8th episode of the MBC drama "Marriage Contract", Han Ji-hoon (Lee Seo-jin) made up our mindsto attract a line with Kang Hye-soo (UEE) for the sake of everyone's happiness.

Ji-hoon had a fall out with his father Han Seong-gook (Kim Yong-geon) and infrequentlywere given permission to headvia alongside his mother's transplant. However, the condition used to be never to look his momback afterward the operation.

Seong-gook told Ji-hoon, "I will lose just this once. Promise me you're going tonow not meet her again after the operation. If I pay attentionanything else afterwards, I could bein a position toensure 1 ruin her life. Do not act like a teenager".

Seong-gook then set Ji-hoon up on a blind date with Ji-hoon's first love and his first son's female friendSEO Na-yoon (Kim Yoo-ri-I). Seong-gook said, "It's larger to hook up other folks that like each and every other. I can find the cash for to lose strings with that family".

Ji-hoon made a decisionto regard Hye-soo as a shriveledspouseyet it wasn't simple because he had already fallen in love with her. Hye-soo also worried about Ji-hoon your complete day and acknowledged to herself, "I trulyconcept he was my husband".

The day before the operation, Ji-hoon told his mother that he's going to never come to see her again and Hye-soo was admitted to the hospital. However, on the day of the surgery, Mi-ran disappeared.


Actress Lim Soo Hyang used to be heartbroken when she heard Yoon Kye Sang became dating Honey Lee

Actress Lim Soo Hyang used to be heartbroken when she heard Yoon Kye Sang became dating Honey Lee

Actress Lim Soo Hyangrevealed herself to be a big fan lady of g.o.d's Yoon Kye Sang.

SEE ALSO: Honey Lee soaks up the light in still cuts for 'Come Back, Mister'

During filming for the approaching 'Happy Together', Lim Soo Hyang seemed as a guest for the 'You're Roughly a King' special. The actress acknowledged that she's at all times been a large g.o.d fan, sharing, "I was once especially a monumental fan of Yoon Kye Sang. I even ate with spoons of Yoon Kye Sang that were sold to fans."

She also printed that she become disappointed to listenthe scoop that Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Leewere dating. She said, "I was upset. I used to be going to visit him after changing into famous."

That's a lovely intense fan girl!


'Five Children' cast: So Yoo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Lim Soo-hyang, Wang Bit-na, Sin Hye-seon to seem in communicate  display 'Happy In combination 3'

'Five Children' cast: So Yoo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Lim Soo-hyang, Wang Bit-na, Sin Hye-seon to seem in communicate display 'Happy In combination 3'

"Five Children" cast: So Yoo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Lim Soo-hyang, Wang Bit-na, and Sin Hye-seon will megastar in the debate show, 'Happy In combination 3'

According to an insider in broadcasting circle on February 1st, the five actors will guest-star in KBS 2TV's entertainment communicate show, 'Happy Together 3'.

As their new weekend drama, "Five Children" will start on February 20th, drama lovers are being attentive to the heartwarming chemistry they are going to bring out together.

The talk show, 'Happy Together 3' might be aired at 11:10 PM on Thursday.


School 2015 Jo Soo Hyang Picks Best Scenes

School 2015 Jo Soo Hyang Picks Best Scenes

school 2015

Actress Jo Soo Hyang, who played the evil character of Kang So Young on the popular KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Who Are You - School 2015" picked best scenes from the drama for Kang So Young and Lee Eun Bi.

Actress Jo Soo Hyang on a recent interview picked the scenes where Kang So Young tells Lee Eun Bi she is not sorry as the best scene. She said, "When Kang So Young told Lee Eun Bi (the girl Kang So Young used to bully so much) that she will not say she is sorry, I agreed with that line. Kang So Young does not know what it is like to open up to someone. I feel sorry for Lee Eun Bi, but I don"t think Kang So Young would say something like I"m sorry." In related news, The popular KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Who Are You - School 2015" tells a story of a high school girl Kim So Hyun, whose life is changed all of a sudden one morning. It is the latest serie of the School series, which has been in existence since the 1990s. Actors Kim So Hyun, Jo Soo Hyang and Nam Joo Hyun in addition to many others star in the drama.


Jo Soo Hyang admitted to having been wowed by the  Professionalism of  Kim So Hyun

Jo Soo Hyang admitted to having been wowed by the Professionalism of Kim So Hyun

Who Are You-School 2015 Jo Soo Hyang Is Completely Amazed by Kim So Hyuns Professionalism Who Are You-School 2015 costar Jo Soo Hyang talked about having worked with fellow actors Yook Sungjae and Kim So Hyun in an interview with news outlet DongA.com.

[Sungjae] is very playful. Hes like a little brother to me, the actress commented. When asked how she felt when Yook Sungjae confessed of being awkward around her during the press conference of Who Are You-School 2015, Jo Soo Hyang said, I joked around with him for a while because he said that. We both like joking around with each other. We play around like boys when we hang out together.

Jo Soo Hyang went on to praise the talented Kim So Hyun on her acting skills and strong mentality, saying, Kim So Hyun is really amazing. When we were filming, her schedule was very hectic. At first, I would play around with her after we were done filming, but she looked more and more tired as the days went on and I couldnt do that anymore.

She continued, But when the camera starts rolling, she puts on a smile and acts really well. As I saw her doing that, I just thought, shes amazing.

Meanwhile, Jo Soo Hyang was praised by the audience for her superb acting in Who Are You-School 2015.

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"Who Are You - School 2015" Jo Soo-hyang, "I empathized with So-yeong no matter what"

Rookie actress Jo Soo-hyang was a bundle of happy viruses.

She turned out to be bubbly and cute girl who is far from the evil Kang So-yeong she played in the KBS 2TV drama "Who Are You - School 2015" which ended on the 16th. We asked her what she thought about the criticism she got for her role.

"I don"t know if I"m getting famous or not because I"m in the middle of filming the drama and I don"t go out much. Looking at articles or comments on the articles, I feel more interest than being upset. I have been preparing to be an actress for a long time, but I haven"t had much success yet so the pure fact that they recognize me for anything is a great thing. It"s funny seeing people say that I was born nasty, but I take that all as a compliment and it gives me responsibility to do better".

"Who Are You" is based in an educational background. Jo Soo-hyang played the role of Kang So-yeong who conflicts with the twin sisters Lee Eun-bi and Ko Eun-byeol (Kim So-hyeon-I). The reason why So-yeong bullies Eun-bi from Tongyeong to Seoul isn"t clear. She"s just a nasty girl who likes to bully people. Jo Soo-hyang put her years of experience from plays and theaters into this drama. She showed much affection for So-yeong.

"Everyone criticizes So-yeong but I empathize her. She"s just a victim of the wrong teachings. She was told by her prosecutor father that she won"t succeed if she doesn"t use someone as a stepping stone. She"s still a child. If someone took her hand warmly and guided her to the right way, she wouldn"t have turned out half bad".

If you"d seen "Who Are You" then you might"ve wondered what the real Jo Soo-hyang is like. She"s so mean in the drama that it"s hard to imagine what she"d be like in real life. She enjoys this attention but sometimes it hits her. "In the next movie "The Priests", I am a nice girl. She"s very different from me or Kang So-yeong".

"I am playful and cheerful. I am sentimental and I cry a lot. At first when I auditioned for "Who Are You - School 2015", I tried out the innocent Si-jin role first. Then I read So-yeong"s line and they must"ve liked that lot because that"s what I played in the end. Maybe I was good at it because I gritted my teeth learning how to act in high school. I also played a lot of aggressive roles in independent films. Many people worry that the "bad" image would stick to me but it"s something I need to work on as an actress.

"Jo Soo-hyang co-starred with 8 years younger Kim So-yeon. We asked her how she felt bullying her and she said, "I wanted to end it in one shot".

"If I didn"t appeal so strongly then it would lead to NGs and doing that again would really be bullying her. So I tried to go for it at one shot. Thankfully, So-hyeon is very mature so she understood. She"s so kind, too. She approached me first and smiled and talked to me. She was worried about me being tired. Seong-jae and Joo-hyeok are also younger than me but they are so mature. I was the childish one. They took care of me and not the other way around".

Jo Soo-hyang joined art school with a friend and started her way as an actress thanks to a play. Ten years later, things weren"t exactly the way she wanted them to be. She had to go through several moments of rejection and despair. She worked harder and landed with the lucky chance to be in "Who Are You - School 2015".

"I don"t think anything has changed. It"s only the beginning. I just took the first step in life as an actress. My parents are very happy to see me on TV and not just independent films. I am working hard to make them happier".



Child actress Kim Hyang-ki joins star-studded cast in movie

Child actress Kim Hyang-ki joins star-studded cast in movie "A Letter From Prison"

Actress Kim Hyang-ki has joined movie "A Letter From Prison" directed by Kwon Jong-gwan and produced by Contents K.

Kim Hyang-ki"s agency Namoo Actors said on May 7th through a phone conversation to TV Reports, "Kim Hyang-ki has confirmed her casting in "A Letter From Prison"".

An administration manager in a lawyer"s office, who used to be an elite police officer, receives a letter from prison one day. "A Letter From Prison" talks about dramatic events happening to the main character from then on.

Kim Myeong-min, Kim Sang-ho, Seong Dong-il, Kim Yeong-ae, Park Hyeok-kwon, Lee Moon-sik, Kim Roi-ha and other amazing dramatic actors have joined in the movie so far. Now the genius child actress Kim Hyang-ki has joined, the casting is complete.

The sister company of Keyeast Entertainment, Contents K is in charge of the movie production. Director Kwon Jong-gwan of "S Diary", 2004, and "Sad Movie", 2004 will direct the making of the film. "A Letter From Prison" is going to start filming within the first half of this year.