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K-Drama terms: What is “Meet-Cute”?

What”s a “meet-cute?” It”s a scene in a romantic comedy in which the two people who are meant to be together meet in a funny or embarrassing way that somehow tangles up their destinies.

The meeting sets up a situation that temporarily makes it less likely that the two characters can fall in love but still somehow points to it in the end.

Take “Lie To Me.” In that drama Yoon Eun Hye is sick of being asked when she will get married. Drowning her work sorrows at a club. She”s so drunk that she has to be taken to the hospital by Kang Ji Hwan who does not even know her. When she tries to pay for the hospital bill, people see them together and rumors start. She starts pretending that he is her husband. It leads to a long series of misunderstandings and eventually a real relationship.

Although she was destined to marry the prince in “Princess Hours,” Yoon Eun Hye first meets him when she messes up his sneakers and then sees him again when she overhears him talking to his girlfriend

K-Dramas hit America!


The Hallyu wave, including K-Pop and K-Drama, has already hit America!

In 2013, Psy brought the joys of k-pop to the USA but this year k-dramas are also getting some press. The current issue of Entertainment Weekly features a story on k-drama that may take them mainstream. The story is titled “Korean dramas: A beginner’s guide.

The article talks about why k-dramas are becoming so popular, citing the short one-season length of each drama, the crazy plots and PGs ubject matter. They even mentioned how long k-dramas take to get to the kiss.

Then it listed a few dramas to get viewers started and told them where to find them.

Here are some of the dramas they listed as representing the best ofk-drama and the easiest for American audiences to get into. Do you agree that these would be good starter dramas? And do you think that American audiences will relate to them?

The EW reporter described “Boys Over Flowers” as an energetic teen drama about a feisty girl who takes on a school bully

“Blade And The Petal” Actors Address Dating Rumors

Kim Ok Bin and On Joo Wan, the co-stars in the drama “Blade and the Petal“, have recently been rumored to be dating for nearly six months. Kim Ok Bin is four years older than On Joo Won.

Kim Ok Bin has been known for his appearance in the 2013 film “11 AM” alongside Jung Jae Young and Daniel Choi as well as the 2014 film “Minority Opinion

On Joo Won starred in the 2013 film “The Five” alongside Kim Sun Ah and she is getting ready for the new R-rated film “Human Addiction” with Song Seung Hoon.

Regarding this matter, Oh Joo Won’s agency, A-List Entertainment, stated,”It”s true that they got together with their other “Blade and the Petal” co-stars but Kim Ok Bin and On Joo Won are definitely not dating,” and “This is the first time we even heard that the two have supposedly been dating for six months

Donghae, Nam Ji Hyun, Song Seung Hyun and Others in New Movie Project

Super Junior’s Donghae, 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun and FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun will appear in a new movie project, “Youth Project.”

The project is organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KCCA) and aims to cultivate creativity among youths. Five young and talented creators were selected and given production sponsorship in order for them to produce, present and commercialize their movies. The movie project will be made up of five episodes.

Film company, InventStone, which produced movies such as “I Love You,” “Grape Candy” and “Aging Family,” was picked to lead the project, with two other film companies, Samgeori Pictures and Little Boy Pictures joining in the planning and development of the project, making this a joint production by the three companies

Sung Yuri Signs on to Ha Jung Woo’s Label, Fantagio

Actress Sung Yuri has signed on to Fantagio, home to actors such as Ha Jung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun and Joo Jin Mo, and actresses such as Yeom Jung Ah and Kim Sun Ah.

According to Fantagio on February 10, Sung Yuri signed an exclusive contract with us last week.”

After her contract with King Kong Entertainment ended last month, Sung Yuri was contacted by various agencies, including Fantagio’s CEO Na Byung Joon. After careful deliberation, she picked Fantagio a the place to begin the next phase of her career.

Fantagio revealed further, “Sung Yuri is an actress who has gained recognition for her influence and star quality. Her recent foray into the variety world has proven that she is an all-rounded entertainer

Sung Yuri joins new agency, Fantagio

Actress Sung Yuri has officially joined Fantagio, the agency of Ha Jung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun and Joo Jin Mo, and actresses such as Yeom Jung Ah and Kim Sun Ah.

On February 10, Fantagio’s representative confirmed, “Sung Yuri signed an exclusive contract with us last week.

Sung Yuri ended her contract with King Kong Entertainment in January of 2014. The actress then decided to sign a new contract with Fantagio.

The reps added, “Sung Yuri is an actress who has gained recognition for her influence and star quality. Her recent foray into the variety world has proven that she is an all-rounded entertainer. Above all, there are high expectations for her as an actress, and we will give her our whole-hearted support to meet her goals as well as ours

Kim Sun Ah no longer a Free Agent and signs with Fantagio

Actress Kim Sun Ah has finally took off the "FA" ("Free Agent") title from her profile by joining actor management agency Fantagio!

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Best Love Episode 16 Recap And Screenshot

Best Love (The Greatest Love) wraps up today with a giant bow, a farewell flourish, and a parting kiss to all the viewers who were swept up by the story of a top A-list movie star who fell in love with a D-list entertainer. Episode 16 made me happy – a warm, soothing feeling of sincere joy. I don’t think the ending manipulated my emotions, but rather deserved the soft tears of happiness that came naturally.

This feeling of contentment really brushes aside any desire I have to dissect the final plot points or even discuss how the ending could have been better. While not the best ending for a rom-com ever, nor does it push any boundaries, but it was ultimately so very satisfying. I don’t need to look hard for validation with the time spent with BL, it’s a drama that stands well enough on its own

Lee Chung Ah Brightened The Set Of “The Five”

Lee Chung Ah

Lee Chung Ah


Actress Lee Chung Ah brightened the set of the movie "The Five" bothwith her onscreen performance and on-set personal interactions.

And given the potentially grim plot it was probably a movie thatneeded a few bright spots.

The thriller centers on the character Eun Ah,played by Kim Sun Ah. Eun Ah is a woman who watched her family bekilled and was also molested. She plans her revenge against the killerand enlists five people to help her.

Lee Chung Ah isone of those desperate characters. And yet Lee managed to inject somesunshine into the moviemaking.

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Actress Lee Chung Ah Says She Was Treated Differently After Revealing Her Relationship

Actress Lee Chung Ah recently revealed that the atmosphere around her changed after her relationship went public.

On October 15, Lee Chung Ah attended the official announcement of the new movie, “The Five,” at the CGV theater at Apgujeong, Seoul. When asked what has changed for her since her debut days, she replied, “First of all, I’m in my 30s now. I’ve had my difficulties over the years, and I’m now in a relationship, so a lot has changed.”

Lee Chung Ah said, “I wanted to show a different side of myself than before, so I decided to do a thriller for the first time,” and she drew laughter from the attendees, saying, “It’s an opportunity to broaden my range as an actor, and I’m planning on desperately promoting the movie.”

Kim Sun Ah, who plays the main character, related a little about the film set, saying, “Due to the nature of Lee Chung Ah’s character, she’s the only one who got to use the reflector for close-ups