Kim Soo Hyun’s movie receives ‘Real’ positive ratings from Taiwan

Kim Soo Hyun’s movie receives ‘Real’ positive ratings from Taiwan

It seems Kim Soo Hyun and Sulli’s movie is receiving ‘Real’ positive ratings from Taiwan.

According to a Chinese news outlet on August 8, the action/noir film hit theaters on August 4 in Taiwan, causing more than one million moviegoers to see the show within three days.

The Chinese news outlet stated that ‘Real’ received a lot of attention since it was Kim Soo Hyun’s last film leading up to his military enlistment. Although the movie wasn’t a big hit in Korea, ‘Real’ is looking to be quite the attraction this year, being one of the top Korean films at the box office in Taiwan.

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Taiwanese moviegoers expressed, “This movie is worth seeing 10 times. The more you watch it, the more fun it gets.”

The Chinese news outlet also reported that ‘Real’ features an intricate plot where Kim Soo Hyun plays two roles and includes an explosive amount of action sequences as well as seductive scenes, praising the blockbuster film.