Kim Soo Hyun Reveals His Impression Of Philippines

Kim Soo Hyun Reveals His Impression Of Philippines

Kim Soo Hyun recently made a very special appearance at the launch of the Samsung QLEDTV and talked about his impressions of the Philippines.

During his appearance, Kim Soo Hyun gave his very own first impressions of the Philippines.

Making sure to explain that he had made his first visit to the country when he was a child, Kim Soo Hyun noted that the country has changed a lot from what he remembered.

He went on to further explain that upon coming to the Philippines for the launch, he received a very warming response.

Everyone was very welcoming and thank you for all your love and support.

Kim Soo Hyun is considered as being the King of Endorsements as throughout his career he has landed more than 14 endorsement deals, including Samsung Electronics.