If The Romance Of Real Life Producers Is Any Indication, Gong Hyo Jin Will Choose Cha Tae Hyun

If The Romance Of Real Life Producers Is Any Indication, Gong Hyo Jin Will Choose Cha Tae Hyun

Producer Producer

K-dramas often use incidents from real life and "Producer" is no exception. Because it is a show about the making of variety shows, the drama makes fun of real life variety show encounters and shows just how hilarious and frustrating the making of reality shows can be. But the romance in "Producer" may also have been inspired by the real life story of two KBS producers.

In the drama "Producer" Gong Hyo Jin plays Tak Ye Jin, the producer of "Music Bank" and Cha Tae Hyun plays Ra Joon Mo, the producer of the program "1 Night, 2 Days." The actor is a regular guest on "1 Night, 2 Days,"

Tak Ye Jin has a longtime crush on Ra Joon Mo although she is currently being tempted by the attentions of a young producer played by Kim Soo Hyun. Ra Joon Mo likes Tak Ye Jin back but for various dumb reasons won"t say so. Complicating things further is the fact that k-pop star Cindy, played by IU, likes Kim Soo Hyun"s character. At this point in the drama it"s hard to say which producer Taek Ye Jin will wind up with.

But in real life, the real producer of "Music Bank" married the "1 Night, 2 Days" producer.

The June 13 episode of the KBS program "Entertainment Weekly" featured the real "Music Bank" producer Shin Soo Jung, and her husband, the real "1 Night, 2 Days" producer Park In Suk. They spoke about their romance.

"I married my senior," said Shin Soo Jung. "Because we spent so much time together. You have to marry someone who is next to you."

Since they spend so much time at work that does make sense. But did she also camp out at his apartment while hers was being renovated? And what about the Kim Soo Hyun character Baek Seung Chan? Was there someone like that who had a crush on her?

She did not say. That character of Baek Seung Chan may be modeled on PD Yoo Ho Jin, of "1 Night, 2 Days." He was introduced as a newbie a few years ago and graduated from Korea University just like Baek Seung Chan did. However, Yoo did not have the same reasons for applying for the job. He just needed a job. And there is no indication he ever had a crush on any of his fellow KBS employees.

Does the fact that the producers married in real life mean that the characters played by Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin will marry at the end of the drama? Not necessarily. It"s only modeled on some real-life TV-making situations. We will all have to tune in to find out.

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Hong Jong Hyun Thanks Yura for Giving Him Real and Powerful Lesson about Married Life

Hong Jong Hyun Thanks Yura for Giving Him Real and Powerful Lesson about Married Life

Hong Jong Hyun Thanks Yura for Teaching Him Real Lessons through Virtual Marriage

Clock stars ticking on the end of their marriage, but Hong Jong Hyun and Girl's Day's Yura become sweeter than ever!

Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day‘s Yura became a virtual couple last June and have gotten a lot of love from fans ever since with their chemistry. Unfortunately, they will be leaving the show with the start of a new season this spring.

Hong Jong Hyun, who is looking towards the last episode, said, “It was a virtual marriage, but I learned a lot of things about real life through ‘We Got Married’ and I’m very thankful.” He added, “I want to thank Ah Young, who helped me so much as we filmed together for the last nine months, the staff, and the viewers. I will repay the love that you gave me with another good project.”

Hong Jong Hyun will now be focusing on his work as an MC on Inkigayo, as well as his 2015 Asia fan meet.

Meanwhile, Hong Jong Hyun will be leaving MBC‘s “We Got Married” on March 7.


Hyde Jekyll, Me

Hyde Jekyll, Me" Unveils BTS Photos Revealing Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min Are Real-Life Close Friend

Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min Look Like Close Friends in Behind-the-scenes Photos of “Hyde Jekyll, Me”

Hyde Jekyll, MeHyun Bin and Han Ji Min were spotted being friendly with each other behind the scenes.

On February 21st, SBS‘ “Hyde Jekyll, Me” released behind-the-scenes photos of the two leads Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min, who look friendly with one another in a warm atmosphere unlike their characters in the drama.

In the photo that was revealed, Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min wait for filming to begin, and the two of them are looking into a phone together. In their comfort with one another, one can get a glimpse of their close chemistry.

hyun bin han ji min 1

It was also revealed that the two actors, who are the same age, are always smiling brightly and are kind and considerate, keeping the positive vibes going on set.

“Hyde Jekyll, Me” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m.


Girls Days Yura: If Hong Jong Hyun Asked Me Out in Real Life

Girls Days Yura: If Hong Jong Hyun Asked Me Out in Real Life

Girl’s Day’s Yura: “If Hong Jong Hyun Asked Me Out in Real Life…?”

Yura - a member of Girl's Day first shared about dating with her  “We Got Married” partner in real life.

Yura and Hyeri, who attract the attention of audience on show “We Got Married“ and “Real Men,” joined in an interview with the entertainment news program on On the November 2 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,”

When telling about the first  appearance  on the virtual marriage show, Hyeri revealed, “I also want to go on ‘We Got Married.’ I’m envious [of Yura]. But rather than brother-in-law’s (Hong Jong Hyun) style, I like a more affectionate kind of guy.”

After hearing this, Yura came to her virtual husband’s defense by saying, “No, he’s affectionate. He’s become a lot more affectionate these days.”

The reporter then asked Yura, “What do you think you would do if Hong Jong Hyun actually asked you out in real life?” In response, Yura became flustered and began to laugh before quietly whispering, “It would depend on how he confesses to me. I think I would [say yes] if I really feel that he’s being sincere.”

What do you think of this “We Got Married” couple becoming a real life couple? yura hyeri


Jun Ji Hyun Looks Like A Real Life Mannequin For UNIQLO Commercial

Jun Ji Hyun Looks Like A Real Life Mannequin For UNIQLO Commercial

Behind-the-scene pictures of actress Jun Ji Hyun taken during the commercial shooting for the global SPA brand UNIQLO have been revealed through the brands official homepage.

Even with a simple white shirt and blue jeans, the actress looks incredibly mesmerizing. Word-of-mouth implies that the actress bonded very well with the director and apparently had lots of fun shooting for the commercial.

More behind-the-scenes pictures can be seen through the UNIQLOs official page.

Jun Ji Hyun has had a successful year up until now with her immensely popular drama Man From the Stars which led her win various prestigious awards including Grand Prize for Television at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards, the Best Actress Award at the 41st Korea Broadcast Awards and the Star of Korean Tourism at the Korea Tourism Awards.


'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

I. World IT Show 2013

The World IT Show 2013 was officially held in Seoul at Coex from May 21st to 24th. Hosted by the 'Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning' and 'Ministry of Trade, IndustryEnergy', the World IT Show exhibited numerous products containing outstanding technology and ideas with the slogan "Smart Life, Simple IT". The World IT Show has been introducing the worlds advanced IT every year since 2008.

The exhibition consisted of about 630 leading companies and universities from 22 countries that will lead the future IT industry. The 'World IT Show' presented various types of IT products:

Mobile / Communications / Broadcasting

Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Smart TV, LTE, HSPA+, WIBRO, 3D TV, Camera, Speaker, etc. Cloud Computing / Big Data / IT Services

Cloud-based Computer, SaaS, User Platform, 3D Printer, Security Services, RFID, etc Software / Digital Contents

OS, UX/UI, E-Learning Software, App Store, SNS, Security Solutions, FTTH Solutions, etc.

IT Convergence

Car (Auto-Driving, Smart Cruise Control), Smart Grid, Robots, U-City Network, etc. Industrial Electronics

Flexible Display, Semiconductor, Embedded Hardware, LED, Secondary Battery, etc.

The exhibition ended in success. The four-day exhibition gathered about 169,000 visitors, 290 business consultations and contracts valued at a total value of $31million and consultations valued at a total value $178million were generated.

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

Several events held within the exhibition grabbed the attentions of many attendees.

II. Outstanding products that will lead to our 'Smart Life'!

All of the products exhibited in the World IT Show were unique and creative. 3 products that stood out to us will be introduced. The link or the QR code can be followed to see more details about other products that were displayed at the World IT Show.

"Can a robot host a show on stage?!"Isan Solution's intelligent robot, 'RoboThespian'

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

'RoboThespian' communicating with the audience

Have you seen a robot acting or hosting a show on stage? 'RoboThespian' can do all that and more. This robot, invented by ISAN Solution Inc. of Korea, can express emotions, execute presentations and act just like an actor. In fact, 'RoboThespian' previously played triple roles and hosted the musicals. 'RoboThespian' can communicate with people and execute actions according to its surrounding environment. With the built-in technology called AA(Always Alive), the movements made by 'RoboThespian" could flow naturally and lively. We should look forward to seeing how this robot will be applied in the future.

You can find more details about 'RoboThespian' here: http://www.isans.co.kr/eng/

See what you wrote on papers on screen!NeoLab Convergence's 'Neo.1 Pen'

Watch what you write on paper appear on a smartphone or a computer monitor simultaneously. Anything written on a coded paper with the 'Neo.1 Pen' will be simultaneously displayed on your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. Everything written will automatically be saved as an image or a PDF file. The convenient 'Neo.1 Pen' recognizes the speed at which it is used and has its own mapping/editing tools. The 'Neo.1 Pen' can be utilized with any papers with dot codes and is widely used in the field of education. Look forward to seeing the application of 'Neo.1 Pen' expand.

=SXYl8Le3nHc" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315"

For more details about 'Neo.1 Pen', click: http://www.neolab.kr/?lang=enpage=#!/page_

The smallest 3D printer in the world!Hephzibah's 'MIICRAFT'

=cERllFq2VEg" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315"

Haphzibah Incorporate of Korea displayed 'MIICRAFT', the world's smallest 3D printer, in the 'World IT Show'. The statue of liberty, a ball and the Eiffel Tower are some of the models printed by 'MIICRAFT'. The MIICRAFT 3D printer is 205mm(W) x 208mm(L) x 335mm(H), and the maximum size of the model it can print is 43mm(W) x 27mm(L) x 180mm(H). MIICRAFT has a built-in Stereo-lithography and Digital Light Processing (DLP) so that it can print detailed models. The model is printed in plastic and is very soft when it is just printed. The hardness of the model can be adjusted by the level of ultraviolet rays. This technology will be improved to print out models with different colors, sizes and materials, and applied in different fields of industries.

For more details about MIICRAFT, click:http://www.miicraft.com/

III. The Next 'World IT Show'

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

A big banner at the exit displayed the location of the next 'World IT Show'. The World IT Show 2014 will be held between October 20th and 23rd at Bexco in Busan. It will be a great opportunity to see and experience advanced IT technologies! Don't miss your chance.

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

"World IT Show" homepage:



Kim Tae Hee And Hong Soo Hyun Are Close In Real Life

Kim Tae Hee And Hong Soo Hyun Are Close In Real Life

Kim Tae Hee And Hong Soo Hyun Are Close In Real LifeA candid photo of actresses Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun between filming scenes for Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love has been a hot trending photo among online community forums.

In SBS drama Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love, Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun star in rival roles as concubine Jang Ok Jung and Queen In Hyun, respectively.

In the photo, Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun are wearing warm parkas over beautiful traditional Hanboks and have their hair done up with lovely, decorative hair pieces. Kim Tae Hee is also seen resting her head on Hong Soo Hyuns shoulder, an endearing scene between the two actresses who are usually found staring each other down in the palace courtyards or exchanging fierce gazes while making biting remarks in Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love.

The ensuing struggle to be the mother of the next successor to the throne and the sole lover of Lee Soon pits the two actresses against one another in the drama constantly, however in real life the two women are said to be actually close. According to sources, the ladies are only one year apart in age and address each other comfortably, often found filming their scenes in a manner that can be best described as chummy. 

Netizens who learned of Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyuns friendship commented, Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun are beautiful together and They look like really sweet girls.


Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Combat In Court; Ex To Sue Fan

Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Combat In Court; Ex To Sue Fan

Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Combat In Court; Ex To Sue Fankokoberry July 20, 2016 0 Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Conflict In Court; Ex To Sue Fan On July 20, Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Choi, had their prison representatives provide their ultimate statements at court in regards to the accusations of attack and miscarriage.

The court stated, This situation is advancedbecause ofthe variousoccasions and claims from either parties. This case will be judged according to the conviction shaped from the lawsuits and the submitted evidence.

During the closing arguments, Ms. Chois representative said, If the defendant had no longer assaulted, forced abortion, and slandered; then this unluckystate of affairsdon't have happened. He shifted the liability he brought upon himself to the plaintiff and is murdering her honor and character.

Kim Hyun Joongs representative said, The sole bear witness of the plaintiffs pregnancy during that point are text messages and a photo of an effortless pregnancy test. They'veno longer submitted detailed clinical evidence.

Previously, Ms. Choi sued Kim Hyun Joong in August 2014 for assaulting her and causing her to have a miscarriage. She gainedsix hundred million won (approximately $526,000) as a agreement and dropped the lawsuit. Ms. Chois facetmentioned that it was once not a settlement yet rather a price for damages for repeated assault and injury.

However, the pair experienced conflict and Ms. Choi sued him in April 2015 for 1.6 billion won (approximately $1.4 million) for reimbursement for damages comparable to mental hurt in a civil suit. Kim Hyun Joong also sued Ms. Choi for defamation and compensation in a civil suit. Ms. Choi became acquitted of thosefees terminal June.

In addition, Ms. Chois representative revealed, We plan on suing the witness, Lee, that Kim Hyun Joongs side called for the last hearing for perjury. The defendants witness, Lee, is indexed every bit a member of his fanclub. The reality that a fanclub member participated as a witness is extremely inappropriate.

The representative continued, Whilstoffering the statement, Lee said, On Kim Hyun Joongs birthday his brother apologized to the plaintiff. Lees testimony is strongly suspected of perjury. We plan on suing for perjury soon.

The very last sentence relating to this case will take position on August 10 at 2 p.m. KST.

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Photos This week's famous person news in still images: Kim Hyun-joong and ex-girlfriend, love dust  combat and more

Photos This week's famous person news in still images: Kim Hyun-joong and ex-girlfriend, love dust combat and more

This week's superstar news in still images. The maximumexceptional news of all is naturally Kim Hyun-joong and his ex-girlfriend A's appearance in court. The 2 were in combinationfor two years yet in Might of 2014, 'A' claimed she had a miscarriage because Kim abused her physically. She took six hundred million won from him and the case perceived to come to an finishtill she sued him for intellectualbreak in April closing year. This time for 1.6 billion won.

1. Kim Hyun-joong spends his holiday in court

Kim Hyun-joong at court all through his vacation from base. He looks determined.

2. Kim Hyun-joong's ex-girlfriend 'A', I am going to testify

The words at the poster discuss for her behalf.

3. A's friend 'B', "My friend would not do that"

'A' and 'B' are schoolbuddies and B is leaving the court after giving her statement.

4. EXO Do Kyeong-soo, "I wish to watch the film quickly..."

EXO Do Kyeong-soo is expecting the VIP premiere of "Seondal: The guy Who Sells the River".

Tiffany and Girls' Generation departed for Rome to wait the 90th anniversary FENDI model show.

6. Jeon Ji-hyeon's long hair

Jeon Ji-hyeon gave the impression at her first legitimatematch since giving birth. She looks the similarsooner than and after having delivered a baby.

7. Heo Young-ji, so gorgeous

Singer and actress Heo Young-ji is getting back from the "Oh Hae-Young Again" praise vacation in Phuket, Thailand.

8. Hwang Chi-yeol leaves footprints

Hwang Chi-yeol left for Beijing, China on the 7th.

9. Kang Ye-won, would perhaps not even melt butter

Kang Ye-won who is creating a new transformation in the motion picture "Trick", was once at the clickconvention on the 7th.

10. Kim Ji-won-I, can not get the cap to open

Actress Kim Ji-won-I became at her fan autograph signing consultation in Hongdae.

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Witness Testifies In Court In Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Attack Case

Witness Testifies In Court In Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Attack Case

Witness Testifies In Court In Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Assault Case(Photo : OSEN)A witness has taken the stand and testified opposed to Kim Hyun Joong, mentioned that he in my view witnessed the aftermath of Kim Hyun Joong striking his ex-girlfriend.

Kim and his ex-girlfriend met in court on July 8 to research the damages lawsuit that his ex-girlfriend filed.

During the trial on that day, witness "B" used to be called to the witness stand to respond to questions. B is a close school friend of Kim's ex-girlfriend.

According to "B," Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend were in the midst of arguing about some othergirl when Kim committed battery against his ex-girlfriend. B stated that he saw the bruises at the ex-girlfriend's hands and neck.

Advertisement"I heard that she changed into struck more than one times by capacity of Kim and she was preganant at the time, so I went to move see her," B testified. "I saw the bruises on her arms and chest and asked about them, to which she stated, 'He grabbed me by the neck and hit me all over, which is how I were giventhose bruises.'"

B then added that she suggested keeping distance from Kim.

B also discussed that she heard that Kim's ex-girlfriend got pregnant and miscarried 3-4 times.

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